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South of Nowhere - Season 3

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Genre: Television - South of Nowhere / Suitable for 12 years and over / DVD released June 16, 2009 at Nickelodeon / Features of the DVD: Box set, NTSC

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    1 Review
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      18.01.2012 18:25
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      A show worth watching

      South of Nowhere, or SoN for short, is an American TV show based in Los Angeles. Season 3 is the sadly last in the series and plans for a movie have now been forgotten due to many problems. However, season 3 is as great as the previous two seasons and if you've watched them you'll certainly want to watch season 3, especially after how season 2 ended.

      For anyone who hasn't seen the first two season, South of Nowhere is based around the Carlin family and their friends. The Carlins move from Ohio to LA, but nothing could have prepared them for life in LA.

      The Carlin family is Arthur, Paula and their kids; Glen, Spencer and Clay. Paula works at the hospital, Arthur works as a social worker at a local centre and the three kids are all at school where the rules are completely different from back home.
      About South of Nowhere:

      South of Nowhere ran for 3 seasons and a total of 40 episodes and a number of webisodes. The theme tune for season 3 is Wasted by L.P. You can buy South of Nowhere DVDs from Amazon.com and iTunes, but there are other places you may also find it. You can also find a large number of songs featured in the show on iTunes.

      All three seasons have a great soundtrack and they feature songs by various artists, including Marisa Lauren who plays Sherry (a friend of Madison) in the show.

      If you haven't seen the first two seasons you may want to skip this next part of the review as it does contain spoilers about them.

      Season 3 starts off with a recap of what happened at the end of season 2 where you see the prom shooting. The first episode then deals with the aftermath of it all. Summer break has come and gone and the kids are all back at school, but after the shooting it seems strange for everyone to go back. As you'd expect it's made a lot of people rethink their lives and everyone is more grown up in season 3.

      For all the Spashley (Spencer and Ashley) fans there is the question of what happened between them after the prom as Spencer told Ashley to decide between her and Aiden. Ashley never gave an answer at the time, but in season 3 she realises what she wants and finally gives an answer.

      Meanwhile Paula is still learning to accept who her daughter is and when Spencer asks her to go to gay pride with her all the drama of before comes back when she claims she can't go as she has to work. The Carlin family are also trying to deal with losing Clay who died during the prom shooting.

      As if that's not enough drama, Aiden got shot through the heart at prom and was lucky to survive, but is Aiden healing as well mentally as he is physically?

      Everyone is trying to deal with the events of prom and all that happened before it too. They're all growing up fast and their relationships are changing, but is it for the better and can they manage to get on with their lives? The start of season 3 leaves you wondering where it's going and if things will ever work out for the characters.

      There's never a dull moment in the show and you really feel like you've been through everything with them. Season 3 is slightly different to the first 2 seasons in that you just never know where things are going and you're left wondering what will happen next right until the end.

      There are 16 episodes in this season, but with all that happens it feels like so much more. Although you can't help wishing it didn't have to end there the ending works well as everything comes together.

      As well as the normal episodes there are also webisodes which are short clips that fit in with the main episode. They add more to the show and usually focus on one or two characters, giving you a chance to learn something more about them or just see what they were doing while something else was happening. These are a great addition to the show. There is also 2 webisodes based on events after the show. One with Spencer, Ashley and Paula which is nice to see as they are all getting on, although I won't give away what happens. The other is set five years later and is more a suggestion of what may happen. While the episodes conclude everything well the webisodes just add to the idea that everything has ended, but the characters live on in some way and have a future ahead of them.

      The characters:
      Arthur Carlin played by Rob Moran. Arthur is the Dad of Glen and Spencer. He is understanding and makes sure his kids know he's there for them whenever they need him. He is often the one to try and calm Paula down. Rob plays this part really well and really suits the role as the Dad.

      Paula Carlin played by Maeve Quinlan. Paula is the Mum of Glen and Spencer. Paula is trying to understand Spencer and keep the family together. She clearly cares, but tends to judge and isn't always as understanding as Arthur is. Maeve is a fantastic actress who really gets into the roles she plays and it shows.

      Glen Carlin played by Chris Hunter. Glen is the eldest of the Carlin kids. Glen really grows up in this season and is no longer after Madison and other women. Instead he ends up spending a lot of time with Chelsea helping her out and trying to decide his future. Chris does a great job as Glen and it's interesting to see another side to his character.

      Spencer Carlin played by Gabrielle Christian. Spencer is the youngest Carlin. This season she explores who she is more and she starts to think ahead to the future and what she wants to do in life. Gabrielle is amazing as Spencer as she really shows just how her character is feeling and what she is gong through.

      Ashley Davies played by Mandy Musgrave. Ashley has a complicated history, but she's trying to leave all that behind this season and figure out what she really wants before she loses everything. Ashley grows up a lot and it's nice to see a different side to her. Mandy gives a fantastic performance and she suits the role perfectly.

      Aiden Dennison played by Matt Cohen. Aiden has been through a lot in the previous seasons, but the drama doesn't stop in season 3. Even after being shot in the heart he still has plenty more to face. You finally get to see Aiden stand up for himself and say what he really thinks and Matt gets across the characters feelings really well.

      Kyla Woods played by Eileen Boylan. Kyla is Ashley's half sister. This season you see a whole new side to Kyla as she causes trouble and gets involved with the wrong guy.

      Madison Duarte played by Valery Ortiz. Before prom Madison wasn't too well, but after prom she is more like her old self, although she is kinder than before as, like everyone, the prom shooting affected her and made her think about her life.

      Chelsea Lewis played by Aasha Davis. Chelsea has lost Clay, but she still spends time with the Carlin family, especially Glen. They become good friends and Chelsea continues with her art work, including a special piece for those lost during the shooting.

      You can tell the whole cast is really close which makes everything that happens even more believable. They go through a lot this season and all the characters become closer. You see a complete change in some of the characters and they all deal with issues in different ways.

      My opinion:
      I first found out about South of Nowhere when looking through random videos. I saw a clip of it and thought it looked interesting so I searched for the show and started watching it. To start with it seemed like any other show of this kind, but I decided to keep watching it anyway and I'm glad I did.

      While the show focuses on certain characters more you really get to see what everyone is going through, including the parents. The writers do a great job in showing how life can change people and how much both teenagers and adults can struggle.

      Yet again, a number of topics are covered in this season and they are all covered well, from near death experiences to discovering who you really are. This show covers everything in life and it does it in a believable way, even though some events are more extreme than others. It just shows you never know what might happen.

      South of Nowhere is a great show and it's a shame it had to end after the third season. However, they wrap everything up well and it's certainly worth watching.


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