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Sebo 5010GE Delicate Carpet Brush Roller

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Brand: Sebo / Type: Brushes

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2010 02:31
      Very helpful



      Good idea for cleaning and keeping wool carpets looking good.

      When I first became aware of the Sebo vacuum cleaner company, optional tools and filter options were something that was largely unknown in the UK. Having suffered an old dusty Hoover Junior ("just-because-the-family-have-always-had-Hoover") and another hand me down, a horrible Oreck XL that never seemed to fill its bags completely, even Oreck's UK company at that time offered very little other than bag options, a costly replacement wooden beater bar and scented air fresheners. If you're the owner of a Sebo vacuum cleaner, you'll automatically know that you can buy many different attachments for your model if you want to extend it's cleaning versatility thanks to Sebo's UK website.

      For models such as the "X" and "Felix" upright ranges to the "Dart" commercial version upright vacuum you can also buy a separate roller beater bar that has softer bristles than the standard brush roll you get with the vacuums. The standard brush roll is a commercial grade roller that is also used in many of Sebo's commercial vacuum cleaners and it is suitable for all floor coverings. The standard brush roll comes with blue bristle filaments whereas the "Delicate 5010GE" floor brush roll has green bristles to differentiate the two. Essentially up until now the Sebo brushes can do almost all kinds of flooring even though the X models can't be turned off and sometimes the harder bristles are a bit too aggressive on hard flooring. This is where the ""Delicate 5010GE"" floor brush comes in even though Sebo suggest that the brush is only suitable for short loop wool carpets.

      As with all Sebo uprights that use the roller brush, one of the most useful functions that both the X models and Felix/Dart vacuums have on their side is the button that unlocks the beater bars out from the sides, quite literally out of the floor heads. No screwdrivers are involved and there's no fuss taking off the sole plate when you don't need to. Unlike any other vacuum cleaner on the market the Sebo idea of brush removal has yet to be copied.

      Usually you can tell if the brush bar starts to wear down because of a lack of pick up, but sometimes you don't need to change the brush if it just needs cleaning of threads that can often push down any bristle stumps on any vacuum's beater bar. On Sebo's X vacuums once the brush falls out the side of the Sebo, the brush bar can be thrown away. The new brush can then be slid in, locked onto the flywheel and then the brush bar cover fitted and locked into the side of the X or Felix side floor head. It may seem a bit of a waste when the actual roller brush is all plastic with bristles on them, but all of the parts and tools that Sebo sell are recycleable and Sebo aren't a company who are environmentally wasteful. Not only do their parts and vacuums meet WEEE (Electronic Equipment Waste Directive) regulations of UK environmentally friendly disposal policies, the actual factory go to lengths of recycling their own rainwater!

      Performance wise and determined by the actual floor covering your vacuum is used on, I find the "Delicate 5010GE" floor brush is pretty good to delicate hard floors such as real Mahogany and marble flooring. The beauty of the fact that the "roller brush" features no beaters on any of the brush rolls means I can use my Sebo on hard floors with no damage incurred. I've had the "Delicate 5010GE" brush roll on many an occasion where the brush can also clean the wool loop carpets (where it is specified by Sebo) and thin nylon loop carpets quite successfully and leave a most pleasing groomed appearance. The downside to the "Delicate 5010GE" floor brush however means that the softer bristles bring a slightly heavier gliding factor on X and Felix uprights, particularly when the standard brush roll with harder bristles seems to glide along quite the thing in both the Felix upright and the X models. The heavier gliding factor doesn't mean cleaning is compromised but it does give me peace of mind when caring for precious carpeting. Silk carpeting can be a dangerous floor type too but I've also cleaned it quite successfully without tufts of the actual carpet coming away which is always a danger with aggressive brush rolls.

      Another downside is that compared to the standard brush roll, many of the standard brush rolls can last a life time depending on what your vacuum is clearing up. Sebo claim that their vacuums have a life expectancy of around 20 years and I'd stake my family's ownership of our old 13-year-old X1 Automatic upright vacuum that only needed a replacement drive belt and a new brush roller before we gave it to a family friend who now uses it as her sole vacuum. The "Delicate 5010GE" floor brush roller doesn't last as long however. I had one for five years before it started to lose its grip over my wool loop carpets and it was clear that the warning light on the Sebo X4 wasn't lying when it could sense there was something wrong with the brush roll. In terms of wear and tear because the softer bristles have a greater job of picking up dust and deep trodden in daily dust, it's no surprise that the actual brush roll intended by its very design starts to lose its strength, if it is used on the very purpose that Sebo have designed the brush for.

      At a cost of £14-95 replacement, the green bristled "Delicate 5010GE" floor brush is an ideal roller brush if you have a Sebo upright vacuum and need care for your carpets, particularly if you have various flooring and short looped pile carpeting, not just of the Wool type that Sebo recommend. It doesn't last as long as the standard roller brush but at the very least for those who care for their carpets and multi-floor coverings, at least Sebo offer consumers the choice for extra carpet care in their vacuums. Sometimes you can even purchase this roller brush at a cheaper cost on EBAY and other stockists and it does pay to shop around! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2010




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