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On Tap Heating (Durham)

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2 Reviews

Address: Hilton Road / Aycliffe Business Park / Newton Aycliffe / County Durham / DL5 6EN / England / Tel: 01325 312345

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    2 Reviews
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      04.02.2011 12:33



      they didnt turn up when they were supposed to then they were late when re arranged.they caused a leak, mopped up the water with my loft insulation and toilet roll and didnt tell anyone what had happened.when i contacetd them the office manager suggested i was lying about the sequence of events as their plumbers are honest!then they threatened to take me to the small claims court if i dodnt pay the bill absolutley disgraceful and would never use this firm again. considering seeking legal advice in relation to the damage caused to my property


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      28.01.2010 17:39
      Very helpful
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      If you've got any plumbing job these are the guys to call.

      When we moved into our new house, we took the decision to upgrade the boiler. As always with such big decisions, we researched carefully, asking 3 different companies (two local, one national) to provide quotes. On Tap were not the cheapest (neither were the most expensive), but they did impress us with their professionalism and their commitment to customer service.

      The difference in approach between the companies was an eye-opener and really helped us make up our minds that On Tap would be our preferred company. It was a decision we never regretted.

      The On Tap man turned up bang on time, spent ten minutes discussing what they would do and promised a quote would be with us within three days (it was pushed through the door two days later). He was friendly without being pushy and very open about the respective costs, advising us when it was worth spending a little more and when it wasn't because it wouldn't make any real difference.

      Contrast this with the other two. The rep from the second local firm turned up over 35 minutes late (no explanation or apology), was distinctly grumpy and took almost a week to provide the quote. The rep for the national firm was a typical oily salesman, who insisted on wasting over an hour of our time with unnecessary details. With the national firm everything was a "problem" and an "obstacle" (two words which were essentially used to make their price over £1,500 more expensive than the middle quote). With On Tap, the same issues were acknowledged with "Well, we'll have to do this... but that'll be OK."

      Before we went ahead, we had a couple of outstanding questions for On Tap. These were emailed to them and just a couple of hours later we had a full reply giving the answers. This was pretty typical of our experience with them. Every time we contacted them, they were friendly, professional and prompt in getting back to you.

      Having dealt with the sales team, agreeing a date for the work to begin, we did begin to get a little nervous. After all, the attitude of a company can often change drastically once you have signed the contract. Thankfully, the professionalism and customer care we experienced from the sales team continued with the engineers. It is clear that On Tap as a company pride themselves on giving the customer a very high level of service throughout.

      We had been told the engineers would arrive around 8.30 on the first day (they were a little late, but nothing major) and they worked solidly. Whilst the job proved more complex than originally thought (eventually taking a day longer than originally stated), they never once complained (at least not to me!), tried to take any shortcuts or get out of doing something which had been agreed.

      At various times, several different On Tap employees worked on the system and without exception, they were friendly and hardworking. With standard workman you often find that the "9-5 work day" actually runs from about 10-4 (with at least an hour for lunch and regular tea breaks). On Tap worked like Trojans. Each day began before 9am and the earliest they left was 4.40pm, taking less than 30 minutes for lunch and no tea breaks.

      At the end of the second day, it was clear the job would not be completely finished to the original schedule (although the system was installed and working). To avoid us having to take more time off work, they were more than happy to return on a Saturday, even though (outside of emergencies) they don't normally do installation work at the weekend. Yet another example of their commitment to putting the customer first.

      Once they had fully completed the job, they showed us how to operate the new system and told us to contact them if we had any problems at all. Despite the fact the job had taken a day longer (and been more complicated) than originally thought, the price charged was as originally quoted - there was no attempt to hike the price to reflect the additional work done.

      In the interests of balance, I probably need to find a couple of negative things to say, but these really are very minor issues that definitely should not stop you using On Tap.

      Firstly, one of the reasons why our job took longer than originally envisaged was because the engineers spotted a number of complications the rep had not realised existed. In one sense, this doesn't matter to us, since the engineers dealt with the complication without fuss. However, there was a practical aspect which did. As part of the preparation for the work, we were told we would need to clear items from one room to allow the engineers to put in the relevant pipes, which we did. Unfortunately, when the engineers turned up, they decided they needed to take the plumbing a different way... straight through the room into which we had moved everything on the advice of the sales rep. We ended up moving a whole load of stuff twice, when in fact it needn't have moved at all.

      In addition, anticipating that the job would inevitably create lots of dust, we moved things out of the room where the messy work was scheduled to take place. When they actually did the dirty work in a different room, there wasn't the opportunity to move the stuff out again before they began, nor did they cover it up, so some things got a little dirty. It was only sawdust and other light dirt, so there was no permanent damage, but it was a minor annoyance which could have been avoided.

      Finally, although they re-fitted all floorboards and carpets they had removed, it wasn't quite done correctly, and once they had left, we discovered several doors wouldn't shut, due to ill-fitting carpets. Again, this was quickly and easily rectified, so was only a small irritant.

      We were very happy with the level of service and efficiency of On Tap and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a new boiler or full heating system. We've used them again since for a number of smaller plumbing jobs (including leaks) and their service was just as good, so this is not a one off. They are a local family firm and their reputation clearly means a great deal to them. Hopefully, that reputation will only be deservedly enhanced by this review.

      Basic Information
      On Tap Heating
      On Tap Heating
      Hilton Road
      Aycliffe Business Park
      Newton Aycliffe
      DL5 6EN
      Tel: 01325 312345 or 01325 328930
      Email: ontap5@hotmail.com
      Web: http://www.ontapheating.co.uk/

      © Copyright SWSt 2010


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    • Product Details

      Heating installation and plumbing company located in the County Durham area.

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