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Big Bang Theory - Season 2 Complete (DVD)

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7 Reviews

Genre: Television / Suitable for 15 years and over / Director: Mark Cendrowski, Peter Chakos / Actors: Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar ... / DVD released 2009-12-14 at Warner Home Video / Features of the DVD: Box set, Colour, PAL

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    7 Reviews
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      17.06.2012 22:14



      Very good season of tv series

      I have a review of the previous season of big bang theory. Anyway big bang theory is about a group of genus physicists who live together, and the sort of shenanigans they get up to. i wont go through each of the characters, as I have done so in my previous review.

      Anyway, this season follows on from the previous and it doesn't feel like its gets too repetitive or cheesy, which is more than what can be said for future seasons.

      Anyway, this season starts off with the relationship between penny and leonard at an all time low. SPOILER ALERT, towards the end of the series, they end up "together".

      Anyway, sheldon carries on being sheldon (which i must say i absoultely love!) Expect more classic comments and hilarious scenes with sheldon completely missing the whole topic. once again Sheldon carries the whole series, whereas i find Leonard is jsut annoying... once again, but thats just my take on the character (kinda annoys me how he plays the lonely couldn't melt butter in his mouth guy, whilst plotting how to get with penny, and going off to sleep with other girls and so on).

      Anyway, in this series we also see a new character, Kripley, a rival physicist with a lisp, who does add something to the equation. Sadly he seems to dissappear in season 3. Also leslie winkle also seems to dissappear in that season... but then a lot happens in the next season that i won't ruin for you.

      Anyway, season 2 is a good season, a would say as good or better than season 1. Around season 3 things start to take a downard turn, and by season 4 all hope is lost!


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      01.03.2012 00:12
      Very helpful



      A geek treat not just for geeks!

      Hello Dooyoo,

      Today I received the Big Bang Theory Season 3 through the post off EBay (a bargain at a mere £5!!), so I was inspired to write a review about one of my favourite shows. This review will concern the season 2 DVD, which I have watched too many times to count! I'm one of those annoying people who can recite the lines before the characters even say them- for me this show really is one of the best. It's also amusing to watch my cat Mr Spock look around whenever they say his name on the show..... A real geek treat.

      Show and DVD overview:

      Some of the more keen eyed of you may have noticed that my username here on Ciao borrows from the show. My favourite character Howard Walowitz (a non-so-smooth engineer) uses Walowizard as his screen name. Howard Walowitz is one of my idols- if a man like him can get a date then I certainly can! I have to say though; I do love his sense of fashion (brightly coloured polo necks and skinny jeans).
      Season 2 of the show expands on long standing jokes from season 1, which is a real treat for serious fans. There are also plenty of new jokes, and the storyline is simple enough that you needn't have had to watch the first series to be able to understand it.

      The character development in the show is amazing, and the audience gets a real sense as the series progresses (even though this is in its essence just a fun comedy) that the characters have really grown and learnt from each other... "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" episode is a great example of this.
      The DVD runs for approximately 461 minutes and features all 23 episodes from the series. It is rated 15 as it has "strong sex references". I have to disagree with this rating, as although the show does rely heavily on sexual innuendo, it is never offensive.

      The Features:

      The DVD is fairly light on features, but those it does provide are long, in-depth and insightful. The features consist of:

      "Physicist to the starts" which is an entertaining look at the consulting relationship UCLA professor David Saltzberg has with the show. Many interesting facts here and a few inside jokes.

      "Testing the infinite hilarity hypothesis in relation to the Big Bang Theory" which gives an interesting overview of the unique characteristics of each character in the show and the actor's approaches to them.

      "Gag Reel" Which does just what is says on the tin- always one of my favourite bits of features on DVDs and this one does not disappoint! Some really funny moments.

      The DVD has come down a lot in price since it was first released. I believe I purchased it for around £5 from Play.com over the Christmas period when it was on special offer. A quick Google search tells me the offer is no longer on and the DVD is priced at £8.79, which I still believe is excellent value for this modern classic comedy.

      Final Thoughts:
      If you haven't watched this before- watch it! If you have watched it- watch it again! Such fun and innocent laughs with a real connection to modern scientific current affairs, a real treat for science geeks and..... In fact, everyone! I cannot commend this show highly enough, I just hope they continue making it for many more series to come!

      *Also posted on Ciao as Walowiz


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        21.07.2011 00:32



        Embrace your geek side!! and get go mad for excitement in Season 2!!

        I remember watching the big bang theory series 2 on TV and just had to buy the DVD box set to add to my collection of the show. The season 2 box set shows all the episodes from the series, in a verity of different languages.

        Season 2 continues following the lives of Leonard Hofstedar and Sheldon Cooper and their geek pals. This series shows them attempting at the social experiment of dating, learning to drive, out of these world car accidents and many many more situations that will keep you entertained for hours to come.

        This twenty-two episode laughed packed series is a brilliant follow on from season 1 to keep you entertained and hooked on the nerdy gang and their attempts to carry out real life experiments. From the creators Chuck Lorre (Two and a half men) and Bill Prady (Gilmore Girls) and a talented cast with astronomical comedy IQs shows why the Big Bang theory is such a hit!

        I definitely recommend this to any fans of the comedy genre.

        Laughs: 5/5
        Story: 5/5
        Characters: 5/5
        Value for money: 5/5


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        13.09.2010 20:43
        Very helpful



        Second Season of brilliance!

        Ok, so I`ll admit it, I am one hundred percent addicted to this brilliant show, and I am a walking commercial for it, hoping that as many as possible check out what has to be the sharpest, funniest show on television! Honestly, Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper carries this show on his shoulders, it`s really because of his amazing acting that I became addicted to it, and now I find myself invested in all the characters! This is the second season of The Big Bang Theory, and it can be purchased at amazon for the cost of 27.99, or at HMV for 25.00.

        Every episode lasts for a little over twenty minutes, and each and every one of them is insanely funny! This season contains of some classics, like Sheldon Coopers own version of rock, paper, scissors, and the insanely funny episode where Leonard`s mother comes to visit, and ends up in a duet with Sheldon, dangerously funny! Season two can offer a great Christmas Episode as well, and they top it off with going to the North Pole on an Arctic Expedition! This season is more funny than I can describe, and with great acting from actors such as the brilliant Jim Parsons, this show is really one you should check out, I can nearly guarantee that it will entertain you! The most brilliant thing about this show is Sheldon Cooper, a character so nevrotic, sosially lost and very intelligent, his look on the world and those around him insanely funny to witness! So do yourself a favor and check out this intelligent, sarcastic and very funny television show, it`s a hoot and a half!


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        07.06.2010 21:57
        Very helpful



        Brilliant comedy from start to finish.

        The trouble with the Big Bang theory is that it is really a one man show; I'm surprised it's not just called the "Sheldon show". It makes you wonder why they bother with the other characters at all. All joking aside the other characters do add to the show each one has their own little mannerisms and in-jokes which make them special. The comedy in the show works on two levels, the obvious slap-stick-esque jokes like the "Bazingas" then the more cerebral jokes, both of which are top notch comedy writing.

        This season the casts personalities are further developed for example Sheldon's laugh is introduced and becomes an instant classic. Jokes incorporating the characters love of sci-fi are taken to the next level, like, "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock."

        As I've mentioned Sheldon just takes over the show whenever he's on screen, I have no doubt that he is the main reason for the shows success. His comic timing is impeccable and is responsible for one of the best catch-phrases since Gary Coleman first said "What you talking about Willis". The calibre of his one liners are in a class of its own they're completely peerless in the comedy world.

        The rest of the characters to me are the definition of supporting cast, while all the characters are good some are annoying at times. The biggest culprits for me are Howard and Rajesh they do have some funny scenes but they have the most clichéd jokes. Penny and Leonard are much better but still seem to suffer from getting inferior jokes to Sheldon.

        The story lines are good but sometimes lack depth, the episodes nearly all just last for the one episode. It would be nice if they included some longer story arcs that last multiple episodes.

        The show is on 4 discs with some great extras:
        * Physicist to the Stars: Real-life physicist/UCLA professor David Saltzberg's consulting relationship to the show
        * Testing the Infinite Hilarity Hyphothesis in Relation to The Big Bang Theory: Season 2's unique characters and characteristics
        * Gag reel


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        26.04.2010 20:29
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great box set of a great show

        I loved the Big Bang Theory when I first saw it on TV and when I finished watching the first series on DVD I had to get the second series straight away. I ordered it from Amazon for just a little bit over £10, which is a total bargain. It is currently £9.72 on Amazon, so even better than what I paid for it.

        There are 4 DVD's in the box set, and it released on October 19 2009 (My birthday :D) It is rated a 15, due to sexual jokes and some adult humor. The whole set runs for a total of 536 minutes.

        This series is even better than the first series, it is truly hilarious and I laugh through most of the episodes. The jokes and one liners are brilliant, the acting is brilliant - the whole set is brilliant. There are loads of episodes of the show on these discs, and they include moments like Lennard getting a girlfriend and her moving in without him realising, Sheldon and Penny waging war on each other, Howard crashing a space probe on Mars and Sheldon playing a practical joke on his work collegues.

        This really is a brilliant TV show, one of the best shows to come from America since the release of friends, and if you have yet to see the show, I so recommend you get to watch at least one episode as soon as possible. You will be hooked instantly, I promise!

        The acting on this DVD set is great, a great performance from all involved, which makes me look forward to the release of series 3 over here, I will be buying that box set straight away!


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          15.01.2010 18:07
          Very helpful



          Embrace the geek side!

          The show people would never have believed could be a hit from its basic premise is back, and it's gotten geekier and more brilliant. Before the first season aired I'm sure many people would have declared it would be a total flop and put money on it being axed part-way through, but it defied low expectations and with its great writing and quirky characters and situations has managed to get better with each and every episode.


          What Is The Big Bang Theory About?

          The Big Bang Theory is about a group of four very smart guys who work at the local university, CalTech. Their lives consist of video games, comic books and sci-fi until the beautiful Penny (Who is of normal intellect) moves in next door. What follows are attempts to flirt, date and generally interact socially with Penny and others in the world with varied results.

          Penny has now ingratiated herself into the group and is considered a good friend by all of the guys (even Sheldon in his own funny way). Sheldon has gotten crazier, if such a thing is possible, Wolowitz is still striking out with the ladies and trying to be a bad Jew (which is a strange hobby but one would suspect it's to try and upset his mother), and Raj is still mute when a pretty girl is close by.


          When Is The Second Season Set?

          The second season starts straight back where we were in the season finale with Leonard and Penny coming back from their laughable dinner date. Sheldon has been yelling about tangerine bicycles and Raj and Wolowitz have set up a way to spy on the couple as they come back from their first date.


          Any New characters?

          Of course we still have our main 5 characters taking centre screen - but there are a few reoccurring characters (some new and some introduced in the previous season) in this season.

          Dr Leslie Winkle (Sara Gilbert): First seen in the first season as a work colleague/booty call of Leonard. She specialises in high energy physics and is rather similar to Leonard in clothing style and the fact that she too wears glasses. She dislikes Sheldon strongly and takes every opportunity to mock and belittle him. After her few liaisons with Leonard she moves onto Wolowitz in this season and uses him as a trophy/arm-candy which he doesn't mind too much once he realises that it means a woman is using him for sex.

          Dr. Stephanie Barnett (Sara Rue): A doctor and surgical resident, she starts out in the second season as Wolowitz's date but progresses to being in a serious relationship with Leonard. Sheldon likes her because she completes their landing party (He needs to lay off the Star Trek) and is apparently the only one of Leonard's dates he has ever found "tolerable". She did her internship at the hospital in Texas where Sheldon was born and for a short period ends up acting like his personal physician, much to both her and Leonard's annoyance.

          Barry Kripke (John Ross Bowie): An unpopular colleague of Leonard and Sheldon, Kripke is an arrogant character who loves to upset everyone by proving himself to be the best, driving Sheldon insane. He has rhotacism, so r's and l's sound like w's when he speaks (So when he says his own last name it comes out as Kwipke, which could be seen as cute if he weren't so much of a jerk). He and Sheldon end up as rivals during the season though it's clear there has been a lot of unfriendly competition between the two in the past. He manages the seemingly impossible - to make Wolowitz look like a catch to Penny.

          Stuart (Kevin Sussman): Owns the comic book store that the guys go to on a weekly basis. He is a geek like the guys but sets himself apart because he is a great artist, a graduate of a design school, and actually knows how to talk to women - ensuring he snares himself a date with Penny, much to Leonard's disgust. Stuart has an extensive knowledge of comic books that rivals Sheldon's - which leads to long drawn out arguments about comic books.



          This second season is longer than the first, with 23 20-minute episodes instead of 17 as in the previous.

          The Bad Fish Paradigm: So as you'll remember from the last season, things ended with Penny and Leonard on a date - disappearing from the restaurant they had planned to eat at because Sheldon was yelling at the chef about tangerine bicycles. They come home to the apartment building to finish their date where unbeknownst to them Raj and Howard have installed a webcam and are spying on them (partly out of curiosity and partly from jealousy). The guys make Leonard believe that the date didn't go as well as he'd thought whilst Penny worries about something from her past that she thinks will make her less appealing, but made the big mistake of telling Sheldon this secret. As we have all come to expect from Sheldon by this point he goes into meltdown, acts even odder than usual and then moves out into both Raj's and Howard's (Lucky them!). But in the end everything comes out and Leonard manages to say completely the wrong thing, winding up with a door slammed in his face- he may be booksmart but that's where his smartness ends it seems.

          The Codpiece Topology: The guys go to a Renaissance fair, with Sheldon in a hilarious costume (That comes with a back-story), and see Penny with a new man. Jealousy takes over and Leonard decides to try and make her jealous by getting back together with one-time bed mate Leslie. Sheldon gets evicted to the stairwell to play a N64 emulator and tells Penny of his woes that Leonard is dating his sworn enemy. But for once Sheldon rises above his usual madness and decides to give his approval of the relationship, which turns out to be a waste of time when a lack of shared beliefs turns out to be a deal-breaker for Leslie (We are not talking religious beliefs here!).

          The Barbarian Sublimation: Geekiness is catching it seems, as Penny gets obsessed with an online RPG game Age of Conan after telling Sheldon all of her woes whilst waiting for a locksmith to open her apartment after locking herself out. The guys get pretty worried about Penny's new obsessive game-playing and try to get her back to normal by signing her up to an online dating website - if only she would get the Cheetos out of her hair and put on some make-up! But sanity is quickly regained after an online meeting with Wolowitz that shocks her to her core, and normality is once more restored.

          The Griffin Equivalency: Raj gets into a list of important up-and-comers in people magazine making the rest of the gang extremely jealous and complaining about not being in the list themselves. Leonard stops them in their tracks though he will soon come to regret doing so as the fame and new respect at work goes to Raj's head, ending in a drunken embarrassment of a date with Penny and an angry video call from his parents. Completed with a short cameo from Charlie Sheen (Star of Two and a Half Men - another show from one of TBBT's writers) and Raj's first ever sober words directly spoken to Penny, this is an episode where you will see the evil Raj could cause if he wasn't so damned shy!

          The Euclid Alternative: Sheldon causes trouble when Leonard starts working graveyard shifts at the University to finish an experiment, meaning he isn't around to give Sheldon a lift into work. After driving Penny, Wolowitz and Raj completely mad to the point of wanting to throw him out of the moving car they gang up and make him go get a driving license. But things are never that simple with Sheldon, and after upsetting the DMV and showing that he's an awful driver he comes up with a perfect solution - moving into his office whilst Leonard is working nights.

          The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem: Sheldon gains an admirer in the form of Ramona Nowitzki, a grad student who becomes obsessed with him and somehow gets into his life with Sheldon completely oblivious to her feelings for him. Though he isn't particularly annoyed by Ramona things take a turn for the worst with Halo nights abolished, Battlestar Galactica gone and Penny warned off under the mistaken belief that she wants Sheldon for herself. Finally he sees what has been in front of him the entire time and gets to work trying to dump a girl he never asked out! His method of dumping is not only blunt but rather hilarious, but things don't go back to normal for long.

          The Panty Piñata Polarization: Penny's cable TV is cut so she ends up watching America's Next Top Model at Leonard and Sheldon's. All is fine (and the boys are rather enjoying drooling over the models) until Penny gets banned from the apartment for such horrors as sitting in Sheldon's seat and sending him e-mail humour. This starts a petty and silly war between the two of them ending in Penny's washing being hung on the telephone wires outside the apartment building (Thus giving this episode its strange title). Leonard, increasingly fed up of his friends antics gives Penny the ultimate weapon against Sheldon. Meanwhile Raj and Wolowitz are trying to discover the location of the house featured in America's Next Top Model using every ounce of technology they can get their hands on - including NASA satellites. The question is, even if they do get to the house do they really stand a chance of getting in - and getting close to - a house full of beautiful women?

          The Lizard-Spock Expansion: Wolowitz meets Dr. Stephanie Barnett (Sara Rue) and is instantly in love, offering that she can drive the Mars Rover if she agrees to come out with him. But things go very wrong, the Rover ends up in a ditch, Wolowitz has to destroy all evidence that they were there and caused the crash, and Stephanie meets Leonard and takes a real shine to him. Now they are dating, and Wolowitz is leaving ridiculously stalker-like messages on Stephanie's answer machine, Leonard tries to figure out how to break the news to his friend. It all comes out of course and Wolowitz, decidedly hurt, decides the pair is dead to him until an offer near the end of the episode changes his mind.

          The White Asparagus Triangulation: Sheldon, happy with Leonard's new choice of girlfriend, is beginning to worry that the relationship is doomed to fail because "history suggest" that it will - sweet perhaps but his real reason for worrying is that now they finally have the doctor they needed for their landing party (Stephanie is McCoy in his eyes). He tries to get advice from Penny, but as always manages to alienate and insult her in his efforts and drives Leonard crazy with his attempts to "help". After an escape attempt to the cinema, where Sheldon STILL manages to find the couple, things escalate and end up with Leonard getting stitches and crying in front of his new beau. Fearing the tears may have destroyed their relationship, and therefore Sheldon's landing party, Sheldon decides to hack into Leonard's Facebook account with pleasant results.

          The Vartabedian Conundrum: Things are moving fast for Leonard and Stephanie, with both Sheldon and Penny pointing out that she has clearly moved in - unless of course he picked out those floral bedspreads and put away his much beloved bat-single of his own free will. Sheldon decides that this change means that Stephanie can be treated as his own personal doctor for his hypochondriac tendencies which is bad, but worse is when Penny walks in wearing skimpy P.Js and needing coffee - it turns out Stephanie has no idea who Penny is. After Stephanie buys Leonard some hideous trousers made of a "wool/fire-ant blend" he decides things are moving far too fast and tries to tell Stephanie that they shouldn't live together. Meanwhile Sheldon's paranoia about the ringing sound in his ears is reaching new heights when he sneaks into the hospital to get tested for anything and everything, but has still not gotten to the bottom of it. Stephanie has a little fun at Sheldon's expense in this episode that leaves Sheldon having to stay silent and resorting to using a talking computer to convey his thoughts - but he really should use spell check before asking for honey.

          The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis: It's Christmas time and Sheldon is bleating on about why trees shouldn't be put up for Christmas as we aren't pagans and why gifts aren't gifts but social obligations! Whilst he has his Christmassy meltdown Leonard is developing a man-crush on dashing scientist David Underhill who has asked him for some help with something. But the man-crush dissipates when Leonard realises that there is an attraction between Penny and David. Sheldon spends the episode trying to figure out a Christmas gift for Penny, roping Raj and Wolowitz into helping before coming up with a perfect and logical plan to make sure his gift will be right. This is all fine until Penny shocks him with the most amazing and rare thing he could ever want, leading him to panic and realise that his logical plan now doesn't work and ends with a wonderfully funny and sweet scene where he tries to give her something that is worthy of the gift she gave him.

          The Killer Robot Instability: After an off-hand comment from Penny about his love-life, Wolowitz becomes depressed - so much so he backs out of a robot fighting competition he and his friends have entered. Whilst Sheldon indulges in a one on one match with his nemesis Kripke, Leonard sends Penny over to Wolowitz's house to apologise for her earlier remarks - making use of the favour she owed him from the pilot episode when he came home trouserless. After a long talk and some advice, Wolowitz gets the wrong idea and is subsequently punched for his actions, something Penny has clearly wanted to do for quite some time. The outcome of the one on one battle is revealed and Penny says the wrong thing.

          The Friendship Algorithm: Bless Sheldon, today he's designing a formula for making friends, after thinking that in order to get use of the open science grid computer he will need to be friends with Kripke. After being told no several times Sheldon tries to figure out how it is that people make friends, finding a children's book in a local bookstore very useful - and has to be dragged out of the store by Leonard when he befriends a small girl in front of the security camera! After creating a flowchart and finally getting Kripke to meet with him, Sheldon finds out that he has wasted a lot of time trying to befriend Kripke - which is good news for Raj as he was going to be replaced by Kripke in the group had Sheldon gotten his way...though saying that, this means he's now stuck with Sheldon again, perhaps not all good news then.

          The Financial Permeability: Penny needs money to pay her rent, and Sheldon does the nice and sensible thing and lends her the money so she doesn't get kicked out. Sheldon is completely calm with this, as he sees it, she needs money, he has money, and she'll give it back when she has money of her own. Penny however becomes quite strange with it all and gets tetchy when people bring up the subject of money. Leonard tries to help (so that she doesn't implode at this point) and finds out that her giant ex-boyfriend Kurt, who pantsed Leonard and Sheldon in the pilot episode, owes her a fairly large sum of money. He takes it upon himself to get the money back for her but after a meeting with Kurt and a sharpie pen it looks like she'll never get it back. By the end of the episode Penny is able to pay Sheldon back but she never knows that it was Leonard that got Kurt to repay her, with the giant meathead taking the credit himself to get back into her good books. After this Sheldon sings a minstrel song about Leonard after mentioning them earlier in the episode.

          The Maternal Capacitance: Run! Leonard's mother - Dr. Beverly Hofstadter - calls and wants to visit her son. Unlike Sheldon's sweet but firm mother, Leonard's is a cold and distant woman who never allowed Leonard to celebrate his birthday (as referenced previously in the series). Penny unfortunately meets the famed psychiatrist and neuroscientist in the apartment lobby and is grilling on her way up, ending up in tears as she presents Leonard's mother to a clearly uncomfortable Leonard. But not everyone is upset by her visit, Wolowitz enjoys stirring things by asking continuously about her two other more successful children and Sheldon develops a frighteningly good rapport with her, leading to them talking about intimate matters and then playing Rock Band together. Revenge is had by Leonard in part when he tells his mother about Raj's muteness problem and Wolowitz's living arrangements and are rather upset when she diagnoses the pair as being in an ersatz homosexual relationship (though to be fair, she makes a very good point with this diagnosis). Later on Penny and Leonard decide to talk about Leonard's mother over a variety of alcoholic beverages, with some surprising things being mentioned before they begin playing drinking games that get more and more intimate.

          The Cushion Saturation: Paint-balling is both a pleasure and a problem in this episode, where a game of paintball leads to attraction between Wolowitz and Leslie Winkle, and a single paintball pellet in the apartment shot by Penny causes disaster when she stains Sheldon's much-loved couch cushion. Penny and Leonard then try to fix things, by getting it cleaned and turning it over - but Sheldon notices there is something wrong even when he doesn't vocalise it. Penny finally gets the cushion cleaned at a dry cleaner, but as it takes a week Sheldon becomes lost and despondent that his seat is not there. When the cushion finally comes back Sheldon goes into a sulk and refuses to sit on it, leading to a shocking revelation from Leonard about another constant in Sheldon's life. Whilst the cushion conundrum continues, Wolowitz and Leslie's sexual relationship continues at his home - with funny exchanges between her and Wolowitz's overbearing but never seen mother. But all is not well, and Wolowitz soon realises he's being used by Leslie for sex and as a trophy...though is upset at being a trophy soon wanes. The episode ends with another paintball game that becomes truly ridiculous when Sheldon seeks revenge on Penny, Penny shoots Sheldon, Leonard shoots Sheldon in defence of Penny and they essentially knock themselves out of the game before even fighting the opposing team.

          The Terminator Decoupling: The gang go on a train trip to San Francisco for a conference (Sheldon refuses to go any other way even though a plane would be faster). But things heat up when they see that Summer Glau, a famous sci-fi star is in their carriage. What started as sheer excitement turns into lengthy debate when they realise that one of them should go up to her and say something. During this Sheldon realises that he has forgotten his flash drive that holds a paper he's written that he wanted to show to Nobel Prize laureate Dr. George Smoot, and begrudgingly enlists Penny to go into his room, find it and e-mail it to him. But he can't simply ask her to find it and then relax, he spends the episode giving her exact instructions that she must adhere to because as Sheldon says "No-one goes into my room". Whilst Sheldon drives Penny mad once more, Wolowitz tries to think up a good line to approach Summer with whilst Raj is already chatting away to her whilst holding a beer. Wolowitz cruelly points out to him that his beer is non-alcoholic, rendering him mute once more to get his chance with her. Sheldon presents his paper to Smoot, and is asked something we would all like to ask him.

          The Work Song Nanocluster: Penny is excited about the attention her hand-made hair barrettes are getting and has been asked to make some for a small store to sell, but after consulting Sheldon for help with her manufacture process it becomes a much bigger thing with an online store and the geeks helping in the assembly line to make the Pennyblossom hair barrettes. All is fine until Leonard adds a one day rush option based on the fact that Amazon has one (Little remembering that Amazon is a large company with thousands of employees) and a one day rush order for 1000 comes in. with everyone working through the night they try to get the order done to get bad news when they complete the order. During the all-nighter they give Sheldon coffee, with absolutely hysterical results involving a Flash costume and a banana.

          The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition: When the residents of the apartment above Leonard and Sheldon move out, a pretty actress names Alicia moves in. Like Penny she is attractive, of regular intelligence (compared to our geeks) and an actress - but she is actually getting acting work unlike Penny. Alicia isn't very nice though and flirts with the geeks to get them to do everything she wants them to. Jealous and lonely, Penny tries to win back her geeky friends by buying them Chinese (And fulfilling Sheldon's crazed wants with regards to condiments), learning science jokes (Though she doesn't get that it's insulting) and offering to watch Battlestar Galactica. Penny manages to keep hold of Sheldon but the others still can't be swayed, leading to a useful but accidental piece of advice regarding queen bees from Sheldon. Howard gets one of his dreams in this episode when there is a catfight between the two girls over them, and Sheldon shows just how innocent he is when he remarks about Alicia and a TV producer jumping up and down on the bed upstairs.

          The Hofstadter Isotope: Penny goes with the guys to the comic book store to try and find a gift for her nephew's birthday. Whilst the guys flick through comic books Penny and comic-bookstore owner Stuart hit it off, much to the annoyance of Leonard who believes that he and Stuart are so similar it doesn't seem right that she end up with Stuart rather than him. Whilst Penny and Stuart are off out on a date Leonard asks Wolowitz to take him to a bar that has women, and what follows is an embarrassing reminder of why Leonard and Wolowitz can't get girls and proof that just because Raj can't talk doesn't mean he can't be a hit with the ladies! Sheldon, who decided against going to the bar, accosts Penny and Stuart when they get back from their date and manages to monopolise Stuart's time with an argument about who should assume the role of Batman in the fiction time following Batman R.I.P. This goes on for some time in which Penny gives up and falls asleep on the couch, thereby ruining the end of her date with Stuart and stopping them from getting intimate as they may well have. Leonard really does need to thank Sheldon for that.

          The Vegas Renormalization: When Leslie Winkle ends her relationship with Wolowitz he becomes sad and depressed. Raj and Leonard, trying to cheer him up, take him on a road trip to Vegas to gamble and meet women. When nothing else works the pair decide to hire a prostitute for Wolowitz, getting her to pose as a single Jewish woman (Something Wolowitz rarely finds) to boost his confidence. Whilst this is going on Sheldon, who stayed behind, has found that he has locked himself out of the apartment and the building manager won't be back until the following day. Penny ends up having to take him in and they have a meal, attempt to converse, and then sleep (with him in the bed and her on the sofa because he couldn't fit on the sofa). Leonard then gets a shock when Sheldon leaves Penny's apartment and tells him what they did the night before and how he know understands what "friends with benefits" means!

          The Classified Materials Turbulence: The gang are back at the comic book store, where Wolowitz is buying everyone comic books to celebrate his space toilet being used on the latest craft to be launched. Whilst there Stuart asks Leonard for advice about his second date with Penny, which Leonard doesn't really respond to as he wants it to fail - but when Stuart asks at the apartment once more just before his date Leonard tries to sabotage their date by telling him to go slow. Feeling terrible about trying to ruin the couple Leonard goes the next day to apologise but finds out that his advice wasn't as wrong as he'd thought, and that after straying from the advice he was given Stuart found out something that ruined the evening and any hope for a third date. At the same time, Wolowitz is panicking - it turns out there is a small error with his plans meaning that instead of flushing waste into space, after the tenth flush it will be flushed back into the actual craft! He, Raj and Sheldon try to figure out how to fix the fault using items that will already be on the spacecraft, but with time against them it's the final moments of the episode that will reveal whether or not they manage to do it.

          The Monopolar Expedition: The University can now breathe a sigh of relief, Sheldon has been given a grant for an expedition to the magnetic north pole to prove the validity of string theory. After thinking it through he decides to go but asks the guys to come with him as his team - who are flattered but terrified of the idea of being cooped up with him in a confined space for 12 weeks, though Raj believes that these three months will earn him a much better reincarnation in his next life (A well-hung billionaire with wings is his belief). With the whole trip being very last minute the gang get straight to work preparing themselves, including spending time in the Cheesecake Factory's walk in freezer to get used to the cold. Penny is upset by the thought of Leonard being gone for three months but does her best to hide it, helping them best she can and continuing her insulting conversations as usual with Sheldon (Even reminding/threatening that the Cheesecake Factory's freezer locks from the outside after he insults her). She gives Leonard a slanket as a going away gift and hugs him for what seems to Leonard to be a very long time, after asking what this means and being told it just meant for him to have a good time Leonard goes away sad but ready for his trip. But behind Penny's closed door she whispers her true feelings as he walks away in a rather sad moment for the pair. The season finale ends with the gang at the North Pole, with Leonard sitting in his slanket and Sheldon already driving the others mad to the extent that Wolowitz asks for an icicle to kill him with because they don't have time for a crossbow!


          Why Should You Watch This?

          Honestly I suspect that if you watched the first season of The Big Bang Theory this question will not even cross your mind, it is a very addictive show. But for those new to the show, you should watch this because it is a funny, quirky show that takes a different look at highly intelligent people that is neither cruel nor insulting.

          The characters, for all their many flaws, have become more endearing as time has gone on. Their quirks and foibles are not only tolerable but funny, and watching as these socially inept men try to integrate themselves into the outside world may be frustrating, but will have you rooting for the geeks every time (Even Wolowitz!).

          They have started to move into more obvious territory in this second season, such as Penny falling for a smarter and more attractive guy, but they have done it in a way that doesn't seem old and tired as it could have. Amazingly the on-again off-again relationship between Leonard and Penny hasn't fallen into the boring trap of becoming a Ross and Rachel disaster, which for someone who was driven mad by that the first time Friends was aired is very welcome.

          The Big Bang Theory is a funny show that has managed to make itself seem entirely plausible with great acting and wonderful scripts, it doesn't rely on old tried and tested ways of being funny by pinching from other comedy shows and doesn't talk down to it's audience.


          DVD Information & Extras

          Season 2 of The Big Bang Theory has a runtime of 536 minutes, contains the full 23 episodes and three nicely presented extra features and is spread across 4 disks. As with the previous season, this is a certificate 15, though could be enjoyed by younger teens unless you take offence to mentions of sex or merely of subjecting your child's pure mind to the madness that is Sheldon Cooper.

          The extra's run to 35 minutes and consist of two featurettes and a gag reel:

          Big Bang Theory: Physicist To The Stars - A short featurette on the show's science consultant, Dr. David Saltzberg who checks facts and contributes to the funny and intelligent dialogue in the scripts. He makes this piece easy to understand whilst enlightening us further on some of the science used in the show. He is a funny and lovely guy, and hopefully for season 3 they'll give him an even longer featurette.

          Testing The Infinite Hilarity Hypothesis: Longer than the previous featurette, this one features the cast talking about how their character has changed throughout the show and what impact that has had on the show itself. It's a fun and enjoyable watch, but when you consider that this was given 5 minutes more time than David's piece it seems like they may have made a bit of a mistake - David's featurette should have been the longest!

          Gag Reel: Ever wanted to know what happens the first few times Sheldon attempts one of his madly lengthy diatribes? Well here it is in all of its glory, along with screw ups by the rest of the cast. A good giggle for 10 minutes that proves that though the cast make the script look effortless in the final take, it does take work!


          Final Verdict?

          For me, this show is a breath of fresh air in a sea of samey dross and never-ending repeats of older shows (E4, I am looking at you when I complain about that). There is no real way to compare it to another comedy show as nothing has really been done in the same vein - the closest show to it is The IT Crowd which has taken more of a surreal take of geeks rather than TBBT's more realistic look.

          As previously mentioned in my review of the first season, you know you are in for something good when the opening theme starts (For those who missed that one, it is by the Barenakedladies and can be seen in full at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBAjIgjPebg ). It is catchy and educational and on more than one occasion I've found myself singing it to myself. Perhaps a sign of madness but I prefer to put it down to a great choice of music. It's the only real music that is ever in the show, which makes it all the more important that they got the song perfect.

          The characters have developed during this and the previous season, and though their maturing has moved slowly, it is nice to notice the subtle changes in each of the characters. Leonard has become more realistic, Wolowitz is even more determined to prove himself - both as an equal to Sheldon and as a romantic prospect for any woman he meets, Raj has embraced his muteness and has found it works to his advantage at times - and interestingly it turns out that his problem doesn't need alcohol to fix it, and Sheldon...well he hasn't become any less neurotic, but he is nicer to Penny and more welcoming of her, which leads to attempts by him to expand his social circle on a few occasions.

          The newer characters to the story have been of interest, Dr Stephanie for instance proves that just because you are very smart doesn't mean you have to be a complete social outcast like the guys, and for a little while looked like she could be a more permanent fixture in the show. Leslie has become a lot more likable in an odd way, mainly because she is a smart and independent woman who enjoys driving Sheldon bananas. Kripke is irritating and truly arrogant, making Sheldon look like a good guy more than he usually does.

          But of all the new characters, the most interesting is comic-book store owner Stuart. Leonard is right to be so annoyed when Stuart asks Penny out on a date because the two of them are amazingly similar and it makes him question why he and Penny aren't together. Stuart's only real difference is that he has quite a few more social skills than him, and it seems to make him see that if he does really want to get the girl, he needs to work on himself - not on Penny like he attempted to do after their first date. It's the first time Leonard has acknowledged that perhaps the reason they aren't together is because he clearly isn't ready for it.

          For me personally, the stand out episode in this season is The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis. It features a rather dishy physicist who rides a motorbike, but that isn't the biggest attraction. This is the best episode in my opinion because it features Sheldon heavily, and he is not in his usual environment. He spends most of it either complaining about Christmas trees (Because they are a pagan tradition that has nothing to do with Jesus) or desperately trying to figure out a Christmas gift for Penny, ending up with an oddly logical theory - because the only way he could cope with it was to make a hypothesis! But it is the closing moments of the episode which make it so brilliant when you see the look on Sheldon's face when he open's his gift from Penny, and his actions afterwards are not only mad and funny, but ever so sweet and proof that if he tries real hard, he can act like a human being.

          There have also been some nice references to things in our own real world, with Summer Glau of Firefly and The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dr. George Smoot guest-starring as themselves, and reference to Sam Kass's version of Rock-Paper-Scissors which reduces the chances that the game will end in a tie - his version, Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock can be found at his website www.samkass.com/theories/RPSSL.html - though since it's mention on the show Sam has been driven crazy by fools e-mailing to say that Sam has stolen it from The Big Bang Theory. Clearly some fans cannot read, as the post contained the game and it's rules is from January of 1998 prompting him to post the following notice at the end of his original post:

          "Notice: If you saw this on the Big Bang Theory and are about to accuse me of ripping off them, please look at this site [archive of Sam Kass's website], note the dates, and ponder the implications."

          So just in case you don't feel like opening another browser window - though you should because Sam Kass has a very interesting website, these are the rules for Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock:

          Scissors cut Paper
          Paper covers Rock
          Rock crushes Lizard
          Lizard poisons Spock
          Spock smashes Scissors
          Scissors decapitates Lizard
          Lizard eats Paper
          Paper disproves Spock
          Spock vaporizes Rock
          Rock crushes Scissors

          This version of Rock-Paper-Scissors is much more fun than the original and would have been lesser known had it not been for the Big Bang Theory, which just shows that you can learn something from the show, even if it's not to do with physics!

          So, to sum up. Season 2 of The Big Bang Theory has surpassed the excellence of the first season with ease and is most definitely worth buying. This is a funny show that is different to the norm, and with a nice amount of extras and a longer run of episodes it is clear that the network who commission it have realised they are onto a winner. Season 3 is now airing in the UK on E4 and season 4 was commissioned at the same time as the third so it will be on our screens for some time - so pick up the DVD and enjoy laughing at some intelligent yet crazy comedy.


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