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Powertraveller PowerMonkey Classic

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    4 Reviews
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      07.04.2012 07:34
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An excellent back up power supply.


      I was fortunate enough to receive one of these items as a Birthday gift from a friend in the USA knowing how keen I was on travelling and may be caught short whilst out and about with low batteries. Despite the fact that I was charged £11 import tax on the thing which I had to pay before it was delivered ironically the powermonkey is distributed by a company based in Alton Hampshire.

      What is the powermonkey?

      The powermonkey is a portable emergency power back up supply that can be used to recharge different types of electronic equipment such as cameras, MP3/4 Players, IPods, mobile phones, Blackberrys and PDA's.
      It is claimed to be 10 times more powerful than a conventional battery and the standby charge is available for up to one year which is pretty good going if you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere. However I have not had to recharge something after one year so cannot really say whether there is sufficient power left in the charged unit to give a good boost.

      What is in the box?

      The box is approximately six inches by four and contains the following items:
      1. The power unit. Silver.
      2. A universal mains charger with different socket attachments for the UK, Europe, Asia, US and Australia.
      3. Different attachments for mobile telephones available for all the main brands such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Blackberry and Bluetooth headsets.
      4. Female USB charging tips for Smart phones, PDAs and other USB powered devices.
      5. An IPod connector.
      6. 1 DC connector for PSP and digital cameras.
      7. A travel bag pouch.
      Quite an array and assortment of connectors to help keep you charged up and please the must have gadget gurus amongst us and to keep you in contact.

      The powermonkey charger unit.

      The actual power unit is quite small and easily stored in your pocket or back pack and is quite light at only 70G ( about 2 and a half ounces for those still using imperial measure), so no worries of heavy weights weighing you down.

      At one end of the unit there is a wire and on the end of the tip you attach the connection to the device that needs charging. There is a small slide switch on the top of the unit which you slide forward to discharge the power into you device. There is an in built light which flashes red when it needs recharging and green when it is fully charged. As the power transfers into your device the green light will eventually turn red and flash on and off.
      Once discharged you have to recharge the unit and this does not take long at all. I have not sat and watched it to find out how long it took to recharge.

      Despite me having two batteries when I am out and about for my cameras I still manage to use up all the power on them and this can be quite frustrating especially if you are sure you are going to miss your best shot. For example I was walking around the Grand Palace in Bangkok and all of a sudden my camera warned me I had filled my 2G camera chip so started to delete some photos then the battery warning came on and then the camera died. I was gutted as I had only got half way round. Had I had this charger I would not have had to miss some fantastic shots. However the bonus is that I get to see the Grand Palace again next time I am in Bangkok.
      As for mobile phones I never turn mine on unless it is for an emergency while I am away otherwise I just do not bother to use my phone. I tend to turn it on for about 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night so if there are important messages I get them then. After about 10 days the battery is flat. With this little beauty I can give it a quick boost and it will last me another week.

      So how much power is in this little monkey?

      The following are estimated amounts of time you get from one charge from the powermonkey:-
      IPods 40 hours.
      Mobile phones 90 hours.
      Digital cameras 1600 pictures.
      PSPs = 5 hours
      MP3/MP4 units = 6 Hours.
      PDAs = 48 hours.
      Quite impressive don't you think? You are advised to top the powermonkey up when you have used it to keep a constant supply in your pocket.

      Where can you buy these?

      You can buy them from the company that distributes them in the UK and they are available in many stockists including Amazon for around about £30.
      The power monkey can be obtained from:
      Powertraveller at :- https://powertraveller.com/index.php
      IDC Plugs LTD.
      8, Delta Park,
      Wilsom Road.
      GU34 2RQ.
      There are also lots of other gadgets available from this company including solar powered chargers.

      Do I recommend it?

      I highly recommend this simple and very versatile piece of gadgetry which could ultimately be a real life saver. I have found it to be useful several times on my travels and I am really impressed with it.


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        10.06.2011 12:24
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Really great device for travelling

        I bought one of these from Amazon to charge my Ipod touch and phone when i was off travelling and camping. I have to say this device is amazing and i would recommend it to anyone who goes travelling.

        Basically, it is a tiny little portable battery device which you can charge up at home via a USB port and it allows you to charge any small electronic device on the go. It takes about 15 hours to charge (so it is perfect for leaving to charge overnight) and charges my Ipod and Phone two or three times once fully charged.

        Whats great about this device is that it is small, easy to use and really works. My friend bought a cheap copy for about £6 in a local shop and i think it worked once and that was it. This device has worked numerous times and is still going strong! It is very easy to fit into your rucksack and its hard plastic outershell which is very durable despite a few hits and bumps. It does have a few scratches on the silver coating, but that is to be expected and does not hinder the performance of the device. To charge a device just plug it in using to correct adaptor and leave it - thats it!

        The powermonkey comes with loads of adaptors to fit all of your devices. I am yet to find one which it does not have! The only problem with this is that they are quite bulky, so when travelling only take the ones you need. It is quite expensive at about £25 but when you consider how useful it is and that it does actually work, it is well worth the price.


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        31.01.2011 19:10
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        This is a superb buy, i really reccomend you it

        To start with, a quick summary as to what this item is and does.
        It is a small, pretty light, little 'gadget' (able to fit in your pocket) that enables you to charge your phone, ipod and most devices. the ways in which this is useful are obvious, but ever so great.

        Its happened to us all, our phone (or similar rechargable device) has run out of battery, and you REALLY need to call someone, be it family, friends or even a taxi - and when its dead, you would do anything for it to be charged, but people never seem to have the right charger.

        The PowerMonkey clearly solves these problems, it takes 16 hours to charge fully (if i remember correctly) and in return can be carried with you anywhere and charge a phone on average up to 3 times. Unlike some products that don't deliver - this one really does.

        The PowerMonkey is small, easy to use, caries in colour and is a life saver... It's been described as a 'portable petrol pump' because it is literally THAT great.

        When you buy it you will get a box with inside a pouch for all sort of different heads for a range of different phones, a manual (not needed, you plug it in, to charge it, push the switch to charge a phone) and travel adaptors to make your life that much easier if say you are going on holiday. It even has a extendable USB cable to connect that uses the same interchangeable heads to make charging even easier.

        All this for £35 - you'd think... hmm fair enough its a pretty good investment to make... help loads in the long run and it was very succesful...

        How about i let you know my favourite part to this whole product ??
        Well, £35 is a good price for such an amazing product, but how amazing would this product be if i told you you could get it for just £8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        BRAND NEW
        (and no i'm not crazy, i'm the guy who just told you about the best thing sinced sliced bread).
        The link is:

        and you can even use the code orange10 to get 10% off

        Now that truely is an outstanding bargain.
        I bought a headset and PowerMonkey for £14.20 - I hope that this review and the product makes you very happy.
        Dario Crosier.


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        07.08.2009 15:03
        Very helpful



        No more unexpected flat batteries

        Have you ever experienced this? Your miles from home & attempting to make an important telephone call with your mobile phone & the battery goes flat leaving you totally stuck.

        Or you are trying to get a particular photograph of something very special & just when you get the opportunity, the batteries in the camera let you down & you lose your one & only chance of a picture.

        It's annoying & frustrating & happened to me on a few occasions, if you are familiar with that situation & then consider a power monkey.
        I use to travel a lot in my old job and when the funds allow, for pleasure. I carry with me most of the time a mobile phone, a battery operated Bluetooth ear piece device, pocket PC & when on holiday a camera. If my partner is with me, she too has a mobile phone, MP3 player & a camera that she often carries along.

        Carrying battery chargers for those items would be impractical & take up all my luggage space. Instead I carry one simple power monkey.
        A power monkey is a small oval shaped device that holds about one hours charge up to one year & that charge can be transferred to most small devices when you need it. It's basically an external charger of 2200 mAh.

        The RRP is £34.99, I paid £17.99 from Amazon but the most expensive I saw was at Belfast airport at £39.99!

        It is about 9cm long & around 3.5cm at its widest point, it weighs just 100g. At one end is a small wire with a simple connection at the end of it, the other end has a socket to allow the device to be charged from a wall socket. There are two warning lamps, one in red & one in green & a simple on/off switch.

        When you first purchase it you need to charge it up, a power monkey is no use to you if it hasn't got a charge, it's like a having a pen without ink or a pencil without lead.

        The plug that fits into a wall socket has interchangeable ends so it can be used in USA/Canada/Europe/UK/Asia without an adaptor. However, should you decide to travel to Outer Mongolia for some nature rambling, I would suggest taking a travel adaptor just in case!

        Whilst charging the red light is lit & once you have sufficient power the green light comes on instead. The first charge takes about an hour but if you leave it on by accident & drain it completely it can take up to three hours to fully charge.

        The other end of the power monkey has a permanent connection which can fit many other adaptors depending on what device you have. They device is supplied with:

        1 x mini USB connection to fit many new phones & pocket PCs from Samsung & HP to name just two.
        1 x connection for ipods.
        1 x USB female connector for Sony MP3 players.
        1 x connection for Motorola devices.
        1 x connection fixed to the wire for older Nokia phones.
        1 x smaller connection for later Nokia phones.
        1 x connection for Sony Ericsson devices.
        1 x connection to fit Tom Tom sat navs.
        1 x USB connection with retraceable lead for USB powered devices.
        1 x connection for Panasonic devices.

        Some of these connections will fit many other products but you need to check out their web site for a full list www.powermonkey.co.uk

        I needed to purchase an additional connector for a Sony camera, from their web site it was only £2.65 & for a reasonable postal charge, it was delivered within 24 hours.

        Power monkey comes with a small cloth bag with drawstring to house the device plus a handful of connectors. It fits into a pocket, handbag, rucksack or car glove box without too much problems. It is easy to switch it on by accident & drain it completely if something comes in contact with the on/off switch. What use is a flat monkey?
        So how does it work? If your device goes flat, plug in the appropriate connection into the device & plug that into the power monkey. Switch on the monkey & it will start charging your phone/camera/MP3 etc. In an emergency it will immediately allow you to continue using a mobile phone.
        It becomes a truly indispensable little device that you won't want to leave home without. It doesn't have enough power to charge up a lap top /notebook or even a portable DVD player but it is quite capable of charging up a portable games device.
        Any drawbacks? Three minor ones, the small Nokia connection for the later model phones doesn't make a particular good connection into the phone. On one occasion I used it to charge up a Tom Tom device which it did, but it wiped off my favourite listings, luckily it was backed up but it was still a nuisance.
        The other problem is when you go through baggage security at the airport, the people who study the 'X' ray machines always ask to have my bag checked. You can understand why when they see a little oval shaped object with a wire dangling from it!
        I would recommend this little charger especially if you travel from home quite a lot.


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