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Miele Turbobrush STB 205-2

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Brand: Miele / Type: Power Head

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    1 Review
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      09.12.2008 00:39
      Very helpful



      An optional tool for your Miele cylinder vacuum but worth consideration for better thread pick up!

      When I set out to buy a Miele vacuum cleaner many moons ago I didn't think I would ever need a larger turbo air driven rolling brush to make the Miele more versatile. Over the larger upright vacuum, most air driven turbo brushes on the market are often mistreated and assumed to have the lowest amount of spin according to the suction produced from the vacuum motor itself. In my experience, that is a partly true assumption but it all depends on the type of vacuum cleaner you own and by who. However, as I have found out over the years through trial, patience and loads of money on various vacuum cleaner tools to make life easier, it is not just the power of the vacuum cleaner that makes the brush spin - it's also the quality and build of the tool in question - and this is what makes the Miele Turbobrush slightly different to a lot of universal tools on the market - including ones that are claimed to fit Miele's own machines.

      At first when I bought my Turbobrush the cost of this tool came into serious question of whether it would be used. Miele charge around £40-00 for this tool brand new (and both turbo heads for all models including Miele's latest models are virtually the same by design and price) but it does appear on EBay from sellers and previous Miele owners who have gone out and bought newer more powerful vacuum cleaners that have the same brush as part of the general spec, thus leaving the older one behind. Generally speaking there are good reasons to owning a Miele Turbobrush over a cylinder model that doesn't have one but at full cost of a new one, Miele do charge a slightly high price even though you need one for increased hair pick up, or following up a new pet such as a cat or a dog.

      For a start if you already own a Miele cylinder vacuum cleaner that have the lockable suction pipes including the handle, the Turbo brush STB 205-2 can be used in lieu of a standard technique offered up by larger upright vacuums. It is available for all cylinder vacuums made by Miele including Miele's Alternative stick vacuum from the late 1980's and also available for the newer S4/S5 cylinder range. Many consumers have often messaged me about the confusion between actual vacuums that have air driven turbobrushes and ones offered by the likes of Miele for older models - put simply, don't be fooled into spending more money on a cylinder/pull along vacuum cleaner model because it has the turbo brush added - thanks to EBay you can pick up optional accessories later for your vacuum cleaner not just to extend ownership but also to increase versatility. Not only is the Miele Turbobrush completely sealed up and made of great quality plastic, the use of the brush is extremely agile in small and tight corners thanks to its pivoting head similar to the angles offered and found with standard 2 way "universal" pedal floor heads. It also has edge sides which enable the brush roll to clean up to the sides of the corners and having a width of 12", similarly offers the same amount of carpet vacuuming as a normal upright vacuum cleaner. But apart from a spring loaded adjustable roller brush that adjusts to most floors, the Miele Turbobrush has a few tricks up its sleeve to make ownership and maintenance easier even though at full whack of my Miele vacuum being turned up, the floor brush sounds like a small jet engine about to take off; however when my Miele is turned down, the noise of the spinning brush lessens but pick up is just as good - which is surprising.

      It is generally taken for granted that once you clip the head onto the suction pipes of your Miele cylinder vacuum, the Turbobrush will sit there completely locked in. Once this is done, simply switch the vacuum cleaner on and set it at a powerful enough rate to get the roller brush spinning. Many Miele vacuum cleaners have a pre set icon these days (including my older S571 cylinder vacuum) to show that a turbo or pet hair mini turbo brush can be used within the variable suction dial on top of the fascia of the machine. Once the power is switched on, the Turbobrush immediately starts to spin. Over the use of an upright vacuum cleaner, I find the Turbobrush a much lighter and easier proposition (less than 0.5kg) even though it does appear to be bulky; it can still slip under low furniture just like its other large cleaning floor head cousins. On all flooring textures dust and hair pick up is immediately improved over floor heads that have suction only channels including those lint pickers that often need cleaning once in a while. That's not to say the Miele Turbobrush doesn't need a blind eye turned at it - the maintenance and general use is quite easy compared to most. If there is a clog, the beater bar can be removed independently by undoing two lock screws on the floor head simply with a 5p coin. This removes a section so that the owner can gain access to the "beater" bar and main dirt channel; some turbobrushes on the market don't have such easy access and need around 6 small crosshead screws to be undone before access can be made to the brush itself.

      Unlike an upright vacuum cleaner, the Miele Turbobrush has no beater bars fitted so it is possible to use on hard flooring without fear of scraping; it also has a lifetime fitted toothed drive belt so if anything gets stuck up the brush, it will stop immediately until the clog is removed. A permanent stiff squeegee strip is also included at the back just in front of the two soft rubber coated wheels (ideal substance to grip delicate flooring as well as ensuring double grip texture) which gathers up stray dirt into the path of the roller brush. However on top of the floor head beside the main company logo, you'll find a slider which allows the brush to lower its suction slightly when used on hard flooring. The bar itself slides out easily even when pushed with my foot and thus rules out much bending unless taking the tool off the pipes eventually. Add in Miele's variable suction control, air outlet valve on the handle and this suction decrease function simply adds to the peace and mind that Miele design and care for the customers' needs - after all if you attempt to use this on delicate flooring such as silk rugs, you'll find that as with all carpet and material textures, the Miele Turbobrush leaves a beautifully groomed finish but may need that slider bar to be moved out - which also lightens up the already light gliding factor unless you increase the suction control to maximum on your Miele vacuum cleaner.

      When storing away you can also slide the turbo brush into the side of your Miele vacuum as you would normally do with other floor heads or at the back if in the lie flat position. Being light enough means it can also be stored away when not in use.

      Over other turbo brushes on the market, I'm generally impressed with my Miele Turbobrush, now in its third year of ownership even though I got mine from the said-example of an EBay seller with the newer machine at a lower cost of £29-95 compared to Miele's £40 and my price included postage. Over on EBAY sellers such as HOOVERMANIA have a cheek to charge £56 before postage and packing charges, so it is always best to shop around. Over Sebo and countless other companies who haven't thought about the maintenance facility, it's a 4.5 star effort from Miele - if only it wasn't so expensive at £40 brand new. However if you own a Miele machine, it makes a lot of sense to consider this turbo brush for increased pick up, or simply if you miss the rolling action of a beater bar without damage worry and like to see a grooming effect on your carpets. Of course if you don't own a Miele vacuum cleaner, then unfortunately you're stuck with the other mass produced alternatives. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2008



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      Short name: Miele STB 205-2

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