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Jotter Toolbar

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The Jotter toolbar enhances browsing the Internet - it displays information, remembers your passwords, and allows you to fill in forms with a single click.

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2001 05:09
      Very helpful



      Every now and then there comes along a piece of software which significantly stands out from the rest of its kind. JotterSAF can easily fit that bill in the fields of interface, novelty and usefulness. In use, JotterSAF has two main functions. Firstly, to keep all of your passwords safe and to complete Login processes for you and secondly to fill in forms automatically. If that were all it did, I would not have given the program the time of day since I already had Obongo – its only really successful rival. JotterSAF stores the details in an encrypted database on your machine – Obongo does the same but in Obongo’s server. JotterSAF stands out from the crowd in many ways. One of the most significant is the way that the whole program feels, it has a proprietary interface which is skin-able. 6 or more skins come with the program. This small toolbar has the ability to bring to the desktop stock quotes, the news and quite a bit more. You can use JotterSAF to search the web, use key words, Google and more. You can even decide how or what to search. Bookmarks can be imported from your browser and then used to fire up the relevant pages – even launch software! The more you delve the more you find. One real piece of innovation is the way in which you log on to JotterSAF. The program is a masthead to show off the programs writers skills in Biometrics. In other words you can use your voice, web cam or even a fingerprint reader to log in to JotterSAF. I used the voice option which after just three recordings of my password instantly recognised me. I have asked several others to try to login using the same password and it detected every time that it was not me. A separate small program is needed to enable the web cam to take a snapshot and carry out a comparison. The reason why JotterSAF beats Obongo, it is more discrete, being a toolbar that is moveable, dock-able on top or bottom of the screen and auto hides
      or floats. Obongo, good as it is, takes up real estate in your browser window – every one of them! JotterSAF is also so much more configurable, inveterate fiddlers like me will have a field day. It is not perfect. There is a heavy bias towards American content in the ticker option (which I have turned off) and it cannot always know what information is required for what field. However, so far I have had near perfect results. There is a novel way of giving support also – the FAQ’s are pretty comprehensive, but the company has gone to the trouble of providing a chat applet on their web site where you can talk to a real person in real time to solve any problems or ask questions. So even if you do run into problems there is always a simple route to a solution. This is a quality creation, I recommend it unreservedly.


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