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Cloanto Amiga Forever Online Edition

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    1 Review
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      31.03.2001 06:06



      I don`t know how many of you out there will have used Amigas in the past, but it must be a fair whack of you. for those of you who don`t know what an Amiga is it was the best 16-bit computer for a long long time, back before the PC became the beast that it is today. The Amiga came with a large selection of custom chips to do graphics, sound and other little tricks, which meant that at the time it was years ahead of the competition - it took the PC about 10 years to equal what the Amiga could do when it first came out. The games were (and still are) some of the best ever made - if you don`t believe me then just give them a go. An emulator (for this is what the Amiga forever package is) makes your computer pretend to be another type of computer for a little bit. In this case it makes your fancy PC think that it is an AMiga, and lets you run all those old amiga games you used to love like Sensible soccer, Gods and many many more. If you get this package you`ll get the emulator itself (WinUAE) and the rom files you need to emulate an Amiga. You can download these of the Internet, but it is illegal and since this is so cheap it`s not worth the hastle. Once this is done you start the program, tell it what game you want to play (by telling it where the disk image is) and away you go. You use a disk image (which is a sort of digital copy of the disk stored on your hard drive) because the PC isn`t able to read Amiga floppy disks, so you have to make the disks into images and use those instead. This does also mean that games can load much faster. About the most importat thing to remember is that this needs a fairly fast PC to run properly - a 486 can`t really do it justice. I`ve got a Pentium III-500 and it runs faster than any Amiga I`ve ever seen, but any reasonable spec PC should be more than up to the job in hand. And yes I knwo that I`ve only rated the graphics and sound as average - thats because they are thes
      e days.


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