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Waterloo Road Reunited (DVD)

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    2 Reviews
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      02.10.2012 15:45
      Very helpful



      see review x

      I have been a big fan of Waterloo road since it started, but if I am honest I never knew they did this reunion series. But then I came across it on the BBC website, with all the episodes available to watch, so I just could not resist.

      The reunion consists of 6 episodes altogether, that on the site are all listed seperatly to watch. They each last between 11 and 13 minutes long so its not a very long watch but a very entertaining watch.
      I will list all the episodes and descriptions of each:

      The reunion

      This is when they all first get back together. It starts at a house party that Janeece has planned at her house, and she is charging £10 to gain entry to. Danielle is all over Bolton, until Michaela turns up and ruins the moment, as it is obvious they still fancy each other. Then Michaela suggests they get married, this gets Bolton into realising that she only wants him so she has someone to go to Dubai with.
      She then comes back with a baby in her arms declaring its Bolton's just how will he react.

      The gig

      Bolton is going for a gig in a big club as a DJ in the one, and he has to impress the manager to get the gig. While he is waiting to perform Michaela tells Bolton that the DNA test came back and it is his son. After rubbing Danielle's nose in the fact that Bolton is the dad she goes into Michaela's bag and finds the test results to reveal that he is not the dad as h was told. He is distraught and manages to end up blowing the audition, however the other guy who was auditioning was caught cheating thanks to Michaela and Bolton does get the gig.

      Philip who is in love with Michaela offers to marry her and go to Dubai with her.

      Stags and hens

      After just wanting someone to go to Dubai with Michaela agrees to marry Philip and they both have their hen and stag parties. Not a right lot but partying and arguing happens in this scene, but its fun to watch.

      The wedding

      This starts with Paul lying about him getting into the army due to his girlfriend Aleesha putting him down all the time, and he wanted to feel a success for a short while. But this is soon brought to an end when he is found out, and everyone things hes a loser. He then refuses to be best man saying the wedding is a sham and goes gets drunk instead.

      Which leaves Bolton to take place as best man, which is is not too happy about. The wedding ends up going without a hitch and Philip and Michaela are soon man and wife.

      A quiet night in

      Paul finally flips after his breakup with Aleesha, and scares her with a knife, Bolton comes to the rescue and talks him down, but then Paul collapses, realising he has taken an overdose they call an ambulance and try to keep him awake until he is taken to hospital. A few choice words are spoken through this episode.

      Bon Voyage

      This is the final episode to the reunion, and Michaela and Bolton have to start top realise what they both want before its too late. Philip offers to take a back seat so that her and Bolton can be together. But who will she move to Dubai with?

      My overall opinion

      Well as a big fan of Waterloo road I really enjoyed watching this. It was good to see what had happened to some of the students after leaving Waterloo road. The stories that were told throughout were pretty good, and some good stuff happened. The acting was also good, it was just like watching another normal episode of Waterloo road, just without the school been there. And it was good to see that a member of staff had also stayed in touch with the students.

      It is not something I would watch over again, as it is a series but it is definately worth a watch and can be watched for free online.


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      26.06.2012 15:59
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Not alot!"


      • "Spending out on it?!"

      Old and irrelevent in my opinion!

      I am a massive Waterloo Road fan and not only have I seen every episode of all the series on the BBC, as soon as they come out I buy the sets too, to which I actually pop on rather often as I love them so much. Having watched all the current series of this show I was really happy when I found out that Waterloo Road had made this dvd 'Reunited' as a one off episode not yet screened on the tv (not sure it will ever be either) and this slots in between series 5 and before 6 nicely.

      The Plot:

      Michaela, Bolton, Danielle, Janeece, Philip, Aleesha and Paul have all now left school and have jobs, or not as the case may be. Janeece throws a reunion party at her house and that#s how they all meet up.

      So Michaela now has a baby in tow and it looks like Bolton is the Daddy. However she needs to marry to go abroad with her posh job and he's not up for it so Phillip decides he'll marry Michaela but can Michaela go through with it? In the meantime Danielle has a crush on Bolton and it seems reciprocated and Paul who house shares with Janeece is at first going out with Aleesha who then gets dumped and he takes it less than well spiralling out of control and hitting rock bottom and telling lies and so on but how bad is he and does a tragedy loom ahead?

      My Opinion:

      This had a runtime of 65 minutes, so just over the length of the usual 1 hour episodes these were/are. I really thought I was going to love this but really.......sadly well I didn't I'm sad to say!

      Not set in the usual school setting and with only these characters mainly in it I found the missing teachers a real pain and that other characters should have pitched up to make things a bit more interesting. It just felt like this was a real money making project on the back of Waterloo Road and although some characters from the past shows copped a mention it really lacked. The story is good enough though for me this is something in hindsight, I shouldn't have spent over a tenner on cos now I have watched it I don't feel the need to watch it again.....ever!

      I can't say it was boring but it lacked omph, course it had a closed ended and the storyline was wrapped up as it was a one off episode but really I can't recommend this at all unless you collect the box sets and slot watching this in the apt place....even then I wouldn't bother!

      Available from Amazon and so on with new and used copies available or Google if interested.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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