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First4Spares Red Airo Turbo Brush Floor Tool For Numatic Henry

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Brand: First4Spares / Type: Brushes

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2013 21:36
      Very helpful



      A very worthwhile purchase for anyone with a Henry as home vacuum.

      A few months ago, with the assistance of the very knowledgeable and helpful Nar2, we chose a Henry Vacuum cleaner. Henry has been a delight to own, but the floor tool can be a bit hard to push on a heavy shag rug, and I knew from the beginning I would want to buy a turbo floor brush tool at some point. The branded Henry turbo brush was £27.99, which was quite a lot to spend right after buying a new vacuum. Having once again sought out the advice of Nar2, I determined a generic version of the brush would suit us just as well, and save £11 as this was only £16.99, new and delivered from Amazon.

      Appearance wise, this is not quite as nice as the branded product. The official Henry turbo brush is a bright red, while this is more of an orangey red, so if you want things to match perfectly, I can not recommend this. You will be able to notice the difference in colour very easily. This also lacks the trademark Henry face which would be found on the original. However, I really couldn't care less about colour. As long as it works, I'd have been happy enough with electric purple and neon green stripes. My sons however were delighted this one, and in fact believe I bought this for them and "Their" Henry. Had I know I would never have to vacuum again, I'd have bought Henry years ago. I do get very little use from this machine as the boys do most of the vacuuming now and I do not complain too bitterly when they end up taking my turn again - just enough to make them keep doing it:)

      But as much as the boys love Henry, they are not the most conscientious of cleaners. they just zip around with it, and this attachment works very well for this. It means absolutely everything is lifted with the first pass. When I have had the occasion to use this, I found the wheels makes this so much easier to move about, and it is far less strain for my hands which are weaker than most,. It lifts everything very well, including fine shards of glass, but where this really shines is for hair removal. We do have a medium size dog, and I am afraid I shed terribly, so this is wonderful to keep our rugs hair free. As a test I rolled up masking tape and wiped the rug after, which would normally find dog hair even it looks cleans but nothing stuck to the tape but a few fine shreds of carpet yarn. This also picks up smashed up crisps, paper scraps and basic dirt very well. It works on short pile rugs, very thick shag rugs and wooden floors. The only place I find this impractical is on the stairs, but we have other tools for that.

      This does fit the Henry perfectly, and even I can put it on or remove it with ease and I do have a disability affecting my hands. My sons are now ages 5 and 8 and either of them could change in a perhaps 10 - 15 seconds. You just pull the old attachment off and put this on. There really doesn't seem to be anything that can wrong with this either. There is no belt to break. It appears very sturdy and well made and has had no problems with being dropped. The brushes do need to be cleared now and then to remove excess hair ( and on one occasion a sock), but this is very easily done. I expect that the brushes will wear down eventually, as any brushes will, but I expect to be using this for many years.

      I did notice one reviewer had a problem with this falling off. This has never happened with us, and I have found it a perfect fit. I do have an original Henry, so can't comment on other models but I do believe the hoses are the same for all of them. Amazon says this fits all models which have a 32mm Diameter Rod. It also lists several varieties of Henry as compatible: HVR200, HVR200P, HVX200, HVR370P-22, HVR200M, and HVR200T as well as Hetty HVR200T, Hetty HET200-22, James JVP180, George, Basil and Hound.

      We loved Henry even before buying this, but this does make a difference and I would highly recommend this attachment, especially if you own pets, or will be cleaning very thick rugs. I do feel the price is fair considering the quality of the item and I am very happy with our purchase. Even my husband admits that both tis and the Henry were excellent purchases and agrees we should have bought them years ago. I would note that you can buy a Henry which comes with a turbo brush, and we did consider this, but since it would have cost and additional £50 +, we decided against it, and bought this shortly after purchasing Henry.


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