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Miele SSP 10 Dusting Brush

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Brand: Miele / Type: Brushes

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    1 Review
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      07.08.2012 01:42
      Very helpful



      Avoid the castle cut brush style unless you want to keep picking off dust after use. New one better.

      When it comes to vacuum cleaners, I can tell from my own experiences where the actual design process has taken place in terms of the actual tools and components brands put into each machine. Some brands pass off tat in plastic that hasn't been thought out versus brands who take time to design the tools for purpose. Companies such as Miele, SEBO and Bosch from Germany take particular routes in how they design their vacuum cleaners - and none of their models mirror each other exactly in terms of specifications or the smaller cleaning tools that you get with each brand, which makes comparing all three brands difficult. Miele take the lead here where their vacuum cleaner tools are concerned since they appear to offer buyers a whole multitude of so-called thought out tools that you can buy to fit your machine - but before even buying optional tools, you get a dusting brush as part of the kit as standard compared to SEBO or Bosch who don't fit them as standard. But, don't think that's an immediate advantage. When I first bought my own Miele, twelve years ago in the form of a very old black S571 cylinder vacuum that weighed a ton, I did appreciate the cleaning tools supplied along with general performance, but even back then Miele pushed their premium quality making out that their tools were better than anyone else's.

      Which isn't quite true....because compared to my parents SEBO X1 Automatic upright vacuum, the tools on that machine seemed to be simpler, superior and quieter when fixed to the hose or tube. In all my years of experience and since Miele changed their rectangular dusting brush from the 1970's to the round dusting brush, it has taken the German company the best part of the 30 odd years to changing it!

      Quality & Design

      You see, the Miele SSP10 for 2012 has been changed somewhat. You won't know this unless you have bought a new Miele vacuum from 2011 and onwards that comes with the thick PVC well made round dusting brush and Miele haven't bothered to update the old part number. So, rather unhelpfully if you need a replacement brush, you really need to use your eyes as there are two brushes bearing the same model number and one is better than the other. Luckily it is the brush that has same 2cm length uniform bristles compared to the "castle cut" style that looks like the perimeter of a castle monument decked out in bristles. The castle cut SSP10 is inclined to clog up with dust because of the design of the different height bristles and secondly, can clog the entrance to the tool because of the way the bristles have been set out.

      The later and therefore current SSP10 also has a series of notches built into the lower half of the tool giving you four viewable lock angle positions that the tool can bend at. But there's also two other angles that the brush can also lock to that haven't been added as notches on the tool itself. A two way arrow located in the centre on the top half of the brush alerts the owner on how to move the brush around - and even on a basic tool like this, Miele have upped the design thought even going as far as being able to include their name in dark black embossed letters.

      Therefore the current SSP10 is similar to the exterior design but you get proper long bristles with higher priced Miele vacuums getting natural long bristles emphasized by a silver ring in the middle compared to long nylon bristles on more basic priced Miele cylinder vacuums - but both are better than the older castle cut brush that often clogged with dust - hence Miele's reason to change the original brush. The quality of the brush does feel a lot better than the old castle cut brush I had on my old Miele S4210.

      However, the beauty of the SSP10 dusting brush is that can fit all Miele vacuum cleaners from S100 and upwards, so even the current S2, S4, S5, S6 and the new S8 models can use the dusting brush as can the S7 upright vacuums. Bosch vacuums can also use this dusting brush (but you may find it difficult to store on the vacuums themselves) since the tool has a measurement of 3.5cm/35mm.

      General Performance

      Compared to the other two tools that you normally get with Miele vacuums, the SSP10 dusting brush is probably one of the most versatile. This is because in use, the brush has a 360° axis that allows you to turn the brush to any angle you wish to clean at and unless you knock the article you are cleaning abruptly, the brush will lock in the angle you've initially placed it at. The size of the brush is also quite small at 10cm and able to get into awkward corners due to its 6cm width, handy for cleaning behind appliances as well as ceilings, cleaning dust off computer peripherals including keyboards and laptops, especially as the bristles are so long, they won't damage any precious internals. The SSP10 2011 year brush is especially good at poking dust out of perforated computer grills known to show up clogged dust and impede the cooling fans. No wonder out of the other small cleaning tools I have, my dusting brush has the worst scars to its body - it is by far the most used cleaning tool I like to use when it comes to general dusting in the home with my Miele vacuums.

      I do however find that out of all the tools that Miele provide, the dusting brush can be used on any surface for generally cleaning be it precious marble, wood, glass, plastics - anything really that you would normally take the consistency of a soft paint brush to- you can clean likewise apply this dusting brush to. You can also feel the bristles in the palm of your hand and they are softer than the more compacted style offered on the previous castle cut brush. Dust and dirt thus tends to be sucked up better with this kind of tool without much time wasted picking dirt off the bristles unlike before and when it comes to taking out dust in awkward cubbies like car door bins and consoles, this kind of brush is well designed for purpose!

      Another bonus to the general design is that it can be used as a hand tool without even using the vacuum since it's stubby design and small size lends an easy to grab design.


      When you buy a Miele vacuum cleaner, it's a bit like a Dyson - the cost prices are never cheap. You go on reputation and performance alone and whilst Miele are an excellent company, some of their products in my experience are lesser than what the company claim. This all comes down through actual ownership rather than mere testing. The downside to the current SSP10 is the price - which in my opinion is so typically Miele! It isn't cheap and costs £10-99 from Currys, £12-99 from Amazon.co.uk and from Miele UK £10-49. Although some sites sell the tool for £7 you may need to email them to ask whether it's the old style castle cut brush that is for sale and not the bushy one as these current 2011-year brushes mirror on look. However on the basis that a lot of these dusting brushes do tend to have a long life, there isn't much call for constantly buying and a replacement brush should set you for life unless you use the brush near hot flammables, harsh agents or toxic chemicals as these are inclined to melt or destroy the bristles.

      Compared to the previous brush, the SSP10 is good at what it is designed for - but to a point. Because the round perimeter is wide enough, there's a secondary plastic channel inside as a wavy line designed to act as an inner bumper as well as allowing any threads or difficult kinds of dust to flow through the channel. However, in use some threads get wrapped around the wavy channel and need to be manually picked off.

      Final Thoughts

      The newer SSP10 dusting brush from Miele is well worth considering if you own a Miele or Bosch vacuum cleaner and if you require replacement, this is the round dusting brush to get to replace the one you've had already. It is a pity however that Miele don't change the model number as buyers may well receive the older tool that is inclined to clog and thus not clean as efficiently as the longer, more simpler bristles. It all pays to read and contact the seller at the time of purchase - rather than go by reputation alone - and Miele UK are particularly foolish to think buyers will settle for anything less than perfect to go with their Miele purchase. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2012.

      ** This review has been written for the "TETRAFOIL" Dooyoo Relay team **



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      Suitable for all Miele cylinder cleaners / Short name: Miele SSP 10

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