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Brand: Miele / Type: Extension suction rod for Miele cylinder vacuum cleaners / Model: 06058221

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    1 Review
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      04.04.2011 17:48
      Very helpful



      Having the biggest pole isn't much to brag about, Miele!

      When it comes to cleaning up and vacuuming dust off shelves I'm not one who usually puts my whole hearted trust into an extension hose on an upright vacuum cleaner unless it is an extension hose that I know I can trust without knocking anything off, or minimising paint damage off walls if the vacuum itself falls over. Extension hoses can only go so far, being particularly apt for long staircases or cleaning out the car, but give them a stretch of floor and you'll find them difficult to control as they wriggle and whack off doors - a finding that not many Numatic Henry owners care to comment on if they have the model with the 2.5 metre hose on board! But, for more practical uses, I prefer taking the strain off my back if cleaning above the floor line and using full size height adjustable suction tubes - a feature that is yet to become available on any upright vacuum cleaner in the U.K since the brands that make both upright and cylinder vacuums will seldom sell an upright vacuum with a longer extension suction tube - because it would naturally "hurt" sales of the humble pull along. Miele however aren't exactly like any other brand since they have been producing smaller cleaning accessories well before Dyson and for that reason alone you can be sure to find just about any tool on the market that is fit for Miele cylinder vacuums. More recently, Bosch vacuums which happen to have the same size of 35mm/3.5cm tubing gives this brand equal access to Miele tools even if Bosch fittings fit by friction fit only and lack lockable buttons. So it is good that in this respect Miele's tooling can be used on other brands.

      Miele's own suction stainless steel tubes come in three different versions and in all cases, the floor tools and lock-less smaller cleaning tools can all be tagged onto the bottom of these tubes easily without ever falling off unless you don't screw the non-lock (known as "friction fit") cleaning tools tight enough. When Miele first started making cylinder vacuums, they only came with friction fit tubes - 2 of them -, which are devilishly hard to prise open if you needed to shorten one. The standard pipes have to be screwed into one another and total a fixed height of 100cm and the newer current telescopic height adjustable 2 part pipes have a slight increase to 104cm. Not content to offer the telescopic style in two pipes where the owner can adjust automatically the height of the tubing (hence the name) via press button release locks, for the last couple of years Miele have been offering another style in the form of the three-pipes-in-one body called "Triscopic," and are equipped with higher priced vacuum cleaners with slightly higher features. You get more height of 115cm at their fullest height too. Ingenious as it is to have three pipes that compact up into each other to form just one pipe at the end of the day, is the initial idea worth its weight in metal?

      Well it is worth it if you need to get up to higher ceilings and the telescopic "twin" pipes when fully stretched can't get to the highest reach - or for more domestic cleaning solutions, cleaning up to high shelves, fire alarms in the ceilings, awkward crevices and fancy plaster work. For the smallest baby in the vacuum cleaner range, having the Triscopic tubes fitted means you could have longer reach at ground level too if there's a small amount of power cord - and given that the S2 has around 5 metres of cord plus the short hose length, the Triscopic poles make a lot more sense, giving you a lot more reach if you have a medium sized home with not much storage space. There are other alternatives like Miele's excellent hose extender (SFS-10) but in that instance, you'd be pulling on the extender hose for most of the time, putting pressure on your back or stooping forwards - when having the Triscopic tubes actually minimises the stress and pressure because of their longer reach and the design that incites you to stand up straighter. Add both of these extensions to any Miele hose, and you'll have 2.65 metres altogether, which is a heck of a lot of stretch - without the hose bouncing off walls and causing extra damage.

      Surprisingly however, it isn't as plain sailing as the design would have you believe though. Like the current twin telescopic height adjustable suction rods, the Triscopic suction rods have two locks - one at the bottom and one in the middle - to ingeniously adjust for height twice, although you can use the Triscopic with just two pipes if you want, as you would normally if you had the twin style. The problem comes with the bottom pipe, if it has been extended and the floor head added with the middle pipe also extended out of the top pipe. In use, the bottom pipe can often slip out of the lock, bringing the top and middle section slicing and grating down the ratchet style locks. This is a problem that seems to be a minor issue amongst Miele owners, but it is still a problem that shouldn't exist. It doesn't occur often but it happens if excess weight is added from the handle - which would happen if you are cleaning thick pile carpeting and having to deal with a particularly spongy carpet even with the variable suction dial turned down on the vacuum cleaner and/or the air outlet slider opened at the top of the handle.

      Talking about weight, the twin suction pipes have a weight of approximately 600 grams. The Triscopic pipes have a weight of approximately 709 grams. The difference is more visual than carrying the tubes as the second tube that holds the first tube is slightly thicker than normal, thus adding to the physical weight of these triple suction tubes all joined together. I find the weight disconcerting though - be as it were for the increase of height for easier cleaning - but the standard twin suction pipes are a heck of a lot easier to lift up.

      Normally when it comes to Miele cleaning tools and optional cost accessories I've been more than happy to award four or five stars. But for the price alone where you could buy a complete vacuum cleaner, Miele are somewhat overcharging the customer, the privilege of replacement tubes, even if the price is outwith the machine's warranty. Triscopic tubes simply aren't worth the extra cost price, even if you have to obtain these suction extension pipes if the original ones on your Miele have become old and start to lose their safety/permanent locking modes. It is far cheaper to consider the two part pipes even if you are losing out on the extra couple of centimetres of reach. The standard 2-part telescopic height adjustable suction tubes cost £48-24 including postage and packing from Miele. The Triscopic pipes however cost a whopping £76-94! Over to SEBO where their base telescopic pipes for their cylinder vacuums only cost £39-38 and you can see here what the difference is in terms of pricing. The reason for the high cost according to Miele, is because the Triscopic tubes are a "special part," which may well become more known in later years given that they are now forming part of the specifications of Miele's latest cylinder vacuum, the S6.

      If you can afford it, the Miele Triscopic extension rods is worth considering if the standard Miele pipes you have aren't long enough. They are not however the lightest tubing around and the bottom's section with a tendency to slip the lock through use questions quality and versatility - two words that Miele should know all about. The biggest bugbear is the initial pay out of nearly £80, which is far too expensive and in this respect the twin suction pipes are better than three put together. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2011



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