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South of Nowhere Season 2 (DVD)

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2012 21:24
      Very helpful



      The second season of South of Nowhere - more drama and great twists

      South of Nowhere, or SoN for short, is an American TV show based in Los Angeles. I have previously reviewed Season 1, but the story continues and more drama and fantastic storylines are guaranteed.
      For those of you who haven't read my previous review for season 1 or seen South of Nowhere, this show covers many important topics such as sexuality, religion, racism, adoption, drugs and just life in general.

      Unlike other shows of its type it's done in a very realistic way and each character has amazing storylines which all come together to make one great show. You can really understand these characters and learn a lot, no matter how old you are.

      The second season develops the characters more as their lives take unexpected turns and they deal with the troubles of teenage life. But it's not all about the teenagers, the parents are dealing with a lot too.

      South of Nowhere follows the Carlin family as they move from Ohio to LA, where Season 1 starts. The Carlin family is Arthur, Paula and their kids; Glen, Spencer and Clay. Paula works at the hospital and is immediately thrown into a hectic work schedule. Arthur works as a social worker at a local centre.

      Meanwhile, the three kids are having to get used a new school where the rules are completely different from back home. It is then that we meet Ashley, Aiden, Madison, Sean and Chelsea. People are divided due to their history and who they are and the three Carlin kids each fall into a different group, complicating life for them all.

      The Carlins knew this move would be life changing, they just never realised how it would change.
      Season 2 carries on from where season 1 left off, showing the relationship between Spencer and Ashley grow and become more complicated, Paula and Arthur have problems, Clay learns about his past and things between Aiden, Kyla and Ashley are never simple.

      A lot happens in season 2 and if you want a range of storylines then season 2 has it covered. If that's not enough it also has a cliff hanger on the last episode. Prom night is where everything changes, but to see what happens you need to watch season 3.

      About South of Nowhere episodes:
      South of Nowhere ran for 3 seasons and a total of 40 episodes and a number of webisodes. Season 2 is 13 episodes, which are around 30 minutes long, although with the amount that happens it's hard to believe there aren't more episodes!

      The theme tune for season 2 is Wasted by L.P. You can buy South of Nowhere DVDs from Amazon.com and iTunes, but there are other places you may also find it.

      This section will include some spoilers.

      At the end of season 1 Clay meets his birth Mother, but things don't quite go as planned. Paula and Arthur are still having problems and Glen ends up in hospital after things go wrong during a game of basketball. It seems the only thing going right is the relationship between Spencer and Ashley who finally get together in the last episode.

      Season 2 starts the morning after season 1 ended and is titled The Morning After. Everything seems calm and Spencer and Ashley are clearly happy together, but things soon change when Spencer finds out Glen is in hospital. It's at the hospital where everyone explains where they were the night before (end of season 1) and you see them all lie.

      Over the season there are plenty of different storylines from drug addiction, dealing with adoption, sexuality, religion and more.

      Glen struggles after being injured, but when the parents go away it sinks in just how bad things have gotten. Meanwhile, Spencer is hiding the fact she is with Ashley, as much as she wants to tell her parents. Glen being in a bad situation leads to other problems for other people though. During all this Clay is struggling with how he feels about his birth Mother, although he soon ends up with more to worry about with Chelsea.

      As if that's not enough drama Ashley finds out she has a half sister and things become more complicated with Aiden.

      The truth starts to come out for everyone and the result is not good, but can they work it out or are the family about to fall apart and are friendships about to be lost?

      The season finishes on a massive cliff-hanger as prom night arrives and their whole world changes.
      Season 2 shows how much people have changed and the troubles they deal with. In some ways it ends in the perfect way - leaving you wanting more. Season 2 certainly has a lot of drama and the show just wouldn't be the same if season 2 were changed in any way. If follows on from season 1 perfectly and leads onto season 3 by ending with a major event.

      As well as the normal episodes there are also webisodes which are short clips that fit in with the main episode. They add more to the show and usually focus on one or two characters, giving you a chance to learn something more about them or just see what they were doing while something else was happening. These are a great addition to the show, although sadly they are not included on the DVDs but you can find them online.

      The characters:
      Paula Carlin played by Maeve Quinlan. Paula is the Mum of Glen, Spencer and Clay. She is not as understanding as Arthur and has strong religious beliefs which often mean her views on certain matters cause problems within the family. As soon as she finds out about Ashley being gay she is quick to judge and tries to stop Spencer being friends with her. In season 2 you see just how much her beliefs and upbringing affect her. Maeve is a fantastic actress who really gets into the roles she plays and it shows. She gives an amazing performance and episodes 7 and 8 really show her characters personality.

      Arthur Carlin played by Rob Moran. Arthur is the Dad of Glen, Spencer and Clay. He is understanding and makes sure his kids know he's there for them whenever they need him. He is often the one to try and calm Paula down, which is something he has to do a lot in season 2. Rob plays this part really well and really suits the role as the Dad.

      Glen Carlin played by Chris Hunter. Glen is the eldest of the Carlin kids. He considers himself a ladies man and soon goes after Madison, the head cheerleader. He is a basketball player and it is soon clear he is one of the best on the team. Life changes this season though when he injuries himself and everything starts to go downhill. Chris does a great job as Glen and it's interesting to see how his character changes as the season goes on.

      Spencer Carlin played by Gabrielle Christian. Spencer is the youngest of the three. Spencer realises how she feels in this season, but it's a part of her she hides and you see a new side to her. Gabrielle plays the part of the Spencer very well and it's clear she gets on with Mandy (Ashley) well.

      Clay Carlin played by Danso Gordon. Clay is the same age as Glen and is adopted. He is also the clever one in the family. He is a black guy bought up in a white family which up until now has always been fine. However, in LA black people and white people are more divided and Clay finds himself having to choose between his family and new friends. He soon becomes friends with Sean and starts to learn how things are in LA. His relationship with Chelsea develops, but as with any relationship it's not all plain sailing for Clay.

      Ashley Davies played by Mandy Musgrave. Ashley has a complicated history and her future is looking just as complicated as she gets together with Spencer, but still spends a lot of time with ex-boyfriend and good friend, Aiden. She finds out she has a half sister and the two do not get along, especially when Aiden gets involved. Mandy suits the role as Ashley perfectly. The producers of South of Nowhere did try switching Mandy and Gabrielle, but it was clear straight away that Mandy should play Ashley and Gabrielle should play Spencer.

      Aiden Dennison played by Matt Cohen. Aiden was the basketball star and dating Madison, although it is clear he never got over Ashley and when half-sister Kyla shows up he can't hide the fact he likes her. He ends up in the middle, trying to get the sisters to be friends.

      Sean Miller played by Austen Parros. Sean is very smart and despite not getting off to the best start with Clay the two soon become good friends after he sees Clay standing up for a girl.

      Madison Duarte played by Valery Ortiz. Madison is head cheerleader and very popular. She used to be good friends with Ashley, but now spends her time insulting her at every possible opportunity. There is more to Madison than meets the eye though.

      Chelsea Lewis played by Aasha Davis. Chelsea has known Sean for years and the two are good friends. She is with Clay in season 2, but the two end up having problems.

      Kyla Woods played by Eileen Boylan. Kyla is Ashley's half sister. Eileen is a great actress and it's easy to believe Kyla is Ashley's half sister.

      You can tell the whole cast is really close which makes everything that happens even more believable. Relationships change a lot during this season and everyone has good and bad times. The standard of acting is very high and everyone plays their character amazingly.

      My opinion:
      I first found out about South of Nowhere when looking through random videos. I saw a clip of it and thought it looked interesting so I searched for the show and started watching it. To start with it seemed like any other show of this kind, but I decided to keep watching it anyway and I'm glad I did.

      The writers of this show are great, always keeping things interesting and making sure each character has a part to play without taking the focus off the other important events that are happening. Rather than just showing the kids lives it also shows the parents and the struggles they go through. Not only can teens and young adults relate to the show, but so can parents. It also makes you think of things from another point of view. As a parent, seeing what the kids go through and how they could be more understanding. As a teen/young adult, seeing what the adults go through.

      Each topic they cover is done in a very clever way and never rushed. There may only be 3 seasons, but it feels a lot more when you think about all that happens. It's hard to believe how much they fit into just one episode. At no point does it get confusing or seem to race through life. You get to really understand each situation. A lot can happen in everyday life so it's not unrealistic either that they cover so many important issues. There aren't many shows that are as well written as this.

      Season 2 does not disappoint and the standard from season 1 continues. After you've watched season 2 there is no doubt you'll want to watch season 3.

      The DVD:
      The DVD covers all 13 episodes, although sadly not any webisodes or extras. The 13 episodes are split over 3 disks. As the show is American the disks all state region 1. However, I think they are probably region 0 (region free) as the disks play fine on my UK (region 2/PAL) Playstation 3.

      South of Nowhere is a great show with great actors who give very believable performances. Out of all shows like this SoN is number one, in my opinion.

      Season 1 is where it all begins, but season 2 is where is all happens.


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