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Shameless - Series 1 (DVD)

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6 Reviews

Genre: Television - Shameless / Theatrical Release: 2004 / Director: Jim O'Hanlon, David Evans (II), Peter Lydon / DVD released 06 February, 2006 at Channel 4 DVD / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    6 Reviews
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      19.05.2013 22:20
      Very helpful
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      Welcome To The Chatsworth Estate

      I came across Shameless for the first time about a month ago. Of course, I had heard about it before then but I had never actually watched an episode. After catching the end of an episode on channel four during a night shift, I decided I actually quite liked it and had a look on eBay to see how much I could find Series One for. After finding Series One on DVD for £4.69 including postage, I decided to buy it.
      Shameless Series One was released on DVD back in January 2005 and includes episodes 1-7 from the first series of this fantastic programme.

      About Shameless
      The series of Shameless is set on the Chatsworth Estate in Manchester and follows the lives of the Gallagher family. You get to learn about each member of the Gallagher family and follow them during their everyday life.

      Each episode of Shameless starts with Frank Gallagher (the 'head' of the family' introducing his family and the Chatsworth Estate.
      'Now, nobody's saying the Chatsworth Estate is the Garden of Eden, at least, I don't think they are but it's been a good home to us, to me, Frank Gallagher, and me kids, who I'm proud of, cos every single one of them reminds me a little of me. They can all think for themselves, which they've me to thank for.
      There's Fiona, whose a big help, a massive help. Lip, who's a bit of a gobshite, which is why nobody calls him Philip anymore. Ian, a lot like his mam, which is handy for the others cos she's disappeared into thin air. Carl, we don't let him grow his hair for two reasons, 1, it stands on end and makes him look like Toyah, and 2, nits love it. Debbie - sent by God, total angel. You've to check your change but she'll go miles out of her way to do you a favour. Plus Liam! Gonna be a Star! Once we've got the fits under control. Then there's Steve, Fiona's boyfriend. The truth is out there... not!
      Fantastic neighbours - Kev and Veronica. Lend you anything, well not anything. But all of them, to a man, know first and foremost, one of the most vital necessities in this life, they know how to throw a party!! He he he. Scatter!'

      As Frank makes the introductions, we are shown the various characters on the screen and shown a little bit of the Chatsworth Estate. As I already mentioned, this introduction marks the beginning of every episode and really gives the viewer an idea of the Gallagher family and the way they live their lives.

      Main Characters

      Frank Gallagher (David Threlfall)
      Frank is the Dad of the family, if he can really be called that. He is 42 and an alcoholic. He thinks that the world owes him a favour because his wife walked out on him and left him to 'bring up' 6 kids alone. When, in reality, he spends his entire day getting drunk and leaving the eldest of his children, Fiona to do the parenting.
      Frank is extremely scruffy, unshaven and has long hair. He always wears the same clothes and is generally just a total mess. He has some of the best one liners throughout the series and although he sounds like quite a disgusting character, he is also quite lovable at the same time.

      Fiona (Anne-Marie Duff)
      Fiona is 20 which makes her the eldest of the 6 children. She is fiery and knows how to look after herself. She is also fiercely protective of her family, especially her younger brothers and sisters as she has pretty much been left to bring them up herself with Frank always being drunk. She's intelligent and very caring and dreams of getting a better life for herself and her family. I really like the character of Fiona as although she seems quite tough, she is also still very young and has a lot to deal with for someone of her age.

      Lip (Jody Latham)
      Lip is 16 although fairly mature for his age. His dream is to get out of the Chatsworth Estate and this means that he takes school quite seriously. It also helps that he is intelligent so he does quite well at school. Lip is obsessed with girls and its his mission to lose his virginity. Lip is quite close to his younger brother Ian and is also very protective of the rest of his family. Lip and Frank often clash because of Frank being drunk and Lip is coming to an age where he can stand up to his father more.

      Ian (Gerard Kearns)
      Ian is 15 and homosexual, although he doesn't want anyone to know this because he knows he would be ridiculed on the Chatsworth Estate. Ian is very similar to his Mum and is quite loyal towards her as he believes that she didn't really leave them. Ian is quite a sensitive character and is less mouthy than the rest of the Gallagher family.

      Carl (Elliott Tittensor)
      I don't think this character gets enough play in this series but you do get to know that he is a bit of a trouble maker and pretty mouthy! Him and Debbie are quite close in age and are always trying to get one up on each other.

      Debbie (Rebecca Ryan)
      Debbie is 9 years old but is already old beyond her years. Frank adores Debbie and the feeling is mutual, she is always trying to help out Frank and forever defending him against her brothers and sister. Debbie is quite devious, especially considering she is only 9 years old and the rest of the family often rely on her to help out with their little scams, purely because nobody ever suspects Debbie of doing any wrong because she looks so innocent.

      Liam (Joseph Furnace)
      Liam is the youngest of the Gallagher clan at only three years old. Liam isn't really a massive character in series one, purely because he is so young. He tends to have lots of little tantrum and has picked up various hand gestures from his older brothers which he loves to use!

      Steve (James McAvoy)
      We are introduced to Steve in the first episode of Shameless when he helps out Fiona. Eventually Steve and Fiona become a couple, although Steve is very different to the Gallagher family. Steve comes from a middle class background and actually trained to become a doctor just like his Mum and Dad. Steve rebelled against his middle class life and now steals cars for a living. Steve is totally devoted to Fiona and slots into the trials and tribulations of the Gallagher family brilliantly.

      Kev (Dean Lennox Kelly)
      Kev lives next door but one to the Gallagher family (although the house in the middle is empty, so they class themselves as neighbours). Kev has been in a relationship with his partner Veronica for 9 years. Kev is a decent bloke, although he has never learned to read or write so struggles with some things. He works in the local pub and is great friends with the Gallagher family, normally getting roped into their dodgy little scams that they have going on!

      Veronica (Maxine Peake)
      Veronica is Kev's partner and is best friends with Fiona. Veronica is a lot of fun and again, is very protective of the Gallagher family as well as her partner Kev. Kev and Veronica have some debts and they come up with a unique was of paying them off - they install a webcam and Veronica does the housework naked and people pay to watch! Veronica is always on and to help out with the situations that the Gallagher family get themselves involved in.

      Smaller Characters
      Sheila (Maggie O'Neill)
      Shelia is agoraphobic and hasn't left her house in 5 years. Her husband leave hers at the beginning of the series and eventually Frank moves in with her and they become a couple. Shelia is a total nutter which is probably due to the fact that she takes a cocktail of tablets to control her condition. Shelia also enjoys S&M and there are some hilarious scenes involving her and Frank.

      Karen (Rebecca Atkinson)
      Karen is Sheila's 15 year old daughter and is known across the Chatsworth Estate as being quite sexually experienced, especially considering she is only 15. She knows that she is pretty and will use her body to get anything she wants. At the beginning of the series, she has a brief relationship with Lip, until it all goes horribly wrong.

      Episode One
      The first episode is where you meet the Gallagher family and learn about all their little quirks. This is the episode in which we first meet Steve who sweeps Fiona off her feet, although Fiona is suspicious of him as she cant see why someone of his class would want to be involved in the mess that is the Gallagher family. Also in this episode, Lip finds out what Ian's secret is, he's gay!

      Episode Two
      In this episode, Frank as per usual, is down the pub and finds himself getting attacked. The Gallagher family realise the Frank hasn't arrived home, which is odd considering it is a Friday, Giro Day and Frank never misses that! His family become worried and then an announcement is made that a body has been found in the local canal. Could it be Frank? A search is organised for Frank and the culprit of the escapade is someone very close to the Gallagher family. Also in this episode we are introduced to Sheila who seems to take a liking to Frank.

      Episode Three
      This episode is mainly focused on Kev and Veronica. Kev finds himself getting some unwanted attention from a woman in the pub and decides to tell her that he is getting married to Veronica to make her go away. However, Frank overhears this and before long, everyone seems to know that Kev and Veronica are getting married. Everyone except Veronica that is!
      Veronica's mom comes into town with £5, 000 to help pay for the wedding. Kev now has to admit to his little secret which means that he and Veronica are unable to get married. To keep the money for the wedding, they end up planning a fake one.

      Episode Four
      In the episode, Debbie kidnaps a child because she thought he looked sad. What follows of a massive police search for the kidnapper and the missing child. Can the Gallagher family get the child returned to his family without everyone realising exactly what Debbie has done? This episode shows exactly how well the Gallagher family work together.

      Episode Five
      While Frank is teaching Shelia's daughter how to drive, it becomes apparent that she has other things in mind! But when you consider that Frank is dating Shelia and Karen is dating Frank's son Lip, surely the end result isn't going to be a happy one?! Ian also finds himself in trouble as Ian and the local shop owner are caught having sex on CCTV - by his wife and the mother of his children. Is Ian's secret out?

      Episode Six
      This episode sees the Gallagher family receiving hundreds of bills. It would appear that all their debts have caught up with them. But how?
      We also see the brief return of Frank's ex wife, Monica, the mother of the Gallagher children. We discover that she is now a lesbian and has been with her partner ever since she left Frank. Frank tries to get money out of Monica, claiming that he needs more money to help with their children.

      Episode Seven
      The last episode in season one sees bailiffs coming after Frank. With nothing else to do and the whole family being terrorised by bailiffs, Monica's partner tells Frank a good idea to get them off his back, to fake his own death. So a fake funeral is put under way and of course followed by a party back at the pub. But does this get the bailiffs of their backs, and will Frank be able to fake his own death in his drunken state?

      DVD Extras
      On the second DVD disc, you will find an interview with the writer of Shameless, Paul Abbot. Watching the interview gives you a brilliant insight into the series and you get to see a bit of behind the scenes action. You also get to meet some of the other actors involved in the filming.

      I have to admit, I am totally addicted to this show and can't believe that it has been around for 3 years and I have not discovered it until now. Although some of the plots can be a little far fetched, they actually work as the cast portray each characters in some a way that you cant help falling in love with the Gallagher family. Some of the conversations that take place throughout this series, literally has me laughing out loud. I think this is an excellently written series and well worth watching.

      The DVD is on two discs and was written by Paul Abbott, produced by Emma Burge and directed by Johnny Campbell, Mark Mylod and Derbhla Walsh. It is rated as a 15.
      As I already mentioned, I bought this DVD on eBay where prices vary but I have found them to be fairly cheap on eBay and Amazon.

      Total Viewing Time 5 hrs 42 mins.


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        08.03.2010 16:10
        Very helpful



        A hilarious look at life on a manchester council estate

        When Shameless first hit our screens in 2004 on channel four I wasn't really that interested in watching it. The adverts looked vaguely funny, but at the time I thought it just looked like a chivvy show about a trampy family. 6 years on I realise the error of my ways. Although I was right about the fact it is a chivvy show about a trampy family, I was missing the whole point of the show. Below the course and rude surface this is one of the wittiest comedy/dramas and routinely laughs at itself. It also handles the families and characters with as much sympathy and emotion as is does humour and hilarity.

        I had only watched a few random episodes from across the 6 series and although I now regularly watch the latest episodes on channel four I had often thought Id like to get series one on dvd and watch them all the way from the beginning. Imagine my delight then when I went into my local asda at the weekend and found the Season one dvd for only £5. This in my opinion was an absolute bargain and I couldn't wait to get it home and watch it.

        Shameless is about the Chatsworth Estate in Manchester, which is a typical run down council estate, and its residents. It focuses mainly on the Gallagher Family , headed by alcoholic Frank Gallagher who cant cope since his wife abandoned him and his 6 kids. While he spends most of his time out getting drunk or stoned, eldest daughter Fiona is left to look after the Gallagher brood, Lip (or Phillip), Ian, Carl , Debbie and Liam. Dysfunctional doesn't even go half way to explain this family but their harebrained and often hilarious activities keep us entertained all the way through the series.
        We also meet a whole host of neighbours, Kev and Veronica, Kash and Yvonne who run the local shop as well as Steve, played by the lovely James McAvoy, the posh car thief who becomes Fiona's love interest in the first episode.

        Not only is the series funny in a loud and often slap stick way, it also contains a lot of subtle humour and one liners that you can easily miss but keep me giggling all the way through.

        Each episode is narrated at the beginning and the end a description of the theme of the episode, which not only keeps you intrigued and ready to watch, it also gives each episode something new and fresh as they are often narrated by different characters.

        Forget what you know, or think you know, about shameless. I challenge anyone to watch an episode of this and not find it hilarious. Admittedly it is rude and often graphic, but a little bit of rudeness never hurt anyone in my opinion. Just make sure you watch it after the kids have gone to bed!


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          17.12.2008 15:02
          Very helpful



          One of the best drama series of the last 10 years

          My friends had been telling me about Shameless for years but I never had the chance to catch it, then when I did it was a few series into its run and I decided it wasn't worth jumping in and I would one day catch it from the beginning, well that time came last week when I bought the first series on Box Set and all I can say is that I really wish I had listened to them sooner and caught this show earlier.

          The Premise of the show is its set around the fictional Chatsworth Housing Estate in Manchester and in particular around the Gallagher family, arguably the central character is Frank Gallagher ( David Threlfall ) who is an alcoholic and some might say scumbag father of 6 kids, who because of his lack of parenting skills and alcoholism end up being more responsible and pulling together, the glue that holds the family together is Franks oldest daughter Fiona ( Anne Marie Duff ) who is the acting mother of the rest of the clan as the Mother disappeared 3 years before never to be seen again.

          The Kids, while being stereotypical housing estate products ( Stealing, drugs ) also display a strong bond and you feel this is a family who truly love each other possibly more so as they lack a real example of a parent, some might say that the characters in shameless are all scum and might look down on housing estates, while there are certain truths that can't be denied about living on a housing estate and this show does indeed show that side of life there, it also shows the close neighbourly spirit than can be shown too ( an example is when Debbie Gallagher abducts a young child from outside a birthday party out of kindness, you see the whole community come together to find the child )

          The Genius of Shameless is many, the acting is top quality and all the actors fill their parts very well, the writing is first class and you know that the creator of the show Paul Abbott spent some time around an estate just like this, he manages to mix just enough drama with some laugh out loud moments of comedy as well, something thats not easy to pull off and still keep the gritty realistic feel to the show and he should be praised for being able to do that ( and he has, this show has won the coveted "Best Drama Series" award at the BAFTA's, the most prestigious award a British TV Series can attain ).

          Whether you grew up on a Housing Estate, or you spent time around one, or you grew up in a posh neighbourhood, everyone can take something out of Shameless and enjoy its many layers, this is one of the best Drama series to come out of England in many years and I for one can't wait until I get series 2 on DVD.


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            21.10.2008 08:02
            Very helpful



            Comedy drama

            For me the first series of Shameless is by far the best and the only one that I have the DVD for, the following series have still been entertaining as this is a great show but the plot lines have had to become more and more outlandish to keep the momentum going where as in the first series you can believe in the characters more even though they are a bit extreme.

            Shameless is all about the Gallagher family who live on the Chatsworth estate in Manchester, Frank the head of the house is a scruffy hopeless alcoholic who has managed to stay sober long enough to spawn six kids however he is a work shy mouthy weasel looking bloke who spends his giro down the pub and complains about his life to anyone prepared to liste, there is also though a likeable side to his character as he stumbles from disaster to disaster and David Threfall is excellent in the role.

            This first series is a chance to get to know the family, a comedy draa this is one of the best series to come along in the last five years and one of the best on C4. The first episode is a good opener as you get to know the characters, eldest daughter Fiona meets middle class Steve and introdues him to the family while Ian sexuality comes to light when some gay porn is found by his brother.

            Episode 2 is probably my favourite as Frank wakes up on a park bench in France with no idea how he got there, for me thi is probably the fiunniest of all the episodes.

            This whole series is pure gold and it is one DVD I happily recommend.


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              22.03.2006 16:46
              Very helpful




              Shameless was recommended by my uncle who said it was the funniest programme he had ever seen. So my sister went out and bought the first and second series of it. My verdict is, well it’s a very interesting programme. Shameless follows the lives of the Gallagher family who are quite simply, scum, living in a council estate in Manchester. Their lives revolve around trying not to get beaten up, claiming benefits off the state and going for a drink down the local pub. We are also introduced to the Gallagher’s next door neighbours Kev and Veronica who they consider great mates because they help them out whenever and whatever.

              Frank Gallagher- The dad, the ultimate piece of scum you would ever meet in your life. All he cares about is getting drunk and how he can get money for doing nothing. The only thing he strives for in his life is the task of never getting an honest job,

              Fiona Gallagher- The oldest daughter who acts like a mom to the rest of the family. She actually has a job and does whatever she can for her brothers and sister.

              Lip Gallagher- I think this character was modelled after a massive chav in the worst possible estate. However he cares for his family and does actually work at school, fancy that.

              Ian Gallagher- As Frank says he takes after his mom and is a best mate to Lip. However Ian has a few secrets from his family, one he’s having an affair with a married man!

              Debbie Gallagher- The little angel of the family who will end up being a criminal mastermind when she is older. Loves her family although they do have to check their wallets when she’s about.

              Carl Gallagher- I don’t think this character gets enough play in this series but you do get to know that he is a little bit of a s***.

              Kev- The next door neighbour who is the barman down at the Jockey, the local pub. He would do anything for the Gallagher kids and sneaks Frank pints of beer when he is hiding in the pub.

              Veronica- Kev’s girlfriend who is also Fiona’s best friend. She can get free milk from the milkman in a very interesting fashion and gets very jealous of women flirting with Kev.

              Sheila Jackson- My absolute favourite character, Sheila is agoraphobic, for everyone who doesn’t know what that is its when you are afraid of open spaces or even going outside your own home. She is always high off valium and speaks very funny.

              Every episode starts and ends with a little monologue from one of the main characters describing how their life is and what certain events have made them think about things. The main credits start with Frank saying “No-one said the Chatsworth estate was the Garden of Eden” and he then goes on to describe each character and what he thinks about them. The episodes each have their own little story going on but sometimes they do blend into other episodes as well. After the ending credits there is usually a short clip of a funny event. These are definitely worth waiting for the credits to end as sometimes they can be funnier than the actual episode itself.

              I love all of the characters and think they are just fantastic and completely make the show. If you met any of them in real life you really would think they are scum but in Shameless they get up to just so many wrong things that it makes you laugh. Most of the story lines are a little bit unbelievable but they have just the right amount of truth and are written so well that you can actually begin to believe that it is a real family.

              The humour in this programme is excellent, sometimes it is so shocking that you are left open mouthed. In one episode we had to pause the episode because I was laughing so badly and couldn’t stop. The one brilliant aspect of this series is the writing, as it is just so clever.


              1) The first episode is a chance to meet all of the characters and to get to know all of their little quirks. In this Lip finds out what Ian’s secret is, he’s gay, Frank lives his normal drunken life and Fiona gets her handbag stolen on a night out but ends with joy as she meets Steve.

              2) Frank has a rather unsettling time at the pub as he gets attacked and then turns on his family to get through it. He gets drunk again but in the morning his hangover isn’t helped by the fact that he’s lying on a bench in France! A search is organised for Frank and the culprit of the escapade is someone a bit close to the family. Also in this episode we meet Sheila who takes a liking to Frank.

              3) This episode is focused on Kev and Veronica. Kev tells a woman that he’s getting married to Veronica to get her away from him but a drunken Frank tells everyone. Veronica’s mom comes into town with 5 grand for the engaged couple but Kev has a secret that stops them getting married. To keep the money they end up planning a fake wedding!

              4) This is a very funny episode which sees Debbie becoming a little kidnapper. She steals a young child because he looks lonely and a full scale search is set under way in the neighbourhood because Frank thinks he saw a pervert outside of the child’s home. So what follows is the whole family plus Kev and Veronica coming up with a mad scheme to get the child back home.

              5) Frank is having an affair with Sheila’s daughter Karen who just so happens to be going out with Lip! Lip finds out and a fight ensues. Ian also has trouble as he is having an affair with his married boss whose wife finds out about it!

              6) This episode sees the return of Monica, the mother of the Gallagher children who also happens to be a lesbian. Frank tries to get money off her but only ends up with getting death stares from her partner.

              7) The last episode in season one sees bailiffs coming after Frank. With nothing else to do and the whole family being terrorised by bailiffs, Monica’s partner tells Frank a good idea to get them off his back, to fake his own death. So a fake funeral is put under way and of course followed by a party back at the pub.

              Anne-Marie Duff Fiona
              David Threlfall Frank
              James McAvoy Steve
              Jody Latham Lip
              Gerard Kearns Ian
              Dean Lennox Kelly Kev
              Maxine Peake Veronica
              Maggie O’Neil Sheila
              The acting in this programme is brilliant and all of the actors bring a little humour to the series. They all seem to fit together and have such great comic timing that it makes you wonder if all of it is scripted or not.

              Overall I think this is a wonderful programme and it definitely deserved the BAFTA award that it won last year. The script is hilarious and every episode brings its own little jokes and humour. Some episodes due drag on a little bit long but the acting is spot on which makes up for it. I would recommend this programme to anyone who isn’t easily offended by the sayings of the roughest people you could imagine in Britain.

              Rating: 15
              Price: Can be bought on Amazon for £13.99 (season one only)
              Length: Each episode lasts for approximately 45 minutes

              Also posted on other sites


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                01.03.2006 11:47
                Very helpful



                A very funny look at a family in Manchester

                Ok here is my first DVD review, I hope it goes well.

                I have chosen Shameless as I have just finished watching the new series and decided to watch the first one on DVD again.

                Shameless comes in a two disc box and I was given it as a gift but I think you can buy it for around £14.99.

                Shameless is about the Gallagher family who live in an area called the Chatsworth Estate in Manchester.

                Each episode is opened by Frank Gallagher (the dad) giving a run down on the main characters of the series in a way it’s good as it lets you know who is who but to be honest after a few episodes it can get a bit annoying.

                So lets introduce the characters then.

                Frank Gallagher - David Threlfall

                Frank, I suppose he is the main character you rarely see him sober and out of the pub, he is a single parent who claims to have brought his family up single handed since his wife walked out on him to be with her female lover but in all honesty it is the oldest daughter Fiona who has brought them up.

                Fiona - Anne-Marie Duff

                Fiona, the oldest daughter and since her mother left has stepped into her shoes looking after the rest of the family and to her the family comes first. She is first on hand to get them out of trouble.

                Lip - Jody Latham

                Lip is actually called Philip but because of his loud mouth and the cheek that comes from it he is nicknamed Lip. Lip I would say apart from Fiona is the most sensible member of the family.

                Ian - Gerard Kearns

                Ian is in the closet and is having an affair with his boss at the shop where he works who also doesn’t want his wife to find out, Lip finds out but keeps it a secret.

                Debbie - Rebeca Ryan

                Debbie is a strange character, she is devoted to her and looks after him when he is brought home late at night drunk and out of his mind.

                Liam - Elliott Tittensor

                Liam was just a baby when his mum left him so basically doesn’t remember her, Liam’s downside is hit tantrums.

                Steve - James McAvoy

                Fiona’s boyfriend who she meets in the first episode after he helps her and her friend Veronica after someone tried to steel Fiona’s bag. Steve is a mysterious character but what most of them don’t know is that he is a car thief.

                Veronica & Kev (the neighbours) - Maxine Peake & Dean Lennox Kelly

                Veronica & Kev are the neighbours and very good friends of the Gallaghers, Veronica is a bottle blonde who does kiss a grams and irons topless in front of a webcam to make the odd extra bit of cash, Kev is the barman in the local pub called The Jockey. Together they are both sex mad.

                Kash- Chris Bisson

                Kash is Ian’s secret lover and owns the shop with his wife.

                Shiela- Maggie O'Neill
                Sheila has never left the house in 5 years and is a bit mad, but after her husband leaves her she gets together with Frank.

                Karen, Sheila's daughter and man mad even though she is only 15, she started off as Lip’s girlfriend but when Frank moved into the house she ended up sleeping with him
                I'll give you a slight rundown of what you can expect in each episode.

                EPISODE 1

                This is just an introductory episode in which we meet the characters and find out a bit about them.


                Frank has dissappeard but they think nothing of it until it is noticed that it is Giro day and he hasn’t come back to collect it, that is when they know something is up. Frank turns up in Calais after a prank by Steve.

                EPISODE 3

                Kev is working one night and a girl is trying to come onto him so he says to her that he is getting married to try and get her to back off but this is overheard by Frank who spreads the news around so Kev has no choice to propose to Veronica who says yes. There is one major problem Kev is already married but they decide to have a mock wedding in order for Veronica to get her hands on some money her dad left her for her wedding.

                EPISODE 4

                When a child goes missing there are all sorts of rumours flying around but in reality it was Debbie who has taken the child as he craved some attention. So its all action stations to get the child returned without anyone knowing.

                EPISODE 5

                Frank has been asked to give Karen a driving lesson which is where he can’t resist Karen’s charms anymore. At the shop Ian and Kash are caught on CCTV by Kash’s wife.

                EPISODE 6

                Frank’s past has suddenly began to creap up on him in that all his unpaid debts start coming in.

                EPISODE 7

                The last episode in this series where Frank’s wife turns up with her lesbian lover. Between them all they decide to fake Frank’s death and then all his debt will die too but what they forget to tell him is that he won’t be able to sign on anymore. Sheila leaves the house for the first time in 5 year with the help of Debbie and appears at Frank’s so called funeral.

                I love this show but I should warn you that there are scenes of sex and drug taking in it so if this sort of thing offends you then I suggest that this is not for you.

                All in all I find it a very amusing show to watch and have never missed an episode of it yet, I bet there is a character in there that we all say that we know someone who is like that .

                Well that is the end of my first DVD review, I hope you have enjoyed reading it.



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                The Gallagher family from Manchester where life is at best hectic with Dad at home and six kids. Featuring 7 episodes.

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