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    1 Review
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      16.08.2010 03:45
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      • Reliability


      Not cheap to replace but cheaper than replacing your whole set up

      The Apple rechargeable battery to suit a 13 inch Macbook can be bought directly from Apple from their UK online store for £99. Whilst there are cheaper copies available they are not guaranteed to work as well as an original product so do not always perform as well.

      Whilst money saving and getting the best value for money deal is important, having the appropriate replacement battery for your laptop seems to me to be more important.

      The Apple 13 inch Macbook battery on our laptop has performed consistently well since we purchased it and it seems to still be charging up as well as it did when it was new.

      That may be in part due to how we use the battery, as Apple do give instructions and pointers for its usage which we have mostly tried to follow.
      For instance Apple say that for greater longevity you need to fully charge a new battery prior to using it with your computer.

      So we did that and viewed it as being a similar process to when getting a new mobile phone, ie: charge it up for the required number of hours first, then enjoy many happy hours/ weeks/ months/ years of fun with it.

      The Apple Macbook Battery is a 55 watt lithium polymer battery. According to Apple its wise to keep the electrons in it moving about sometimes, so its not recommended that the laptop is left plugged into the mains all the time.

      A good mix of usage will ensure that your battery lasts longer and holds its charge as well as it can. So a good system of using the battery power and then recharging it, can lead to much greater longevity of the battery life. This means money saved by not having to buy a replacement sooner than you need to.

      Other ways in which the life of the battery can be extended or maximized are by adjusting the settings on your computer. One such way is to adjust the settings on your computers energy saver control panel, by setting the computer to an eco setting you will automatically cut down on power drain.

      You can also choose to turn the brightness on the computer down just a touch, which will again mean your battery will power your computer for longer. You don't need to turn the brightness down really low to save the battery life, but even a small adjustment will ensure you make the most out of each full charge.

      As with many laptop users, we do often like to use the computer via the Airport setting. Airport is a wireless or wifi setting which allows you to connect to the internet. By using a wired network rather than only using the wifi option, you can again save power and extend battery life.

      Other ways we have found to conserve battery power are as follows. If you have programmes running or opened that you are not using then shut them down, if you have a CD or DVD inserted into the disc drive, then eject it. If you do not need to use the Bluetooth setting on your computer, switch it off. By doing any or all of the above you can substantially extend the life of the battery.

      So far after we have been very happy with the longevity of our battery. It takes no more than a few hours to charge fully when the computer is also in use at the same time. However best results are when the computer has been shut down and is not in use.

      Once charged the battery seems to be able to power the laptop for at least 4 hours when the brightness is set to a reasonably high setting. During day time use when the brightness can be turned down, you can sometimes get as many as 5 hours full usage.

      The Apple battery that we have has been reliable and durable. So far we have been very pleased with it. A good battery such as this, which is taken care of well, should provide many happy years of usage for its owner. It should as ours has been, remain trouble free as long as you follow the guidelines set out by Apple.

      I cannot say that £1 shy of a £100 spend is a cheap investment for a replacement battery. However I can say that if you have stumped up the £750 to £850 for an Apple Laptop, which is still working well after a number of years, it can work out far cheaper to just replace the battery and continue using your laptop if it is other wise trouble free.

      Because we have had no problems what so ever with the battery, I can only give it a full 5 star rating as it has done just what it promised and you cannot ask for more than that.


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