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The application has support for themes. Icons with the file extension .PNG and .ICO can be placed on the dock for shortcuts to applications and documents. Operating System: Windows.

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2009 19:35
      Very helpful



      It's free - give it a try

      RK launcher is a free downloadable application that mimics the Apple Mac dock. It consists of many different shortcuts which you add or remove yourself by dragging and dropping.

      The main attraction of the RK launcher is the great customisation available. You can change the background of the dock, how transparent is and the theme for example, as well as custom icons, font size and colour, special effects such as the icons zooming and becoming larger when you hover your mouse (you can change the amount it zooms), effects when you minimise windows, where it is located on the screen... and so on. Pretty much everything you can think of is customisable.

      The zooming is probably the most useful because if you need a lot of icons in your dock like me, then you can change the size of the icons and make them really small, but then when you hover your mouse they return to the normal size. Enabling you to have much more shortcuts.

      There's also two icons on the end that when you click open up and display their contents, which you choose. For exmaple, on mine I have my media, which when you click opens up into "Movies", "Music" and "TV Shows". It's very useful and much quicker than going through explorer.

      I'm sure some people have the Rocket Dock but I deleted mine after installing this because it's far better. The dock itself is very visually appealing with mirror effects on the icons and looks exactly like the Mac dock. The icons also look much better. It's not a resource hog like the windows sidebar so you don't need to worry about your computer slowing down either.

      Overall, it's an impressive free download that makes your desktop much cleaner and easier to use whilst adding some stylish effects and organising your space.


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