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Skins - Complete Series 1 (DVD)

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Genre: Television - Skins / Actors: Harry Enfield, Neil Morrisey ... / DVD released 24 September, 2007 at Channel 4 DVD / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    19 Reviews
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      07.07.2011 19:54
      Very helpful



      Skins Series 1 & 2

      (I am aware that Dooyoo list this product as only Series one. This review contains lots of spoilers)

      Series 1 & 2 are by far the best, and i decided to buy the series 1 & 2 box set from Amazon not long ago. The box set was £20 which i was happy with paying. It contains 6 discs and has an eighteen certificate.

      Back in 2007 when Skins was first aired on British television, the concept of the programme was something that had never been done before (much more graphic and openly promiscuous than other programmes aimed at teenagers), and it was hugely controversial with huge amounts of complaints and anti-skins articles in newspapers due to the content which was made out to be mainly consisting of 16 year old teenagers having sex and doing drugs.

      In fact, it is much more than this and it actually touches on some very hard hitting and relateable topics such as eating disorders, peer pressure, depression, problems at home, homosexuality, teenage pregnancy, death and much more. The actors in the first 2 series were absolutely amazing and faultless, which is what makes the first two series my favourite.

      This review is mainly of the character, as i don't want to delve too deep into the storylines, although there may be a few spoilers.


      Cassie is a very eccentric, odd-but-loveable kind of girl. She has emotional issues due to her home life (parents who seem to ignore her), and suffers from Anorexia. She has also attempted suicide and spent some time in an inpatient eating disorders clinic (meaning she was sectioned). Throughout her episode we see how she decieves people into thinking she's eaten and the emotional torture that she goes through. Even though she's got huge issues it doesn't stop her from having fun, taking drugs and having sex (with both boys and girls!) We see her relationship with Sid develop through the series'.

      A loveable nerd who's a virgin when we're first introduced to him. He's porn mad and enjoys a nice spliff - after a bit of peer pressure from Tony. He's a very loveable character and the actor is probably one of the best in the entire cast. He is a very unlucky character and comes across lots of obsticles such as getting into trouble with a drug dealer, his dad dieing, and the fact that his best friend is with the girl of his dreams. Cassie acts as a distraction for sid, although the relationship is sweet and lovey dovey in reality it is fake and they both cling to eachother out of there own insecurities. Sid i believe does genuinly fall for Cassie which makes it even more tragic.

      She's the type of girl who all the guys want. From the outside she looks to ooze with confidence, and wears short skirts and low cut tops that attract attention. Her boyfriend Tony is the most popular guy in school and everyone envys her, but we soon learn that although everyone else seems to love her, she definetly doesn't love herself. She lacks in confidence and due to a family break up seems to have issues with her home life. Although she is with Tony and loves him, there is a very slight hint of verbal abuse/passive agressive behavouir from Tony with remarks about her body etc. It does not make uncomfortable viewing but it is noticeable.

      In series one, Tony is the type of arrogant posh kid that all the girls want and all the guys envy. Nice clothes, gorgeous looks and a stable family home. This all goes down the pan when Tony suffers a brain injury after been hit by a bus. He becomes dependant on his family and is no longer seen as the popular boy, but the (in another character's words) 'mental' boy. He struggles with daily tasks and in the end his mum and dad split up, Tony decides to attempt to take the pressure off of them and go to university after help from his little sister Effy. Even before the accident, things were not all as great as they seemed. Tony showed signs of confusion with his sexuality which resulted in him giving Maxxie oral sex.

      Maxxie is a male dancer who is gorgeous and has a perfect body and is proud and open about the fact he is gay. He's very sweet but in all honesty doesn't have much depth and his episode mainly revolves around Sketch, a girl (well, she's a girl but she dresses like a boy in the hope of attracting maxxie), who's obsessed with him to the point of breaking into his room and dressing in his boxers.

      Anwar is close to maxxie and i feel his character is used to create a slightly controversial storyline; his episode focuses on the homophobia from Anwar's side of the family towards Maxxie because of his sexuality (eg: not letting maxxie come to Anwar's birthday party). Although Anwar is muslim he still drinks, uses drugs (and in one occasion smuggles drugs), and is a fan of sex & porn. He's a sweet character because he's so awkward at times. I do feel the actor did a great job in portraying modern muslim teenagers in britain.

      Effy is Tony's younger sister and is a bit of a weirdo, but still manages to be incredibly sexy and hypnotising. She's gorgeous and the air of mystery around her makes her episode that bit more interesting. In series one and two her prescence is minimal but when she is in an episode it's usually a party scene.

      Chris is my favourite character. I instantly fell in love with him and unlike the others his vulnerable side was obvious straight away; his mum walks out on him leaving just a note and keys to the house. Chris is a raver and drug/sex mad, with a silly awnser to everything and he rarely lets real emotion show. There is alot of depth to his character and although he acts like he can't be botherd with anything he is quite an emotional character. He suffers with grief from his brothers death and lives with the worry it could happen to him too. The whole hereditary brain haemorrhage storyline (which results in him dieing), really was heartbreaking to watch and was acted brilliantly. It was not over the top and in my eyes was actually subtle and hard hitting, i was actually in tears and felt for the character.

      Jal is my least favourite character, i really see no point in her. She is pressured by her dad to play the clarinet every night in order to become a musical progidy. She becomes pregnant to chris which is her most interesting storyline and although her character is bland, the actor does do a good job in the Chris relationship storyline.

      * My Most Memoreable Scenes/Storylines:
      Sid and Cassie's relationship
      Tony and Maxxie's scene on the school trip
      Maxxie's stalker
      Tony's university sex scene
      Chris dieing
      Cassie's anorexia
      Mad Twatter
      Effy's night out
      Chris' funeral and the build up
      Tony's brain injury

      Overall Skins as you can see contains lots and lots of hard hitting, controversial subjects which although at times are exagurrated for the shock factor, most teenagers can relate to atleast one. Cassie's storyline however does worry me a bit, as when Skins came out i was suffering with anorexia and i saw Cassie as somewhat of an icon, looking back i obviously understand that the actor is naturally thin and the eating disorder story was actually supposed to be a deterent, however i do feel that the tips and quotes in her episode are seen as inspirational to young girls with eating disorders - for example on an anorexia website i used to be a member of there would be girls posting Cassie quotes and saying how they wished they could be as strong as her.

      I don't think Skins is as graphic as some critics have made it out to be, and any sex scenes are reasonably modest with the most graphic showing just a bottom and boobs, which wasn't too explicit in my eyes. The programme was on at 10pm every night though and the actors who featured in sex scenes as far as i am aware were over eighteen or had body doubles, so it certianly is not child porn as some critics have said. The only scene i did find slightly uncomfortable was when Effy (who's fourteen in series one), is unconcious and Tony is been blackmailed into raping her. Luckily that doesn't happen, but it did make for uncomfortable and very tounge in cheek viewing.

      Language wise, it can be slightly cringe worthy at times with over-the-top use of swearing and silly slang words, but it's not unrealistic as some teenagers/people do actually talk like that.

      I think the best part of Skins is that the characters aren't from council estates or from any kind of background that people relate with drug use and promiscuousity - they are all quite well off, especially the ring leader of the gang Tony. They all have relatively well spoken accents and dress reasonably smartly, there are no trackies or burberry hats.

      I would reccomend this if you like the sound of it, but if you don't like what you've read above, it isn't for you.


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        31.03.2010 12:01
        Very helpful
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        Brilliant drama must be seen.

        Skins is one of those programs that makes you miss your youth but at the same time makes you glad you're and adult. It's like one of those Ibiza uncovered programs where you're looking at these youngsters misbehaving and are full of disgust, shock and horror but secretly you reminisce of your youth and envy their antics. I can imagine the target audience was aimed teenagers but I'm in my late 30's (still look great) and I loved it.


        This 2007 E4 teen drama follows a group of six form youngsters in Bristol. The BAFTA-award winning series has since gone on to become a cult in UK and Europe.


        We follow the crazy antics of a group of very different characters each with different personalities and problems. Tony Stonem (portrayed by Nicholas Hoult) is an attractive confident manipulative young man and his best friend is Sid Jenkins (Mike Bailey) his side kick and the total opposite of Tony. They always seen to be at the root of everything that happens in the series. Tony's girlfriend is Michelle Richardson (April Pearson) a beautiful young girl who tolerates Tony's behaviour. She is friends with with Cassie Ainsworth (Hannah Murray), an quirky odd girl who has an eating disorder. Chris Miles (Joe Dempsie) is the mad crazy party animal. Jal Fazer (Larissa Wilson) is a sensible talented musician and Maxxie Oliver (Mitch Hewer) is gay and loves to dance. His best friend Anwar Kharral (Dev Patel) is a Muslim but seems more interested in partying with people he should be avoiding.

        My Opinion:

        Such clever writing a good performances all round from young talent. Each episode as good as the next and unfolds into a breathtaking climax you simply don't expect. You really get sucked into the individual life of these teenagers and find yourself getting to know them so when they feel sad you feel sad and when they are happy you are happy. The series covers so many controversial issue to mention a few, drugs, alcohol, sex, mental health, sexuality. It is refreshing to see such a bold drama that is both witty and shocking.


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          08.03.2010 22:13
          Very helpful
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          A great, touching cast that releases the show's full potential and no doubt will leave you in tears.

          Skins follows the lives of eight (Or so) rowdy teenagers through the trials and tribulations of teenage life in Britain (Bristol to be exact.)

          The first series proved to be a great hit, venturing to the U.S.A to which it further attracted audiences and created quite a storm.

          The drama itself is interestingly from a biographical style, taking on each individual's life and their problems seperately from episode to episode.

          The plot is miraculous. Managing to bring all the fairy-tale stuff and slapping a new-age twist on it to bring the most heart-felt and stunning teen-drama to hit the screens. This happens by bringing risque comedy, black comedy and outright slapstick comedy and slamming it together with common teen-issues and heavy drama, the technique of said slamming seems pretty similar to the Large Hadron Collider.

          That aside, the cast seems to contain some pretty low-key actors for Series One and Two (For all those who do pick this up and enjoy it, Series Two is weaker in places but well worth the purchase) and contains Slumdog Millionaire Star Dev Patel before his award-winning role.

          The characters themselves seem fairly comical, giving a vague hint of unrealism, but perhaps that's what takes the dark aspects of humanity and turns it into something worth watching without feeling grotesquely guilty for laughing at the misfortune of others afterward.

          The protagonist, Tony (Nicholas Hoult) truly takes Marmite (You love him or hate him) and blurs the line so much that you truly end up wanting to shoot him, then yourself, before getting up and realising just how deadly engrossed you've become with the entire show.

          Despite all this, the characters come together to bring you a heart-felt experience that all post-pubescent people can relate to and, although the close-to-the-knuckle sexual depictions can prove discomforting (Especially when trying to laugh it off with the girlfriend) you can really get into the show, empathising with the characters, bringing you closer and closer to the cast until the series crescendos and ends on one heck of a show-stopping note.

          In short, Skins is a great show to really get back into the mindset of being a teenager and recalling all the things you suffered (And being pleasantly relieved at not experiencing some of the outright hilarious situations that occur here) whilst chuckling at a food-smeared Sid (Mike Bailey) as he slouches and slacks his way through sixth-form.


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            08.03.2010 20:26
            Very helpful



            Buy it now!

            Skins is a British teen drama based in Bristol that follows a group of college students during their time through college (or sixth form as some may know it). The series was broadcast on the channel e4 and has also been shown on channel 4.

            I am a massive fan of skins and the aim is to review each episode in the first series. Each of the main characters has their own episode.

            Episode 1: Tony
            This episode starts off with Tony Stonem in his house. He causes a diversion so his younger sister can sneak into the house after being out all night. It features a very funny Harry Enfield in this episode as Tony's dad. You get introduced to each of the characters by Tony ringing them all up; they are Jal, Sid, Michelle, Chris, Anwar and Maxxie. The episode is based around Tony trying to help Sid lose his virginity. Tony's acting is very good in this episode and he also shows that he is able to sing well also. He is played by Nicholas Hoult. I found this episode very funny and It isn't long before you work out that the entire series is going to be about drugs and sex. Most of the episode is based indoors. You also meet the character Cassie towards the end of the episode. My favourite scene in this episode is Maxxie taking Chris and Anwar on a "big gay night out" which is completely dead. One of my favourite characters in this episode is a drug dealer, whose name is a bit too explicit for dooyoo, so I will only use his first name - Mad (short for Madison); he is played by Stephen Walters.

            Episode 2: Cassie
            This is a very strange episode as you see things through the eyes of Cassie. She wakes up half naked in a room covered in food where it looks like a food fight took place. It becomes clear that Cassie has feelings for Sid. This episode features Danny Dyer as Michelle's mum's new husband. He plays a character called Malcolm which is pretty much like any other character he plays - an idiot! I think this episode is pretty powerful as Cassie has an eating problem and it shows what troubles she is going through, which really made me think about people with eating disorders. I think it is acted pretty well by Cassie (played by Hannah Murray). This episode also sees another famous name - Neil Morrissey plays Cassie's dad. I think he goes a bit over the top with his acting in this though. This shows you some of the lengths people go to who have eating disorders and gives you a small insight. My favourite character in this episode is Kenneth (played by Daniel Kaluuya), a young African male who is very posh but occasionally tries to talk in gangster slang. Mad also appears again in this episode and becomes a teacher at Roundview College where the gang all attend. Cassie's friends don't seem to understand her problems and she can only talk to her taxi driver. All the way through the episode someone is telling her to eat but at the end I think she realises it's her conscience telling her.

            Episode 3: Jal
            The series starts with the college orchestra and the teacher swears constantly, I found it extra funny as none of my teachers were like that in college so it made me think how I would feel if it had happened! Jal plays the clarinet and is practising for young musician of the year. Jal is played by Larissa Wilson and plays a more serious character than Tony and Cassie have done and plays her role well. One of my favourite lines in this episode comes when someone says to Sid "you're disgusting" and he replies "what?!....it's lynx!" There is one scene where Sid is getting cookies and the guy at the cookie stand playing an extra is the worst extra I have ever seen, he pulls some strange facial expressions for no apparent reasons. The episode shows Ace and Lynton (Jal's brothers) who are aspiring rappers who play their roles very well and made me laugh. They are played by Troy Glasgow and Adrian Fergus Fuller. My favourite scene is when the gang try and get in Jal's dad's club and Chris pulls out the worst fake ID ever, hilarious! Jal is emotional when her clarinet gets smashed by Mad and she is very convincing during this, almost as if it was her personal clarinet that was smashed. Jal's brothers end up chasing Mad and getting beat up themselves but they still boast about getting a "couple of licks on him." Mark Monero plays Jal's dad and is very powerful and he is the most believable of all the characters in this episode. The end of the episode sees him drive off after having Mad bundled into his car.

            Episode 4: Chris
            Chris is my favourite character over the entire series. He is played by Joe Dempsie. Chris wakes up and gives his goldfish some drugs then goes downstairs only to find his mum has gone and left a £1000 in an envelope for him. He of course spends all the money on drugs and partying. He is pretty happy that he only knows about 10% of the people at his own party and is thrilled when he finds out his psychology teacher has come (Angie - played by Siwan Morris). One of my favourite lines of this episode is when and old man says "see that's Viagra for you, more trouble than it's worth" and his wife replies "speak for yourself casa-never!" Sid also comes out with a classic when Michelle drops her top and asks what he thinks of her boobs he claims he has something in his eyes "they must be blurring or something, maybe I've got an infection or something!" After losing his house he goes round to his dad's new house, where his step mum is none other than Sarah Lancashire who plays Mary. Chris manages to drop her baby on the floor then run off to the cemetery. Chris' best bit of acting is when he is reminiscing about his dead brother, it is brilliant acting and makes you feel sorry for him. The episode ends with Angie showing Chris to a room he can stay at college and gives him a goldfish.

            Episode 5: Sid
            Sid (Mike Bailey) is Tony's best friend, and is in love with Tony's girlfriend Michelle. So far the series has focussed on him still being a virgin; even the elderly couple he looks at through the window are at it like rabbits. You see Sid's dad Mark in this episode (played by Peter Capaldi) who is very bad tempered and judgemental. He wishes Sid would be more like Tony. He plays the role so well and you feel embarrassed for Sid as he gets shouted at by him in college. There was actually a group made on Facebook about Sid "everyone needs a friend like Sid from Skins." Sid goes to see Tony in a school choir wearing a megadog jumper which speaks when you touch the nose and has to comfort Michelle when Tony kisses Abigail on stage (played by Georgina Moffat) who is a posh school girl who Tony has been flirting with. Sid has this look about him that makes you think that he is really like the character he plays in real life! One of my funniest scenes is where Sid gets beat up by a group of four girls for "giving them cheek." As they kick him while he is on the floor "megadog to the rescue" sounds out and then a tramp goes to the toilet on him and then his dad lays into him again only for Sid to call him a dildo! During of the episode you feel sorry for Cassie who has been waiting around for Sid all night. Towards the end of the episode she takes an overdose. This shows us more of the problems that teenagers are facing more and more each day.

            Episode 6: Maxxie and Anwar
            This episode follows two characters that are always together. Maxxie is openly gay (played by Mitch Hewer) and Anwar is a Muslim boy who likes drugs, alcohol and sex. Anwar is played by Dev Patel and he is the lead character in the recent film Slumdog Millionaire. This episode sees the college history class go on a trip to Russia. There is a scene where they cart away Anwar at the airport for thinking and Maxxie looks worried exclaiming that they think he is a terrorist. The college teacher has to pay the authorities to release him. It shows a very stereotypical view of Russia, but it only adds to the comedy of this episode! Kenneth show's himself again in this episode and comes out with the line "Raas! Russia's big, bruv! Me's gonna be hyped up" when he thinks he will be sharing a room with a girl. When he finds out this isn't true he converts back to his posh self and simply says "spoilsport!" to their college teacher, Tom. Anwar and Maxxie fall out over Maxxie being gay, saying it's against his religion. Tony ends up kissing Maxxie saying he wants to try something new. This show continues to teach us, now teaching us about religion and sexuality. Chris ends up sleeping with his teacher Angie on this trip, something that we are reading more about in the news these days! Anwar ends up sleeping with a Russian girl who he sees getting beat up out the window, so he very conveniently has a ladder in his suitcase and goes to rescue her! The episode ends with Tony kissing Maxxie again and the group leaving Russia and it cuts back to the Russian people who have scammed the college teacher out of all his money. The episode was full of very random moments, I liked it but not as much as previous episodes and it has put me off going to Russia!

            Episode 7: Michelle
            Michelle is played by April Pearson. She watches as she sees Tony flirting with Maxxie then she goes over to him and punches him in his face. Kenneth says "I must say, she is a fiery one!" Michelle's crying in this one seems a little over dramatic at times but her character does have to deal with quite a lot so it could be argued that it is believable. Michelle is sick all over herself so Angie puts her in the shower and she just sits there in her underwear. Sid punches Tony in this one when Tony is being harsh about Michelle. The episode again shows Danny Dyer (playing Malcolm - Michelle's stepfather). He plays quite a few scenes and is very convincing and puts in a solid performance. Michelle goes round to see Sid to try and sleep with him, but Sid pushes her away, Michelle ends up crying again(!) They both then pay a visit to see Cassie who is at a mental health home, it is extremely stereotypical, which was a bit low for the programme to do, but I couldn't help but laugh seeing people in the fields setting off rockets. It also shows a brief few seconds of acting from James Buckley who plays Jay in the Inbetweeners. Michelle sees Josh there, who is Abigail's brother and ends up sleeping with him. Tony steals his mobile and takes pictures of Abigail on his phone and sends them to Michelle. Again I didn't enjoy this episode as much as previous ones, but this was because it wasn't as funny and there was lots of moping around by Michelle feeling sorry for herself.

            Episode 8: Effy
            Effy is Tony's brother and we saw her at the very start of episode one and a tiny bit in one of the other episodes too. She is played by Kaya Scodelario. She is the longest serving member of skins as she is in it in season 1, 2, 3 & 4. The episode also shows Harry Enfield again as Effy and Tony's dad. He is his typical funny self and fits the role perfectly. Tony and Effy have a strong bond and he lies in her bed when she sneaks out for a night out so that their parents think she is sleeping. Effy and her friend go to a party in a warehouse, let in by the security guard. Tony does a lot of sulking in this episode and even offers to help the local big issue seller (Kenny) sell copies. Effy meanwhile is busy taking drugs and kissing boys, the police come and then Effy is taken to the station and Tony being the good brother goes to pick her up, but she is told her brother has picked her up already and then he is attacked outside. Tony then goes to meet the rest of the gang who are all upset with him over upsetting Michelle, he tells Sid that Effy is missing and they steal Sid's dad's mini and go to look for her. Josh turns up to the party and injects Effy, which she is already in a dazed state from all the drugs she has taken. The programme continues to teach us the negatives of drugs. Effy spends most of the episode in a dazed state and doesn't say that much. It is a darker episode than all the rest and all the characters seem to be miserable at the moment. Cassie returns to this episode and her and Sid share a kiss. Unlike the rest of the episodes about each character, you don't actually learn that much about Effy during this episode which I was a bit disappointed about.

            Episode 9: Finale
            Oh no the final episode of the series! It's Anwar's birthday and Maxxie will only come if Anwar tells his parents about Maxxie being gay. There is a funny scene at the start where all Anwar's sisters burst into the room to wish him happy birthday while he is stood there naked. Sid tries to write Cassie a letter and at the same time Cassie is writing Sid a letter. Sid realises he loves Cassie so puts on his megadog letter and rushes off to see her, wearing odd shoes, classic Sid! Angie wakes up in bed with Chris and then discovers her estranged fiancé at the door (Merve). Anwar's family is a stereotypical Asian family and it is funny to see them all winding him up. Anwar's mum is played by Nina Wadia who is more famously known by her role in Eastenders. Tony is still sulking and that's one of the only things that is getting a little bit boring to me now. Another classic from Kenneth in this episode is where there is an old pop song playing and he says "Raas! This is a big boy tune! This mofo's got some serious riddims kickin' off! You get me?! You get me?!" then resorts back to his usual posh self as he asks Jal to dance. The episode again shows some of the problems people with eating disorders have. I also laugh when Tony steals Sid's dad's car again to go and rescue Sid who has been locked up in the mental home. Tony see's Cassie and gives her Sid's letter. Kenneth then gets on the decks at Anwars birthday party and blasts out a bit of drum and bass. His party ends in fighting when Merve shows up. Michelle is crying over Tony again and he rings her and then steps out into the road without looking after telling her he loves her and gets hit by a bus. There is then a hilarious sketch where an old song is playing (wild world by Cat Stevens) and Sid sing's along to it while walking around, it features Cassie leaving, Tony singing on the floor while Effy holds his head, then it shows all the other characters and Sid gets the bus home still singing and he reminisces over Cassie. Chris and Angie sing parts too. It is of course miming to the song that is playing, but it is funny to watch.

            I was a bit disappointed that the series only has 9 episodes; compared to American shows this is extremely short. But they were a fantastic 9 episodes!

            There is 80minutes of extras on the DVDs, which include ancillary storyline for each episode, video diaries, director's cut skins trailer, skins broadcast trailers and the gossip's music video for "standing in the way of control" which is often played on skins trailers and adverts. The video diaries are quite funny. They are done by each of the characters doing various different things. They are:

            Project 2107 - Abigail Stock
            Anwar - Anwar Kharral
            Cassie - Cassie Ainsworth
            Chris - Chris Miles
            Wax Effigy - Effy Stonem
            Jal - Jal Fazer
            Maxxie - Maxxie Oliver
            Michelle Explains it all - Michelle Richardson
            Grandpa's Video - Posh Kenneth
            Online Destructathon - Sid Jenkins
            Tony - Tony Stonem

            Ancillary story line is bits of supporting stories from the episodes that weren't included in the main episodes. They are:

            I most certainly do:
            This is where Cassie meets Michelle and they discuss going to a party (Abigails's party from episode 1) and Michelle says how she should sleep with Sid as he is a virgin. They then go in a wedding shop and manage to steal wedding outfits, including a top hat and a wedding dress! It is totally irrelevant that is probably why it wasn't in the first episode.

            Careers Office:
            This shows Chris visiting the careers officer Josie. They both seem as dumb as each other and Chris shows his name to Josie on his shoe. She then points out that where he has been asked what his ideal career is that he has drawn a picture of a snake. They discuss selling soup at festivals and Chris thinks he would make good cocktails. Jal then sees Josie and says she wants to be a musician. Sid is told that he would be good as a landfill waste consultant. Sid then ends up giving Josie leaflets on how to change careers!

            Shoot 'em Up:
            This follows Ace and Lyton trying to get their music on the radio. They talk in gangster speak and it puts subtitles on so that you can understand what they are saying! It goes on for a couple of minutes and is quite funny. When inside they talk as posh as they can and the subtitles show what they are saying in gangster speak. It turns out instead of taking their mixtape to the radio they have a bag of food and then the receptionist starts talking gangster to them! They manage to get on the radio and get thrown out after a short while.

            Friend in Need:
            This shows Cassie trying to get a top off a guy in order to give to Chris after he lost his house and was wandering round naked. Then it shows Michelle trying to get someone's jeans for him but he won't give them, so then Maxxie tries and gets them. They then realise the guy was gay.

            Careers Office part 2:
            Josie is filling in her own careers forms and she decides to draw a snail. She then calls Sid and asks for advice because she doesn't know what to do. She leaves him a voicemail as he isn't in. A Chinese throwing star then appears on her desk and Anwar starts doing kicks and is dressed as a ninja. He says he wants to be a ninja and she looks at him funny. He then pretends he knows what he is doing and Josie says "I can't help you." Anwar then does a funny impression of his mum. Josie tells Tony that he can be anything he wants to be. Tony says he wants to be Elvis. Josie is starting to realise she is a rubbish careers advisor. When Michelle comes in Josie is hiding under the table and she tells Michelle she should go to university and do languages. They then have a conversation in French.

            To Russia with Love:
            This shows everyone putting money in a pot when they are sat in a pub. Chris walks in dressed as a fish, but he has made no money. They are all trying to raise money to help Chris come to Russia. The group then notice a porn star in the pub. Maxxie speaks to her to see who she likes and she says Chris. So Chris sleeps with her and she gives him £700 so he can go to Russia.

            Cat and Duck:
            This shows Michelle in a bar talking to Jal talking about men while looking at Glass ornaments of various animals (that came from Malcolm). The girls do various amounts of shots and get pretty drunk. Michelle compares Tony to ice - cold and transparent. She then does a good impression of Abigail. They then go and talk to a couple of guys who soon leave them after acting strange.

            This shows Effy all wet, after just getting out the lake. Her make-up has ran and she is talking to the camera about a girl who lives on lemonade, she then talks about the girls brother and nobody but the girl talking to him. It isn't too clear what the point of this is but I think that this is Effy's dream while she is unconscious from taking drugs and she is talking about herself and Tony and references to lemonade and grass are references to drugs.

            This shows Cassie and her friend chatting before Anwar's party (you later see her friend being sick in the final episode before Tony goes over and gives Cassie Sid's letter). The two then smoke a joint. It is clear Cassie is having a look round Bristol before she leaves. Cassie gets her friend some chips after talking about food with her.

            The director's cut trailer is my favourite trailer. It shows all the gang at a wild party and they are all taking drugs and there is lots of sex going on, things being broken and people being sick before it cuts to the gang all collapsed on each other (which is then the picture that is shown on the front cover of the DVD case).

            The Gossip - Standing in the way of control plays during the menu screens on the DVD.

            If you don't mind frequent swearing and drugs and sex references then I would recommend that you watch this programme, I can't get enough of it, 10/10!!! It is only £11.93 at the moment on amazon!


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              21.01.2010 13:54
              Very helpful



              Wildly overrated but mildly enjoyable

              I find it highly amusing that reviews of Skins dare to call the show "realistic", for I can't really find a single thing authentic about its depiction of teens. I enjoyed a carefree and irresponsible few formative years like anyone else, but nothing here really rings true, and unless you were a sex, drug, and drink-addicted teenager, it probably won't resonate with you either. That said, it is a decent bit of brainless entertainment even if it is clearly trying to aspire to the more casual hedonism of overseas drama shows like Tell Me You Love Me.

              The show revolves around a gang of sixth formers, the lead of who is Tony Stonem (Nicolas Hoult), a clever but thoroughly irresponsible young man who is dating Michelle (although he cheats on her), and is best friend to Sid, a socially inept but fairly likeable underachiever, who himself becomes obsessed with the downright strange manic depressive Cassie.

              Other supporting characters include spoiled rich kid Jal, who is trying out to be BBC Young Musician of the Year, but to me she's one of the more annoying characters as she has so many advantages in life yet whines constantly. Conversely, one of the more likeable characters is Chris, whose mother has abandoned him by himself. He had a brother who died from a heart condition that he himself has, and he's one of the more personable, sympathetic and well-rounded characters on the series.

              Is this clever and witty drama? Not especially. It's pretty obvious and fairly bubblegum fare. Is it funny? Sometimes, although the humour is quite broad and not particularly smart. It does have an addictive quality, though, and while it is very obvious that the show is trying to be very American-ised with its obscene levels of philandering, it is compelling and entertaining in a totally trashy way.


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              04.01.2010 19:50
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              There isn't much else out there like this...It will either be a complete hit or a miss.

              Series 1 of skins advertising campaign came out in 2007 and boasted a teenage series of drugs, sex, partying of some A Level students. The series explored some very controversial issues such as anorexia, homosexuality, drug abuse, death etc.

              At the time the series came out, I was just starting my A-Levels at college and it seemed to be the series everyone seemed to be talking about and appeared to be one of the topics of conversation at the college canteen table on a Wednesday.

              I must admit this is my favourite of all the 3 series that I have avidly watched with my favourite character being geeky Sid (played by Mike Bailey).

              The series explored different issues throughout the series and each episode focused on a different character which meant we got to know each character a bit more personally as the episodes went on.

              The Cast:
              Tony Stonem - Nicholas Hoult (also starred in About a Boy)
              This character is not your typical lovable protagonist yet the arrogant ring leader of the group who manipulates those closest to him by playing cruel tricks on them.

              Sid Jenkins - Mike Bailey
              The geek who comes from a dysfunctional family and kicks off the first episode with his friend trying to get him to lose his virginity. He tries to make everyone happy and finds it difficult to stand up for himself. He starts the first series by falling in love with his best friend's girlfriend Michelle whom he has no chance with and unintentionally succeeds in gaining the affections of Cassie. He also goes on the Russia trip with drugs stored in his anus as Tony told him to avoid customs at the airport and is quite the walkover, but does this change?

              Michelle - April Pearson
              Besotted with Tony, Michelle is distraught and breaks up with him when he refuses to admit about having oral sex with Maxxie. She also uses Abigail's brother (Josh) to get back at Tony with, but realises that Tony shouldn't be messed with when he vengefully breaks them up by sending Michelle pictures off Josh's phone of his naked sister.

              Cassie - Hannah Murray
              Cassie suffers from anorexia and finds ways to beat the system by using weights in her sleeves so that the doctors at the clinic believe she is gaining weight. She is very much a free spirit and leaves you wondering whether her and Sid will ever get together throughout the series.

              Jal Fazer - Larissa Wilson
              A geeky character who is the musician in the group and in one episode prepares for BBC Young Musician of the Year. Is very much the goody-too-shoes of the group and insists on helping Chris find his dad.

              Chris Miles - Joe Dempsie
              This guy just loves to party, and his mother leaves him with £1000 and leaves home to which he spends on a massive party. He pulls his Psychology teacher Angie on the Russia trip and comes out with the cheeky one-liners throughout the series which makes him a much loved character despite that his Dad doesn't want to know him and he is homeless and penniless until Angie comes to the rescue and places him in temporary student accommodation.

              Maxxie Oliver - Mitch Hewer
              Doesn't play such a large role in this series as he does the second series but he is persuaded by Tony to let him give him head on the Russia trip and excuses it by saying he wants to try something new. Tony being unaware that his girlfriend, Michelle can hear everything that is going on. Maxxie suggests that he has found something that Tony is not good at and this is the episode that covers homosexuality.

              Anwar Kharral - Dev Patel (also starred in Slumdog Millionnaire)
              This is Maxxie's best friend and sees their friendship develop and the type of character that Anwar is that he is not bothered by Maxxie's sexuality. Within the first series, Anwar's main appearance is covered within the Russia trip when Anwar has sex with a Russian girl he believes to be being beaten by her father to which he later finds out to be her dad. He is another comical character who comes out with some extraordinary lines and even his facial expressions will set you off laughing.

              Effy Stonem - Kaya Scodelario
              A very mysterious character who is Tony's younger sister and her character doesn't really come into a large role within the first series as it does in the third series when she hits college. She's not as innocent as her parents seems to think when she's out partying on school nights but her brother Tony seems to cover her back. She is the victim of Tony's revenge later in the series which is a must-see when Tony is put into a situation where is forced to have incestuous sex with Effy for sending the pictures of Josh's sister to Michelle. Will he or won't he?

              It is hard to believe that all these things can happen in one series and how it all flows from one event to another but in fact this is the best series of all I have watched.

              In the second series you are introduced to the character that is Sketch who is also an interesting character.

              In particular I enjoyed the Russia trip with the humour that was involved and the involvement of the majority of the characters instead of just focusing on one character in particular.
              I do think that the current series they have tried to rip off the characters from the original series I am not as enthusiastic about it (however it is watchable) so I recommend this series of them all! I think it is more for the age group of about 16-25 as it is a teenage drama and covers very controversial subjects that are significant for this age group.

              It is an 18 certificate due to the types of things that happen in the series, however it deals with characters who are aged 16-18 (at college) so I do think that it can be suitable for 16-18 year olds viewing.

              I hope I haven't spoilt the series for you too much and you'll take a look as there is no other series that is like this out there.


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                03.12.2009 21:55
                Very helpful



                10/10 :)


                Skins is a teen drama series, the first series was originally aired on E4 in January 2007, it is set In bristol and follows the lives of a bunch of teenagers during their two years of sixth form whilst studying for their A levels.

                MY PERSONAL VIEW:

                Personally i had heard of skins but had stupidly never thought to watch it, i bought the Series 1-3 Box set at the beggining of November this year having seen no episodes, well nevertheless i spent near enough the entire weekend hooked watching episode after episode, it really is a fantastic show and is very realistic in some respects to teenage life.

                THE ISSUES INVOLVED:

                You can probably tell that a teen drama isn't going to be a fairy tale and that lots of stereotypical/controversial teenage behaviour is packed into the show such as: Homosexuality, Death, Underage sex, Drugs, Underage drinking, teen pregnancy, anorexia, absent parents, staying out all night, theft, house parties, and general teens running riot doing what they want and when they want.

                What i like about skins is that at first sight the first few episodes make you, the viewer envy their lives and think to yourself 'they have so much fun' but it becomes aparent in later episodes that actually some of these characters undernath the surface are not having a good time at all, and are just trying to escape their troubles and hectic lives.

                MAIN CHARACTERS:

                Tony - Is an intelligent and popular person who is actually a very manipulative person which no one really seems to notice in most of the first series, however at some point tony deeply regrets the way he has treated people as he literally loses everything close to him

                Effy - is Tony's younger sister, is almost 100% silent during the first series, however presents some of the same qualities as tony, the things she gets up to are sometimes more outrageous than what tony does, however deep inside effy is very troubled and needs to be cared for, but she tries her hardest not to make this visible

                Jal - is an extremely intelligent girl and a very talented musician, much like her succesful father however not in Rap but the clarinet, in the first series she doesn't indulge in many of the outrageous things that the rest of the group do, which is sometimes brought up.

                Chris - is actually a very kind and caring person, who is also a joker, he likes 'popping pills' and partying hard, chris doesn't take many things seriously but his family life is basically non existant, his older brother died, his father is not on the scene, and his mother leaves him.

                Sid - Is tony's best friend and doesn't stop hanging around with him, he and tony couldn't be anymore different in personality though, he is socially inept, does poorly at school, and is desperate to loose his virginity.

                Cassie - suffers from the eating disorder - Anorexia and is often emotionally unstable, Cassie is a very nice, cheerful and bubbly person on the outside, but struggles to keep her mental health from getting in the way of her personality, cassie falls in love with sid, which takes forever for him to notice...

                Maxxie - is openly gay and not he has a great love of tap dancing, and is considered one of 'the lads'

                Michelle - Is Tony's girlfriend who appears to be vein and shallow, however is actually fairly intelligent and is serious about her relationship with tony.

                Anwhar - is a muslim, however he is not an avid follower and only chooses the parts that do not get in the way of his life, in other words he enjoys underage sex, drugs, alcohol, pork etc, he is best friends with Maxxie, however doesn't accept maxxie being gay due to his religion, despite dismissing other rules.


                In many ways Skins is quite relevant and a good representation of issues that us teenagers face, yes many things are exagerated etc to improve the entertainment value, but nevertheless it is quite accurate in some respects.


                The mix of outrageous antics, stereotypical teenage behaviour, issues, going deep into relationships and inner feelings, accidents, and deaths etc, it all makes skins a very interesting and deep programme to watch, so it has the best of both worlds.


                If you haven't watched skins before i advise you to get watching now, you won't regret it, plus series 4 airs at the end of next month :)


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                01.12.2009 17:08
                Very helpful




                I love this.

                This was when Skins was at it's best. After this is a very slow decline, but here, when it's brand new, it is at it's absolute best.

                Tony. I think he is what makes it so good for me. No, I'm not gay, but he is such an amazing character. Just utterly insane, totally wreckless without a reason. I can draw similarities with Shakespeare's amazing Iago, who completely destroys Othello for almost no reason at all. Here's Tony, who, as Sid says, did things "because he can". And the things that he did.

                Basically, almost all the other characters problems in this series originate from him. Those closest to him suffer the most, namely Michelle and Sid. He is just so evil in this series, absolutely love him!

                Of course, he's not the only one in the series. The other characters remain deep and interesting, entertaining and funny. All of them trying to get a grasp of life, but at the same time challenging their own beliefs and ideals and testing just how strongly they hold them to their heart.

                This, for me, is the deffinition of the series. I would barely watch the others had I not seen this one. A must see.


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                21.11.2009 17:51
                Very helpful



                Highly recommended

                This is the first series of Skins, and probably my favourite. There are a total of nine episodes for the series, each episode lasting for about 45 minutes. Each individual episode focusses on one of the skins characters (the title of the episode is the relevant characters name), with the 9th episode culminating the series which centres on all of the characters as a whole.

                Episode 1 "Tony" introduces all of the characters in the series, and also shows the manipulative and deviant side to Tony, and is less than usual relationship with Michelle. Episode 2 "Cassie" shows the world from her deluded, animated and wonderfully joyous viewpoint. An anorexic, it also shows her time at a hospital to tackle this problem. Episode 3 "Jal" primarily highlights her struggles as a young musician and her label as being fairly dull, which she resents. Episode 4 "Chris" opens as he is left at home alone with £1000 and the audience quickly finds out that this is because his mother has left him.

                Episode 5 "Sid" is about his life in an extremely turbulant family, and also his relationship with his best friend Tony. Episode 6 "Maxxie and Anwar" shows the struggle between their two beliefs, Maxxie as a homosexual, and Anwar a Muslim, who can't empathise with his feelings. Episode 7 "Michelle" is all about her relationship with Tony, and her slow realisation that being Tony's girlfriend may not be what she really wants. Episode 8 "Effy" is about Tony's younger sister, who is a mysterious character, who is caught up in a whirlwind of a world in this episode. Episode 9 "Finale" is a great final episode which ties up several loose ends, but also creates some new ones.

                A great debut series.


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                  26.09.2009 22:35
                  Very helpful



                  Great first series

                  Arguably the biggest criticism for Skins series one was how unbelievable the plots of each episode were. The concepts were realistic, i.e. most teenagers do get too drunk, experiment with drugs and sex etc. but the extent to which Skins takes it is a little OTT. Nonetheless, the writers always managed to hone in on the viewers and attempt to make it relatable.

                  The first series of Skins consists of nine episodes, which are around 45 minutes each. We are introduced to the main characters of the show, which each episode (except the finale) is named after, including Tony, Cassie, Jal, Chris, Sid, Michelle, Effy, Maxxie and Anwar. They all have distinct and fairly strong personalities but all bring an individual aspect to the show. My favourite is probably Sid or Michelle. Tony was too controversial to be anything but a great plot developer and the others seemed to fade into the background in this first series.

                  It's an original and entertaining show that was always talked about when it was first being broadcast. The show is still popular but I think they have got gradually worst.

                  Please do not buy it from Amazon because it's ridiculously expensive! It can be found for much cheaper such as from ASDA and The Hut.


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                  25.08.2009 16:38
                  Very helpful



                  A much needed TV Drama that covers issues of growing up

                  Skins is a TV drama show which follows a group of teenagers in the Bristol area, and is predominantly aimed at teenagers. The main group of friends (Tony, Michelle, Cassie, Sid, Jal, Maxxie, Chris and Anwar) all vary in personality, race, sexual orientation, and background, and in series 1, each episode focuses on one of the teenagers.

                  I was first drawn to watching Skins as I live in Bristol, and thought it would be interesting to see my local sites on screen. As soon as I watched the first episode I knew I would continue to watch the series, as I could relate to the characters as they were the same age as me, and going through the same changes such as starting college/sixth form. The first episode features all of the main characters, and acts as a kind of introduction to them. Obviously we learn more about each character in their own episode as the series goes on.

                  The main topics covered during Skins series 1 are Love/Hate, Friendship, Sex, Drugs, dysfunctional families and Religion. I feel that Skins is a good portrayal of teenage life in Bristol, although of course it is exaggerated to appeal to the viewers, and add drama. I think it would be a bit extreme to assume all teenagers act in the way the characters from Skins do.

                  My personal favorite episode of this series is Ep. 5, which is based around Sid. I like this episode as Sid portrays a typical lazy teenager who finds school work dull and boring, and has other things on his mind such as girls.

                  The finale leaves many doors open, and unanswered questions revolving around the relationships between the characters, which are resolved in the following series. I have watched series 2 and 3 of Skins, but I personally believe that series 1 is unbeatable due to its originality and 'fun' factor. The second series appears to have more of a serious nature due to the growing issues surrounding the friends.

                  The DVD itself contains many extras including the music video for "Standing In The Way Of Control" (the song used in the series), video diaries from the characters, and some deleted scenes.



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                  12.08.2009 14:48
                  Very helpful



                  Brilliant British drama

                  I remember before we had heard of Skins that my brother entered a Channel 4 competition to design some of the graphic stuff for the first series (he didn't win, and it was a good job because the visuals they ended up with are much better than his were). At first, the name struck me as strange and the advert as quite intimidating - as a 15-year-old with no experience of sex, drugs or rock n roll. However, after watching the second and third series I went back to basics to see how the characters were set up.

                  As the best series of Skins in my opinion, this is perfect for those who:
                  a) were (rightly) too embarassed to watch the E4 shows on digital with their parents in the living room
                  b) couldn't stay up late to watch the C4 repeats
                  c) were a little to premature at the time the first series was aired
                  d) just missed it and loved the second series

                  This DVD contains 9 approx. 40-minute episodes and 80 minutes of extras including ancillary (deleted) storylines, a video of Standing in the Way of Control (the popular theme tune for the ads from the first series), trailers and some quite bizarre video diaries from some of the characters (Cassie's is worth watching).

                  Most people are now familar with the concept of the show, a bunch of eight teenagers partying and smoking their way through college, with focus on the issues they face (from divorcing parents to sex, work and religion) and how the relationships between them weather in a setting where the adults around them are, without exception, uselessto them.

                  This series sets up the CHARACTERS well, but without sacrificing the fast-paced storylines I had come to expect from the later series'. The characters (Tony, Michelle, Cassie, Sid, Jal, Maxxie, Chris and Anwar) are young, deep, variable and both loveable and hatable: they are exaggerated forms of real human beings. This is what makes the series so completely engaging and worth discussing more intensely than the usual soap or drama - it is the characters who you find yourself discussing, rather than what happened. In this series there is perhaps too much focus on Tony as a lead character, but there is an episode focussed on each character, plus Effy (Tony's sister who takes the lead in the third series).

                  The contrast between the strength, energy, confidence and passion of the teenage characters and the frustration, confusion and disguised ineptitude of the parents, teachers and other adults that surround them is a subtle but revitalising feature of the series which highlights the hypocrisy of "adulthood" in real life and is uplifting.

                  The acting is excellent quality, believable and accesible.

                  The PLOTS are engaging, including the rollercoaster relationship of Tony and Michelle, Anwar's battle between religion and being an English teenager, a bizarre trip to Russia, Jal's family problem, Sid trying to lose his virginity, a teacher-pupil romance and many more. The series is set in Bristol, allowing many oppurtunties for wild parties and access to apparently infinite drugs which may infuriate some at times as being unrealistic (maybe too good to be true). The storylines are delivered to a background of (often black) humour and emotional integrity. They are not patronising unlike some more mild-mannered attempts at teenage dramas as the kids really take control - they are the focus of the drama, are shown to be decisive and often expose the adults for their weaknesses.

                  This is a brilliant British production; exciting, subtle and addictive. The visuals on the DVD of characters lieing in drunken piles, sunshiney credits and theme tune, and menu theme Standing in the Way of Control are a joy. Even the name 'Skins' (resonating the sexual and emotional aspects of the show, the idea of self, personality, and individuality) shows how well produced this airbrushed (or perhaps more accurately airbruised) snap shot of teenage life is.

                  N.B. I feel the 18 rating is perhaps unfair. Though the sexual scenes, drug smoking and psychoses and some violence warrant a 15, there are no unpleasant injecting Trainspotting-style scenes nor gruesome horror-style violence.


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                    17.07.2009 23:49
                    Very helpful



                    The first series of the most realistic teen drama out their,

                    I watched the skins series backwards, starting with series three but i have to say series one is definately my favourite!
                    The best thing about skins is that its probably the most realistic teen drama out there. Admittedly it goes to the extremes but it does face problems teenages really do face in life which other shows dont like to address.
                    Its not afraid to show drugs, sex and violence which means its really great to watch as well as to relate to.
                    Each episode focuses on one main character. Theres Tony, the womanizer and whos dating Michelle. His best friend Sid is infatuated with Tonys girl. Then theres Cassie who has an eating disorder and by the sound of it is no stranger to taking drugs; she is almost obsessed with Sid which makes a disorted love triangle. Chris is another member of the group hes a party animal who has a crush on Angie. Other characters include Maxxie, Jal, Effy and Anwar.
                    Skins shows the highs and lows of teenage life and focuses on the friendship between the characters which can lead them into trouble or out of it. Its truly inspirational.
                    I would recommend this to any teenager or adult for that matter, who enjoys relating to and seeing the harsh reality of being a teenager in the 21st century.


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                    25.06.2009 14:16
                    Very helpful



                    Great British series!!

                    Finally!! A teen/ young adult show that actually tells it how it is. Although other teen shows like The OC etc deal with real life issues, they dont do it in the same way that skins does. The series is about a group of 16 year olds at college who swear, drink, take drugs and sleep around. It really shows how teenagers in the UK are and what they get up to. None of this rose tinted glasses rubbish that the other shows portray. Skins was thought to be pretty shocking when it first came out because of its far fetched and utterly believable storylines.

                    Although Skins shows the normal going ons of teenage life, something crazy or bad always happens and thats what makes it so entertaining. The characters are hilarious and each one made me fall in love with them seperately.

                    The main character is Tony (Nicholas Holt). He's the popular, cocky and arrogant guy who everyone seems to love. His girlfriend Michelle is the beautiful one who always takes Tony back.

                    Sid is Tony's best friend who always seems to get the bad end of Tony's plans. He's openly in love with Michelle. Cassy is Sid's love interest but has a lot of problems herself. Shes a anorexic, self harming, druggie.

                    Anwar (Dev Patel) is the Muslim who pretty much defies every aspect of his religion. Maxxie is the homosexual. Chris is the pill popping, up for anything guy with a thing for one of his teachers. Jel is the academic, clarinet player who's not outgoing enough.

                    All of the cast are relatively unknown apart from Nicolas Holt. Dev Patel made it big in Slumdog Millionaire after being in Skins. The biggest name in the cast is probably Harry Enfield, who plays Tony's Dad.

                    My favourite episode from series 1 was #6, the one where the gang go to Russia on a school trip. Although it was mainly based on Anwar and Maxxie's relationship, it also shows a lot more of each of the other characters. It had me crying with laugher all the way through.

                    Series 1 consists of only 9 episodes which was my only disadvantage for the series. Like the inbetweeners, it ended far too quickly for me and i wanted more straight away. Thank god i can watch them over and over!!


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                    13.05.2009 21:43



                    great show but watch with caution if you have teenage kids

                    I absolutely loved Skins, but I was shocked and a little upset that it was aimed at teens. It is brilliantly written and acted, and the characters are very watchable. It has also recently won a BAFTA. It is basically the story of a group of teens, growing up, falling in and out of love, falling in and out of freindships and trying to generally have a good time, whilst taking their A levels and trying to figure our their future plans. Personally I found that it glorified drug taking, casual sex and alcohol, showing no repercussions. I would be cautious as a parent letting my child watch it, unless you are aware of the content. Nicholas Hoult from 'About a Boy' takes on a lead role of Tony and 'Dev Patel' (Slumdog Millionaire) also stars. Each episode of the series, revolves around an individual character and their own particular story, and their relationship with the other friends. Although aimed at teens, I think older generations would enjoy it too. It is from the makers of Shameless, and I personally I found it edgy, near the mark and funny - but I am in my 40's.


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                • Product Details

                  One of the more impressive television hits of recent times, Skins burst onto TV screens at the beginning of 2007, and in short space built itself an impressive, dedicated following. Skins is set in and around the lives of a group of friends who live in Bristol. In their late teens, and each at sixth form college, this compelling drama then follows the various problems and challenges that its characters face. What stands Skins apart from many other shows that have tackled similar ground is the sheer down-to-earth of it. The first series dedicates its individual episodes mainly to a certain character each, although that doesn’t stop the assorted story arcs of the others from building too. And amidst them all is some terrific acting, quality writing, and gritty, grounded drama, albeit not without humour. Given the age of the characters within Skins, it’s clearly a show skewed towards a reasonably young late-teen demographic, and that’s going to leave some who sample the programme a little cold. But there’s still little getting away from the fact that this first series is some achievement, and the many who do embrace the show aren’t going to be disappointment by this terrific DVD collection. --Jon Foster

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