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Supernatural - The Complete Third Season (DVD)

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4 Reviews

Genre: Television - Supernatural / Suitable for 15 years and over / Actors: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles ... / DVD released 2008-08-25 at Warner Home Video / Features of the DVD: Box set, PAL

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    4 Reviews
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      02.09.2009 20:18
      Very helpful



      Go ahead and buy this boxset - you wont be disappointed!

      Sad I know but I must admit I couldn't live without my favourite tv programmes - and this is one of them. I don't watch boring British tv programmes full of the same old drudgery and everyone having affairs with one another. I like mainly American programmes with original storylines, good scripts, fantastic acting and brilliant special effects - and this is one of them.

      For those of you that have never seen Supernatural it centres on two very handsome brothers - Dean played by Jensen Ackles and Sam played by Jared Padalecki. Their mother was killed by a demon when Sam was just a baby and their father brought them up as hunters, investigating supernatural phenomenon and killing all sorts of evil creatures on the way from vampires to ghosts! Dean is the older brother who idolises his father and has come to terms with being a hunter. He doesn't take anything too seriously, loves cracking jokes and likes winding up his younger brother of whom he is very protective. Sam on the other hand has tried to create a normal life for himself, studying law at law school. However fate has a different plan for him and after his girlfriend is killed by a demon and his father goes missing he hits the road with Dean and eventually comes to terms with his life as a hunter. He is more sensitive than Dean. They drive around in Dean's classic 1967 Chevolet Impala.

      Now I don't usually buy boxsets as I very rarely watch programmes more than once but my Sky plus box crashed and lost all my Supernatural episodes. ITV2 was very erratic at screening them so I decided to buy the boxset. You can get it at a very reasonable price on the internet now, around £12. That is a bargain for 16 episodes.

      At the end of series 2 Sam was killed and Dean made a deal with a demon to resurrect him in return for his soul. The catch was that Dean was only given a year to live. This series focuses on trying to find a way to save Dean as well as them tracking down a series of scary demons and ghouls that have escaped from hell. I wont tell you if they succeed or not.

      What I really like about Supernatural is that each series just keeps getting better and better, which is very unusual for a tv show. The writers seem to think up new original twists all the time. It is very different from your run of the mill show. It has fantastic special effects and you really care about the main characters.

      My advice if you're thinking of buying this - go ahead you wont regret it!


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      20.07.2009 16:55
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A little-known gem of a TV programme

      It's a shame there is so much emphasis on the obvious attractions of the two male leads in this incredible show. And yes, let's just get that out of the way - they are both very easy on the eye. However, there is far more to the show than some pretty eye-candy. There's something for everyone here.

      I watch because the characters of the two brothers, Dean and Sam, are so well-thought out, well written and beautifully acted by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. The creator of the show, Eric Kripke has always said this is a show about family - about how family members cope with extremely stressful situations - in this case, the death of the boys' mother, and subsequent mysterious disappearance of their father. Both caused by demonic activity. The story arc is huge here as it crosses over all 4 seasons, but there are plenty of stand-alone episodes along the way. Many of them hilariously funny.

      As with all families - there is angst, love, humour and wonderfully authentic bickering between our two brothers.

      So that's why I love the show so much - with three brothers of my own, I can really believe in these two (the two Texan actors who play Dean and Sam, get along famously and that transfers across perfectly to their on-screen rapport as brothers).

      But that's just me! If you like horror movies, gore, things that go bump in the night - then this is for you. If you like rock music - ACDC, Metallica etc then this is for you. If you even like a sleek, black Chevy Impala (called Metallicar by the hordes of adoring fans), then this show is for you. There is also plenty female eye-candy in the form of both regular and guest stars throughout the seasons.

      So really, why would anyone NOT watch this show? It's intelligent, witty, at times very funny, and sometimes incredibly sad. It's a bit scary sometimes too, but always entertaining. It has an excellent pedigree behind the scenes as well - with writers and producers from The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Though sadly, the wonderful Kim Manners recently died - and is much mourned by the fans, cast and crew.

      The season 4 boxset is coming out soon, so if you haven't seen this show before, buy the first 3 seasons so you can catch up, and then get the 4th season! Season 5 should be airing in the US around Sept/Oct 09, and hopefully arriving in the UK (ITV2) next February 2010. And yes, I AM one of the many rabid on-line fans of this brilliant show!

      PS Anyone who is a fan of Grey's Anatomy and remembers "Denny" will recognise Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays John Winchester, the "missing" father in Supernatural.


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        11.02.2009 11:30
        Very helpful



        Supernatural Season 3

        This is my favourite programme and yes it may have something to do with the guys thats in it!.

        Supernatural is unlike any other supernatural show. The storyline is based on two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester who are played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Sam is the younger brother, emotional, broody and full of angst. Dean on the other hand is rough and ready and will do anything for his baby brother.

        A quick descrption of how it all started in Season 1 and prior to that. When Sam was a baby, their mother was killed by a demon in his room. After that, John Winchester, their father, ready to avenge his wifes death becomes a hunter and brings his two sons aboard.

        Sam becomes fed up of the same old life and goes to college to try and regain some sort of normality. Then one day Dean arrives to say that their father has went on a hunting trip and hasnt been back for days. This is where it all starts.

        Season three carries on where it was left in Season two after Dean made a deal with the Crossroads demon to save Sams life. This season shows Sam trying every which way to get Dean out of this deal. Dean tries to make out that he doesnt care and trys to live life to the full in that year with junk food, women and beer.

        The boys opened Devil's Gate at the end of Season Two so you know its going to have lots and twists and turns regarding this. And the Ghost Facers are back for a fantastic reality episode!

        Will Dean ever get out of his pact with the Cross Roads Demon? Well that would be telling now wouldn't it.......

        This programme just keeps getting better and better in my opinion. The stories each week are totally different but they keep the storyline about avenging their mothers death going on constantly in the background.

        Each epsidoe lasts just the right amount of time and there are always suprises around every corner.

        Its thrilling, bloody, scary, sexy and captivating all in one. You really can't beat it!.

        Series four is currently showing on ITV2 on Sundays at 9pm.


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          05.10.2008 20:19
          Very helpful



          Some great episodes, but you do need to watch every episode to understand.


          When I first heard of this show, I thought not another supernatural esc show, however when I saw the trailers for the show, I decided to watch it and like most women, the only reason I first watched the show was because of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

          The Basic Show Plot

          Sam and Dean Winchester are two handsome brothers in their early twenties, who tragically lost their mother when they were young, which causes their father to go hunting for his wife's killer, even bringing his two sons into the family business.

          However instead of any normal family business, he's a hunter, a hunter for anything supernatural. It's his job to track and hunt down monsters, demons, vampires, and save people and even on occasion the world.

          Sam decided to take a break from this life, and went to college, however Dean turned up on his doorstep with devastating news, their father was missing and it's up to Sam and Dean to find him.

          Season 3 Plot

          At the end of Season 2, Dean made a deal with the devil to save Sam's life. At the end of Season 3, he is due for payment, which means that he will become a demon. During Season 3 the brother's have to come to terms with what's going to happen, however Sam can't seem to grasp the fact that he'll loose his brother, so tries to work out ways to get his brother out of the contract.

          The brother's have to deal with the fact that Dean will die and become something that they fight on a day to day basis as well as fighting new demons and supernatural beings to save the world.

          The Original Cast

          I think the reason the show works so well, has to be the brothers. I think they hired the best two people for the job. Sam is the broody younger brother and Dean is the funny, womaniser who provides just enough comedy for the show.

          Dean Winchester played by Jensen Ackles

          Dean is the older one of the two brothers. His main job, is to look after his younger brother, and his father is always on his back about that. Dean remembers his mother's death vividly and behind the humour and the womanising, he is still haunted by it.

          Jensen Ackles plays Dean perfectly. I had seen him in other shows like Smallville before watching Supernatural, and never saw the talent before. He manages to play the part to a T, I think he manages to bring just enough humour when the show could be too dark, and this is all delivered in such a believable way.

          Sam Winchester played by Jared Padalecki

          Sam is the younger of the two brothers. He is the quieter of the two and a lot more reserved. He is also the brains of the two brothers, and also has to deal with his supernatural powers which evolve over the three years.

          Jared Padalecki plays Sam perfectly, I had never seen him in anything else before Supernatural, but he managed to hold his own amazingly. It took awhile for him to pick up tips from his fellow actor Jensen Ackles, but in and around Season 3, he begins to get a lot more humourless and holds it off brilliantly. He has brilliant chemistry with Jensen Ackles, which really makes the show what it is.

          Bobby Singer played by Jim Beaver

          I have to admit I'm not sure who Bobby is. He seems to be a good friend of the brother's father and he looks out for the brothers when needed. He's also a hunter, and helps on cases every now and then.

          New Cast

          There have been two new additions to Season 3, two girls who make Sam and Dean have to think on their toes. One's a thief and the other's a demon.

          Ruby (Katie Cassidy)

          Ruby was introduced at the start of season 3, and to start with Sam had no idea who she was, all he knew was that she was able to kill demons with a special knife. However in the next episode Sam finds out she's not a hunter, but a demon herself.

          Ruby's background is that she was a witch who gave her soul to another demon and become one. The boys opened the gates to hell in the end of Season 2, and she escaped then. She remembers the time when she was human which makes her want the brothers to win the war against the demons.

          Bella Talbot (Lauren Cohan)

          Bella is a thief and fights demons but not for the same reason Sam and Dean do, she just wants the money. Sam and Dean have never met anyone like Bella, and she causes a lot of havoc between some cases as all she cares about is taking things for her own gain.

          Season 3- Episodes

          I think through Season 2, the show faltered a little bit, I even went as far to miss most of the show. It was disappointing compared to Season 1, it didn't have the humour in it anymore, it became very dark and ultimately boring.

          However I decided to give season 3 ago, I thought if I enjoyed Season 1 so much, I might as well see if they can live up to the expectation and I have to say, they managed it. I'm only going to give a brief synopsis on most of the episodes as I don't really want to ruin the story for you. The best ones however I'll explain why they're so good.

          Episode 1- The Magnificent Seven

          Seven demons which are actually based on the seven deadly sins are released into the world and the brothers must find and fight them.

          I have to say I can't really remember this episode, either I watched it too long ago, or it wasn't a great memorable episode.

          Episode 2- The Kids Are Alright

          Sam and Dean end up in a town, which is very familiar to Dean as 8 years ago he had a one night affair with someone from the town. They are investigated demons called changelings who take over the mothers and their children.

          When Dean meets up with his old flame, he finds out that she's having a party, for her 8 year old son Ben. Who happens to like cars, 'chicks', food, and seems to resemble a certain Winchester brother.

          This episode is hilarious, especially the chemistry between Dean and the little boy Ben, it's hilarious how much he reminds us all of Dean. Brilliantly written and brilliantly acted by Jensen Ackles.

          Episode 3- Bad Day At Black Rock

          In this episode the brother's come in contact with a rabbits root, which gives them good luck until it's stolen from them; Sam then faces a lot of bad luck. Sam is then kidnapped due to his supposed powers.

          From what I remember this episode was very funny, especially from Sam. Usually Dean get's all of the great comic moments however in this episode Sam shines. A brilliant addition.

          Episode 4- Sin Sity

          When the brothers hear of a town which is now filled with just gambling and drinking, they begin to investigate. Bobby get's an ally in fixing the Colt.

          Another okay episode, nothing too special about this one, but it's a great addition to the series.

          Episode 5- Bedtime Stories

          Sam attempts to get Dean out of the deal he made last year, meanwhile the brothers are attempting to work out how a young girl in a coma is connected to a series of murders around the town.

          This is quite a smart episode, they use a lot of different fairytales to kill people off etc, it's very funny as well.

          Episode 6- Red Sky At Morning

          The brothers are looking into a town, where a lot of peple have died by drowning, even though they were no where near water. Bella gets in the way, due to the fact that she's being paid to solve the same case as the boys.

          Another ok episode, it seems to follow in a pattern, a brilliant episode, and then just an ok episode. It's not something you'll remember for months to come, but whilst you're watching it it's enjoyable.

          Episode 7- Fresh Blood

          Lucy is a female vamp who is captured by the brothers. Her capture leads them to Dixon, a male vamp, who is also being tracked by Gordon (who doesn't like the brothers) and he's after the brothers as well.

          I have no memory of this episode at all I have to say, so can't give a good or bad opinion here.

          Episode 8- A Very Supernatural Christmas

          This episode is brilliant, especially the last twenty minutes or so. This episode is set around Christmas time and Sam and Dean are following the trail of an 'Anti-Santa' who abducts his victims by their chimneys. Considering this may be Dean's last Christmas, he wants to celebrate it, but Sam's not game as he doesn't want to admit that this is his brother's last Christmas.

          Whilst they're searching for the 'Anti-Santa', they get themselves knocked out, and tied up by a couple of demons. The demons begin to hurt the brother's by taking off finger nails, teeth etc, the boys manage to get away, but not without some brilliant one liners.


          Evil Woman: This might pinch my dear
          Dean: You bitch
          Evil Woman: Oh my goodness somebody owes a nickel to the swear jar. Oh you know what I say when I feel like swearing... fudge.
          Dean: I will try to remember that.

          (later on)

          Dean (to evil woman): You fudge'n touch me again, I'll fudge'n kill you.
          Evil Woman: Very Good.

          Episode 9- Malleus Malefircarum

          A group of witches in a small neighbourhood seem pretty harmless; however they go bad when one of them kills a woman. Ruby lends a hand, but is she really there just to help the brothers?

          This is another good episode. Not as good as the previous one, but still a nice episode.

          Episode 10- Dream a Little Dream Of Me

          Bobby, Sam and Dean all get locked into a nightmare, where they find out the truth about Dr Greggs, whose death they were investigating.

          Another blank memory here, I remember watching it, but I can't really remember if I enjoyed it or not. My belief is, if you can't remember the episode then it's not really brilliant.

          Episode 11- Mystery Spot

          Definitely the best ever Supernatural episode. At first you're a bit confused, but once it gets into it, you'll find yourself laughing throughout. It still focuses on the supernatural side of things, however it's just so hilariously funny that you'll never forget it.

          Dean is killed when they are on a case, which does shock you, however it's suddenly morning time. Sam is shocked to find Dean awake and alive, however the day doesn't end well and Dean is killed again in another different and hilarious way. This goes on and Sam realises he's reliving the same day over and over again, and each time watching his older brother die in millions of different ways.

          This episode is just so funny, and it's a nice kind of pick me up, from all of the other dark esc episodes. Sam and Dean really show their great chemistry here and it makes for some great comic moments.

          Episode 12- Jus In Bello

          Dean & Sam are captured and are put into a small town jail cell, when a horde of demons finds out where they are and tries to eliminate the brothers.

          This is a great episode, probably one of the darkest out of all episodes of Season 3. It's very well acted and still adds the slight bit of humour to it.

          Episode 13- Ghostfacers

          The brothers are investigating a haunted mansion but they are not the only ones there. They run into some familiar faces, and become part of their TV show, Ghostfacers. It turns deadly and they have to work out how to survive until morning.

          This was a weird episode. I don't mean that in a bad way, but usually it's Sam and Dean and then other people's stories, however in this episode it's the Ghostfacers story and then Sam and Dean. It's funny, no denying that and an enjoyable episode, you'll just think at the start. What the hell?

          Episode 14- Long Distance Call

          People in a small town begin to receive phone calls from dead loved ones. However these are not nice phone calls, they coerce the people to commit suicide.

          This is quite a memorable episode. I think the idea that the death of a loved one can actually cause you to commit suicide is quite spooky really. I know it's a bunch of old twaddle, but during the episode it's quite spooky.

          Episode 15- Time is On My Side

          Back in 1800's, a doctor became obsessed with the secret of eternal life and he took their vital organs. The brothers discover him, but in the process Sam is left to confront Bella on his own.

          This is an unmemorable episode I have to say, I'm not sure why, but I can't really remember if it was good or bad or if I even watched it.

          Episode 16- No Rest For The Wicked

          Sob, Sob, Sob, Sob, Sob. You can tell what I was doing at the end of this episode. The brothers and Bobby hunt down Lillith (the one that's going to kill Dean in a matter of hours), to attempt to save Dean's life.

          This episode really made me cry, this may be a slight spoiler, but all I'm going to say is it doesn't work out the way I was thinking it would. There's a great scene in the Impala, where Dean Starts singing along to 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' and he gets Sam singing along. Sam starts singing along, and really get's into it and then the camera pans to Dean, whose really listening to the lyrics 'Cause I'm Wanted, wanted, Dead or Alive' and it hits home. Beautiful.

          The Good/Bad Parts about The Show

          The show is brilliant, there's no doubt about it, however there is some things that make you want to tune out. Here's my list of good and bad points.

          The Good:

          The Brothers

          Not since the likes of Chandler & Joey in Friends or Jack & Will in Will & Grace have two male leads, been perfectly paired together. Whoever cast these two boys as brothers must be very proud of themselves.

          They are both gorgeous, there's no doubt about that, they both can act brilliantly, their believable as well, which is a very good point as you have to be able to get into their mindset, when they're talking about an anti-santa whose trying to take over the world. Their very comical as well, Jensen Ackles who plays Dean especially. He really has a talent to bring light humour into a dark situation, which keeps you involved with the show.

          The two brothers are just amazingly cast and they work so well off each other. I think the chemistry between these two is really what keeps the show together.

          The S3 Episodes

          I do think Season 3 is the best so far, it's only 16 episodes due to the writer's strike however it kept me entertained. Each episode changes, one minute you can be watching a really scary episode and then the next episode has you rolling around on the floor laughing, they even get you crying in some episodes.

          These episodes were really well written, at the end of Season 2, Dean makes a deal with the devil, that he will give up his life in a years time to save his younger brother Sam. So all the way through the series, the writers are focusing on this, but not beating it into you that he's going to die, even the funny episodes almost prepare you for the fact that he will probably die at the end of Season 3.

          The Impala/The Colt

          What's these I hear you ask? For Supernatural fans you'll understand what the Impala is, no matter if you've only watched a few episodes.

          The Impala is Dean's most prized possession, his 1967 Chevrolet Impala which he protects fiercely. The reason I've included this is because it does play a big part all the way throughout the three seasons, with Dean being given the car from his father and protecting it with his life. However in Season 3, in a moment of anger, he smashes up the car.

          The Colt is a big part of Season 3. The Colt is a gun, however not a normal gun. Most demons cannot be killed with a knife or a gun, however this one can. Orginally created for a hunter in 1935 the Colt will kill anyone with it's silver bullet.

          They've Hit Their Stride

          The first season was brilliant, it was a lot like Season 3, where as in it was dark but not too dark and was filled with some funny episodes, season 2 disappointed me, there were some funny and dark episodes but around half way through I got very confused.

          Season 3 however was filled with some tremendous episodes. Really good ones, filled with humour, angst and most of all, brilliant storylines which have you on the edge of your seat.

          I think the twist at the end of the last episode got me the most, I wasn't expecting what happened.

          The Bad:


          You really do have to pay attention, you can tell from the first 10 minutes if the episodes going to be brilliant or not, but the one's that aren't brilliant, I do find them hard to get my head around.

          You really do need to watch Season 1 and Season 2 to understand Season 3, it's not the sort of show where you can jump in half way through Season 3 and understand everything going on.

          I missed the final few episodes of Season 2, and to say I was confused, well that's putting it mildly. However I just went on the internet and read up on the episodes, I understood it a bit better but not my much.

          My Opinion

          First things first, me and most girls watch this show for two reasons and two reasons only. The brothers are gorgeous, they can both act and they both make you swoon in nearly every episode. With that out of the way, I'll give you other reasons to watch the show.

          I remember watching the first episode one night, when my mum was on the phone in the kitchen. I am a big woos when it comes to horror shows/films, but I thought how bad could it get. I still have nightmares to this day, about that episode; however it's nothing to be really scared about. I watched all of the episodes of season 1 and thought that Season 2 was going to be great as well, but I found myself too confused, so I gave up.

          My mate told me about the deal that was made at the end of Season 2, so I thought I'd give Season 3 ago and I'm glad I did. It's full of laughs, horror, crying moments and is all 100% supernatural.

          A lot of my friends won't give this show ago because of the title; oh this will be crap because it's called Supernatural. No, you don't have to believe in the Supernatural, the show actually uses that a lot, as they can go as far as they want for storylines, as long as you have an open mind and you don't analyse everything, then this show is for you.

          The episodes sometimes are very far fetched and then in other places they are actually believable. I think the one that stood out for me, was Mystery Point, where it was all done in Groundhog style. This of course isn't believable, but it's done in such a way that you find yourself thinking, what if that happened to you. If you get a chance to watch any episode of Supernatural this is for you. It's hilarious.

          The reason the show isn't a load of crap in my opinion, has to be the chemistry between the brothers. I've said this before and I'll say it again, they're brilliantly matched, and it's very believable that they've known each other all their lives and that Dean is very protective over his younger brother.

          The acting in the show is brilliant as well, I think it has to be, considering in some of the episodes they talk about the most unrealistic and stupid storylines known to man, which would get most of us rolling around on the floor laughing or tongue tied, but these two actors perform brilliantly in each episode and you really feel a bond between them.

          Should you buy the DVD?

          I found it to be a waste of money I have to say, I've probably two episodes more than twice, and the extras weren't brilliant enough for the money you pay.

          I think if you can rent the DVD's from Blockbuster it's worth the money then, and if you watch the new series which should be on ITV2 in the New Year. It's a brilliant show; however this DVD itself is not worth £20 (which I paid for it).

          Hope this helps.

          © Kirsty.


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