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Dyson Mini Turbine Head

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Brand: Dyson / Type: Power Head

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    2 Reviews
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      31.08.2010 12:45
      Very helpful



      Good for fresh cleaning, but is it worth the trouble of getting it?

      I got this as a freebie when I purchased an upright Dyson DC14 some years ago. I got the animal version of the hoover (the one that is apparently specially designed to pick up animal hairs from your floor) and I thought that this turbo head assembly would also be useful to do the stairs, furniture etc, which would be especially useful given that I have 3 dogs and a cat.

      It is basically a smaller version of the brush bar bit of your upright Dyson (the bit at the bottom that actually sweeps the floor), costing just over £35 from Amazon. The idea is that you attach it to the hose assembly of the Dyson and then use it in those hard to reach places where you wouldn't normally be able to get your upright Dyson, such as the stairs, the furniture and wherever else you may have that your animals might frequent.

      It works by spinning the brush bar with the suction and applying the suction, and the 2 effects combine will draw the animal hairs out of whatever and into you Dyson. In practice, it is very good at doing what it is designed to do. It does brush the animal hairs out, providing that they are fairly fresh. I say that because the effect really depends on how often you hoover your house etc and what sort of animals you have. I tend to hoover every couple of days, and my animals don't really shed loads of hair, although the cat does have a pretty good go at it. So when I do hoover, the hair sits on the top of the carpet or fabric and hasn't been ground or woven into whatever, which would make it more difficult for this turbine head to remove.

      So with the hair being fairly fresh, it comes out easily with this device. Now with the cat, he tends to shed more, and then sleeps on it and hence his hair tends to get ground in more. Using this turbine head, it still gets most of the hair out, but it just takes a little more effort to do it all and it still sometimes leaves some behind.

      However, for general cleaning of the stairs and perhaps the sofa, it is really good. The only issue I have with it is that it is an extra for your Dyson. By that I mean that it is not stored on your Dyson as all the other attachments are, which are then readily available for you to fit and use to tackle any job wherever you happen to be hovering at that time. With this turbine head, more often than not it will be stored in a cupboard somewhere. So you need to plan to use it in advance, go and get it, fit it, use it and then return it to the cupboard. So often you find yourself just fitting one of the hoover attachments for speed and convenience to clean the sofa rather than going to get this device, and hence the device tends to sit in the cupboard unused.

      If Dyson could somehow design some sort of storage for it on your upright, it would make your Dyson quite a formidable cleaning device for your home.

      Review also on Ciao under Randal1.


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        14.11.2009 13:37
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        This will work if you clean everyday and don't have a pet.

        Vacuum cleaning, love it, hate it or get someone else to do it? Once a week, once a day or once in a blue moon? Depending on your answers, you'll either think this is the greatest cleaning gadget you've ever had or you'll wish you'd never bought it!

        First things first. It is an optional attachment that fits to either the telescopic tube on the vacuum cleaner or directly to the hose. It is a mini version of the suction/beater section of an upright cleaner - the bit that does the cleaning as you push it backwards and forwards across the floor. It is fairly compact, being about 31cm long and 16 cm at the widest point. It weighs 688 grams. There is a button you either pull out or bush in to choose between suction alone or in combination with the rotating beater bar. It is also very easy to clean should anything get wrapped around the beater bar, the head assembly unclips and everything can be untangled.

        It will not fit the following models: DC01, DC02, DC03, DC24 and all the handheld models. The Argos website says it will not fit the silver/lime DC04, but the Dyson site says it will, I guess they know what they're talking about.

        The Dyson website says that it is 'ideal for removing pet hair and fibres from confined spaces such as upholstery, stairs and the car'.

        OK now for the practicalities. It will get to places that the actual cleaner itself can't reach, so yes it will clean the upholstery in a car, your sofa or the mattress on your bed. If you do have a pet and it goes in your car or on the sofa this sounds like a great idea. I'm sure you wouldn't need it to get pet hair out of your mattress but hey, each to their own...

        The only problem is that the normal tools on the Dyson can get to all these places and a whole lot more, the mini turbine head will not get right into the edges of the stairs for example or any other small confined spaces.

        This is where I think it all depends on your cleaning habits. If you vacuum everyday or have a pet that doesn't really leave lots of hairs everywhere then I'm sure this would be a great idea. It would pick everything up and would get the job done quickly. Cleaning the stairs for example, you could wizz over each step in no time because the head is certainly larger than the brush or the nozzle attachment so you'd pick more stuff up in fewer passes of the head.

        I have two dogs, one of which is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, they leave short hairs everywhere and they weave themselves down into the carpet (the hairs, not the dogs). The turbine head won't touch them at all and the only option in hard to reach places is the nozzle attachment. With the turbine head, the turbine spins because of the suction of the vacuum cleaner so if you put any pressure on it to try and get deeper down into the pile of the carpet it just stops rotating. Pointless!

        One more little grumble: the angle at which the head is designed means it will not get into some places at all. It is in a fixed position and will not always get into tight spaces. Another reason that you have to resort back to the standard tools on the vac. Oh and one more thing, you can't stow it on the cleaner anywhere so you have to carry it round separately everywhere. Are you starting to realize that I think its naff?

        These gadgets cost in the region of £25. You can get them from:

        Dyson: www.dyson.co.uk £25.94
        Argos www.argos.co.uk £24.99
        Amazon www.amazon.co.uk £29.49

        Or you can buy them on Ebay where you'll also find plenty that say 'used once', hmm I wonder why...

        So, would I buy it again if I had to? No.
        Would I recommend it to anyone? No.

        What would I spend the money on again if I had a choice? Hmm, think I'd forget this cleaning lark and go out for a drink!


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      • Product Details

        The mini turbine head is ideal for removing pet hair and fibres from confined spaces such as upholstery, stairs and the car.

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