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Sebo 2800mm Flexible Extension Hose

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Brand: Sebo / Type: Hose

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    1 Review
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      03.11.2010 02:17
      Very helpful



      If you own any SEBO vacuum, this hose will give you extra stretch.

      If you own a SEBO vacuum cleaner the beauty of going with this company in general is that they have a well thought catalogue of cost optional additional cleaning tools that won't necessarily break the bank and, in my experience most of them are well thought out and work 100%. I'm already getting over the rather costly expense of shelling out for a plastic tool holder that cost me £36 from Miele - but that's another story for another day. The SEBO vacuums have a five tier range of family models comprising of small/medium vacuums in their K series cylinder vacuums and Felix uprights to the larger X uprights, D series cylinders and the commercial models for businesses. Even if they aren't as large a company as their arch rival, Miele, SEBO are renowned for their quality and reliability, globally and SEBO was the first brand to bring out upright vacuums in the 1970's with a hoister plastic suction wand that fits flush into the machine with a stretch hose.

      The downside to the SEBO upright vacuums is that they all have short hoses built into the back of their uprights which are usually 3 metres in length when fully stretched out but often bring the vacuum falling backwards (which is one reason to why cylinder vacuums should be bought for this very reason to eliminate the fault or face having to put the vacuum flat against a wall or an obstacle) and for this reason alone, SEBO have always given owners the option to buy an extendable PVC thick rubber plastic stretch hose which simply fixes onto the end of the existing built in hose. The extension hose itself measures 2.8 metres in length and gives a total of 5 to 6 metres of extra length for cleaning above the floor line with either the Felix/Dart commercial, BS commercial uprights or X series upright vacuums. SEBO also sell their X4 Pet and X4 Extra with the extension hose as standard, even though it can be bought and used on existing models within the SEBO catalogue.

      The beauty of this hose design isn't just its stretch, quite literally; it's the design and general performance despite the all grey appearance. It is a fairly flexible hose to begin with that coils easily and retracts without snapping back and hurting me in use! This is down to the fact that there are metal coils underneath each rubber rib of the hose and whilst that may be a downside for some, it ensures long term durability in my mind over the so-called longer lasting ones without metal coils that rip (hello, Dyson!). The extension hose end that fits onto the built in hose on the vacuum is a 35mm diameter taper and it has a rubberized end that is fairly easy to jam on as well as release whilst the other end of the hose has a tapered part that fits all SEBO friction fit cleaning tools such as their T shaped lint brush, long bristle upholstery brush, crevice tool and other friction fit cleaning tools. This then gives you the added versatility of the extension hose and any tool you wish to use, including the air driven mini turbo brush. The only exception to the rule with SEBO's tools are the types that have lockable necks on them, so for example when trying to clean steps with a suction only "main" floor head from cylinder vacuums, the hose will not allow the floor head to lock on as there simply isn't a lock on this extension hose. That would add weight as well as complexity to this basic cleaning component when this extension hose only weighs around 500grams, if anything. It isn't too heavy when in use which makes all the difference when you have loads of cleaning to do in tricky areas. SEBO also sell a suction only floor head for the X upright that lacks a lockable neck for use on this type of extension hose as well as a soft Parquet/wall brush.

      The benefit of having the extension hose with an X series upright vacuum or the Sebo commercial BS uprights means that the hose can be used in two handy but convenient procedures; for example, once the extension hose has been fitted onto the built in vacuum hose, you can have normal stretch cleaning, handy on stairs for example or cleaning out the car - all the time the upright has to be up against something. This sounds very complicated, but whenever I've cleaned out the car and haven't cut back the trees in the garden path, a SEBO upright is a heck of a lot slimmer to sit at the open doors of the car with all the tools ready to hand than the castors on a Miele cylinder vacuum trying to escape down a path or sliding under the car! Putting a cylinder vacuum in the upright position is a better deal until you have to angle the hose towards the car's interior or face twisting hoses and getting into a fuddle! Here is where the extension hose excels on the X series upright as being far more compact yet versatile and simpler - without having to put the vacuum into the car with the use of this added hose.

      When cleaning at angles, say around ceilings or high picture frames on walls, the existing plastic wand on the SEBO X that acts as the main straight extension tube has a lock just below the grab handle. This allows the existing hose from the vacuum to lock and unlock into the straight suction tube. However, the extension hose has the same slide lock located on the hard plastic part where you can put tools, which allows the hose to be inserted into the wand for prolonged, distance cleaning, giving you a helping hand in the process and thus adding even more stretch from the existing X upright straight suction tube and the extension hose added.

      Although the Felix and Dart Commercial uprights don't have this same kind of release wand hoister built in, you can buy an additional straight suction tube for more stretch and for a similar purpose, although you may as well consider the SEBO X extension grab hand suction pipe if you're going to need the extension hose for more versatile reach.

      In all cases, the extension hose is pliable and soft enough to get into corners without fear of breaking and SEBO have designed the hose as such that it never loses suction produced from the vacuum that it comes from. The hose is certainly quite crush proof having been stood on at many times in its life and I've only ever had to physically put a hole into the hose when used on the older SEBO X1 Automatic upright, as they don't have a stepped motor that senses the use of an air driven turbo brush. I strongly suggest that if you have the older model like the SEBO X1 Automatic, to put a hole in the hose just near the top of the tool end so that if an air driven turbo brush is being used, it won't shut the machine off and allow some air to escape. With more modern models, there is no reason to put a hole in the hose as SEBO have compensated this problem by fitting a two stage motor on board their vacuums to sense the air driven turbo brush. Another advantage of the long extension hose is that it seldom clogs. If it does, then all it needs is to be straightened out (usually viewing it looking down the hose suffices) with a blunt stick to dislodge the clog.

      The extension hose also makes sense with any number of SEBO's cylinder vacuums and they don't have the two stepped motor on board with sensors for any need to make holes in the hose. The extension hose can be pushed onto the end of the handle hose for example for even more stretch and of course you can then use the smaller cleaning tools that the cylinder vacuums already provide.

      There are a couple of downsides though. Being so long and stretchy, the Sebo Extension hose is fairly bulky and can't really be stored on any vacuum cleaner because of its excess shape and size. I've seen that many X4 upright models in John Lewis with a "necklace" made out of the extension hose that it looks unsightly and compromises flat to the floor cleaning when the hose is snagging at the bottom of the vacuum from the rear, unlike the existing built in hoses that fit, lock and flushly fit into the vacuums.

      Another downside to this hose is that whilst it can be used on any existing suction handle on any of SEBO's vacuum ranges or existing SEBO vacuums, it isn't really that suitable to be used on any other vacuum cleaner which has a small 32mm diameter. So for Henry, Dyson, Electrolux and Hoover you'd have to look up their catalogues to see what is on offer, and Hoover in particular charge astronomical prices for a stretch stair hose. SEBO should offer an adaptor here for smaller 32mm vacuums as it could in theory give them more grounds for consideration and versatility between other brands - though you would be compromised to buy the cleaning tools to go with the extension hose so that they fit on the other end.

      Cost wise, the cost price of the hose in question is usually £19-99 to £25. EBAY sellers are notoriously expensive (there's one extension hose at the moment priced at £43-99 which is far too expensive, even if it's the latest silver with black against generic grey) whilst SEBO's online UK shop price is £24-99 for both colours. My hose was about £9-99 way back in 2000 and through abuse and use, it hasn't snapped or broken; I guess that's good quality for you! Check John Lewis stores though as they have quite a few SEBO accessories that aren't listed on their website and the extension hose is one product I've seen quite a lot of in many of their branches. So if you have a SEBO vacuum and need a bit more stretch, this is one accessory worth considering! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2010.



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      Enables a total reach of up to 6 metres when fitted to the X machine's existing hose system

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