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Brand: Miele / Type: Brush

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      04.11.2012 15:37
      Very helpful



      Better than the SUB10 tool, this is a better made & designed Miele dust brush that also fits Bosch!

      A couple of months ago after purchasing my Miele Mini-Mini pet hair tool, I found myself doing quite a lot of repair work in the home. This led to moving furniture out of the way to see what was behind to clearing up dust, vacuuming up old bits of paint flecks to more abrasive work like fixing wall structures. The worst aspect wasn't the hard DIY work I gave myself but the amount of dust behind old wardrobes that hadn't been moved in ten or twenty years. The dust was so thick that at times, whenever I put my hand on the furnitures, I would be peppered in dust from the tops of them and left with a sticky and dusty complexion! The standard Miele dust brush I was using is the round type that moves with a 360° axis neck and comes as standard with most Miele vacuums, but the small, round diameter is inclined to constantly clog up with this kind of dust, requiring a bigger brush with a bigger dust channel less likely to clog up. With the other array of Miele tools I own, I forgot about the Miele SUB20 I had bought at the same time as the mini turbo brush. It has a bigger dust channel and bristles that are longer and more open. The brush costs on average £14-99 from Miele with a £4-99 surcharge for postage and packing.

      General Design & Quality

      As with most if not all Miele cleaning tools, the plastics and build quality for this product is well made and largely excellent, also with embossed Miele name on the front of the brush, so that you're never too far away as to who this brand is from. The durability aspect travels as far as the tactile quality that this dusting brush tool imparts. From the silver metallic tinged plastic rubberised oval ring that acts as a bumper to protect the brush from general scrapes to natural and synthetic produced long 3.5cm bristles that are designed to brush surfaces softly, the SUB20 Miele universal dust brush is pretty similar to a standard long dusting brush (SUB10) an actual Dooyoo member sent me many years ago, and was really not much use for anything other than dusting shelves because of its permanently flat-down design and quite bulky shape. Well, Miele, or rather the German company Wessel Work who produce most cleaning and floor head tools for all of the German and other premium brands these days have dreamt up the same again for Miele but with an added twist. Or rather a three way twist to the double jointed neck that will eventually allow you to clean the tops of shelves, cupboards and other furnitures that would normally require you to get up a ladder and physically push you to stretch across a top precariously, trying to get dust off a shelf.

      General Performance

      If you do a lot of dusting in your home, there are two tips I use instead of using a flannel and anti-static polish that looses its process in time. I either use a damp cloth to get dust up in an instant or use a vacuum cleaner with a dusting brush for a more thorough process. It doesn't take that long compared to what most people do these days and at the same time with the dusting, I can vacuum the whole home by the time I've intended to just polish. That's the beauty of any vacuum cleaner, even though on my Miele S6, I have the tools to hand whenever I need them for smaller, more accessible areas that the main floor head and hose can't get to.

      This tool has a friction fit mouth to it, in the sense that it can be used on either handle of the Miele S6 or the suction tubes in tandem with the handle at the other end. However, like a lot of Miele's cleaning tools that fit by friction fit anyway, they all measure 3.5cm/or 35mm making them ideal to be used with certain Panasonic vacuums as well as most Bosch cylinder vacuums. Dyson make a similar dusting brush tool like the elongated SUB20 by Miele and it measures 3.2cm/32mm making it more suitable for Hoover, Electrolux and Numatic (the people who make Henry, James, Hetty, Charles and George.)

      However, whereas the Dyson tool and Miele SUB10 have a one position, fixed downwards design thus inferring that you have to do the angle you want before switching your machine on, the Miele SUB20 is fairly versatile able to clean flat as well as at angles and able to do the job much better than the SUB10 thanks to its better design, more robust shape and a pointier edge at the top. It all comes down to the double joint lock just after the main mouth. With only a gentle twist from my hand and looking out for the arrows to line up the versatile swivel rings built in, I can successfully clean the tops of shelves and various cupboards with me standing at the bottom with my vacuum cleaner hose, suction tube and the brush jammed on the end with a 90° angle so that the bristles sit on the top, able to be slid along to do the entire surface for dust pick up. The SUB20 is also fairly light in the hand, even though the shape does appear to be bulky due to its protective swathes of black PVC plastic.

      It's just a pity that Miele's brush here isn't really that unique - SEBO's own triangular dust brush, large and small can do the same job with a much smaller compact use. In other cleaning jobs, the SUB20 is great for cleaning crevices on ceilings, dusting off venetian blinds, stair railings inside the home and even getting in between the work tops and appliances like fridges or large wash appliances, often pulling out anything that has fallen in between the spaces. It has a fairly flat hood to the design as well, making it handy to slip under tight spaces.

      The Miele brush is also very useful to cleaning the dashboard and car interior because of its double swivel joint. Cleaning vertically and horizontally isn't a problem here and I like the sweeping action that the bristles generally give, able to sweep surfaces gently without scratching or damaging and able to direct the dust required to be sucked up, straight from the bristles into the main suction channel. The brush is also largely quiet to use, even at the medium to high suction setting from my Miele vacuum.


      Like a lot of Miele cleaning tools of late and like the mini-mini turbo brush, the SUB20 cannot be stored on any of Miele's clip on tool storers on their vacuums and because of its long size, forget trying to even cram it into the tool tidy of the S5 or new S8 cylinder vacuums. It simply won't fit and the most annoying factor of this brush is simply that I have to store it in a safe place and remember where I've put it, so that it can be used again. Miele should consider changing the back of the brush as it seems to have a thin flexible tapered collar before the main part of the brush - and thus without it, this brush could be better stored more easily onto one of the three points of the clip on tool storer standard with the S2, S4 and S6 cylinder vacuums.

      Another downside is that from time to time, the SUB20 will clog up with dust but not as badly as the far smaller round dusting brush made by Miele or their SUB10. The actual size of the brush is also slightly bulky, so you have to be prepared to forgive its physical design if you wedge it into a corner that its surface area measures out to be bigger than!

      Final Thoughts

      Miele have an excellent double-jointed long bristle dusting brush on offer here, but it's a pity that it cannot be stored on any of their vacuums. If you require a versatile dust brush for your vacuum and you own either Miele or Bosch, then this is quite a versatile and worthwhile tool to consider. It will require cleaning out from time to time though, but it does what it promises and for the cost price here, its versatile and gentle cleaning nature means the SUB20 is a worthy and well-made tool for the job. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2012.



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      Short name: Miele SUB20

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