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The Mighty Boosh - Complete BBC Series 3 (DVD)

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Genre: Television - The Mighty Boosh / Theatrical Release: 2007 / Director: Paul King / Actors: Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding ... / DVD released 11 February, 2008 at 2 Entertain Video / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    6 Reviews
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      03.02.2010 14:06
      Very helpful
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      more of the same

      A crimptastically good show. This series See's the cast move from living above Naboo's shop to actually working in it.

      This series comes with 6 episodes of the gangs latest antics. The hitcher returns to terrorise people with Eels. Crimping gets turned into a legitimate art form complete with crimp-offs. (On an interesting side note: the Honey monster got sued by the Boosh for copying their crimp style in one of his adverts).

      My favourite episode in this series has to be the one with the crack fox. There is something about a creepy, conniving disease ridden urban fox intent on killing people and taking over the world that is so sinister it becomes a genius creation.

      It is the creepy dark comedy mixed with the randomness of Noel fieldings brain that makes this series so popular and unique from anything ever created before. The only downside of this series is that it is only 6 episodes long which makes it feel like the cast are simply trying to earn as much money from the Boosh popularity without actually giving the public as much for their money.


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        12.08.2009 13:56
        Very helpful




        It was the third series of The Mighty Boosh which actually got me into being a fan. Before then I think I'd heard of them but not really knowing anything about them was never interested in watching any of their stuff. If I'm completely honest I hadn't even known that there was a series 1 or 2. For some reason I find myself thinking that I am too old to like them.

        When Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding appeared on Friday Night With Jonathon Ross it was mentioned that their fans were 12 year old girls wearing lots of eyeliner. I fit into neither category, which gives 3 conclusions. The first, I am completely out of date and am too old, second Jonathon Ross is talking rubbish or thirdly it's both of the above!

        The Mighty Boosh is made up of Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, Dave Brown, Michael Fielding and Rich Fulcher. Otherwise known as Howard Moon, Vince Noir, Bollo, Naboo and Bob Fossil. Starting off in 1998, The Mighty Boosh stuck to being a show and didn't arrive on BBC3 until 2004. The series is a highly surreal comedy, set in a second hand shop called Nabootique and is run by Vince Noir and Howard Moon.

        Vince has a fairly relaxed outlook on life, albeit a slightly naive and childlike one. He is more concerned about keeping pride in his appearance, especially his hair whilst Howard is a more of an up right character. He is an unlucky in love type man who has a passion for jazz music and can come across as being a bit awkward.

        There are 6 episodes altogether,each lasting the total of 30 minutes. Airing on BBC3 the first of the series 'Eels' pulled in 1 million viewers, making it the biggest comedy episode watched on the channel.

        1.Eels: When Howard and Vince are left alone to run the shop, they challenge eachother to a sales contest, Elbow Patches from Howards side and The Indie Celebrity Radar from Vinces. Whilst Vince is out trying to tag somebody famous Howard is paid a visit by a sinister looking man called The Hitcher, demanding from him 1,000 euros before the end of the night.

        2.Journey to the Centre of the Punk: When Howard finally gets his hands on a rare jazz record he isn't expecting Vince to come along, when under peer pressure to take a bite out of it. Especially when it comes to light that Vince has consumed an evil jazz cell into his blood stream and it's up to Howard and his blind friend to get it out.

        3.The Power of the Crimp: It comes to light that Howard and Vince have copy cats, The Flighty Zeus, who always seem to be one step ahead of them with everything they do. To prove themselves they must battle against eachother using music to restore themselves amongst their fans.

        4.The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox: Howard is surprised one day when he discovers that Vince has been using the backyard as a bin. With the threat of Naboo being executed occurs both attempt a clear up only to find The Crack Fox living there. However he seems to have supernatural powers and ideas about how to use them.

        5.Party: In celebration of Howards birthday Vince persuades him to have a party, in reality it's really for him to show off his new outfit although he also attracts some female attention, that being of the Head Sharmans wife.

        6.The Chokes: After finding out that a Danish art-house director will be arriving in town to see a well known actor Howard tries to get on the bill to impress him, however Vince won't allow this as Howard suffers from The Chokes, an intense form of stage fright. Whilst he enlists the help of an actor Vinces dream of becoming a singer in The Black Tubes could come to light but only if he suceeds in wearing skinny jeans.

        Out of all of these episodes my favourites are Journey to the Centre of the Punk and Power of the Crimp. This could all be down to the fact that they include the pancake and four way crimps. The one which I found less funny was the The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox. I didn't find it all that great and very rarely watch it.

        Now as I mentioned above, appareantly to be a Boosh fan you have to be about 12 however, I'm not all that bothered. It isn't often that I come across a comedy which is actually worth buying the DVD. A lot of people say that the third series is the weakest although I'm enclined to disagree. I actually think it's the funniest.

        The special features include a short documentary, publicity revolving around the Boosh, audio commentaries, deleted scenes and my favourites-the out takes.

        It is a very unique comedy which not everyone is going to find funny or amusing. As it is shown on BBC3 you do get the impression that it's meant for the younger generation but that's not to say that older people cannot also enjoy it's wit.

        You can buy it separately from Amazon for £6.58 or as part of a box set, including all 3 series for £25.98. Definately money value.


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          15.03.2009 19:59
          Very helpful



          Hillarious, a must have!

          The Mighty Boosh in my opinion is the work of comedy Genius. A lot of the people i speak to about the Mighty Boosh state that they just don't get it, but i really feel there is nothing to get. The Mighty Boosh is all about just not thinking into it, its fun, silly, quirky, weird, wrong but hilarious. Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding play Howard Moon and Vince Noir in the Mighty Boosh adventures. Howard moon is the older less cool jazz fan, usually mocked but realistically a lot smarter than his co-star Vince Noir the electric cool king of Camden Elite, and adorable but stupid character who female fans can't help but fall in love with.
          Series three of the mighty boosh is by far the strongest. The series is packed with many more laughs and more adventures and it is way more evident that the BBC had seen the money making potential of the comedy from Barratt and Fielding! Series three is set in the Nabootique where Vince Noir and Howard Moon live and work. The series introduces new characters such as the Hitcher, also from the live DVD, the crack pot fox, and we meet a lot more of naboo's fellow Shamen!
          Series three is by far the best DVD of the three of series, packed full of extra features as well as the laughs made available throughout the episodes. The boosh have pushed out more songs or Crimps as they are known in the series which are widely sung between groups of friends in the playground or in the social arena. A great DVD!


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          24.10.2008 16:19
          Very helpful
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          If you like The Mighty Boosh you'll love this.

          Before Series 3 of The Mighty Boosh was aired on BBC 3 there was a lot of hype about it. Been a massive fan of Juian Barratt and Noel Fieldings surreal comedy I couldn't help but get caught up in the hype.

          I watched the first episode Eels, when it first aired, but I was bitterly disappointed and didn't watch any of the following episodes. My disappointment was increased when I heard people saying the third series was nowhere near as good as the previous two series.

          However, I had tickets to go and see there live show, which was a week ago today (17th October) and I decided I couldn't see the live show without first seeing Series 3.

          In The Mighty Boosh, Noel Fielding plays the popular socialite and fashion icon Vince Noir, and Julian Barratt plays the jazz/stationary obsessed, nerdy Howard Moon. We also have Naboo the shaman, Naboo's familar the talking gorilla Bollo and the excellent Bob Fossil.

          The first series is set in Bob Fossil's Zooniverse and then in the 2nd series Naboo, Bollo, Vince and Howard go on numerous adventures. In the third series we see Howard and Vince working in the Nabootique a shop owned by Naboo.

          I bought the DVD and started with the first episode Eels again. I was going into this now with very low expectations and the first thing I found was that I enjoyed Eels a lot more this time than I did the first time. Although for me it is definitley the weakest episode in the series. Mainly because I feel they took the first half of the episode from the previous live show. Also, they used the character The Hitcher played by Noel Fielding, I was a little disappointed by this because he is an old character and I think they have done everything they can with him. I think the only reason they used The Hitcher was because he is one of the most popular characters on the programme.

          The second episode titled Journey To The Centre Of the Punk is about Vince Noir getting in with a punk band and Howard Moon getting his hands on a very rare Jazz record. When Vince introduces his band to Howard they break the record and we're introduced to Howard's blind jazz friend Lester Corncrake, who says he can fix the record. Vince who took a bite out of the jazz record trying to impress his new punk friends gets infected with a jazz virus that leaves him scat singing himself into a coma. It is left to Howard and Lester, played by Rich Fulcher who also plays Bob Fossil, to save Vince from the virus. I did enjoy this episode and thought it was very original and I loved Rich Fulcher's new character Lester Corncrake.

          The third episode is entitled The Power of the Crimp. Which is probably my favourite episode of the series. The episode starts when Vince discovers someone is copying him, this evolves and someone starts copying Howard. The copy artists then become more popular than Howard and Vince at Bob Fossil's club. They consider starting a new craze with the thing only they do crimping. Which are short songs where they just sing about random things. They decide it isn't a good idea and go to the club only discover the two copy artists have already started the new craze, crimping. The only way Howard and Vince can beat them is a risky four way crimp. Enter Naboo and Bollo, the four of them go into the crimp and destroy the copy artists forever ridding them of the copiers. This episode is brilliant and very original. I have always loved the crimps and this just takes them to another level.

          The fourth episode called The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox, starts when Vince discovers a strange fox addicted to crack living in the pile of rubbish behind the Nabootique. Vince invites him into the Nabootique, only to find a a few of Naboo's precious items going missing, including Shaman Juice and a street narcotic with magical qualities. Naboo is consequently sentenced to death for his carelessness and it is left to Vince and Howard to find the fox and get the stolen items back in order to save Naboo. I think this episode was good but one of the weaker ones in the series, I think this is because I didn't really like the crack fox and found him quite irritating. However, the episode was still entertaining and very funny.

          In episode five named Party, it is Howards birthday but, he hasn't had a party since an ill fated incident involving a bouncy castle. However, this time it will be different. Vince has invited all of his coolest friends and Howard maybe in luck. Unfortunatley Vince shares a moment in a cupboard with the head shamans wife. Vince then has to flee from the head shaman Saboo, and his and Howards relationship takes an unexpected turn. I think this is another great episode and I love how Julian Barratt plays Howard Moon, trying to deal with the fact that Vince is much more popular than him.

          In the sixth and final episode of the series named The Chokes, we see Vince get his shot at stardom with his new band The Black Tubes, but he can't play with them unless he fits into the smallest drainpipes ever seen. Howard is happy to stay home, but discovers his favourite director, Jürgen Haabermaaster is on the guestlist. This could be his chance to get his acting talent noticed. First, he has to avoid the chokes, where he freezes up on stage. The final episode of the series is definitley one of the best and plays up to what the characters are brilliantly.

          Overall, I was more than impressed with the third series and can't understand why people don't like it. I think Julian Barratt evolved his character Howard Moon brilliantly. Adding an obsession with stationery to the list of his oddities. However, I was a little disappointed with Noel Fielding's character Vince Noir, I think he played too much on what he already was and re-used old jokes way too much.

          I thought the new characters were good, but feel they didn't compare to the older characters such as Old Gregg and Dixon Bainbridge. I was particularly impressed with Lester Corncrake but equally disappointed with Crack Fox.

          I would definitley say this is the weakest series of Mighty Boosh with the first obviously been the best. However, the quality of the previous two series meant that this series didn't have to be as good and could still be brilliant. I think this is exactly what Barratt and Fielding have done, and I think if you loved the first two series you will definitley enjoy this series just as much.


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            31.08.2008 20:43
            Very helpful



            Brilliant cult show

            Paul King

            Written by and Starring:
            Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt


            Number of episodes:


            Androgynous clothes horse Vince Noir (Fielding) and jazz/ stationery fanatic Howard Moon (Barratt) go about their third series of adventures in a surreal world where the moon talks and they live with a shaman called Naboo (played by Fielding's brother Michael) and his familiar - a talking gorrilla called Bollo.

            Eels - In the third series the duo have taken over the shop Nabootique. Whilst Vince is busy tagging celebrities for his "celeb-radar" Howard is struggling to sell his special brand of elbow patches. As Vince goes out to try and tag part man-part flamingo Pete Neon, Howard encounters, green-faced Victorian henchman the Hitcher who threatens to kill him if he doesn't come up with 1,000 euros by midnight. He is forced to dabble in prostitution with "a geezer in a dress" to try and save himself. It also has a very catchy song that you don't want to find yourself singing to yourself around Tesco (trust me)

            Journey to the Centre of the Punk - Vince has decided to become a punk and become the frontman of band Terminal Margaret. But after he accidentally swallows a piece of Howard's jazz record voodoo scat (laced with the blood of a jazz musician) Howard has to be zapped into miniature form and kill the rogue jazz cell before it's too late for Vince. The most genius bit of this is clearly through Noel Fielding's love of dressing up. He plays some red blood cells, an immune system, Amy Winehouse style secretary, rogue jazz cell and disco clad brain cell. Plus the classic punk performer of the song "I did a shit on your mum."

            The Power of the Crimp: Is absolutely my favourite episode - throughout the other series the duo have often got involved in random little acapellas (about soup, sticklebacks and pancakes) ad this episode goes into that. Vince starts being copied by Lance Dior who then befriends jazzy Harold Boon. Clearly put out Howard and Vince try and come up with new ideas to get back their gig and TV show on BBC3, but are forced into a crimp-off to prove they were its true creators.

            The strange tale of the crack fox: Having thrown out a mountain of bin-bags around the back of the shops, Vince sets about removing them only to discover the crack fox - who used to spend his time punting with a tennis rat and racist badger, but became more akin to partying in London gay clubs. He gases Vince and steals a bottle of Naboo's Shaman-juice, the most powerful potion ever. Vince must get the bottle back with the help of a tramp and Howard's bin men friends, before the crack fox takes over the world and Naboo is executed.

            Party - It is Howard's birthday so Vince persuades him to have a party. Howard dons a man-girdle to try and impress the ladies before being upstaged by Vince. After he gets caught in a cupboard with an extreme calendar model ( the head shaman's wife) he must convince him he is in love with Howard or be beheaded.

            The chokes - Howard is trying to impress a documentary maker by trying to showcase his skills at a variety night hosted by Vince. He seeks the advice of actor Montgomery Flange to help him secure the part. Meanwhile Vince is busy trying to make his legs thinner so he can perform with The Black Tubes who will only let him sing if he has thin enough legs to fit inside a pair of skinny jeans. However things go wrong when recovering alcoholic Sammy the Crab is given beer by the band and goes on the rampage in the club.

            DVD Extras
            A making of documentary featuring interviews with the cast and crew. Don't expect anything too serious though - there are clearly a lot of in jokes on set.
            Publicity - A behind the scenes look at the tv and radio promotion for the series. Worth a watch, but not the best thing on the two discs.
            Deleted scenes
            Mint Royale promotional video
            Clips of all the musical performances cut straight from the series
            Out takes, which are pretty funny
            The trailer used on the BBC to promote the new series
            Audio commentaries from Barratt, Fielding and Rich Fulcher, who plays a number of characters in the show - again this is full of in jokes and full of nonsensical noises. But can be quite funny and an insight into the train of thought in creating such odd characters

            I only got into the Mighty Boosh at a very late stage and felt I had to start watching it to understand what my were going on about and to see whether tabloid regular Fielding deserved all his coverage.
            And to be honest, when I first started watching I just didn't get it at all. But, having stuck with it and acceped it just makes no sense I have come around to love it.
            Having watched all three series now I can say this is my favourite - it is the darkest by a long way and the characters are brilliantly written. My favourites are probably the crack fox and the moon, who are probably as different as you can get.
            This is not your conventional sit-com, it features the most bonkers storylines ever and will always break off into a song halfway through a scene (all written by Barratt.)
            This is definitely the best series and although at times seems to be indulging the duo's love for dressing up in mental outfits it is still worth a watch. I would advise going into it with an open mind, not expecting to understand any of it and prepared to give more than one show.
            Plus watch out for the film next year.

            Cost on Play.com - £12.99


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              15.06.2008 15:46
              Very helpful



              Definitely worth a look, comedy gold!

              The Mighty Boosh Series three DVD

              Starring: Noel fielding and Julian Barratt.
              2 Discs with special features 180 Mins.

              Much has been made about the mighty Boosh; indeed a few observers have attempted to box the comedy series off as "cult comedy", "Surrealism at its most surreal" and even a "musical joke show". In my humble opinion, it is merely a very amusing and very weird television programme.

              The premise of the show is about two friends; Vince Noir - fashion icon, popular nice guy and general "face" in terms of what's hot and what's not, and Howard Moon - A straight talking, nerd like Jazz musician, responsible and stiff.
              Working in a boutique in Dalston, the third series takes the two into an array of adventures in and around the area, often accompanied by musical arrangements, cartoon illustration and bizarre circumstance. The series unfolds:

              1. Eels. Howard and Vince are left in charge of the boutique. Howard is attempting to encourage customers to purchase elbow pads from his recent selection, where as Vince is having much more success in promoting his "celebrity radar tracking devices." As Vince makes his way to tag a celebrity, Howard is visited in the shop by a mysterious man named the Hitcher; a former jellied eel's salesman, who demands a thousand Euros before the night is over...

              2. Journey to the centre of punk. Vince is experimenting with a new look - retro Punk, and is behaving in a strange and aggressive manner expressing his angst. Howard has just taken receipt of a priceless antique Jazz Record, Vince, prompted by his Jazz friends eats the record, releasing an unwanted guest into his bloodstream. Howard must be shrunk, and injected into Vince to save the day...

              3. The Power of the Crimp. Howard and Vince are met by two lookalikes who are attempting to steal their style. The two must battle them in a musical battle to secure their rightful place amongst their fans...

              4. The strange tale of the crack fox. Howard is astonished to find that Vince has been throwing the rubbish into the back yard instead of the bins. As Vince attempts to clear the rubbish he comes across a fox living inside. Vince is taken in by the charming little creature, but soon realises the fox has a hidden agenda...

              5. Party. It is Howard's birthday and Vince uses it as an excuse to throw a large party. As Howard has little friends Vince steals the limelight to release his new style and generate some lady interest...

              6. The Chokes. Howard's favourite Dutch Avant Garde Cinema Director comes to town and he is keen to impress his hero. As Howard gets "the chokes" he freezes every time he thinks about a stage, he has to enlist the help of an old actor to help him. Meanwhile Vince is desperately trying to thin his legs in order to wear skinny jeans - a final hurdle between him and his dream of playing in a band...

              Upon writing the above summaries, I scratch my head and desperately try to think who The mighty Boosh would appeal to. I do find it funny and if you are a fan of The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy, The League of Gentleman or even Harry Hill, I do urge you to give it a go. It is well produced, having the backing of Steve Coogan's Baby Cow Production Company, and it certainly has a cult following. One of the major interests of the DVD is the extensive list of special features:

              Special Features
              The making of The Mighty Boosh - a short fly on the wall documentary highlighting the production and comments from Noel Fielding, Julian Barrett and other cast members.
              Boosh Publicity - Adverts and radio slots from the two, featuring an interview on Radio 1 with Jo Whiley.
              Deleted Scenes and Out Takes
              Audio Commentaries - On a number of episodes with the two.


              Granted The Boosh is not for everybody, but you cannot deny the range of characters and originality of the plot, the show has won numerous awards, and rightly so. It is a refreshing, quirky and alternative show that should keep you entertained for a good few hours.

              Expect to pay - £9.99 - £14.99

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            • Product Details

              Is there anything on television quite like The Mighty Boosh? Bluntly, who cares, for the ongoing adventures and antics of Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt remain a comedic treat, even if season three does have its up and down moments. Let’s temper that, quickly: The Mighty Boosh on one of its lesser days can still generate more laughs than 90% of other modern day comedy series, and that’s certainly the case with the six episodes here. Lead characters Howard and Vince are found working in the Nabootique this time, and it’s not long before they’re joined by some old favourites. Cue Bob Fossil, the sublime Shamen and the Moon, among others. If there’s one downside to The Mighty Boosh’s third season, it is perhaps a little too much self-indulgence, which occasionally tempers things. But then that’s set against some brilliantly ambitious episodes, some of the finest surrealist humour on the telly, and the terrific Crack Fox. There’s little denying that as a show, The Mighty Boosh can easily be classed as bizarre, bonkers, and straight-out odd. But here, that’s turned into the show’s strength. And given the side-splitting laughs it continues to generate, we wouldn’t have it any other way. --Jon Foster

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