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Motorola Mobile PhoneTools 4.0

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    1 Review
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      29.01.2007 16:54
      Very helpful


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      Great tools for your motorola for free

      Motorola Phone Tools 4.0

      ~~ INTRODUCTION ~~

      Basically the tools come on a cd that you get when you buy a Motorola mobile phone. The cd is full of tools that will allow you to connect your phone to the pc and allows you to transfer files between the two. They are easy to understand and basically self explanatory, the setup of the tools doesn’t take long to install and is pretty straight forward.

      ~~ INSTALLATION ~~

      Pop in your cd into the drive of your computer, and follow the on screen instructions. Once the installation as finished installing the tools onto the computer it will ask you if you wish to restart the computer I suggest you do. Once you have the computer back again after the restart, then your on your way to connecting the phone to your computer, again just follow the instructions and away you go. Once you have done that the tools will open in the shape of your phone in the bottom right hand side of the screen, and basically you’re ready to use the tools.


      The tools are there for transferring files to and from your computer/phone. Its easy to do and there are lots you can do with the tools. With some of the tools available you don’t have to use your phone while its connected to your computer as the tools allow you to use your computer to send out text messages, emails etc.

      Onc you have the tools open you will see that there is a Motorola phone in the bottom right hand side of the screen with a menu screen at the right hand side of that. This contains all the tools available for your use, al you have to do is click on the tools and it will open up a new dialog box with more options and tools.

      As you will see in the menu box such things as Synchronization, phonebook, calendar, text message, multimedia studio, and internet connection. Let me tell you in more detail to what they do ….


      Now to be honest I haven’t use this tool before, so not sure what it does. If you click on it, you will see another dialog box open up with more options and tools.


      This tool allows you to edit your phonebook via your pc. You can also transfer contacts between your outlook and your phone.


      With this tool you can edit your calendar.

      ~Text Message~

      Clicking on this tool will bring you up a dialog box which you can send out a text message via your computer. After clicking this tool your computer will find the contacts on your phone and lists them all, then all you have to do is transfer the contact over into the other dialog box so the message sends to that person.

      ~Multimedia Studio~

      Clicking on this tool brings up a dialog box full with tools and options. Here is where you can transfer your files over, like tunes, pictures, videos etc. Its easy to transfer them across from one device to another, just click on what you want to transfer and click the transfer button. Its that easy.

      ~Internet Connection~

      Well to be honest I have never used this tool since having the tools installed on my computer. Clicking this tool will bring up a new dialog box, which allows you to set up internet connections, I don’t like touching things I don’t know anything about because then I end up messing things up.

      On the phone itself there is a call button that you click on and will allow you to make a call via your computer although I don’t use this as I don’t really use my phone for calling anyone, also another menu button is in the centre of the phone, which will allow you to setup your phone as you please with added options.

      ~~ FINAL THOUGHTS ~~

      Well although there is many tools on here I don’t tend to use them all, I make use of those I know something about and can do something with, mostly the multimedia studio the rest of the tools I mostly do by using my phone. There is also a backup option where you can backup your phone to your computer in case anything happens. These tools are not very exciting but hey they are free with the phone so what do you want for nothing eh.


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