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Numatic HRV200 Hetty Turbo Brush Tool

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Brnd: Numatic / Type: Brushes

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    1 Review
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      07.08.2009 13:33
      Very helpful



      A fantastic buy!

      The Meile turbo brush head attachment is designed to add more power to your cleaning, and is especially helpful when hoovering up pet hair. The extra power is achieved through a turbine, together with longer brushes that rotate extremely fast.

      I have a very old Electrolux Mondo 1300 vacuum cleaner, and I was still using the very basic heads that came with it. I found that the suction was good, but I felt that I could get a better performance if I splashed out on a more modern, bagless cleaner. On the advice of a Dooyoo guide, I tried this cheap alternative before going down the new model route, and I was so delighted with the results that I have now abandoned all thoughts of getting a new vacuum.

      ~~the brush~~

      I bought a cheap and small version of the turbo brush from ebay for £5.95. With postage and packing, the total cost was £8.70. It is 20cm wide, and 14cm deep, and the ebay retailer promised me that it would fit all 32mm extension tube that had a push fit. The specific makes that were named as being a suitable fit were Electrolux, Miele, Panasonic, Hoover, Vax, Numatic Henry-Basil-Edward-James-Charles-George, plus many more.

      It arrived without any protective packaging, but this was not a problem is the brush is very robust. It pushed easily onto my existing tube, and was a perfect fit.

      The brush itself has an adjustable tube connector (ie the tube which goes into the turbo brush can be moved up and down independently of the brush), and links to the two large wheels at the rear of the turbo brush. This makes the brush very easy to manoeuvre. The head itself sits in front of the wheels, and features a rotating brush with bristles about 1.5 cm long, which are powered by two large fins. These fins use the suction of your vacuum cleaner to draw and maximise the air which is drawn through the head, amplifying the suction of your hoover.


      When I first used the turbo brush, I couldn't believe that all of the power was coming from my own vacuum cleaner - the difference was so marked that I felt that there must be batteries in the head of the brush! There is also a quiet whirring sound as the fins start to rotate.

      The brush gives my carpet an excellent finish - actually creating hoovered lines along the pile as the brush passes over it, bringing up the pile and giving it a newer look. It picks up cat hair from upholstery and carpets better than any hoover attachment I have used in the past, and the brushes do not damage my upholstery, despite the hardness of the bristles. The whole hoovering experience has become effortless - I just glide my turbo head across the floor, when I previously had to drag the ordinary head back and forwards vigorously to get the carpet clean. The rotating brush is very efficient at loosening any dirt that may have got onto the carpet.

      In addition to the pet hair removing properties of this brush, it is an absolutely ideal size for hoovering stairs. Once again, the effort has been taken out, as the power of the turbo head does all the work for me.
      The brush is black and very compact. There are wider and bigger turbo brushes on the market, which would be more suitable for large rooms, but at the moment I am happy with the size of my brush.


      My brush was not supplied with any instructions, but I have read that there are instructions available which will help in the cleaning and maintainance of the turbo head. I find that long hairs (human) and threads become caught up and wound round the brush. It is a tedious job to unwind these - you usually have to cut them to get them off. I cannot see any way of opening the brush head for easier access, without unscrewing the holding screws, which takes time.

      The fins have a cover which clicks open. This allows you to remove fluff that collects there and could lessen the performance of the fins. Again, this cover is not big enough to allow you easy access to clean the fins.

      ~~Overall opinion~~

      I would thoroughly recommend this purchase - it has made my hoovering more efficient without increasing my energy consumption. It gives my carpets a very clean finish, improving the look of the pile, and removing all the cat hair.


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      Short name: Numatic HRV200

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