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TuneUp Utilities 2010 (PC)

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    2 Reviews
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      19.03.2011 18:26
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      If your computers driving you crazy, Tuneup Utilities is here to save the day.

      I decided to purchase Tuneup Utilities after becoming consistently frustrated with how slow my laptop was, being only a year or so old. I had read some good reviews of it being really able to speed things up and of older computers running much more quickly with Tuneup running. I am here to say that those rumors are 100% true.

      .:What Does It Do?:.
      Tuneup Utilities uses a variety of different features to help speed up your PC. First of all, you can have it run maintenance tasks whenever you like. These maintenance tasks include emptying your recycle bin, cleaning your registry, finding unused file paths, and more, and deleting them. This helps clear up more hard drive space. The first time I ran this maintenance, it deleted practically a full GB of completely worthless information. Now whenever I run it (every 3 days or so) it always manages to clear up around 100 MB or so. Not too shabby.

      Another features it has is a system optimizer. This optimizer gives you the option to uninstall worthless software you never use. It also allows you to toggle some of the graphic effects of the operating system, which greatly speed up your computer too. For example, I'm running Vista, and whenever I drag my mouse around the desktop with the left click button held in, it makes rectangles. In XP, these rectangles would be outlined in a dashed line. In Vista, the ENTIRE rectangle is outlined in a blue transparent box. By turning features like that off, it speeds up your computer. One little thing like that may seem like much, but I actually had 9 features like that, all of which I disabled, and my computer is running much better.

      .:Turbo Mode:.
      Turbo Mode is one of the most popular features of Tuneup Utilities. Basically what Turbo Mode does is disable all advanced graphic effects (including your theme if you are using Windows Aero, it reverts to an old Windows 2000/XP look). It also temporarily disables all software running in the background other than the bar necessities like your antivirus. In conclusion, anything that isn't absolutely essential to make your computer run properly is disabled while in Turbo Mode. There is a HUGE difference in speed. Turbo Mode is great if there are some newer computer games you want to play but your computer isn't quite fast enough to run them. For example, World of Warcraft used to run a bit laggy on my laptop. After I started entering Turbo Mode right before I launched the game however, it now runs nearly flawlessly, and I only notice slight lag while in highly populated areas. What's so great about Turbo Mode though, is that it takes only a click of a button to enter and exit it. So if you're ready to play a game, you simply open up Tuneup Utilities, click the Turbo Mode button, wait a couple of seconds for the changes to appear, then go on your way and play the game. When you're finished, simply click the Turbo Mode button again and your system will go back to normal again.

      .:Visual Effects:.
      Tuneup Utilities also offers a couple of ways to mess around with your computer graphics. I haven't really used these as I find them a bit pointless, but I will mention some of them. One of the things you can do is change your Windows boot screen. You can also easily change the startup logo and the theme of the computer. Other changes you can make if you choose are things like changing the shortcuts of different programs or customizing colors on the taskbar, little things like that.

      If you ever get annoyed with your computer and wonder how it could have been so fast when you bought it and now it's so slow, get this software ASAP. Seriously, this did wonders for me and I'm sure it can for your old computer to. Also, if you want to be able to play some newer games but can't afford an expensive gaming computer, you may want to look into this software just so you can try out the Turbo Mode. I don't know how the developers of this software did it but they seem to have made a patch for your slow dinosaur.


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        24.04.2010 20:54
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Give your PC a full service with an MOT thrown in

        I have used this software's predecessor before, namely, Tuneup 2008, and have found it to be a very useful tool for keeping my PC running as sweet as a nut, so to speak.
        So when I came across the chance to use this 2010 version I thought why not indeed, what could I lose?


        * Windows XP, Vista and 7
        * 800x600 resolution with 256 colours.
        * 100MB disc space, IE 6 or above, 1024x768 resolution with 16.7 million colours and internet access for registering.

        And of course a CD/DVD drive to actually install the program.


        The case is pretty plain, mainly white and blue with three yellow hexagons stuck together.
        Inside the box there is just the installation CD and a very thin booklet, which gives a few details about requirements, installation and a brief explanation of what the program does... plus, which is quite important... the product key, which was on the back of the booklet.

        ** INSTALLATION...
        This is done by simply putting in the CD into your drive and reading the easy to follow instructions. The entire process takes a matter of minutes.

        ** WHAT IS DOES....

        The first thing it does do, which its predecessor didn't, is it scans you system so it knows exactly how to work so as to give you the best options for running a smooth PC.
        It asks you a few simple questions, such as your usual internet connection and whether you prefer performance or power. Then it gives you detailed results on how it thinks you should set your PC, offering to do it for you at the click of a button.

        Then, once this section has been completed and you're happy with the new settings, you're then ready to go through the many remaining options to set your PC to that optimum performance you once had.


        If you have used any of the Tune up programs before then it has all the usual tune up offers, with a more up to date little kick.
        But for those who have never used tune up before, (why not I ask myself), then here's what it has to offer...

        As you look at the main page you are asked which option you want to operate.

        ** Maintain System...

        * Optimise you start up/ shut down programs... help you improve your start up speed by adjusting certain programs
        * Defrag hard drive... when you uninstall programs you are left with 'gaps' in your system, the defrag closes those gaps creating a faster search.
        * Remove broken short cuts... gets rid of short cuts that are no longer useful
        * Defrag registry... Closes those 'gaps' in your registry
        * Clean registry... searches and cleans the registry for anything useless in there.
        And the one click fixes with setting options, allowing you to set an automatic maintenance scan when you want.

        ** Increase performance...

        * Show details... when you click this it will scan your PC and then give recommendations of how to improve performance.
        * Configure Live optimisation... which runs in the background to improve performance when required.
        * Turbo Mode... which helps speed up your PC by stopping certain unneeded applications, which you can choose in the option section.
        * Gain disk space...scans your system for un wanted files, allowing you to choose whether to delete. (Once you've deleted files you are then informed how many photos or even songs you could put into the new free space)
        * Configure system start up... shows you the programs which open on start up, allowing you to turn them off if necessary.
        * Display and uninstall programs... shows you your installed programs in a special way, letting you know which are the larger ones, which you use less often and which you use once on a blue moon.

        ** Fix Problems...

        * Fix common problems...allows you to fix any errors which may be happening to your system.
        * Restore deleted files... recover any accidentally deleted files
        * Check hard disk errors... let's you check your Hard drive for any error, which, if found, will automatically fix them.
        * Manage running programs...lets you see which programs are running and which may be slowing your system down.

        ** And in the final section there is...

        * Customise windows... which allows you to, well, customise your PC with such things as changing the boot screen, how the start menu looks, the task bar and much more.

        ** IN CONCLUSION...

        As I said earlier, I have been using the 2008 edition of this software for quite some time now and was very happy with what it achieved, so when I started to use this I sort of knew what to expect. Fortunately there are a few added extras which really do come in handy to help keep your system clean and free running.

        I personally found the opening 'scan' a very useful tool indeed, sort of allowing the my computer and myself sort of sync as on, so to speak, advising me on how I could get my PC to run smoother and faster. It's nice to be asked what you want to to isn't it?. Then giving me the options of following the given advice.

        I know that a few sections in this program can be found as standard in any PC, such as cleaning the hard drive and registry, defragging your system and even checking for errors on the drive itself, but this program has everyone of them, and more, at the click of a button, saving you the time and effort searching for individual things on your system.
        It is a simple and very effective way of keeping on top of your PC to keep all those little annoying system slow downs, and what's more, it will never mess your system up by using it.

        One of the most useful little sections in this software is the 'Disk Doctor', where you can check for errors on your disk and repair any if found. This does take a little while to do, depending on the actual size of your hard drive of course, but it is very useful to use especially after a 'hard' shut down. Or a system failure.
        I tend to use this once a week by setting it running after several virus/malware/adware checks, and leaving it to do it's job whilst I go about a few daily chores, (ironing, washing and the like...honest).

        Some of the other good tools, albeit not really useful but more for show, is the customise section where you can make your PC look just the way you want it in a few clicks. You'll be quite chuffed with the way you can set your 'boot' screen, 'start up' screen and even 'log on' screen, there are so many options to choose from and even a chance to download more.
        As I said, this is not really necessary for the sake of running your computer but it makes it more personal.

        One of the other good thing about this software is that it has a built-in RescueCenter which can restore any changes completely or one by one just in case your system goes pair shaped after cleaning with this, although I have never had to use the 'Rescue centre' on any Tune up offerings as they seem to be gentle when cleaning, a little like Persil and your dishes

        There are many little 'tools' in this software, most being useful, some being for personalisation, but all are well worth looking into.
        So for all those people who have never used any tune up facilities then here's your chance to rectify that by buying this latest offering. Once you start to use it you will be surprised at how easy it does what you usually spend hours doing manually.
        It is one of them programs that is easily understood and can be used by novices without fear of wiping out your system.

        In all, an easy to use bit of kit which will help your system keep running as if you'd just bought it from the shop, (almost).
        If your interested in this then you can get it from the likes of amazon.co.uk for less than £15.00, which is a real bargain indeed considering how useful it really is.


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