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    1 Review
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      19.05.2008 12:46
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      Until IE8 is released the is a must have for IE7

      IE7 pro is a little known free Internet explorer Add on, I now install it on all of my PC's and have recommended it to so many friends and now the CIAO community. I stumbled across this program by looking at what other people were downloading, read a PC Pro review and decided to download it, it's a tiny download at 2.25mb but the program is packed full of features that I now couldn't live without, the program integrates into IE and uses hardly any processor power and so doesn't slow down the computer or IE. It is 100% spy ware, malware, viruses and snooping software free.
      Spell checker
      Whenever IE7 pro sees a webpage it scans the data entered as text, for instance the text I entered in this review and it checks its spelling and underlines the mistakes in red, very much like the word processors spell check. You can then right click and choose the correct spelling or add that spelling to the dictionary. This has saved me so many embarrassing mistakes

      The download manager
      This detects whenever you are trying to download anything to your computer be it executables or picture, it stores all the files in one folder that you can choose. It then speeds up the download and allows you to pause the download. Great if you have been disconnected as you can continue the download when you are reconnected rather than having to start again.
      The AD blocker
      This stops any annoying adds built into WebPages and so speeds up your internet viewing, it also stops annoying pops ups both of which help to reduce your bandwidth usage. You can also block flash and another annoying content. So far mine has blocked over 5636 Ad's

      Crash recovery
      IE7 Pro detects the page you are viewing and if internet explorer crashes it will restore the page and data you typed exactly as it was when you left it this has saved me so many times its untrue.
      In conclusion this is a must have download, it is full of features that IE7 is missing most of which I haven't used yet, these features are so useful you can be sure Microsoft will include them in IE8 until then make the most of this free safe and fast program.

      Review written by me and also published on CIAO


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