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McAfee Internet Security

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    3 Reviews
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      04.05.2015 09:34


      • "Works in the background"


      Protects Against Online Threats...

      I recently purchase a new laptop with McAfee already installed on the computer. I was also given a free activation for a year with the purchase so all I had to do was enter my activation code to be fully protected. Initially I actually intended not to use this software due to having free protection from Kaspersky provided by my bank.

      I therefore attempted to remove the software and install Kaspersky. When I did so my brand new computer (running Windows 8) basically shut down and even gave me a black screen at login. The McAfee product would not uninstall immediately and it took five attempts before it seemed to have uninstalled. The computer then hiccuped and stuttered for two days before I uninstalled Kaspersky and re-installed the McAfee.

      It was a simple installation product with a direct and speedy download from the McAfee website. I had been provided with a little wallet from the retailer when I purchased the computer and this contains a little card with your activation key number so you have so keep this wallet safe in case you wish to install the software on other computers or devices like mobile phones etc.

      What I've discovered so far in using the McAfee product is how little it infringes on my using the computer. It basically does it's work in the background, updating itself speedily and without fuss and then quietly informing me when an update has taken place. The software has been notable in that it is very active in warning against possible threats when online. These have included sites that might be dangerous, unsigned files, warnings about applications and software that wish to run when I visit a page and pop up blocking. The product also warns me about spam emails and will scan any removable disk drive for viruses and rootkits when I insert them into the ports on my computer.

      Handily, when you first start using the McAfee software you are given a 'tour' of how to use the software. This can be very important if you want to keep on top of your virus protection. However, I do feel so far that the software is sort of self-regulating and it needs little input from me to do it's job properly.

      Since re-installing the product I've had no further issues with my computer's performance but the fact that the software proved so hard to uninstall and then may have caused some problems with my new software installation is a bit of a concern to me so I have reduced a star for this. However, I'm finding it to be a very effective and unobtrusive virus software package at the moment.


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      13.12.2005 23:09



      Seems good at virus scanning and SPAM blocking but it's far from perfect.

      I bought the 2006 version (9.0) because it was on offer at my local store and was £10 cheaper than the Kaspersky software I was planning on buying online.

      Good points first. The installation process was quick and easy and the user interface was clear and straightforward. Virus scans appeared to run slightly faster than the Kaspersky product I'm most familiar with and so far I've been virus free. The SPAM blocker seemed more effective than anything I've used before and I eventually managed to get the package running smoothly on my PC.

      Now the bad stuff. The McAfee Privacy Service seems to impose another password demand on users for little benefit ( I can't really work out what it is designed to achieve). It caused boot up times to slow dramatically (to the extent that I regularly gave up and left my PC to sort itself out for a further 2 minutes after logging on) and it caused instability in my system when one user logged off and another logged on. In fact the whole package seemed relatively resource hungry. Irregular lock ups and eventual failure of the Privacy Service were sorted by removing that part of the package completely , whereupon boot up times improved significantly. McAfee also demands that Internet Explorer be the default browser or certain of its functions won't work - including product activation/ registration. This really got my goat. Opera used to be my browser of choice but not anymore, especially as I got random 'no disk in drive' error reports when I tried to use Opera after having installed McAfee. This smacks of unreasonable commercial behaviour to me.

      Overall it seems that McAfee is a reasonable piece of software but I can't help feeling that I should have stuck with the more 'clunky' Kaspersky alternative. Having run a free trial of their Security Suite on my kid's PC, I get the impression that it is less resource hungry and more stable at the expense of being a little less user friendly. And Kaspersky can co-exist with Opera.


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        18.02.2005 12:29
        Very helpful



        As the McAfee product description says, the internet may well be a wealth of information and delights, but it also comes at a price. How many people out there are suffering at the hands of computer viruses, their computer left useless, files lost, personal details stolen, information tampered with? Too many, is my guess. However, a solution is close at hand in the form of McAfee internet security suite, s superb internet security package that provides a great peace of mind.

        The 2005 version 7.0 is one of the most comprehensive security packages currently on offer. Priced at a reasonable £30 (this may vary from shop-to-shop, but not by much I’d bet), this package has so far provided fantastic protection for my new Philips computer, purchased over three months ago now.

        As a regular internet user, the service I value the most is the pop-up blocker, which works very efficiently. Unlike other services I have used before that claim to do the same job, McAfee actually prevents every single pop-up, but allows me to alter settings for certain websites in which I may need to access the pop-ups. I have found McAfee the most effective provider of this service, as any other I have previously encountered only seems to filter a small number of pop-ups, and the more damaging ones were still permitted, as the casino winner pop-ups or ‘hourly prize’ winners (load of tosh!). This, fortunately, is dealt with much more effectively by the McAfee package.

        Other services include:

        - Virus protection: comprehensive protection that allows you to safely download from the internet or share files without receiving or passing on any viruses. This is automatic and ‘virtually effortless’, and when you purchase the 7.0 version you receive one year’s free scanner update.
        - Block unwanted junk/malicious email with McAfee Spamkiller. Uses advanced technology to block such junk email as well as pop-ups. This is a very valuable package, which I have benefited from immensely, as a previous victim of some disgusting emails.
        - Hacker prevention (self-explanatory really)
        - Prevents spying and pop-up ad programs: benefit of choice, you can allow certain pop-ups which are scanned for viruses first
        Prevents identity theft: this takes on more importance for me since my grandfather recently suffered from such a problem (it’s consequently been resolved, thank God!)

        With such a comprehensive coverage, your computer is virtually a fortress against viruses or other unwanted effects. I’d rate McAfee as the best provider of internet security around; it‘s certainly protected my computer. It’s effectiveness is especially impressive considering I download a LOT from the internet as well as files from Kazaa, which is well-known for it’s virus problems. It’s very easy to install, not too expensive and has a 24 hour free live support service, just in case you encounter any problems. McAfee provide a first-rate service, and I recommend anyone who is a regular or even only sometime internet user to purchase this package if they want to safeguard their computer. It’s worth it.


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