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Sons of Anarchy - Season 4 (DVD)

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Genre: Television / To Be Announced / Actors: Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior, Maggie Siff ... / DVD released 2012-10-08 at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: Box set, PAL

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    1 Review
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      01.01.2013 15:22
      Very helpful



      5star entertainment

      Recently got into Sons of Anarchy after getting a free trial of Netflix and saw that season 1-4 was on it and thought what the hay may aswell watch all of them.I'd seen the show around but never got the chance to actually watch any of the episodes despite it looking really good. After just finishing season 4 I just had to review this season because it was brilliant entertainment.

      Ron Perlman -- Clayrence 'Clay' Marrow
      Charlie Hunnam -- Jackson 'Jax' Teller
      Katey Segal -- Gemma Teller Marrow
      Maggie Stiff -- Tara Knowles
      Theo Rossi -- Juice
      Dayton Callie -- Cheif Wayne Usher
      William Lucking -- Piney Winston
      Ryan Hurst -- Opie Winston
      Tom Flanagan - Chibs
      Kim Coates -- Tig
      Christopher Douglas Reed -- Filthy
      David Labrava -- Happy

      --------------Background of the Show-------------
      If you haven't seen any season before this one the show is about a crew of bikers called SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals). The crew are from a fictional town called charming and their original aim was to protect the town but over the years have lost their way.

      -------------Season 4 Plot---------------
      With the whole crew being released from jail at the start of the series Jax Teller has been doing alot of thinking and wants to leave the club and move away with his family. Clay the president of the gang has other ideas and wants to bring the club into doing drug runs which is one of the things they have always fought to keep out of Charming. The rest of the crew are sceptical about bringing drugs into Charming. Jax and Clay talk and agree that he will doing this drug deal with the Cartels (another crew) but after he and his family are leaving the town. This was a big ask from Jax because The crew don't take lightly to those who leave the club and i's almost like a death wish. This drug deal stretches through the whole series and it tears the whole crew apart and causes a whole load of drama.
      This story I found to be very entertaining because it was just mad how much this one deal drove everyone apart which has never happened in this show before. I think that for me this story brought out different sides to all the crew members characters.

      The second main story in this series is the resurface of some long lost letters from dead founder of SAMCRO John Teller that could sabotage Jax's family and the leadership of SAMCRO. Tara who is Jax's old lady (girlfriend) finds and reads these letters and realizes that Jax's Dad John Teller didn't die in an accident but was actually murdered. She hides these letters and once it gets out that she has these letters it becomes a vicious circle between Gemma, Tara, Piney and Clay. The letters are so damaging to Clay's life and everything he has done as current leader to the club that he will do anything to get rid of them including Murder.
      This story was the most entertaining from the series and I like that not everyone in the show knew what was going on in this situation. It felt like the two old ladies (girlfriends) of the show were at the top handling this deadly situation which shows girl power.

      The final main story of this series is Juice a member of the crew is being blackmailed by the police to get information of the club's dodgy dealing. The police found out that he is half black which could end up with him being killed by club rules which don't allow any other race than white. He doesn't handle this very well and leads some crew member to think he is going mad and question his credibility.
      This story I found to be so pathetic because Juice is just a wimp compared to all the other Sons. I think that Juice was good at his role and adds to the show because he is nothing like the other Sons but sometimes I just feel so sorry for him and that he really should not be in the crew. He just doesn't have the mind for it and has to much heart. Saying all this it's brings something different to the show having one of the Sons crack under pressure all the time because the others are so different.

      ------------Characters & Performances-------------
      I think that for me the best character in this series had to be Tara. I think that Tara has grown so much as a character and the actor that plays he is brilliant. Back in season 2 and before she was very innocent and knew nothing about being an old lady of a biker. Gemma who is Jax's mother has guided her and in a way 'educated' her of this life she is living. I bet Gemma never realised that she would become how devious and possessive of Jax that she has become now. By the end of this series Tara is giving Gemma a run for her money with who can be the most wicked old lady and I loved it.
      Clay played by Ron Perlan (plays hellboy) is outstanding in this it's just quality acting 100% from him. Clay's character is cold hearted and does anything to protect himself and get what he wants. I think that he is just so believable that anyone would the Ron himself is really like that in real life.

      One character that I wasn't keen on was Opie Winston. I think in season 1-3 Opie was hardcore and a man to watch but in this series he calms down and just acts lost all the way through. Towards the end he gets back to his normal self but I just wasn't really feeling him this series.
      --------------Special Effects & Continuity-------------
      There is lots of special effects in this series. There are lots of shooting scenes bloody violence and everything else gangster. What I loved is that everything looks so really from the bloody bodies to the gun shot wounds.
      The show has done a very good job of keeping those wounds in place and tattoos and stuff like that consistent.
      Jax had a stab wound on his chest from when he was in prison and it it still there all the time if he ever has his shirt off. Little things like this make a big difference because many times when I have watched shows and noticed something missing it makes me loose that feeling of being sucked into the show I am watching. When am sucked into a show I have been watching when I see something wrong like a missing element it makes me snap back to reality and loose the full concentration of the show and I'm quite good at spotting these things.

      --------------Other Information-----------
      14 episodes
      45-50 mins
      As for the theme song it is brilliant and fits the show perfectly. Even ended up downloading it on my iPod. The series also features some catchy songs.
      from £13 on Amazon and is worth every penny.
      Would recommend it to all who like a bit of crime drama in their life.


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