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Sinchronicity (DVD)

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Genre: Television - Sinchronicity / Theatrical Release: 2006 / Actors: Raj Ghatak, Shivani Ghai ... / DVD released 12 February, 2007 at 2 Entertain Video / Features of the DVD: Anamorphic, PAL

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    1 Review
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      09.05.2007 16:01
      Very helpful



      As usual all good series miss out on mainstream TV but if you have the chance def watch out for this

      Genre: TV Drama/Comedy
      Running Time: 3 h 59 mins
      Discs: 2
      Language: English
      Release Date: 12/02/07
      Region: 2
      Publisher: 2 ENTERTAIN

      Screened on BBC Three in 2006, Sinchronicity is a comedy/drama that brings originality to the genre. Directed by Brian Grant who brought us episodes of Doctor Who and Clocking Off, the Series lasted a short 6 episodes that spreads across 2 discs. Shot in very much the same way as classics such as Teachers, Sinchronicity provides a handful of laughs, stylish and witty dialogue as well as a classic bunch of characters.

      Set in the streets of Manchester, the series follows the lives of three main characters, Nathan, Fi, and Jase and evolves into a fun fuelled drama about relationships, sex, sexuality and possible 'what if' scenarios. The entire six episodes rely on the smallest twists of events to provide different outcomes to the situations. For example one half of an episode may play out to one little comment being said, then the second half rewinds to the beginning moment and then plays out as if the comment had never been said. Fate plays a huge plot driver.

      The acting is always at its best to provide a fantastic audience to its 20 - 30 years old audience. Many who watch this will realise that many of the actors have starred with each other in other TV Shows which actually works as advantage acting wise.

      Meet Nathan, the main narrator and character in the show. Played by Paul Chequer (As If, Life As We Know It) Nathan is an instantly recognisable character with many pro's and faults. His day job consists as a Porn journalist writing columns and providing photographic layouts for the magazine he works for. It’s obvious after watching the first episode that he is bubbly, cheeky and at the same time charming as he plays the field with women he knows is entirely out of his reach. His character provides a lot of cheeky wit as well as providing times that emotes sympathy. Behind his boyish facade though it is easy to notice his insecure feelings towards his masculinity at which he tries to prove time and time again. But on the whole you see behind the scenes he is just a fun loving guy who wants the best for his lover and his friend no matter if he gets hurt in the process.

      Paul Chequer plays the part with such ease as you feel the lines flow out smoothly. Upon watching him in other shows you can really see his experience and professionalism shine in Sinchronicity and there is never a dull moment whilst watching his character evolves throughout the show.

      Then there's Fi, the main female character in the show and ultimately the main 'catch' throughout. Played by Jemima Rooper ( Hex, As If) Fi is Jase's boyfriend but unknowingly the love of Nathan's Life. Chef by trade, Fi is a creative character who at times can be down to earth or more sensible than the overly flamboyant Nathan. Still a part go-er, Fi too has moments of comedy value. Her character is interesting to watch as the series revolves mostly around whether or not she chooses her boyfriend Jase or her attraction towards Nathan. You find yourself cheering Fi on to make the right choice but ultimately know that she, unlike Nathan and the audience isn't aware of Jase's secrets. At heart though as a character you can see the real life dilemma’s she has to face trying to be a great girlfriend as well as friend re-building her life with Jase.

      Jemima Rooper is amazing in this. There are times when she has to play a fun loving dancing queen or times when she has to be tearful and caring whilst at Jase's bed side. Possibly her best TV appearance since Hex. There isn't a time when you feel that her character becomes difficult or rigid.

      Next comes Jase, Best Friend to Nathan as well as Boyfriend to Fi. Played by Daniel Percival (Van Wilder 2, Golden Hour) Jase is a high flying financial consultant, good at his job as well as a buff in the gym. In the early episodes you really get the impression that Jase is a nice guy, good friend to Nathan as well as trying to patch up his relationship with Fi, but as the series progress' you find out that he has another love in his life Mani. Going through the struggles of finding his sexuality, Jase again is an intriguing character who brings a lot the show. His dark secrets really brings the show to life as well as providing a moral set back to reality. Series producer has commented in interviews that these types of relationships do happen in real life so it’s amazing to actually watch a possible couple going through the motions as it were.

      Daniel Percival plays Jase at times with prowess and professionalism. His character really struggles with confusion and self discovery and the emotions really come out with Percival, however there are times when his crying scenes seem a little forced, but on the whole a well rounded performance.

      Mani is a high doctor well respected by his team but on the outside he is a fun loving sex mad guy who will jump from one guy to the next. Played by Navin Chowdhry (Teachers, Golden Hour) Mani is a character who isn't introduced properly until later on in the series but his character really adds the whole secrecy plot. Not only acting as Jase's lover but also his confidant trying to get him realise his true identity. It’s a true classic moment when he frays in and out of the other character's life without knowing who exactly is who.

      It’s weird to see Navin Chowdhry playing this role as I am use to him being a sick love puppy in Teachers, but I must admit he is very convincing as a Gay character.

      Other side characters include Peggy (Camille Coduri) a porn boss in charge of Nathan who actually is great fun to watch as she antagonises Nathan into the most ridiculous situations and then there's Fay (John Sheahan) a pre-op transsexual who works with Nathan at the Porn Office.

      The overall cast of characters is great and all work together really well playing through each individual situation perfectly.

      Not going into detail about each episode, the six episodes all work very well as small series providing a fantastic plot. When Nathan and Fi sleep together, Nathan finally realises how much he loves Fi, but Fi on the other hand denies any attraction towards him and carries on with Jase, but secretly to her Jase has been seeing Mani and is in denial about his sexuality .It all sounds very confusing but ultimately leaves you wondering in which situation works out.

      As her extra's only cast interviews and Outtakes fill the series which is a little disappointing, but the classic humour of the show will leave you more captivated than anything. Unfortunately I heard rumours for a second series but it got declined so it’s unlikely that this wonderful bunch of characters will return.

      A brilliant soundtrack plays on throughout the series as well including the main theme being Boys Will Be Boys by The Ordinary Boys. Other great tracks include Arctic Monkey's A Certain Romance, Oasis' Champagne Supernova and The Sugababes' Red Dress.

      As for price you can find this DVD for £14.99 on Play.com, £14.98 on Amazon.co.uk and roughly £20 from retail stores such as Woolworth’s and HMV.

      Episode List:


      After the Nathan, Fi and Jase flee from a nightclub after Nathan tries it on with a Bouncer's Girlfriend, Jase gets separated from Fi and Nathan. Nathan and Fi end up sleeping together whilst Jase turns up in a very messy state.


      Fi decides that Jase is more important and tells Nathan that they cannot be more than friends. Nathan meets Rosa and starts a very complicated relationship whilst setting up his very own prostitution card business. Jase begins a relationship with Mani and must keep it a secret from Fi.


      Rosa is furious as she tells Nathan she has caught an STD from him which to problems as that means, Fi would have caught it, who passed it on to Jase who in turn passed it on to Mani.


      Jase ends his relationship with Mani turning his attention to sorting out the problems between Fi and himself. Nathan's dad turns up and steals his date as well as his Viagra and ultimately ends up in hospital.


      Jase is taken into hospital in a coma and Fi is upset at his bedside. Nathan decides it’s for the best to stop Fi from finding out the truth and cleans up any mess Jase has put on himself.


      Nathan decides that Fi should know the truth but fate delivers a plan, there can be two outcomes. No 1: He tells Fi the truth and all relationships fall down in unexpected ways. No 2: Nathan misses Fi's bus and ends up getting beaten up and owning a Rabbit with cancer.

      It ends on a cliff-hanger, which outcome is the real outcome, series 2 would let us know but since that won't be happening it's anyone’s guess.

      Cast List:

      Paul Chequer ... Nathan
      Jemima Rooper ... Fi
      Daniel Percival ... Jase
      Camille Coduri ... Peggy
      Navin Chowdhry ... Mani
      John Sheahan ... Fabien 'Fay'
      Kate Atkinson ... Helene
      Danielle Urbas ... Rosa
      Matthew Sim ... Derek
      Shivani Ghai ... Shazney
      Kate Atkinson ... Helena
      Raj Ghatak ... Jemima


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    • Product Details

      Set on the mean streets of Manchester SINCHRONICITY and follows the trials and tribulations of Nathan, a sometime porn site scribe and fulltime ladies man. Contemplating fate, Nathan wonders had he not met the woman with two vaginas, he would never have ended up bedding Fi, the girlfriend of his best mate, Jase, who in turn, wouldn't have been led into an eventful night that changed his life

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