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Sebo 6697ER Dusting Brush & Clamp

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Brand: Sebo / Type: Brushes

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    2 Reviews
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      21.06.2010 23:46
      Very helpful



      its great as an attachment for a Vacuum

      When we bought the SEBO Airbelt K1 cylinder vacuum cleaner (our previous Vacuum), We thought we made a great purchase because it was on a great offer. It was great while it lasted. What we found quite surprising is that when we purchased the vacuum it never had the dusting brush included with the vacuum,
      To be honest we never actually knew what would come with the Vacuum but we did think that this attachment would of come with the box.

      The casing of the brush is a dark grey with a kind of gloss finish, the black bristles of the brush all tightly packed together with a deceiving soft quality allowing you to run this brush over most delicate surfaces without causing damage, all this focusing around the middle suction of the hose.
      With the narrow head allowing the brush to get into tighter corners and the thick black bristles guiding the dust and dirt into the middle for the hose to suck up.
      This brush clips on to the head of the main hose keeping to the colour scheme of the Vacuum.
      This little brush can be slipped on and off with just its tube attachment or if you want for a more secure hold you can screw it on and have it fixed there, but unless this is the only attachment your going to use then this could be very time consuming and a waste of energy.

      I did find that after a long period of time this dusting brush attachment did start to get more loose as if it was some how getting bigger and started to make the easiest of chores very awkward and cumbersome.
      This little brush can fit on to other vacuums that are not of the Sebo line, just as long as the measurements are 35mm diameter on the vacuum tubes.

      When we decided to buy the brush we went straight to Sebo Company online, rather than risk getting the wrong one or it come with a wrong fitting, Sebo online seemed to be the safest way to go.
      When we were looking on the Internet we saw there was quite a large selection of brushes and other heads that we could get, but we had all the heads we needed included in the vacuum purchase so we only picked this brush at the price of £11.80.

      The vacuums this is compatible with are

      SEBO Airbelt K1 cylinder vacuum cleaner
      SEBO Airbelt K1 Pet cylinder vacuum cleaner
      SEBO Airbelt K1 Komfort cylinder vacuum cleaner
      EBO Airbelt K3 premium cylinder vacuum cleaner
      SEBO Airbelt K3 vulcano cylinder vacuum cleaner

      I personally like this attachment because it helps with all corners whether it is on stairs, ceiling, shelf's or ornaments. The head did get a bit loose towards the end of that hovers life but it went for a long time.


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        10.12.2009 17:56
        Very helpful



        Handy to have but not as practical as the larger dusting brush.

        When I first bought my Sebo K1 cylinder vacuum I wasn't aware of a dusting brush that was lacking within standard features you'd find on other normal vacuum cleaners, namely a dusting brush. I was more than surprised that I'd have to buy one because the (then) top model in the range already featured one as standard, the very versatile K1 Komfort cylinder vacuum that comes with three larger floor heads for various floors. As the owner of many Sebo vacuums, all the smaller cleaning tools that are non-lockable and slip on by friction fit, can all be used on Sebo's range of vacuum cleaners and to a slight extent any vacuum cleaner such as Philips and some Bosch models that have 35mm diameter sizing on the hose or tubes. This brush tool is also friction fit so at least it can also be used with other brands.

        The brush is a dark grey long haired small upholstery brush which mimics a similar larger brush that was originally optional to buy for the Sebo X upright vacuum. It is made of curvy, good to hold thick plastic and is also available in light grey to match your vacuum. It is a small dusting brush with its own clamp that slides onto your K1 vacuum cleaner tube or can be attached using a screwdriver to fix it to the neck of the vacuum cleaner. However thinking that it was the same as the lighter grey large dust brush which comes equipped with Sebo's larger X series of uprights, I was surprised to find that it wasn't exactly the same tool in use.

        Most Sebo owners may also recognize this small brush forms part of their X1 or X4 uprights as they were offered later on at John Lewis stores instead of fitting the mass available larger dusting brush. Triangular in shape and with long 3" bristle hairs, the smaller brush has soft touch bristles making it ideal for dusting delicate objects as well as general cleaning needs. At cost it is priced between £9 and £12 depending on sellers. Sebo themselves charge £8-85 before carriage costs whilst on EBay you can sometimes find this tool, second hand and at a reduced cost.

        In use this triangular brush can get into the tiniest of spaces such as in between cupboards, beds and great for cleaning above the floor line such as tops of windows. There are helpful markings on the side of the brush to show how it can be used and in this respect it has the same 360º turnable swivel neck and long 3" bristles that sweep the dirt away into the suction channel as Sebo's larger triangular dusting brush. Because it has no locks to bother with, the brush can be used on both the Sebo vacuum hose handle, or jammed onto the bottom of their telescopic height adjustable cleaning tubes. The tool doesn't increase the sound of the suction coming through when in use and the quality of plastic is typical Sebo produce; thick and durable without being ostentatious or flashy and able to take fairly heavy knocks. Scratches are apparent but much later on in the tool's life.

        Whilst it has the advantage of long hair bristles, the problem I find with the small brush is that on full suction provided by the Sebo vacuum be it 1300 watts on the Felix, X4 or 1800/2100 watts on the K series, the bristles compact themselves upwards and suck up into the smaller dust channel. This covers the opening and you then have to pick out the dirt out of the bristles when the vacuum is turned off; this seems to be a pointless tool if the owner has to take the dirt off the bristles when the very purpose of the dusting brush is supposed to sweep the dust away! However if your vacuum has a variable suction control feature the smaller bristles don't suck up into the hard inner wall dust channel as much making it more ideal for dirt pick up where gentle suction is the order of the day. Therefore for picking up dirt along computer keyboards, monitors or simply behind your PC, this smaller brush does a good job of dust pick up.

        The larger grey brush that has a clamp only suitable for Sebo's X and Felix/Dart uprights however does not suffer from the bristles covering up the dust channel as it has a bigger diameter opening with the bristles farther away.

        So if you own a Sebo vacuum with fixed suction and you need a dusting brush to clean into the corners as well as general dusting, go for the larger lighter grey X series brush. It is slightly bigger but no more versatile and more importantly, the bristles won't cram up in the dust opening when full suction is applied and loosens dirt a lot faster in one sweep. If however you own a Sebo vacuum with variable suction the smaller brush is a neat idea and you may have to order direct from Sebo, a separate clamp or holder depending on the model you own. Sebo send out most products by first or second class post and their customer services are very helpful. Whilst it is important that a dusting brush does its job well, this smaller dusting brush is handy but not completely versatile and for that reason alone the larger dusting brush from Sebo does a better job without having to pick off dust once the job is done. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2009.



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