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Stargate Atlantis - Season Two (DVD)

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Genre: Television - Stargate Atlantis / Theatrical Release: 2004 / Actors: Joe Flanigan ... / DVD released 2007-03-06 at MGM / Features of the DVD: AC-3, Box set, Colour, Dolby, Dubbed, DVD-Video, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC

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    2 Reviews
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      14.11.2008 22:43
      1 Comment



      Another good season

      The second series of Stargate Atlantis brings back all the main character from the previous season with Rainbow Sun Franks leaving as a main character and appearing as a guest in some episodes.

      It starts with the arrival of the Daedalus under the command of Col Caldwell who saves Major Sheppard life from the cliff hanger at the end of last season.

      It also introduces a new character Ronan Dex, a runner from the wraith who homeworld has been wiped out by a wraith attack as a main character to replace Lt Ford on the team.

      Major Sheppard also gets a promotion to Lt Col and given command of the military detachment on Atlantis. he was given this over Col Caldwell who expected to get the job this causes a rift between them in the first part of the season

      It is also the season that has the 200th episode of stargate in.


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        02.07.2008 17:51
        Very helpful



        Season 2 of Stargate Atlantis

        ---Ignore that fool behind the curtain---

        Ahhhhhh season 2!

        Well I gave in, Season 1 worked its magic and made me buy the next one. I didn't have the internet so Season two was quite frankly a godsend.

        So first things first, the box! If you've read my review of the first season you may remember that these sets come with a horrid plastic slip on cover that messes up the edges of the box. Unfortunatley they haven't clicked on for season two and it still has that frustrating plastic annoyance. They also decided that a holographic front wasn't a good idea for season two. Why? WHY!!??! That holographic picture kept me entertained for practiacly minutes!! My dissapointment, however, was calmed a little by the fact that, although my holographic plaything was gone, they had kept the boxes the same size, the same shape, the same colours.

        OK so maybe im the only freak who likes his box sets to look the same on the shelf? Its neat ok!! Its much nicer to have all your box sets of one Series LOOKING like they are the same Series. If you dont believe me go look at the desperate housewives box sets. Hell the Quantum leap box sets open in completely different ways!!!

        Ahem, excuse the crazy rant.

        ---Lets Play ball---

        So the box fits in with the first. Now for the actual programme its self!

        We start by concluding the huge season one cliff hanger with man on monster action here, there and everywhere. This episode starts off one of the storylines that run through this season, with one of the main cast becoming "infected" by wraith (the life sucking bad guys) dna. Now in the extras I'm told this is to create some sort of "no one is safe" atmosphere, but if I'm being honest, I didn't really like the character at all. He just keeps popping up when there doesnt seem to be anything else to do for the inhabitants of atlantis. So strike one for season two.

        My main hangup about season two is something im quite unsure about. The graphics. I might just be a nutcase, but it seems season two had their funding cut or something equally as heartbreaking, as the previously amazing cut scenes of the floating city or the ocean doing ocean like things are no longer as breath taking. Some of them, infact, had me thinking my glasses needed adjusting. Specsavers say they don't.

        Strike two atlantis! Bad season!

        Thankfully, in true stargatey style, it managed to pull its self out of my firing line just long enough for me to start enjoying it. The graphics improved by the end of the season and the scenes of anything in space were well up to scratch.

        The episodes themselfs (when they weren't focusing on that reocurring bore of a character) were diverse in their range. We have comedy, tragedy, horror and...other...stuff...like....Men kissing men! (It had to be in there SOMEWHERE)

        ---A spin off of a Spin off of a Spinoff...---

        For all those Stargate SG1 fans (and I know you are out there) this season starts linking into whats happening in SG1. I quite enjoyed this, but then I've seen all the Stargate SG1 episodes so I knew what they were all talking about. For anyone who hasn't seen SG1 (or at least the season its linked into) there are times where it might not make as much sense as it should. Its ok though, you'd get by fine with just a small sense of confusion

        ---Wash, Rinse, Repeat---

        Being a Gate nerd probably made me that little bit more observant when it came to the similarities between SG1 and Atlantis, infact at times they pretty much refer to the "missions" SG1 went on that were simmilar to the situation they were in. A little bit of sneaky story recycling at times. The end of the season Finale (as great as it is) is a well used favourite. The bad guys come to earth. Oh crap.

        Atlantis somehow manages to make it fresh and new (possibly because its a new bad guy?) and the finale is a great, fast moving piece of space yummyness waiting to be chomped into!

        ---Extra, Extra, Read all about it---

        The extras for this season could have been better. Don't get me wrong, there is everything you could want, cast interviews, "making of" sections on a good few episodes, galleries and commentaries. My problem with them? Just a little bit too long to hold my attention. Usually its a good thing if there are hours of extras, but they went over some of the same material a few times, managing to bore even ME with the talk of the comedy man on man kiss between two main characters, Dr Carson and Rodney. That is a mean feat!

        ---And so to bed...oh no wait---

        Price wise, it's getting a tad expensive, sitting on play.com for £45. Just a tad dearer than some of the more popular sets out at the minute, but assuming you are really cool (like me) and are over the age of 12, then you'll be getting it anyway.

        Overall, still a great season, I'll be continuing my collection soon as Christmas is out of the way, and all 20 episodes will look great on my shelf!

        (also on ciao)


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