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SEBO Stair & Upholstery Turbo Brush 6179ER

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Brand: Sebo / Type: Brushes

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2010 01:35
      Very helpful



      One of the best, if not well made mini turbo brushes on the market.

      Out of the many small cleaning tools I use with my SEBO vacuums, the one tool that gets used in equal measure to the extendable stretch hose is the Mini-Pet Hair/Turbo brush from SEBO. It has been on the market for more than ten years now and remains to be a cost optional tool for any SEBO vacuum owner who needs to clear up after pets or constant hair, not to mention stair cleaning on carpets and suitable for any vacuum model in the SEBO range because it has a friction fit end.

      In my experience mini turbo brushes aren't all the same - and over the years I've sampled and wasted money on a few. There are some on the market that have some good designs built in such as the Electrolux turbo pet hair brush tools that come with many of Electrolux's marketed pet vacuums, but even with those that have the excellent "Risor Visor" system, they usually have two or more screws on the underside that need to be undone if removing clogs. If they don't have screws then the size of the tools are usually smaller than either Miele or SEBO versions. Although the German company products may look the same, the SEBO tool has a 36 mm diameter making it unsuitable for Miele vacuum cleaners and from SEBO it costs £33 with VAT added, whilst at John Lewis, the mini turbo brush (not viewable on their website) is usually priced at £24-75. If you're fed up "scrubbing" carpeted stairs or upholstery with suction only tools, free of hair and pet hair, then this stair & upholstery mini turbo brush from SEBO is well worth the price!

      The design of the mini turbo brush is slightly different to cheaper mini turbo brushes I have used in the past though. For a start, it has a simple mechanism on the underside of its dust channel at the back whereby a simple turn and push in lock splits the brush apart for ease of cleaning. Although the two parts don't come off altogether, the top part of the brush (with SEBO's emblem on the top) rises upwards wider apart for getting into the roller and the toothed drive belt mechanism, which on this turbo tool should never need replacing. The whole mechanics of the air turbine that spins via the suction and the "motor" belt can all be taken out provided you know what you're doing - and if you don't - then you can always download a free user instruction manual from Sebo UK which tells you exactly what to do. I've only unclogged my mini turbo brush a couple of times through ownership but is fairly easy to do and can be done in seconds rather than having to fish out screwdrivers. This turbo tool is also fairly similar to the ones Argos used to sell in the 1990's in their catalogues as a universal 32mm size brush tool - but the quality of plastic is better on the SEBO brush generally.

      Performance on this tool really depends on the SEBO vacuum you own because even older SEBO vacuums can use this tool effectively with only one exception. With the Pet versions of SEBO's current 2010-year vacuum cleaners including the new large D2 Total cylinder vacuum, all of these vacuums have 2100 watts at their disposal, which really gets the brush bar spinning at high speed and often louder than the vacuums themselves. This tool comes with these vacuums as standard. Pet hair gets picked up in milliseconds, doing carpeted stairs gets cleaned up in no time at all and edge cleaning on both sides of the turbo brush means skirting boards aren't missed either. There is also a pivotal base plate where the turbo brush can be cleaned on angles and on carpets especially, the Sebo mini turbo brush leaves carpets and furnishings with a lovely groomed effect. The only downside that this tool suffers with is the older X1 Automatic upright and it is no fault of the turbo brush; the X1 Automatic lacks the stepped gears that current models have, so when the turbo brush is added to the hose, the machine thinks there's a clog and shuts the motor off immediately. This used to happen to me frequently when my parents had their 14-year-old SEBO X1 Automatic upright vac and as such my "old" mini turbo brush is now coming up for its tenth year! The turbo tool also works superbly well with SEBO's commercial vacuums such as the Dart upright, BS36 and BS46 series.

      Outdoors, the mini turbo brush is also ideal in the car. Its bigger size may appear to be bulky but its thick quality plastic means it can be used in many applications where dust pick up in small spaces is required yet remaining robust and free of bumps or cracks in the PVC plastic. In the car for example, it brings up dirt and hard stones from the matted boot carpet that always seems to be a right pain to get clean, usually because grass or usual dirt tends to get stuck into the woven fine matted textures. Fluff on velour car seats are also a thing of the past and although the turbo brush measures 14cm by 20cm it's relatively slim floor head gets under the front car seats to remove any trapped or hidden dirt whilst its pivotal floor head makes light work of the front foot wells.

      If there is one disadvantage that I don't like about the mini turbo brush, then it's a similar story with many other similar tools on the market - there is no clip or any thought given to where the brush could be added onto the vacuums - rather than having to store it somewhere, only taking it out when it is required. Granted it could make life difficult for SEBO or Miele to produce a suitable clip for this attachment to hang on their vacuums, but it would make sense for someone who needs this tool in order to clean carpeted stairs or upholstery with long-term use. This was a thought that had crossed my mind when I bought a tool clip for my SEBO Felix upright so that I could put the suction-only T shaped upholstery brush at the top with the turbo brush on the 2-part tool holder and the crevice tool at the bottom. Whilst the result was good because I no longer needed to hunt for the mini-turbo brush, I had nowhere on the vacuum to store the additional dusting brush!

      All in all I can't recommend the Stair & Upholstery turbo brush enough. I already have another two of these tools that have come with my current SEBO machines but I prefer to use my old brush as its just as efficient. It is a perfect cleaning tool component if you require pet hair or stubborn dust removal on cushions, upholstery, curtains or simply cleaning the stairs with your SEBO vacuum - anywhere infact where the standard suction only smaller cleaning tools fail to pick up dirt in an instant. Whilst there is no clip or holder that comes with the brush, I'm prepared to forgive this product for the fact that it has lasted ten years and continues to provide a clean and efficient performance. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010


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