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Sebo Dusting Brush with Clamp

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Brand: Sebo / Type: Brushes

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    1 Review
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      16.05.2010 16:55
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      Cleans well and easy to use; better than the smaller dusting brush idea.

      If you are considering buying a SEBO X1, X1.1, X4 or X5 upright vacuum cleaner then the base models such as the X1 Automatic and X1.1 do not come with this tool as standard. This is why Sebo sell the larger dusting brush and clamp for their X series as an optional tool, even though in effect the tool can be used on all of the Sebo vacuums thanks to its friction fit neck and a lack of pip locks.

      This was the first tool that I ever considered a necessity with Sebo's upright vacuums and it has always remained a mystery to why Sebo in Germany refuse to add this to their upright vacuums tool spec when every other brand who make larger upright vacuums always have some sort of upholstery brush on board. The two other tools such as their long crevice tool and the flat upholstery tool offer similar need that could outweigh the use of this tool - or so Sebo would have you believe! It could well be down to the fact that the company have always played second fiddle to the domestic market; Sebo still rule the roost for being the number one commercial upright vacuum sales brand globally and it all comes down to the design and engineering to help out the owner. Karcher for example, knew who to look for when it came to hiring out SEBO as their preferred choice for their commercial line up of upright vacuums and other brands over the years have followed suit such as ORECK and Windsor Industries who sell rebadged and capped spec SEBO models in the U.S

      Like their whole reason to be, Sebo have designed this brush very sensibly and with care in mind. The design of the brush is triangular and has permanently stitched nylon bristles that are long, soft and delicate to the touch and largely clog free when suction is applied/fixed to the hose. I've always appreciated the larger size of this brush because the smaller dusting brush available for the K series has the downside of the bristles being sucked into the main dust channel when full power is applied. I've used this larger dusting brush on the K series and the bristles don't compact in or fall into the dust channel, which makes its use a lot better and far more versatile. The key to its design isn't just the bristles alone; the neck on the dusting brush can turn in a 360° axis and pivots the brush downwards or upwards, or to the left or right with certain angles making it very placed for cleaning needs. Although Miele have a much more organic idea of dusting brushes and offer a similar neck twisting design, Sebo's dusting brush here has a suitably triangular design that allows the tool to fit snugly into corners making it a lot more purposeful and has edge cleaning supported by its right angle sides thanks to its triangular design.

      In use the brush is gentle enough to be used on precious hard floor surfaces, ceilings, and tables and picks up dust very effectively, the only downside being that cob webs often have to be pushed off into the suction dust channel at times. However for use on my laptop and likewise equipment the larger dusting brush gets up dust quickly and efficiently without further manually picking. The brush can also be used straight onto Sebo's extension hose, or the standard hose upon any of Sebo's vacuums including the Felix/Dart models. It does what it says when it comes to cleaning up dust. In terms of build, Sebo have used a thick PVC quality here and its standard grey colouring means scratches are present but they don't deter the tool's use. I've had one for about 14 years now and it sees use virtually once a week for cleaning up hard to reach dust above the floor line.

      When it comes to tool placement however, there are a few downsides. It is easy to pull off the brush from the rear clamp that has to be screwed to the main spine of the X series uprights. I've never liked this rear facing clamp however because although it can be placed anywhere on the spine of the Sebo X models, I find that I have to place the clamp between the power cord so that the brush neck just touches the hose at the back and the cord doesn't push or destroy the natural flow of the brushes. If you avoid this, the bristles will fall down from their natural flow. Sebo do sell optional front clamps and in this respect the front clamps are free of being touched by any other component on the vacuums, which keeps the brush from being destroyed early on and doesn't have to be placed so minutely so that components get in the way. If the brush for example is placed with the bristles pointing downwards, the cord can fold over the triangular part at the back but if you go to clean flat to the floor, the brush at the top can often lend a hand brushing the carpet you're doing at the same time and can often be knocked off because of the angle you're cleaning at. Pivot the brush at the back of the X series to the left or right and then the cord is compromised when it's hung at the back. SEBO need to reconsider the rear clamps in this instance; a forward facing clamp would be better to avoid any mishaps with the bristles or the tool being flung off inadvertently in use.

      If you need to buy Sebo's larger dusting brush and clamp (product code 1094ER) then the prices can really change hands very fast! EBAY for example often sell this component from £15 to £30. SEBO themselves however sell the brush at £9-95 with a postage pack charge of £3-95 making the £13-90/£14 that little bit cheaper than most EBAY sellers and others online; eSpares which is one of the biggest UK sellers for vacuum cleaner parts have a cheek to charge £18-49 for the brush alone (and further state "we will not be beaten on price,") with a further £3-95 bringing the total to £22-44! Sorry eSpares but the home company Sebo has whooped your ass here!

      On the basis that Sebo don't equip this brush with their basic range X series uprights, the larger dusting brush is a necessity if you need to clean dusty areas and need bristles to clean up dust in a compact size. Fairly versatile but very well made, this tool is worth considering and against most sellers online if purchased from Sebo direct is fairly cheap for what it offers. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2010



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    • Product Details

      The Dusting Brush has long soft bristles for effective dusting of grooves etc., without causing damage to delicate surfaces.

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