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The Vampire Diaries - Season 1 (DVD)

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9 Reviews

Genre: Television / Suitable for 15 years and over / Actors: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder ... / DVD released 2010-08-23 at Warner Home Video / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    9 Reviews
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      23.02.2014 13:14
      Very helpful



      An amazing season full of twists and turns for a low price

      The vampire diaries season one.
      Price: £6.59 on Amazon
      Release date: 2009/ 2010
      Number if episodes: 22
      Aired on ITV2

      The original twilight! This book series was what the twilight saga was based on. I am happy to announce that it didn't stay as a book series and is now a major Tv series. I haven't read all the books therefore I feel I do not have enough knowledge to write this review as a comparison so I am going to write this as a review of the first season as a TV Show only.

      Love. Friendship
      Lust. Family
      Death. Violence

      Elena Gilbert- Nina Dobrev
      Stefan Salvatore- Paul Wesley
      Damon Salvatore- Ian Somerhalder
      Jeremy Gilbert- Steven R McQueen
      Jenna Sommers- Sara Canning
      Bonnie Bennett- Katerina Graham
      Caroline Forbes- Candice Accola
      Matt Donovan- Zach Roerig
      Tyler Lockwood- Michael Trevino

      The cast is brilliant I can't fault it and the characters reactions with one of others are brilliant. My favourite characters are Damon the bad boy vampire and Bonnie the witch best friend I find these characters go through many emotions throughout the series and the actors portray the characters really well. Like every other series there is a victim Elena, the good innocent school girl who needs protecting from something. Stefan and Damon the two brothers one bad and one good both fighting for the love of Elena. The blonde shallow cheerleader, Caroline who doesn't want to be shallow. The thoughtful intelligent one who knows too much, Bonnie, the best friend.

      Elena loses both her parents in a car crash and promises herself that this academic year is to be different she will not be the girl that everyone feels sorry for. It is different on so many levels. The Salvatore brothers have just moved back to town. Stefan and Damon Good brother Vs Bad brother. Of course naturally I would find the most attractive one Damon, such a sucker for a bad boy. Stefan is trying to keep mystic falls and Elena safe where as Damon has other plans and is playing a messy game. Stefan has a photograph of his previous girlfriend Katherine who looks identical to Elena. Why do Elena and Katherine look so identical?

      Thoughts on the plot
      As the plot thickens the story unfolds and with every episode you learn something new about the story and characters. Unlike a lot of other series the events unfold and the past is retold thorough a series of flashbacks. The flashbacks are not as confusing as they might seem but do give you a sense of something else needs to be told. So many twists and turns throughout the 22 episodes that sometimes it seems hard to keep up but as long as you're focused and keep up it's easy to follow.

      Episode guide
      1. Pilot
      It's the first day of school and as Elena is trying to fit back into her school life being the new and improved Elena a mystery new guy has arrived... Stefan Salvatore. It's not long before Stefan and Elena start talking and becoming more aware of one another.

      2. The Night Of The Comet
      As mystic falls prepares for a festival to celebrate the passing of a comet, Vicki is in hospital recovering from an attack she can no longer remember. Was it an animal or a vampire? The memory is hazy for her. Jenna gets called into the school and is made to feel a failure at being a surrogacy parent after Jeremy (Elena's brother) had been skipping lessons and taking drugs.

      3. Friday Night Bites
      Stefan joins the Football team where Tyler and Matt try to humiliate him. Elena also continues to ignore the semi-psychic Bonnie's warnings that Stefan is not the guy Elena thinks he is. Elena tries to get the two of them to get along and hosts a dinner party for her best Friend Bonnie and her boyfriend Stefan. The dinner party backfires. Damon crashes the party with Caroline who he is now seeing as a way of getting closer to Elena and also get his blood fix.

      4. Family Ties
      Elena asks Stefan to the annual Founders dance. Vicki gets Tyler to ask her and Damon makes Caroline ask him. Zach reveals a family secret to Stefan. Damon tells Elena how she is the spitting image of Stefan's ex girlfriend Katherine. Stefan tries to get Damon out of his life forever without revealing the Salvatore secret. Elena sees the bite marks on Caroline's body and is worried that Damon is mistreating her best friend.

      5. You're undead to me
      Damon is still locked up and growing weaker each day that passes. Jeremy and Vicki have got back together. The school holds a car wash to raise money. At the car wash Bonnie accidentally starts a fire using her special powers. She is horrified and confused so she goes to her grandmother for help and advise. Meanwhile Elena and Stefan continue to have trust issues as he is still unwilling to tell Elena his secret. Later on Elena hears a shocking story about Stefan and Damon from a stranger who recognises Stefan

      6. Lost Girls
      Elena demands that Stefan explains the frightening events that have been happening in Mystic Falls. In a strong of flashbacks, Stefan explains how his rivalry with Damon began back in the Civil War when they met the love of their lives Katherine, the vampire who was the one that sired both of them. In the present, Damon impulsively takes control of Vicki's future, and a confused and frightened Vicki runs away. Also, Sheriff Forbes, Mayor Lockwood, Logan and the others take drastic steps to protect the town.

      7. Haunted
      As Halloween approaches Vicki's behaviour spirals out of control and Stefan tries to keep her on the right path. Elena tries to keep Jeremy away from Vicki for this own safety but naturally wants to do the opposite. Caroline gives Bonnie a necklace that she took from Damon to wear with her Halloween costume. When Damon tries to take it back he is shocked by Bonnie's ability to repel him. Bonnie learns more about her families past as voodoo witches.

      8. 162 Candles
      On Stefan's birthday he is surprised by a visits from one of his oldest and best vampire friends Lexi. After recent events Elena tries her best to stay away from Stefan.Jeremy has a sudden change is behaviour which supposes both Jenna and Elena, but Elena knows that Damon's mind-wipe powers did something to her brother.

      9. History Repeating
      A new history teacher arrives called Alaric arrives in town. Bonnie continues to have terrifying dreams involving the ghost of her great- grandmother Emily Bennett who is trying to send her a message. Bonnie then decides to hold a seance with Elena and Caroline to try to contact Emily to find out what she wants.

      10. The Turning Point
      After reading a journal kept by a Gilbert ancestor, Jeremy begins to sketch again, a hobby he quit when his parents died. Sheriff Forbes notifies Damon of another Vampire attack and Damon offers to try track down the killer.

      11. Bloodlines
      After surviving the horrific car crash Elena still shaken by her resemblance to Katherine Pierce. Damon takes Elena on a little road trip to Georgia where he meets with an old witch friend named Bree. Damon asks Bree for help to free Katherine from her tomb. Jeremy meets a new local girl called Anna who gives him an insight on the vampire legends about the town as he continues to research his heritage.

      Damon, Elena and Stefan attend a 1950s themed school dance. Alaric introduces himself to Damon whom he suspects is a vampire that killed his wife. Stefan and Damon try to figure out the identity of the new vampire in town who is now stalking Elena.

      13. Children Of The Damned
      Stefan and Damon recall the incidents that led to the rift in their relationship

      14. Fool Me Once
      Stefan helps Elena and Bonnie out if a dangerous situation when they were both kidnapped by Ben and Anna.

      15. A Few Good Men
      Stefan and Elena are worried about Damon's attitude, while one vampire from the crypt is loose and killing. Meanwhile, Damon is asked by Sheriff Forbes to take part in a fund- raising bachelor auction.

      16.There Goes The Neighbourhood
      Anna brings a surprising guest along when she pays a visit to Damon. Elena and Stefan go on an awkward double date with Caroline and Matt.

      17.Let The Right One In
      Stefan and Damon make a dangerous new enemy. A handful of Vampires from the tomb abduct and hold Stefan hostage in the farmhouse to torture him

      18. Under Control
      Stefan struggles to control his new situation of blood lust. Elena and Jeremy are surprised by a visit from their Uncle John Gilbert. John Gilbert arrives with an agenda. Damon tries to find out why Uncle John has returned to Mystic Falls but that takes an ugly turn. Alaric has an awkward chat with Elena regarding his Ex-Wife Isobel.

      19.Miss Mystic Falls
      Elena and Caroline compete for the title of Miss Mystic Falls. Bonnie returns to town and Elena is happy to have her back, Bonnie refuses to talk to her. John Gilbert attempts to intimidate Damon into helping him. Damon discovers that Stefan is hiding a dangerous secret that could impact everyone in town.

      20. Blood Brothers
      Stefan struggles to come to term with his past. Stefan and Damon reveal parts of their history to Elena until she finally learns the truth about how they became vampires.

      21. Isobel
      Isobel returns to town and stuns Alaric with her attitude and demands. Isobel refuses to answer Elena's Questions but reveals she will stop at nothing to find the invention John Gilbert has been searching for.

      22. Founders Day
      Mystic Falls celebrates one hundred and fifty years. Stefan is upset with the revelation of Damon's feelings toward Elena. Anna offers Jeremy blood to turn him into a vampire.

      Favourite quotes
      Damon: No, Stefan, thank you. You're back on Bambi blood, and I'm the big bad-ass brother again. All is right in the world.
      Damon: Stefan is different. He wants to be human. He wants to feel every episode of How I Met Your Mother.

      Damon: What's so special about this Bella girl anyway? Edward's so wipped.
      Caroline: You have to read the first book first, otherwise it won't make sense.
      Damon: Uh, I miss Ann Rice, she was so on it.
      Caroline: Hey, how come you don't sparkle?
      Damon: Because I live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun.

      I love this series, I watched it first when it was first aired on itv2 back in 2009/ 2010 then I became so busy I must have forgotten about it until I saw it on amazon. It's taken me 3 days to watch all 22 episodes. I love a weekend off work. It's not as supernatural as other shows I like. I love how the series has lines to make fun out of twilight and other tv shows it keeps The Vampire Diaries fresh and current. The flashbacks I love and the learning of the history is my favourite part, I've recently discovered I'm a bit of a history buff. I like finding out about the town and the events that have occurred there (fact or fiction) I wish I lived in a town with founders balls and community events that are full of people willing to help anyone. Having that many good looking people in one small town is hard to believe though. I cannot describe how much I enjoyed this season. Like most seasons this one ended with a cliff hanger. With this series you can't leave the room and come back and not have missed something. There is so much information and story through speech and actions that you can't afford to miss anything as you're likely to get confused. I would say the age range for this series is young adult it's based in a school, so teenagers can relate to it to an extend, especially with peer pressure, relationships etc. That doesn't mean that older people wouldn't like this either. When I went home I used to watch it on the TV and my Dad didn't complain too much about my tv choice but he also didn't pay too much attention.

      I would recommend this season and look forward to watching and reviewing season 2. If you like twilight you are likely to like this but even if you don't like sparkling vampires but like other vampire/ supernatural books/ tv etc then I think you would really like this.


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        30.08.2013 00:18
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        The Hottest Vampire Series out there

        The story is based around the human Elena Gilbert who's parents have both died in a car crash (just like in True Blood) and she is being raised by her aunt Jenna who is very young. She also lives with her younger Jeremy who has gone off the rails since his parents died and is drinking and doing drugs.
        She meets Stefan Salvador (who we know straight away is a vampire) and there is an instant connection between them. It turns out the Elena is the double of Stefan's ex girlfrind and sire Kathryn who lived in mystic falls in he 1860s but died in a fire, which might explain Stefan's instant strong feelings for Elana.
        Early on in the series Damon (Stefan's older Brother) appears and it instantly clear that Stefan is the clean cut brother (he doesn't feed on humans, doesn't kill and is all round wholesome) whereas Damon is the very very bad brother who was also in love with Kathryn in the 1860s and since loosing her has been on a killing, partying and trying to make Stefan miserable spree. Saying that you are instantly drawn to Damon and it's clear there is more to him than a heartless monster although you do wonder if that's true sometimes as he is pretty brutal and evil.

        I do love paranormal romance novels and love mythology but I do not normally enjoy TV versions of this genre. For example I loved the True-blood books but thought the series was rubbish glorified porn, but this had me hooked within 3-4 episodes.

        The first few episodes I was not convinced but as had been told to watch in 20+ times and I saw the first season in CEX for £6 I thought why not I'll give it a go. It seemed like it was going to be a really cheesy high school drama - twilight style during the first few episodes but that soon calms down when it gets into the main story, and what a story it is, there is so much going on that I find it impossible to relay the plot to anyone but it is not to complicated to keep up with if your watching it.
        There are loads of different plot lines going on at the same time but they will blend together and complement each other well.

        There is great supernatural mythology with Vampire, Witches, and Ghosts in the first series all of which are linked to the main story and inevitably Elena and Kathryn. Although Kathryn is not in the series she is the driving force behind everything that happens and they do a great job of getting you to feel a certain way towards her when she doesn't even appear which is a sign of a great writer and directors.

        It's hard to review the series well without giving away to much of the plot but I will say that the seris has something for everyone:
        Vampires, Ghosts and Witches
        Romance, Passion and Sex (but not explicit)
        Tales of redemption and recovery
        Action, fight scenes and violence (again not explicit)
        And even a bit of snobbery and class wars.
        Amazing characters with brilliantly written back stories.
        Great Actors and Actresses, who really bring the story to life.

        And on top of all that if your still not convinced Ian Somerhalder who pays Damon may just be the hottest man to ever walk the planet (even beating Johnny Depp)

        Happy Watching :)

        This review is also on my ciao account under shellyjaneo


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          08.10.2012 14:11




          === Reason For Reviewing ===
          I was reminded today that the new series of The Vampire Diaries (series four) starts next Monday at nine O'clock on ITV2. I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to tell everyone what an amazing show this really is and how you must catch up in time for the new series.

          === Plot ===
          Two vampire brothers Damon (Ian Somerholder) and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), have been in their bloodthirsty condition, for centuries, moving on to different locations before someone notices, the two seventeen-year-olds, are not ageing. They have come back to the town of Mystic Falls, in Virginia, where they became vampires. Stefan is honest and caring, relentlessly denying himself human blood to avoid killing. His brother Damon, on the other hand, is dangerous, careless and will do anything he can to make Stefan's after-life, a living hell. Stefan, trying to maintain his humanity, enrols at the Mystic Falls High School where he meets a beautiful young girl called Elena (Nina Dobrev), who has an uncanny resemblance to his long-lost love Katherine. Damon, who was also in love with Katherine, ruthlessly pursues Elena in order to fill the hole in his heart, that Katherine left behind. While the two brothers are fighting over their newly-found love, unearthly dangers are closing in on Mystic Falls and it is up to Stefan and Damon to, put their past behind them and defend their town and their love.

          === Reasons To Buy ===
          I personally found that each episode was so thrilling and action-packed, that it would be hard not to watch even if you was just flicking through the channels. You never know how the episode is going to end and it is permanently challenging the special effects and the storyline. This is not just a romance for the women to watch but even men, like myself, could watch it purely for the fight scenes, which are really entertaining. So please, if you are fascinated by vampires, werewolves, ghosts or witches then this show is for you.

          === Prices ===
          I have watch each series on TV but I do believe you can purchase the first series here;
          Amazon - £8.49
          HMV - £16.00
          ASDA - £7.00


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          31.01.2012 14:14
          Very helpful



          When your hooked (which you will be) there are a further 2 series to sink your teeth in!

          I started watching The Vampire Diaries when it arrived in the UK on ITV2, after the first 15 minutes of Episode 1 I was hooked! As a teenager I had loved programmes such as Buffy and Dawson's Creek, and TVD is a quality combination of both, which is not surprising considering the writing team behind it!

          The writers, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec have struck just the right cord! Kevin Williamson has previously been involved with Dawson's Creek and both where involved with the Scream films, and you can tell! TVD is full of the teenage angst you would expect and the suspense and shock of a horror film. But be warned there is a hell of a lot to take in! I have since begun to read the books the Series is based upon, but find the character of Elena too self centred and un-likeable and compared to Nina Dobrev's portrayal I much more prefer the TV series over the books.

          In Series 1, Elena is getting over the loss of her parents, struggling to get back to normal life under the care of her Aunt Jenna along with her easily led brother Jeremy. Jeremy has turned to drugs to cope with the loss and is struggling to cope at school, and Aunt Jenna is out of her depth but striving to do the best she can.

          On the first day back at school she bumps into (literally) mysterious new guy Stefan. There is an instant attraction and you can almost see the sparks flying! As in a lot of TVD episodes there is always a party, celebration or dance going on where all the characters attend and the first episode is no exception. With Elena and Stefan at the same party they get to talking and realise they both feel the same loneliness and loss. Meanwhile a girl called Vicky storms off into the woods after a row with her boyfriend and as Jeremy roams the woods later he stumbles over Vicky and although conscious she has lost a lot of blood from a bite to the neck. In the hospital she claims a vampire attached her. On Stefan's return home that night he is greeted by his older brother Damon. Damon at this juncture embraces all there is from being a Vampire. He has turned off his emotions and feeds on people unlike Stefan who has turned his back on Damon and feeds on animals. Damon is his complete opposite.

          As Series 1 progresses, Elena and Stefan grow closer and become a couple despite the meddling of Damon who attempts to charm Elena. The Series follows Elena and Stefan's relationship with all of the usual teenage issues and the more unusual issues including the realisation by Elena that Stefan is in fact a Vampire along with brother Damon, and family issues such as she was adopted. You get to learn of how a Vampire is made and how Stefan and Damon's same to become Vampires in their past and the vampire they fell in love with who turned them...Katherine!

          As we get further into the series the writers begin to develop the characters further. This includes Stefan's addiction to blood, Elena's true family history, Damon's obsession with the tomb, Bonnie's confusion over becoming a Witch.

          Damon begins to open up to Elena and with Stefan and Bonnie they assist him in opening the tomb where he believes Katherine to be imprisoned. Elena then finds out that her Uncle John is forming a plan to rid the town of all the vampires including her beloved Stefan and Damon. This leads to the explosive end of the series and no-one will see the twist at the end.

          There is too much to include all of the highlights and all the significant events of Series One in a review but the Series 1 is one of the best I have seen. It's a programme of Vampires, Witches, and Doppelgangers, not to mention, love, loss, betrayal, passion and honour.


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          09.09.2011 18:18
          Very helpful



          Love bites!

          If you ask any of my friends they will tell you that, other than perfume and handbags, I am addicted to US drama. My best friend Elizabeth told me to watch the series the Vampire Diaries as she was hooked on it and wanted someone to gossip with about the series. As I was too late to catch the series on ITV2 I decided to buy the first series.

          What is this series about? :

          Starting as a series of novels by L. J. Smith, the Vampire Diaries is based in the fictional town of Mystic Falls (which is apparently set in Virginia) in America. The town Mystic Falls (not only aptly named mystic for the fact that strange things happen here) seems to be a place where you grow up with your friends, going to the same primary (well the American equivalent) school and high school. Due to this, the teenage characters have history, knowing each other for a long time. Due to this, the town seems rather safe and quiet. That is until the mysterious (and very cute) Stefan Salvatore returns to town.

          The series follows the life of Elena Gilbert, a 17-year-old girl, who has recently lost her parents. Feeling like her old life doesn't matter; Elena seems to not connect with her friends easily (besides her best friend Bonnie). So when Stefan arrives at school, Elena is drawn to this brooding new character. Almost instantly she falls for the 162-year-old vampire. Soon she begins to realise Stefan's real character, making the relationship complicated.

          Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as Stefan's elder brother Damon (Whom is so annoyingly charming and very hot) returns with a plan to wreak havoc on the town and also to annoy Stefan. The brothers have a complicated relationship, which becomes increasingly more complicated as both brothers begin to show affection towards Elena. As you can imagine, Stefan isn't very pleased with the knowledge that Damon feels something for his girlfriend.

          The reason for this, Elena soon learns, is that she has a striking resemblance to the woman Damon and Stefan loved 150 years ago, Katherine (whom may look like Elena but is nothing like her character - In fact she seems exactly opposite). This was the same woman whom made Stefan and Damon vampires all those years ago.

          Luckily, this series was very popular. Resulting in a 2nd series (which has recently been released onto DVD) and a third series which will be released on the 15/09/11 in America. Unfortunatly I dont know when this will be released in the UK (hopefully very very soon!)

          CAST (Character name - Actors name):

          Elena Gilbert - Nina Dobrev
          Stefan Salvatore - Paul Wesley
          Damon Salvatore - Ian Somerhalder
          Jeremy Gilbert - Steven R. McQueen
          Jenna Sommers - Sara Canning
          Bonnie Bennett - Katerina Graham
          Caroline Forbes - Candice Accola
          Matt Donovan - Zach Roerig
          Vicki Donovan - Kayla Ewell
          Tyler Lockwood - Michael Trevino
          Alaric Saltzman - Matt Davis

          My favourite character has to be without a doubt Damon Salvatore. He is the lovable rogue. The older brother of Stefan Salvatore, he is very charming and attractive. He is also quite a comical individual and has the almost reverse character of his younger brother.

          My least favourite character is Vicki Donovan. She has an annoying personality and strings along the sweet innocent Jeremy Gilbert. She is a screw up and completely different to her brother Matt Donovan. Both are friends of the main character Elena Gilbert.

          I think that the cast are brilliant and act well. I had never seen any of the cast before in any of the other American dramas I had seen, which is nice because I'm not comparing their performances or their characters with others I have seen of them.

          This series has 22 episodes in total. Although I think this series starts slowly, after episode 8 I was truly hooked. If after the first couple of episodes you are not that enamoured by this series, I would suggest that you carry on with this series as this is definitely a series that draws you in. Each episode is roughly 45 minutes long. The episodes sometimes end in a way where you just NEED to know what happens next, so you could find yourself watching 3 or 4 episodes a night (or in my case 10 in a day -I know this is bad but my main excuse is that I'm not at Uni at the moment, I'm bored).

          Price and where to buy? :

          I bought this Series box set three weeks ago (20/08/2011) from Tesco for £12, only to go in to the store a week later to find that they are selling it for the bargain price of £7. This I believe was the result of series 2 of the Vampire Diaries being released. Amazon also sells this fantastic series for £9.

          Would I recommend? :

          I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who loves American drama. Even if you're not that interested by the idea of Vampires to begin with, I honestly think that this series will appeal to fans of American dramas such as One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl. Vampire Diaries is a highly addictive American drama that will appeal to females aged 13- 30 (I say this as my oldest sister is 27 and loves this series).

          I give the Vampire Diaries Series one four out of five stars.


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            23.08.2011 23:53



            Would recommend to friends as I think it is a brilliant show

            Vampire diaries is a drama about a vampire called Stefan who falls in love with a human girl Elena. At first, it sounds typical, but then the arrival of Stefan's dark and sadistic brother Damon shakes things up a bit. He and Stefan have a very long history when they were humans. They fell in love with a girl called Katherine in 1866 who was a vampire and turned both brothers into vampires too. Damon resents Stefan for making him complete the change and has vowed to make his life a living hell for all eternity. They believe Katherine died in a fire in 1866 or did she? And why does she look so much like Elena? The series is based on the famous books The Vampire Diaries, but I would say they were very different. I have read the books and found the tv series much more entertaining. It had me on the edge of my seat and wanting more at the end of each episode. The introduction of werewolves and an additional witch makes an interesting concoction. The acting is brilliant as is the writing for the show and is very popular with people I know as are the actors who play Stefan and Damon who are very easy on the eye. It has everything you expect from an american series and more. Love Love Love it!!


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            07.06.2011 12:16
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A fantastic story line with enough twists and turns to keep you interested.

            The Story

            Without giving too much away, The Vampire Diaries is a TV programme based on the books written by L.J. Smith and tells the love story of a vampire boy (Stefan) and human girl (Elena) set in high school in the small town of Mystic Falls. You may think this sounds very similar to Twilight and in some respects it is, however the twist in this story is that Elena is identical to a Vampire called Kathrine, with whom Stefan and his vampire brother Damon were both madly in love with when they were still human over 100 years ago, but who is thought to have died in a fire in the 1800s. The likeness between Elena and Katherine is what first captured Stefan's interest and later also the interest of Damon. As with many storys involving siblings there is of course one good and one bad; Stefan is the 'good' brother and the younger of the two, he does not kill humans or drink human blood (like Edward from Twilight) and he cares very much for the feelings of others. Damon is the 'bad' brother who will quite happily take the life of a human if it means he can get what he wants, however he does also have a charm about him that Stefan lacks, which is necessary as I think that at times Stefan's character can be quite dull and boring and the humorous, cheeky charm of Damon helps to balance this out . Both brothers are able to go out into the sunlight as they have 'magic' rings which protect tham from turning to dust, thanks to the help of one of Bonnie's ancestors. As the story progresses Elena becomes more and more involved in the supernatural as she discovers that her ancestors were involved in the hunting of vampires and she discovers that one of her best friends, Bonnie, is a witch, while the other, Caroline, becomes involved with Damon. There are many more twists and turns in the storyline that lead Elena to discover how her and someone born hundreds of years ago can look like twins while her uncle tries to continue the work of his ancestors to rid the town of vampires.

            The main characters

            Almost every character in the show, with a few exceptions, can be linked to something vampire or super natural related. The main characters in the show are:

            Elena (played by Nina Dobrev): A high school student who lives with her Aunt Jenna and younger brother Jeremy after the untimely death of her parents who were involved in a car accident. She is a fairly qiet and lovely girl who, up until the death of her parents was dating her childhood friend, Matt.

            Stefan(Paul Wesley - you might recognise him from The OC): A vampire who returns to the small town and enrolls himself in school after noticing Elena. He classes himself as a good vampire, who only drinks animal blood. He lives with his great nephew in his family home. Stefan is a quiet individual who wants to do right by the humans, but he has his own secrets from his past which aren't so squeaky clean.

            Damon (Ian Somerhalder - you might recognise him from Lost): Stefan's older brother who oozes charm and brings cheeky, subtle humour to the show. Damon rarely considers the feelings of others and is impulsive, deceptive and determind to get what he wants, regardless of the consequences. However, like Stefan, he has a past.

            Bonnie (Katerina Graham): One of Elena's best friend who discovers from her grandmother that she is a witch after some strange experiences.

            Caroline (Candice Accola): Elena's other best friend who says what she thinks and often comes across as selfish and inconsiderate, although with time, especially later in the series, she reveals a much more caring personality.

            Matt (Zach Roerig): Elena's ex-boyfriend who lives at home with his sister Vicki. His mother is rarely seen and often abandons him and his sister, leaving Matt pick up the pieces and pay the bills.

            Tyler (Michael Trevino): Matt's friend who has a very interesting secret of his own...

            Jeremy (Steven R McQueen): Elena's brother who is a typical teenager that is still desperately trying to get over the loss of his parents but going the wrong way about it by becoming involved with drugs.

            Alaric (Matthew Davis - you may recognise him from Legally Blonde): The schools new history teacher who knows more than he lets on about the existance of vampires. He also has a nifty ring that protects him from death by supernatural causes and a few secrets...

            John (David Anders): Elena's uncle who is not seen until later on in the show, he hates vampires and intends to continue the work of his ancestors to rid the town of them for good. John also has a 'magic' ring that protects him from death by supernatural means.

            My opinions

            I first came across this programme while channel surfing one evening and decided to give it ago. In my opinion the first few episodes were a bit slow and difficult to get into but I would definately recommend to anyone that you persist with the programme because it soon becomes addictive and always leaves you wanting more. I think that the story line is brilliant and as previously mentioned it does have some similarities to Twilight but is also completely different. I like the fact that it is a TV series and so could, in theory go on forever. I believe that the programme is aimed at teenagers, however, despite this myself and many of my friends, some of whom are women in their 20s, 30s and 40s absolutely love this show and it is ofter one of our topics of conversation (plus we can't help but drool over the particularly good looking male characters, especially Damon) . I think that for the average price of a boxset this series is great value for money as it is they type of programme you can watch again and again and still be left on the edge of your seat at the end of every episode.
            My one criticism of the series is that it is very different to the books. As with most things these days I watched the programme before reading the books and found the books difficult to read as I already had images of the characters in my head from the TV series and they were described so differently in the books. For example, in the TV series Elena is dark haired, fairly quiet and completely lovely, however in the book she is described as being blonde and occasionally unfriendly. She also has a younger teenage brother in the TV series, hover in the books she has a much younger sibling in their early childhood. Needless to say I could not finish the books as the two storylines differed so much I just could not get my head into the books.


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              10.02.2011 08:04
              Very helpful



              Wonderful and I love it!

              Those of you that have been reading my reviews for some time will know that I am a bit of a Twilight obsessive. I love the whole love story going on in the saga and I think Edward Cullen is pretty much the perfect man in the world and surely nobody else could come close to being that perfect?! Well, then someone suggested to me that I take a look at The Vampire Diaries and at first I wasn't sure, but given my love for Twilight I decided it would be worth a go and I never looked back.

              The Vampire Diaries is set in a small American town named Mystic Falls. It seems the kind of town where everyone knows everyone and also everyone is super beautiful! The town has always had some kind of supernatural history with vampires being very present in the 1860's although it seems for the most part people are unaware of this history. When vampire Stefan Salvatore returns to Mystic Falls, followed shortly after by his brother Damon who is also a vampire we begin to learn more about the history of the town.

              Stefan Salvatore returns to Mystic Falls because he sees a girl who reminds him of the vampire who changed him into a vampire. Elena Gilbert is the spitting image of Katherine in fact and Stefan knows that he has to know her. Stefan is I guess the equivalent of Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga. He is good, and survives on animal blood to keep him going. Stefan is played by Paul Wesley who is not an actor I had heard of or seen before The Vampire Diaries. Wesley plays Stefan perfectly as a brooding, caring and sensitive vampire who is clearly very much smitten by Elena. Paul Wesley is also incredibly easy on the eye!

              When Stefan's brother Damon returns we learn that the pair have a troubled past and often had fights during their time as vampires. This is mainly down to Katherine, who Damon still loves and blames Stefan for what he sees to be her demise. Damon is played by Ian Somerhalder who I did recognise as he played Boone in the TV show Lost. Again, the casting here is wonderful in my opinion as Somerhalder plays the bad side of Damon so very well and yet you are still so drawn to him. I think the reason for this is that as the series goes on you can somehow see there is a different side to Damon and it is the age old thing of thinking "He is bad, but I think I could change him". Once more Ian Somerhalder is very easy on the eye!

              Elena Gilbert is played by Nina Dobrov and I have never seen her in anything but this series. She plays the role of Elena very well and I cannot imagine anyone else actually playing the role. You can see with her beauty why the vampires care so much for her and she plays the popular, yet troubled, school girl very well.

              In this series of The Vampire diaries we learn so much about the characters including their lives now, and their lives then in the case of the Salvatore brothers. The episodes do sometimes flick from current time to past but this is done without making it seem confusing. What I like about this series is that it doesn't all completely focus on the main three characters and we do learn about some of the other characters such as Bonnie and Caroline who are Elena's best friends at school who also have issues going on. I also enjoy seeing Elena's brother Jeremy develop as a character who initially starts off as a teen with serious issues and develops into a strong young man.

              I have loved seeing the relationship between Elena and Stefan develop throughout the series but I have also found it really interesting to see the relationship between Elena and Damon develop too as it is quite clear that he has deep feelings for her too, but he just cannot bring himself to be open about his feelings. What is also very interesting to see on screen is the different relationships we see between Katherine and the Salvatore brothers and I have to say, as Katherine is played by Nina Dobrev too she is a very lucky lady getting to kiss all the boys!

              As the series developed I found that I became increasingly keen to watch the following episode, sometimes watching four in a night because I just needed that fix. The episodes can end in a way where you just need to watch the next one and for this reason I am glad I have the DVD box set! I am currently being tormented with the "one a week" episodes for series two on sky at the moment and it is a nightmare!

              There are twenty two episodes on series one of The Vampire Diaries and each episode seems to last around 45 minutes. On the DVDs on some of the episodes there may be extended scenes but I am unsure as to how you can tell what is what if you are just watching directly from the DVD like I am. There are also some special features on the DVD looking at the popularity of vampires, creating the series and there is also an audio book on the final disc.

              I am sure you can tell from reading so far that I adore this series and I would thoroughly recommend it to those who have a bit of a thing for vampires or supernatural shows as it really is brilliant. It is actually based on a series of books but I have to say it must be quite loosely based on them as characters just seem so different in the books and I could not enjoy them at all.

              Cast list
              Elena Gilbert: Nina Dobrev
              Stefan Salvatore: Paul Wesley
              Damon Salvatore: Ian Somerhalder
              Jeremy Gilbert: Steven R McQueen
              Jenna Sommers: Sara Canning
              Bonnie Bennett: Katernina Graham
              Caroline Forbes: Candice Accola
              Matt Donovan: Zach Roerig
              Vicki Donovan: Kayla Ewell
              Tyler Lockwood: Michael Trevino
              Alaric Saltzman: Matt Davis

              Season two is currently about halfway through on ITV 2 and shows at 9pm on a Tuesday in case anyone wants to have a quick peep before making a decision as to whether to buy the dvds!

              Thank you for reading!


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                02.02.2011 16:12
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                Not one to miss!

                My boys are back! It's not long until TVD Tuesdays are back. This stands for The Vampire Diaries and I am very happy it will be back on my screen this Tuesday, after taking a little break. Series 2 is currently showing on TV but this review is about the first series.
                This show, shown on the CW network in America and ITV2 in the UK, was first shown in September 2009 and January 2010 in the UK. It has 22 episodes and was released on DVD at the end of August 2010.


                The Vampire Diaries is ultimately about Elena (Nina Dobrev) and the two sexy Salvatore brothers (Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder) in Mystical Falls.

                Watching the first episode you would not be mistaken for thinking this is very similar to Twilight in that it features a high school in a small town and a good vampire falling for a human. Indeed The Vampire Diaries does have Twilight to thank for its creation as a TV series. Without The Twilight Saga a lot of programmes may not have been made. But that is where the similarities end really. For one, these vampires can walk in the sun (thanks to a special ring). Also Elena, upon finding out what our good vampire Stefan is, runs for the hills. Not literally, but she does not have quite the same reaction as Bella (wow you're a vampire, wicked, bite me!). Instead she is not quite as impressed and steps away. However this would be no show without some love so they ultimately end up together after Elena has to work with Stefan to undo his just returned to Mystic Falls, bad brother Damon's work. Damon has no morals and doesn't care who he hurts and sets about to make life as miserable and difficult for his brother as possible.

                The series is not focused on romance though, it is just part of it. There are various events to deal with starting with Damon and the cover up of his killings/turnings. It is never boring to watch as there are always new characters entering the show be they vampires or humans making either just an appearance for that episode or being part of a developing plot and staying longer.
                The first half of the series is dominated by the reason for Damon's return, the oh so lovely (and I say this sarcastically) Katherine, whom was a heavy feature in both brothers lives back in 1864 and has striking similarities to Elena. The second half deals with the fall-out from this, including revenge being taken on the brothers and searching for mysterious objects with a big season finale that leaves lots of questions.

                Many episodes feature flash backs into the brothers past in 1864 Mystic Falls which are there to explain to both Elena and the audience reasons for why they are both how they are. These are great to watch as you see how the brothers were different back then and if you've ever thought in Twilight that you wish you could see how they were decades ago then you would like this.
                There seems to always be some event going on in Mystic Falls which gives a backdrop for the goings on from dances to the Founders Ball.

                I would say that the first few episodes are not the best in the series, it picks up after this and the episodes become much better and completely turn their back on any similarities to Twilight. Saying that though they are still good and it is only fair to expect the opening of a new series to be slightly slower as they set the show up for viewers. The diaries part actually comes from (surprisingly enough) the diaries kept by Stefan and Elena and for the first few episodes it started and ended with them writing and reading them out loud but this has stopped.

                For the rest, the plot moves really fast, episodes never drag as there is so much packed in and it often finishes with a cliff-hanger. You get to two minutes from the end and everything is hunky dory then wham something happens that leaves you guessing until you see the next episode.

                ==Dot dot dot . .==

                This series is amazing for quotes (mostly by Damon) and my sister and I often say them to each other. Some of my favourites include:

                Damon: 'That's for me to know and you to dot dot dot.' Episode 2.
                Stefan: 'I was wrong. There's no humanity left in Damon, no good, no kindness, no love, only a monster who must be stopped.' Episode 3
                Damon: 'Some girls just can't refuse my good looks, my style and my charm and my unflinching ability to listen to Taylor Swift.' Episode 4
                Damon (upon looking through Caroline's Twilight): 'What`s so special about this Bella girl? Edward's so whipped.' Episode 4

                This one really helps explain why most vampires are as they are: "You can turn it off, like a button you can press. I mean, Stefan's different. He wants the whole human experience. He wants to feel every episode of How I Met Your Mother, so he shuts his feelings out. The problem is, as a vampire, your instinct is not to feel. Isobel chose the easier road -- no guilt, no shame, no regret. I mean, come on, if you could turn it off, wouldn't you?"

                Other funny parts are where the brothers imitate each other and another where Elena asks Damon what Stefan's favourite type of animal blood is and he replies with 'ewww gross! . . . puppy blood . .' which is ironic considering his choices!

                Unlike Twilight which is strictly female fan based The Vampire Diaries can be enjoyed by both male and female. There is a lot of action going on from complex plots to killings, feedings and transformations that would definitely keep both interested. It has a rating of 15 which is appropriate so that can give you a feel for the type on content.


                Elena is similar in some ways to Bella but she is a lot more confident and sociable, though apparently was a lot more so before the loss of her and her brothers parents before the series. She also has the good sense to not want to be involved when she finds out the truth. She is with Stefan but she gets on pretty well with Damon too.

                Stefan is the good brother who won't feed on humans. That's not to say he hasn't in the past. He is the quiet, thoughtful, brooding one, quite in contrast to his elder brother Damon. Although Stefan has many similarities to Edward Cullen he has to deal with a lot more trouble in Mystic Falls and so is a lot more active in displaying his vampire nature.

                Damon loves to mingle with the humans and use them as play-things and has no quarrel with feeding on humans. In fact he cannot understand Stefan's unwillingness for this. Damon was not, understandably, liked by Stefan, Elena or any fan of the show at the beginning but there comes a point in the series where you will go 'Aww Damon'. Here you will then do a double-check and ask 'When did I start liking Damon?!' It creeps on you, as other plots take over and he becomes more likable. Despite him becoming one your favourite characters his is still bad and retains his evilness to some degree. What is there from the very beginning though is his comedy. Damon is witty, has the best lines and Ian Somerhalder (who you may recognise from Lost) delivers them perfectly. You could write a whole book with his quotes!

                Other regular characters include Elena's family and friends including best friends Caroline and Bonnie (who develops powers), the founding families of the town (emphasis is always placed on 'the founding families') Alaric the history teacher and one who I won't say who but is also played by Nina Dobrev. I'll you let you work that one out! I love the character development how minor characters have bigger parts later on, particularly in the second series.

                ==THE BOOK==

                This series is actually based on the books by LJ Smith which originated as a trilogy in 1991 but has since developed into more. Now normally I am strictly a 'the book is better than the film' person but disagree here. You may think I am not valid to have an opinion as I have not read the books myself but my sister and other people have and the general consensus seems to be they are good but it doesn't matter if you haven't read them. There are differences such as Elena being a blonde and being a bit mean and plot differences but apparently it doesn't matter that the series is different and in some cases it is better. I don't plan on reading the books, at least not anytime soon because I will just get confused.
                But if you do fancy a look you can buy them online, in any bookshop or I have seen them in Asda 2 for £7. The first book is called The Awakening.


                The DVD comes in what is the norm these days for a series box-set. It has a cardboard outer layer with one DVD case inside which contain all the discs. I am not sure of the purpose of this outer layer as it just gets damaged over time. It does make it stand out a little more though. I much prefer this set of discs compared to how they used to do it (in other shows) by having each disc in a separate DVD thin case within the cardboard case. How it is means there is no searching for the disc you are on and no possibility of putting it back in the wrong case!

                The picture on the front is very striking and is actually the one you will find on the front of the calendar I have. It features Elena lying in the middle with Stefan and Damon on each side of here and a raven on her knee. The raven was actually used in the first couple of episodes as Damon arriving but it was not used after that. The picture is very representative of the series as Elena seems to very much caught in the middle, not just between Stephan and Damon's love for her but between the brothers ancient quarrels and also between Elena herself caught between the secret vampire world and trying to keep in the normal world.

                The back has a few pictures from the series and good blurb which may be too vague for some but is perfect for me who doesn't like too much plot info.
                The front of the DVD case has the same front cover but the back features a front picture of the three. Clipped inside is a nifty booklet with cast info and synopsis of each of the 22 episodes. I love the pictures inside here of the cast members and scenes from the series, it gives you a taste of what to expect.
                The episodes are spread across four discs with the five playing host to the special features.

                One of the main directors was Marcos Siega and Bob Levy, Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson, Leslie Morgenstein, James L. Thompson III and Pascal Verschooris have produced this series from the beginning.

                The DVD runs for 890 minutes but I assume that includes the special features. On TV each episode is one hour long but as the adverts are cut out here they are about 45 minutes each.

                ==SPECICAL FEATURES==

                There are eight special features altogether:

                Into Mystic Falls: Bringing vampire lore and the high school experience from page to screen - starting with the creators of the show this talks about how the project all came together, deciding to adapt the book creating a show with vampires that fit in to our everyday world. The cast of the show talk here too and they all seem really enthusiastic and are as excited to see what happens next as we are! This is actually pretty long at 25 minutes!

                When vampires don't suck!: The popularity of vampires and the fans who love them - Details the changes from Bram Stokers 'monster' vampire to the cloaked Dracula to the modern day vampire. Input from cast/crew/critics and owner of the number one fan site talking about meetings the fans at events.

                The Vampire Diaries: A new breed of vampires - shows how they cast the series.

                The Vampire Diaries: Vampires 101 -The rules of the Vampire - We know the traditional rules, we know the Twilight rules, VD have a whole other set of rules!

                The Vampire Diaries: A darker truth webisodes made just for the internet.

                Second bite - The obligatorily gag reel which does include a few funny parts.

                Also included is a downloadable audiobook of the first novel by LJ Smith The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening which I think it is a pretty good freebie!

                There are also unaired scenes which are integrated into the actual episodes and creators/directors commentary.


                I am going to insult your intelligence here and tell you that you can buy this from all supermarkets and HMV and their online counterparts plus entertainment websites such as Amazon, Play, Zavvi and the Hut. This was a present but I believe it was from Amazon for just under £20. Using find-dvd.co.uk (genius website) I have just expressed surprise at finding it currently selling (27/01) for only £12.95 on base.com and £12.99 on Amazon and Play. That is seriously cheap for the amount of quality viewing you get! The cheapest on Blu-Ray is £17.95.
                If any current fans are interested there is also a CD out with songs from the series which as you know are very fitting.


                Amazon reviewers give this four and a half starts out of five but I would go all the way and give it five out of five. It just has everything; from the scenery (the Salvatore's house is beautiful!), the acting and not being shy with showing vampires at their worst to moving at a fast pace and integrating the normal town experience into a darker vampire world where history is vital in everything. This show is fun, it's sexy, it's gruesome, but most importantly it will have you at the edge of your seat every episode.

                If anyone wants to take a look, although you may not understand the plot you can get a feel for the programme, it is was back yesterday (Tuesday 1st February). It was a fantastic episode that made me cry! it is on every Tuesday, ITV2 at 9pm and is often repeated in the week.


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