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The Tudors - Season 4 (DVD)

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Genre: Television / Suitable for 15 years and over / Director: Ciaran Donnelly, Jeremy Podeswa, Steve Shill, Brian Kirk / Actors: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Henry Cavill, Sarah Bolger, Joely Richardson, Max Brown ... / DVD released 2011-03-21 at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: Subtitled, PAL

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    1 Review
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      21.11.2012 23:37
      Very helpful



      Wrote this review on my phone!

      Season four was such a thrilling way to end the show. Watching it has made me notice how there are some really creepy coincidences in The Tudor Dynasty such as Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard being cousins, both end up marrying the same king and both are beheaded for the same charges. The underlying tragedy in it all was that they were both pawns for other people plotting for personal gain.

      There has been lots of drama going on, and in the final series, I think it all tries to end with a bang and everything catches up with everybody. It's also very nostalgic because there are a lot of flashbacks and hints that Anne Boleyn was the love of his life and he regrets putting her to death. Jonathan Rhys Meyers who plays Henry may not be obese and ginger as the king himself, but I think that Jonathan really captured the heart of his character and portrayed Henry in a more human form as a historical figure.
      There are so many good quotes I've found in this season. I say that they are good because they really stick in my head. I also think it is because of the tone of their voice when they say it. These are some examples.

      "We were like two moths drawn to the flame, and burned..." - Anne Boleyn
      "But I was still your wife in God's eyes and still am." - Catherine Of Aragon

      As you can tell Maria Donnel Kennedy and Natalie Dormer are my two favourite actresses. I also like Annabel Wallis and Joss stone because I liked Jane Seymour and Anne Of Cleves in this, but Catherine Of Aragon and Anne Boleyn were my favourite things about the series and I am happy to get to see all of the wives in this series.
      My favourite episode in this series was the finale because Henry is really reflective and the acting was really touching. I really love the dream sequences where Henry is haunted by the ghosts of his first three wives. It doesn't tell us, but we can really see how much he regrets the mistreatment of his wives and children. It is also ironic that Jane, the one Henry was buried next to was the one that told him the most. I would have really liked the spirits of some of the other characters though, such as Katherine Howard, Thomas More and Thomas Cromwell.

      The scenes that led to Katherine Howard's demise were disturbing. I had very little sympathy for Culpepper because I thought he was really creepy loverat. It was quite frustrating because Katherine is so naive and she has no idea that she is a pawn until her final hours.
      Sarah Bolger who plays Lady Mary does a brilliant job. I do find a couple of Mary's scenes a bit unsettling to watch such as the time where Katherine and Mary didn't get on and when Mary broke down, I felt like crying too. I think I got really attached to her character because like father like daughter, her own desires lead her to her demise.

      I think that this season has the most nudity in it, and I think in some cases the scenes were almost worth an 18 certificate. There is lots of implied sex and nudity and some of the executions display some bodily fluids, and I don't mean just blood.
      The season itself starts from the time Henry is married to Katherine Howard to the last few months before his death. The only thing I am disspointed with is that Anne Of Cleves never really got a proper closure. Like after Henry has a sleepover at Hever castle, Anne of Cleves is never heard of again which I thought was quite funny because she got on with Katherine and has the title of The King's Sister. Maybe she was out there in the background and missed it, but I think she could have had more scenes.

      I say that because Anne Of Cleves outlived all his wives and also heard that in real life, she didn't approve of Henry's marriage with his last wife, Kartherine Parr (is nicknamed Kate in the show.) Overall I think that the show is fabolous and that this season had a satisfying closing finale.
      I would love it if there was a fifth season where it revolves around the reigns of Edward, Lady Jane Grey and Mary. After all, the show isn't called Henry VIII, it is called The Tudors. Don't think that will be coming any time soon though, but I love The Tudors and once my addiction to this is over, I will find more historical drama\fiction to enjoy.


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