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Glary Utilities

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    3 Reviews
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      14.01.2010 21:56
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Keeps your PC clea, fast and one step ahead of the game

      As with all PC users I like to keep my PCs as clean as possible, by this I don't mean cleaning it with a bit of polish and cloth, and, like most PC users I find it a little difficult finding the right program at the right price which will keep my PCs clean and running at a speed I am used to.

      There are just so many different type of software on the market which all promise to keep you computer running as if new, so long as you open your wallet and pay the seller most of you weekly wage, although some of those promises are still a little far fetched.
      Fortunately, there are one or two programs on the market which are worth the money as they actually do what they promise, one of them being the small yet remarkable bit of software called Glary Utilities Pro...

      ** Some techie bits first...

      This program will run on Windows XP, Vista 32 and 64 and the new windows 7.
      It can be installed in any one of 23 languages, this is chosen when installing the software.
      The download file size is a mere 7.33 MB and when installed takes nothing more than 15.3 MB of Hard Disk space.


      It offers a one click fix which scans your system helps fix such things as...,

      * Registry... fixing invalid or incorrect entries
      * Temporary files... cleans up temporary files creating space on hard drive
      * Shortcuts... cleans invalid shortcuts
      * Activity History... Cleans your recent internet traces
      * Start-up programs... cleans any dangerous start up programs
      * Spyware... removes spy ware and adware.

      This one click fix is done by simply pressing the 'scan for issues' button and letting the program do its job, then, when it has scanned your system, you are given a list of any 'errors/spy ware etc' which the program has found. You are then given the option of selecting which ones you want to erase by simply ticking the box next to it, then you simply click on the 'repair problems' button and the selected 'errors' will be fixed.

      Or, if you want to check your system manually then you can by clicking on the 'Modules' section, in this you can do several things, including...

      * Clean up and repair... Allows you to clean any junk from your Disk, clean you registry, repair invalid short cuts and allows you to uninstall unwanted programs .

      * Optimise and Improve... Lets you control your start up programs, optimise your memory, control the files entries and defrag your registry.

      * Privacy and security... Allows you to Erase your recent internet use, permanently shred files and folders, 'undelete' files that you've accidentally deleted and even encrypt/decrypt your files.

      * Files and folders... Lets you check the space on your disk, delete any duplicate files, remove empty files and split/join files if needed.

      * System tools... Lets you see the programs which are running, manage IE and gives direct access to useful windows functions.

      ** IN CONCLUSION....

      In three words, 'What a cracking program'... sorry, that's four words isn't it.

      Anyway, I do know that these 'fixing' tools can be found built into Windows itself, if you search for them, but this bit of software allows you to keep all those useful tools in one place.
      And I do know that there are several 'PC repair utility' programs on the market which offer more or less the same thing, such as the freebie 'Advanced System care' or ones you have to pay for like 'Tune-up Utilities', which both offer more or less the same thing, but this one is that little bit more, should I say, special.

      I have used other PC cleaning software before, like Tune-up and Advanced system, finding both of them, and others, very good for keeping your PC running at a good pace, almost like new. But when I started using this tasty bit of software I noticed that it did more for my PC than any other 'maintenance' program I have ever used, such as speeding up the time it took for applications to open, which is a bonus by all means, and the boot up/down time, which is an even bigger bonus.
      I have had the honour of using the PRO version of this software for a while now so I am not telling you about the free version, although from what I can gather through, from a little research and a few questions, there is very little, if any, difference between the two.
      So, if you give the free version of this a go and find that it does exactly what the paid version does then why pay for the PRO version. (but please let me know if there is a difference so I can 'edit' this review and let others know).

      And for the record, I do keep meaning to test the free version on a different PC, just to see what the difference is but from passed experience if a free version is offered then it will lack something that the paid version gives, like not correcting all the errors/problems found or something on them grounds.

      It has everything that a good PC maintenance program offers, which is 'nothing new there then' I hear you scream, but this one seems to have that little bit extra, especially for the low price you pay. It scans my PC in next to no time and gives me the options of repairing which ever 'errors' it finds so there are no 'unintentional' deletions. It also has that great ability to let you repair any accidental deletions, such as on your registry.
      I know, most software of this kind do all this but most of them are at least twice the price or as slow as a snail on an ice rink, but this one is so fast and ever so reliable that I would recommend it to everyone who runs a PC.
      And with the ability to be able to update the program with the click of a button and the option of scheduling a 'one click maintenance' this nice bit of kit has everything any PCer needs.

      To get either version, be it free of PRO version , then head over to www.glaryutilities.com or get it from www.download.com , both sites offer them both.
      The PRO version is currently on sale for $39.99, (approx.£25.00) but give the free version a go, or if this one fails in some way then try the thirty day free trial on the PRO version.

      In all, a fine great little bit of software which will maintain and speed up your PC at the click of a button.

      One of the sections of this program that I do quite like is the encryption/decryption of files, I have used this a lot and find it to be one of the easiest encrypted/decrypted to use. You simply go to 'privacy and security', click on 'file encrypted and decrypted', then it's a matter of simply adding the file you want to encrypt/decrypt, add a password and then clicking the encrypt/decrypt button... simple as that and your files are as safe as a pork pie on Posh spices dinner table.

      * Caution...
      As with all software of this kind, do show a little caution when repairing/ deleting anything that if finds.


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        17.10.2009 19:29
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Great free program that could be even better if some mile changes, would be made.

        Sometimes while browsing on internet you get lucky and you can read comments about software that you could use. If you are really lucky the software is going to be free. Glary Utilities is that kind of software. And why is this one so good? Simple... it doses a lot of stuff.

        And what is does. Well,...you have two basic ways of using it.
        First one is 1-click maintenance. Here you can check what you want to fix or improve and this program will use or preformed:
        -clean(ed) the register
        -fixes shortcuts
        -manages startup (programs that start with windows, some you need, a lot of them you don't)
        -Temporary files cleaner
        -track eraser
        -spyware remover.

        The other way of usage is "modules". Here we different modules, from witch you can select different task that you want to perform. Modules are

        Clean & repair here you select future task like
        -disc cleaner
        -Register cleaner
        -shortcut fixer
        -uninstall manager

        Optimize and improve
        -star up manager
        -memory optimizer
        -context menu manager
        -registry defrag

        Privacy and security
        -track eraser
        -file shredder
        -file undelete
        -functions for encrypting and decrypting files

        Files and folders
        -disk analyses
        -duplicate files finder
        -emty folder finde
        -file spliter and jiner

        System tools
        -process manager
        -Internet explore assistant
        -windows standard tools

        Yes, it's true. Some of the functions Windows have by default, but they aren't so efficient as in Glary ut. Plus why would you want to have a bunch a program installed if you can have one, and that one does a lot of jobs.

        And it's free.


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        13.06.2009 16:39
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great free program for regular PC users.

        Glary Utilities is a simple one click optimizer for your PC which helps maintain its health and speed; and the best thing about it is that its FREE.

        Glary Utilities offers many features such as; registry and file clean ups, short cut fixer and privacy eraser. All of these can be selected from the 1-Click Maintenance screen which does exactly what it says it should - you click scan and in under a minute it searches for any problems on your PC, following this you simply click "repair issues" and everything is sorted.

        Glary Utilities also offers extra features under the "Modules Section" these include:

        *All of the features in the 1 Click Maintenance section however, laid out so you can do them individually.

        *An uninstall manager which loads quickly and is very simple to use along with helpful columns telling you, the date you installed it and the manufacturer of the program. There is also a feature called "Batch Uninstall" where you can select many different programs by putting a tick next to them and unistall them all with one click.

        *Optimize and Improve: this section has a start-up manager so you can select which programs run at start up. A memory optimizer which can monitor and optimize your PC's memory. Registry Defrag which de-fragments your computers registry by sorting it out into a more order way.

        *Privacy and Security: this section has a file shredder to perminantly delete files so you can never recover them. A tracks eraser to remove all your internet activities. There is also a File Encrypter so you can put passwords on files to prevent unauthorised access.

        *Files and Folders: There is handy disk analysis feature which shows you the disk space usage of your files and folders. A duplicate file finder along with an empty file finder to help you delete unwanted folders and files which you may have several copies of.

        There are also a few more features for advanced users which aren't needed for everyday use.

        I have been using this program for quite a while now and have found it has kept everything clean and tidy; helping my PC run faster.

        Thanks For Reading.


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