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Intellicig USB Mains Adapter

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    1 Review
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      08.03.2011 21:01
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      Highly recommended

      Some time ago I wrote a review about a product known as an Intellicig. Basically the Intellicig is an electronic cigarette which mimics smoking even down to the tip of the cigarette glowing red and a vapouriser producing steam to look and feel like smoke. In order to keep the Intellicig working it's essential to charge it up and it comes with a USB charger that is designed to be plugged into a USB port like the ones on the back of computers and laptops. If the Intellicig isn't charged regularly it will run out of power and stop working which I was finding to be a bit of a problem for me. I found the whole idea of having to plug it into a computer every day a bit of a hassle if I'm honest, not because I'm not on the computer every day because I am, but because the USB ports on my laptop are being used by other items and it meant having to wait until I'd finished with the laptop for a few hours so I could charge my Intellicig up. My brother and his wife have the same issue with their Intellicigs but rather than just complain I decided to do something about it.

      A quick search on Amazon revealed a wall charger designed for the Intellicig for £7.25 plus £3.15 postage and packaging and it was exactly what I wanted so I bought one. A few days later my charger arrived and is basically a flat plug like item with the 3 prongs we have here in the UK and a slot on top. The slot is for the USB charger that comes supplied with the Intellicig in the starter pack. So you unscrew the battery section of the Intellicig then screw it into the USB charger then slot all that into the top of this wall charger. You can only insert it one way and that is with the light on the USB charger facing the wall so there's no possible errors to be made there. Once the battery is properly inserted you just flick on the socket and leave it to charge. Brilliant.

      I've been using the wall charger now for a few months and it's so much simpler to just plug the Intellicig directly into a normal wall socket instead of having to use my laptop. I really recommend everyone with an Intellicig buys one of these wall chargers because it's alot less hassle and can be plugged in and forgotten. If you leave it in longer than it takes to charge and the light goes green on the USB charger it's not a worry as it justs sits there and alternates between the light being red then green, it doesn't cause any problems. I accidentally left mine in overnight and it only takes a couple of hours to charge the Intellicig battery and it was totally fine, not a hazard at all.

      I'm really pleased with this wall charger, it saves alot of time as it can be charging while I'm on the laptop and is alot easier to remember to charge the battery as it can be done at any time I walk past the charger and think about it rather than having to plug in the laptop and leave it running for a few hours. I highly recommend these to anyone with an Intellicig and I'm really glad I bought one. At just over £10 it's been worth every penny. I've had no problems with it at all and give it a full 5 stars.


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