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Sebo 5010ER Standard Brush Roller

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Brand: Sebo / Type: Brushes

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2010 02:35
      Very helpful



      A component that, if needs replacing is just as good as the one your Sebo upright comes with!

      When I started out buying accessories for my parents' very old Sebo X1 Automatic upright vacuum cleaner (14 years old and still goes) one of the consumables that needed to be replaced after ten years had passed was the standard brush roller on the vacuum. This was helpfully indicated by the red warning light on the front of the Sebo X upright that kept flashing momentarily when the vacuum was used before the red light stayed on continually and the machine shut off. I guess it was time to replace the brush roller then!

      Whilst other vacuum cleaner owners have to replace belts, one of the finer details in life when you own a Sebo X upright is that the drive belt is internally fitted for life and shouldn't need replacing unless the machine has been brutally abused. Unlike any other vacuum on the market, the Sebo's range of upright vacuums have a push button release that means the entire roller bar can be removed, disposed of or cleaned up and then replaced. On price, Sebo's standard brush roller is usually £14-95 plus £3-95 direct from SEBO UK but online on EBAY the prices have been marked up quite considerably (especially from Barty-Sales and Hoovermania) even though John Lewis stores sell them for £14-50 making it cheaper than even SEBO. The SEBO company are quite honest in their approach though and general design and although they don't give a timeline for the duration of this brush roll, our original brush roll lasted ten years before having to be replaced in 2006. Our old X1 is now with a good friend of mine who bought it in 2006 from me and has yet to replace the original replacement roller I fitted, four years ago.

      The standard brush roll is a commercial grade roller that is also used in many of Sebo's commercial vacuum cleaners and it is suitable for all floor coverings; it is also entirely made of recycled plastic too. The standard brush roll "5010ER" comes with blue bristle filaments whereas the "Delicate 5010GE" floor brush roll has green bristles to differentiate the two. Whilst carpet performance is taken for granted, this roller brush is fitted with double chevron style bristles that are quite tight to the touch, even though the filaments get gentler towards the end of the roots. The brush roller is very easy to take out or install before the little doors that keep them in at the side of the vacuums are locked in. Lightweight to handle, the entire brush roll has two distinctive end pieces, one at either end. The part that slides onto the flywheel that goes to the motor has an open hole to slide onto the pin. The other side of the brush has a pin already fitted that locks onto the pop out door to hold it into place. Once the brush roll has been pushed into the enclosure, it only takes a slight twist of the fingers to ensure the brush roll is locked in properly. Then the door can be pushed back on and the button release on the Sebo floor head pops back up.

      Once the roller is put back in, the vacuum can be used and it leaves carpets and materials looking very finely groomed and cleaned. Thicker pile carpets and Berber come up looking fluffed up - so the brush roll isn't as aggressive as others and the general appearance of carpets in general are well catered for. There are a few other advantages to this standard brush roll however.

      One aspect that is very apparent with this standard brush roller over Sebo's delicate brush roll is that despite the stiffer bristles, when fitted to an X model upright that uses the electronic sensor adjustment, the gliding factor is extremely lightweight and the brush roller is fantastic on pet hair. Associated dust always gets sucked up immediately and throwing it into the air stream of the vacuum unlike other brands where beater bars are constantly getting clogged with pet and human hair. On hard floors such as wood or vinyl, the blue brush is also great at picking up dust although on precious delicate flooring such as laminate or marble, although marking is never made with either roller, the delicate brush roller could be better used in this respect. Both brush rollers do need cleaning from time to time though, but it isn't as poorly thought out as some other brands I've used; there are no hard plastic "beater" bars for starters. When threads for example have wrapped around the brush roll, they don't often push bristles back, which can happen with other upright vacuums' brush rollers and which other upright on the market has an easier to remove brush roller via a button release instead of fishing out screwdrivers all the time?

      Another aspect I like about this brush roll is the abuse it can actually take. Neighbours often ask me how I keep my mum's garden looking clean. Now, whilst the main garden vac does most of the chunky leaves, garden soil and dust are areas I've often watched my mum hobble over to clean up with a dust pan and brush. This is where my commercial Dart upright comes in and the bristle bar of choice is this exact brush roll product. When made to clean up corners, the brush bar does exactly what it does inside the home; picks up dust and dirt finely and outside manages to chomp and slice those horrible weeds you get in between paving stones without having to fish the bigger pressure washer out for complete removal! Now whilst I'm not suggesting that you should vacuum your garden with your domestic garden vac, I've been Sebo'ing our back patio for the last couple of years with the bristle bar roller brush on board is still going strong and it brings up dirt and dust efficiently without complaint. Light green weeds and twigs also get cut up by the brush roller - but you can only do this with a SEBO Felix or Dart since those machines don't have the electronic sensor and have manual height adjustment fitted. The motor assisted electric heads are also robust enough to withstand unleveled surfaces but if you try vacuuming your cement slabs with a rubber belt driven upright vacuum cleaner be warned - it may well break due to pressure!

      This aside, the brush roller can last up to several years but it very much depends on what your SEBO vacuum tells you and what kind of abuse you put your vacuum through. Although the brush is standard on both the X, Felix and Dart uprights I have noticed wear and tear differences between the manual height adjustments on the Dart/Felix compared to the electronic height adjustment on the X models. There are lights on the Felix/Dart as well as the X models that tell you if the brush needs replacing and this should be the best indication that the vacuum's performance is under question. In all the years I've owned SEBO I've only seen poor performance once when I reckoned the brush roller was on its way out - and when bought brand new, a Sebo X model usually has white filaments on its "beater" bar roller to show its original and standard brush you get before it is replaced with the new blue one. This standard roller seems to last longer on the X models than the Felix/Dart uprights because of the sensor fitted to the X models and stays true to Sebo's promise that the vacuum model in particular reduces brush wear compared to the manual adjusted and more compact Sebo models.

      Another aspect of the standard brush roller is that it can be used in conjunction with Sebo's DuoP dry cleaning powder. Once the hose on the vacuum has been let out or taken off the main dust suction channel, the upright vacuum becomes a rolling machine to push the powder into carpets and those with light stains. I've only ever used this method a couple of times but on the basis that if a home has had a lot of pets in it, the cleaning powder keeps back allergens and the bristles push the powder in, in a most uniform fashion. Leave the surfaces for about half an hour or to let your carpet breathe and then fix the hose back on for the brush roll to aid the suction principle to suck up all the dirty dirt taken up via the cleaning action of the powder. The standard brush roll in this respect is excellent at picking up the powder and does a better job than the delicate brush roller, if fitted.

      The standard - but replacement blue brush roll from Sebo for their upright vacuums is a versatile and needed replacement component that extends the design and efficiency of all SEBO uprights on the market. Bar the commercial BS series, which this roller is not made for, it is a highly efficient brush that just gets on with it and deals with every kind of material in its cleaning path. If you're fed up undoing screws each time your vacuum's bar gets clogged, perhaps its time you invested in a Sebo upright; they may well use healthier bags that need replacing, but when hospitals and professionals use SEBO with the efficiency of just removing parts like bags, filters and roller bars quickly, there is perhaps some logic in sticking to the traditional design of a bagged vacuum and this component is long lasting and worth the price. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010



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