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Auslogics BoostSpeed V

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    2 Reviews
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      20.10.2010 21:51
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      A Mrs Mop for your PC

      All PC's need regular maintenance, regardless of how old they are, be it a few weeks or a few years, it is just a matter of how easy you want your PC maintenance to actually be.
      And everyone who owns a computer, be it a desk top or a laptop, knows the hassle involved when that PC becomes so clogged up that it seems to be crawling along at the speed of a disabled snail with hiccups.
      So, when this begins to happen your first thought is to clean out your system using the windows built in system cleaner, you know the ones, the disk defrag and disk cleaner which hide in the control panel of your PC.
      Well, I know these work quite well in helping to keep your PC clean but they lack that little bit of oomph that gets your PC speeding up in the way you actually want, that is unless you really do know the tricks of the trade and can safely deep clean without wrecking your registry and the like.

      Anyway, apart from using the windows built in cleaning tools, which to be honest can take a bit of time to actually do the job, there are several 'cleaning programs on the market which will clean you entire system in a fraction of the time you would take doing it manually. One of those programs is from a well known PC care company called Auslogics... the actual program I am going to tell you about today is called Auslogic boost speed which promises to 'boost' your PC with ease and safety.

      Firstly, I have to say that I am reviewing version 5, which is one of the latest version to date, although they do keep adding updates for this one.

      Anyway, 'boost speed' can be downloaded from such places as download.com and is a mere 7.08MB, working on most windows OS, such as 2003, XP, Vista and even 7. Although you will need at least 50MB available HD space and at least 256MB of RAM.

      If you don't want to jump straight in with the full cost of this program, just in case you don't like it, (it is possible you know, although very unlikely), Auslogic offer you a 15 day free trial so you can test it out for yourself.
      Once the trial version is over you don't have to buy the full version, but you can no longer use it, but if you do choose to buy it it is sold at a very nice price of around £35.00, which, for is very good value for money indeed.

      ** The program itself...

      When you first open the program you are greeted with an easy to understand home screen giving you the beginning of the many options.

      On the top of the screen there is the information about your actual PC, which OS your using, the CPU info and memory size.

      Then, along the top right you have the options of...

      1) System Scan... which scans your system for any problems and then gives you the options to repair or not.

      2) System advisor... quickly scans your system and gives you advice on how to improve the running.

      3) Resource Usage... tell you exactly what is being used on your system in 3 simple to understand running graphs, them being the CPU, the RAM and the actual disk.

      4) Advanced tools...this gives you an array of 'tools' to improve your system even more, such as disk maintenance, registry maintenance, internet speed, privacy erasure and more, including something called a 'disaster recovery' tool.

      On the 'system scan' you can either scan everything, (which I do recommend), or you can set what you want scanning by unticking the boxes on the left hand side of the screen.

      The system tweaks manager allows you to organise your system, helping you to manage how your system looks, letting you to change the visual effects and even the animation, which makes your PC more unique to you.

      Plus, it removes junk files, freeing up precious disk space and for all those who want to know exactly what your PC holds it can display every little bit of information about it, which comes in handy if you're looking for something like a new HD or RAM.

      It does many other tasks which would take up a lot more of this review if I went into everyone of them, but suffice to say that it offers you many choices in how you want your system to run and how 'deep' you want to clean it out.

      ** IN CONCLUSION...

      I first heard about this little diamond when I updated another of Auslogic's programs that I have been using for quite some time, so when they were offering a 15 day free trial on this one I thought I'd give it a go, see if the description was true, and before too long I knew they were not fibbing at all.

      The free trial did not allow me to use all the features, such as the internet speed improvement, the privacy sweep or the 'disaster recovery but what it did allow was quite impressive indeed, giving me a very impressive idea of what the full program would offer if I spent my cash on it.
      In fact, I was that impressed that I ended up purchasing the full program within the first five days, even if the free trial had not comes to an end, I think I just wanted to see what the 'locked' tools offered, and I'm pretty glad I did.

      I have used many of these type of programs, including the likes of Glary utilities and Tune up utilities, enjoying the simplicity of them all, even though I do know a little about PC improvement methods, ( I guess I'm one of those that can do but choose the easy life), and I have found this one to be as good as any other on the market, if not a little better.
      Since using this I have certainly notice a vast improvement in the speed and actual stamina in a three year old laptop that I often use, in fact I can honestly say it is possibly as fast as it was on day one.
      I personally couldn't get over the registry defragger in this program as it really did a cracking job in defragging it to perfection, which really did help speed up the actual opening of the programs on my system.

      I do know that most the things that ABS can do can be done manually if you know exactly how to handle a PC, but for those that don't, or even those that simply want to do it the easy way, then this is the one for you.

      The question is how fast and how easy do you want your cleaning experience to be? Do you want to go along the slow lane, using your windows 'control panel' options, doing everything one step at a time? Or do you want to do it the quick way, pressing a few buttons and letting your PC have that full health check in a matter of minutes?.
      If you're like me, preferring the latter, then this one is definitely for you as it scrubs your system, speeds up you internet experience and boost your PC so it performs almost as good as the day it was born.

      In all, this is a cracking program which cleans your PC with the power of a jet wash whilst being as delicate as a feather duster.
      If you do decide to buy the full version you won't be disappointed as it is truly a blessing and a bit of a treat for you and your PC.


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        21.04.2009 20:22
        Very helpful
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        The end of slow, unresponsive PC's

        Dear dooyoo friends, today I would like to review a PC optimization program by the name of Auslogics BoostSpeed, version 4. 2. 7. 172

        I have had this little program on my desktop PC for approximately 2 years to date. I saw a very favourable review of it on the U.S. CNET website, and decided to download it from their site to see how it will perform on my PC. This Australian company allows prospective clients to download their programs, of which Auslogics BoostSpeed 4. 2 is very likely the most comprehensive, for a trial period of 15 days, before they will expect you to either purchase it or not. After my trial period was over, I decided to purchase the program, and I can honestly say that this decision was worth every penny of its $29.95 U.S. minus a couple of Dollars discount at the time, price tag. What follows is my honest assessment of its performance and ultimate worth over the last two years.

        I was looking for something exactly like this program, because Windows operating systems (I have Windows XP Professional, Home Edition), as opposed to other, better systems, like Lynix, for example, which automatically maintains itself, need to be maintained manually by the PC user or some other IT professional. If you want to do the maintenance yourself, you need to be fairly clued up as to exactly what to do, where to do it and how to do it, which I was not, and still am not, to this very day. With this little program (it is only 13.1 MB's in size), however, it is not at all necessary to know the above, because it does all your PC's vital maintenance with the mere click of a button.

        Just like your motor vehicle need to be serviced on a regular basis, in order for it to operate at its peak, your PC need to be maintained regularly (at least once a month, especially if you work on the net for long periods of time) for it to be able to perform at its peak. If the latter is not done, your PC will, over time, become slow and unresponsive, even to the point where it will literally take ages to open the simplest of Word documents. This is exactly what happened with my desktop, until the day I introduced Auslogics BoostSpeed 4. 2 to it. The difference it made to the speed at which just about everything happened on my PC from that moment, onwards, was literally palpable. Auslogics makes the claim on the home page of their website (www.auslogics.com) that their products will turbo charge your PC. BoostSpeed 4. 2 certainly did it for mine, and does it to this very day . . .

        When your PC is not maintained regularly, remnants of programs you once installed will begin to clog up your PC's memory and disks, the Windows registry will get filled with junk, fragmented files will accumulate in your system etc. etc. These are the very things that will contribute, significantly, to your PC becoming slow and unresponsive over time.

        Besides one button registry and disk clean up, disk defragmentation and performance tweaks functions, as well as a function for the removal of unnecessary and junk files from the disk drives of your PC, this program will also display all your system's information at the click of a button. The latter is so convenient when you suddenly need information about a specific component, device etc. on your PC. Before I had this program I remember that I was asked a question about a system specification by an IT specialist, one day. I had no idea where to even begin to look for it. With Auslogics Boost Speed 4. 2 this is certainly not going to happen again.

        I heartily recommend this program to anyone who is quite fed up with their slow, unresponsive PC. It does its job very effectively, in my humble opinion, at the mere click of a button.



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