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Miele SUB 10 Multi-Purpose Brush

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Brand: Miele / Type: Brushes

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    1 Review
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      11.09.2010 02:21
      Very helpful



      Miele have been making this tool for years - but it needs to be updated.

      When Dyson brought out their long bristled dusting brush a few years ago it reminded me of a brushed tool that Miele have had on the market for about twenty years, and even now today the tool is still on sale for Miele owners who may need a longer dusting brush than the one supplied with their vacuums. When I got a Miele cylinder vacuum I wasn't entirely sure if I needed the long dusting brush since the pivotal brush that came with my old S571 and later S4 ranges comes with the models is fairly efficient, lightweight and very handy to use in almost all kinds of dust removal applications. Then, by chance through some conversations I was sent the long dusting brush by a certain Dooyoo member when they had purchased a SEBO upright I had recommended and had a spare dusting brush that we could swap over and she could at the end of the day use the correct brush on her SEBO. This is how the "long dusting brush," or "multi-purpose," brush as Miele now call it has come to be. From Miele it costs £9-69 plus VAT and online it is quite difficult to get hold of. For Miele vacuum cleaner owners, this tool can fit all of the models since it has a friction fit end and has a general length of around 20cm with around 3cm bristle lengths to portray its "dusting" credentials. Because of its length it can't be stored on any Miele vacuum unless you have a clip on tool storer with a vacant space for the brush to go onto - and if you do - the brush needs to be stored upwards, otherwise it can slip off the end due to its heavier weight towards the top of the brush.

      Quality wise this is a very well made brush. It is very unlike the rest of the standard tools I've found with Miele vacuums, as the plastic here is very shiny looking and much thicker than the just as quality made smaller cleaning tools that have thinner more flexible plastics. This doesn't mean that it is durable to the point that it will hide scratches though! My brush has tons of scratches from use over the years and its original white colouring (Miele now produce these in black and I got one again recently that came with their vacuums I had bought) lost its sheen quite rapidly. In the centre of the brush mouth there is a twin smaller wall that acts as the suction channel and Miele have also embossed their name at the end of the tool incase you forget who makes it!

      From its point of view of being a dusting brush, dust is soon realised early on when the tool is placed on the handle of any Miele vacuum cleaner, but try it on the telescopic suction pipe and apart from cleaning horizontally, there is no other direction that this tool can go in since it lacks the excellent 360° pivotal axis of the round upholstery brush you'd find as standard on Miele's vacuums. This means dropping the handle, then the pipes and then adjusting the brush at an angle that will be more convenient for you, but unless the brush is put upwards with the pipe raised upwards, the brush tool can't clean successfully if trying to remove dust from ceilings. This doesn't present a problem when the brush is stuck onto the end of the handle though and it makes a lot more sense to use it like this if cleaning dust off shelves for example, whilst its horizontal shape pointing upwards means it is suitable for cleaning skirting boards at the top of your ceilings, Venetian blinds can be cleaned to the side with the vacuum's handle also pointed to the side. It can also clean in between the open gaps of an old-fashioned "large window" radiator - but only up to a point since its narrow traditional brush like design can sometimes be too wide for it to successfully fit into the open gaps of a radiator from the front.

      However there are a few downsides. The diameter of this brush is around 3cm that makes it difficult to wedge in between walls and rear radiators to get all that important gunged up dust. The bristles also clog badly with cobwebs that often have to be picked off and the whole weight of the tool is also too heavy to rely on for longer cleaning above the floor line sessions. Much more worryingly though is the fact that although the bristles stick out a bit, in general use I've found if the brush is pushed flat and downwards, the smaller permanently bonded plastic dust channel (permanent) can actually scratch surfaces whilst its slot in the centre holds back dust that can wrap around it. Safe on all surfaces? Not exactly! Treat it lightly and although dust gets picked up, it won't always be sucked up thanks to the bristles that are too tightly packed up and dust gets clogged.

      It is by no surprise to find that this brush tool isn't the most versatile of cost optional vacuum cleaner tools made by Miele but I was expecting much more particularly in view of the fact that the smaller and round dusting brush you get as standard with Miele vacuums has so much more practicality and cleaning versatility. It is true that whilst it is apt at cleaning Venetian blinds and to an extent radiators, the better solution at the end of the day is to consider an actual radiator brush that fits onto the end of the crevice pipe, and for the price this brush tool costs from Miele, it's a bit of a rip off if it is only successful for one lifestyle cleaning requirement. Ultimately, if you really need to clean blinds, use the existing brush tool that comes with your Miele. It is a lot less bother, can be stored away on the cleaner when not in use and doesn't endanger surfaces to be scratched. Simples! Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010



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      Multi-purpose or universal brush suitable for cleaning radiators or blinds / Short name: Miele SUB 10

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