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Sebo CD100AM Duo Daisy Carpet Roller

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Sebo / Type: Carpet rolling brush for distribution of carpet powder

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2011 12:36
      Very helpful



      Better than manually scrubbing, this is a faster and more compact brush ideal for SEBO Duo P powder.

      Without prejudice...

      If you own a SEBO vacuum cleaner, then the chances are that you will have heard of the excellent dry cleaning carpet stain removal powder, Duo-P. It is a product that is advertised alongside SEBO vacuums, in their brochures and across the world in many of SEBO's worldwide pages. In the UK, according to official procedures there are various ways of applying the powder to ground in stains, or stains that have been pre-treated with a wet solution before allowing to dry and then putting the powder down into the carpet pile. The miracle of Duo-P powder is that it is safe with small children or pets around, and it is a powder that I have recommended to many friends who have been amazed of the results that the cleaning powder promises.

      There are limited options to applying the powder though when using an electrical machine, either using your own SEBO vacuum or any upright that has a removable hose thus allowing the brush roll to keep revolving without the suction hose added, to "roll" the powder into the carpet's stain. Either pay out massively for the SEBO Duo-P machine which is a very well tested machine that is used to roll the powder into carpet pile or use your own upright vacuum cleaner - cylinder vacuums can't be used because they don't have a brush roll where the suction can be closed off. The other alternative is to get down on your hands and knees and use the tiny applicator brush that comes with the boxed versions of Duo-P powder which gets a bit tiring if you have a lot of stains to clear up in one go. I wasn't prepared to pay out for the largely expensive price of the Duo-P machine for a property that has more hard floor than carpet and opted for a brush broom called "Sebo Daisy," available only in other countries and the U.S.A. I ordered my Sebo Daisy online from an EBAY seller in the U.S and the cost of the brush came to $40 including postage and packing. The brush itself is made in the USA, has a handy PVC sticker on the handle to show this as well as directional use in how to twist the brush to lock to the height you want. Conversion rates at the time meant the brush cost around £35. It is substantially cheaper than the average priced electric roller machine at £250 to £300, or any "electric" washer upright that takes an age to set up and needs the patience of a saint for instant results. You need to check with the seller first if they are prepared to send the item by worldwide post. My purchase took two weeks to arrive but it has definitely been worth the purchase. It is also available under a similar name "Rug Renovator," and if you Google this product, you'll be presented with a few options - the U.S seem to be going crazy for dry carpet cleaning powder, especially in light of the fact that Duo P treatment is faster, more efficient and doesn't leave carpets soaking wet - whilst still being able to walk over the cleaned surface once the powder has been applied. The important factor is, the Daisy brush is dark blue and light blue in colour and either goes by the name of "SEBO Daisy," or "Rug Renovator."

      The beauty of the SEBO Daisy is that it doesn't half take the strain out of my back when I'm using Duo-P powder! The brush looks like a standard hard floor broom - thick permanently covered soft touch PVC with a hanging loop at the top for storage - around a steel frame and construction with the only difference to a standard hard floor broom being that there are two sides of brush roll strips and two thick rubber coated wheels either side to add momentum when pushing or pulling across carpet pile. Forget the idea that this is a glorified traditional floor brush though. The added wheels can't be taken off, as it is primarily a carpet powder brush and if used on hard flooring, the broom isn't an effective dust broom. A dark blue strip contains harder brushes for normal nylon pile carpets for example whilst a lighter colour of blue bristles is used for more delicate carpets like wool. Both sides have wording to show which bristles are for what substance incase you don't pick up the tactile feel of each side. It also has a wonderfully adjustable handle that is easy to unlock and twist to any height. The maximum height that the SEBO Daisy extends to for example is, 152 cm/60 inches whilst the smallest height of 91.4 cm/36 inches means this is an easier brush to store away than a traditional "fixed height handle" floor brush. Having such a long length means carpeted stair stains can also be done from "arm's length," or if using the Daisy brush from a landing.

      In use, once the Duo-P powder is shaken over the carpet stain, the Daisy brush is relatively easy to brush the powder into carpet just like a standard hard floor brush and the overall size here measures 11 inches which is smaller than a standard upright vacuum floor head. The difference is, that whilst most bushy hard floor brushes clog with Duo-P's fine powder consistency straight off, the Daisy brush seldom clogs when brushing the powder in and thus, the powder isn't wasted. To the eye, one can see the powder being pushed into the carpet, to agitate the stain and to let the wonder of the carpet cleaning powder get to work. It is a fast process with the SEBO Daisy compared to getting down on my hands and knees with the applicator brush from the Duo-P cleaning box and the mobility of the Daisy brush is relaxing since the wheels do the hard work slightly lifting the brushes away from the floor whilst also making contact with the carpet pile. Put simply, if there were no wheels, this Daisy brush would be very tough to push and pull in use due to carpet pile resistance.

      In terms of performance, the SEBO Daisy is also a lot better than using the more traditional SEBO upright vacuum. Yesterday I came home thinking that what I left over on the carpet was excess grit from outside, only to realise that it was dog poo that I must have walked in without noticing. Taking a piece of kitchen roll, I scrubbed off the top surface of poo on the carpet and got the DuoP powder out immediately. Sprinkling the powder on and applying the Daisy brush immediately made the stain disappear - which isn't something I'm not exactly used to due to my love of this cleaning powder anyway - but being able to clean this kind of substance from arms length, was the perfect test for the SEBO Daisy whilst afterwards the bristles only smelt of the clean and fresh fragrance from the Duo P powder. For all the time it takes to shake the powder on the floor and rub the brush up and down, backwards and forwards against and across the carpet pile, you may well be amazed when the stain disappears!

      Having the Daisy brush on standby is so much quicker and convenient without going through the effort of electrical means. You see, you don't have to vacuum Duo-P powder out of carpet once it has been put down - see review of that particular product and only a slight amount of cleaning up of the Daisy brush is needed afterwards. Once the powder has been applied and the broom is no longer used, there is fine powder on the tips and embedded into the bristles - but with the use of the vacuum's hose, it is fairly easy to get into the body of the bristles to suck up the powder. Or like a bagless vacuum's bin, the broom can be gently tapped outside to get rid of the carpet powder. The fact that the bristles have been spaced out fairly well for cleaning them means the broom afterwards is easier to store away rather than having to de-clog the brush roller head of the upright vacuum you would use instead to brush the powder in and the broom can also be washed. Most uprights tend to lightly push the powder into carpets whereas the Daisy brush makes more of an impact thanks to its tall bristles, which also lessens wastage of the powder.

      Whilst it is logically harder to push the aggressive bristles across carpets, the aggressive side is more apt for instant stain removal, whilst the gentle brush side brings the powder up to a finer, creamy consistency that can over-colour your carpet and change the appearance. Dependent on the type of pile carpet you have, the aggressive brush roll is more apt for thicker pile whilst the delicate bristles are more apt for short pile, or nylon carpets. Whilst the bristles can be washed, the Duo P powder ensures that no matter what the brush has been used for, the cleaning agent in the powder keeps the bristles clean. If however you want to wash the brush, it can be done easily and like everything you wash, the Daisy brush must be left for 24 hours or more until the bristles are dry before using again - otherwise you're in danger of brushing in water the next time you use the broom. I've had the Daisy brush for a couple of months now and it has already been washed using lukewarm water and no cleaning agents. The bristles and condition of the Daisy is still as good as new - no discolouring of the bristles and the product feels well made due to its rounded design and no sharp edges. Thanks to its almost steel like construction, this is a fairly robust accessory with no edges or parts that fall off - even the wheels to either side have viewable thick bolts that keep the wheels on.

      Compared to the Duo P machine, which is a great accessory (but fairly expensive) to have if you have tons of carpets in a home, the SEBO Daisy brush is well worth considering before purchase of the electric machine. It may well appear in the UK yet for buyers who use the Duo P dry cleaning powder. Please SEBO UK, consider this brush accessory - it is worthwhile to use and worthwhile seeking out for those who can't get down on their hands and knees! More importantly, it gives me one more justification not to own an upright carpet washer and with the only noise being a slight grating due to the bristles hitting the floor, there's nothing quieter to compare cleaning stains off carpets and whilst this is an advantage of the electric Duo P machine too, nothing is quicker than getting stains out with an easy to grab floor brush. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2011


      ** If you don't use dry cleaning powder, the SEBO Daisy is also ideal for rubbing bicarbonate of soda or any clinical safe product into a carpet for freshening or deodorising.


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