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Sebo Floor & Wall Brush

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Brand: Sebo / Type: Brushes

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    1 Review
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      17.05.2010 12:59
      Very helpful



      If you must have a hard floor tool for your Sebo X upright vac, choose the smaller dusting brush.

      When I first bought my Sebo tool kit box for my parents X1 Automatic upright vacuum cleaner, this hard floor brush tool came standard along with the other tools in the box.

      The design of this tool having no lock on the neck means for the most part most Sebo owners can use this tool even though they may not know it. It fits the main tubes and handle part of the K series, fits onto the end of the hose onto Sebo Dart & Felix uprights and can also be used, as originally designed for use on the C series cylinder vacuums and Sebo's venerable X series of upright vacuums. The brush itself is usually available in cream or grey colour and it has a whole perimeter strip of thick bristles that surround the whole rim of the actual floor head base. A large dust channel and flat plastic base ensures no marking is made on hard flooring.

      Sebo's hard floor and wall brush, as it is nationally known online and within Sebo's parts division is an unusual tool in the sense that it was made well before Sebo started to sell their much bigger and thinner tool in the form of their Parquet brush with wheels. On the continent this older "floor and wall brush," and goes under the description of "Parquet" brush and it isn't hard to see why. The wheeled version is ideal for unlevelled surfaces that are not level whilst this brush without wheels does just as good a job being lighter in weight. The brush tool has never received an update in its 20 or so year history and as such although it looks like a simple brush tool without wheels it isn't without its compromises. You might not think not much can be said about a brush like this, but at a cost of £12-85 plus £3-95 (£16-90 total) for postage and packing from Sebo directly, this £17 brush tool is only worth considering for those who need it. On EBAY this brush tool can however fall in price dependent on condition; some prices are around the £10 with P&P added. It is suitable for all types of hard flooring including tiling with grout lines.

      In terms of design, the brush only weighs 150 grams and as such it is extremely lightweight to use perhaps qualifying the suggested use that Sebo claim the tool can be used for "rapid dusting.". The floor tool fixes on by friction fit and not the more modern pip locks to hold it onto the plastic pipes. On Sebo's X uprights for example, which is what this tool is intended for its use, the brush can also be used to vacuum walls given its suggested name. The bristles are compacted tightly though and compared to the heavier and more modern Parquet brushes of both the K series and the Deluxe edition for the Felix; the bristles on this tool can't be removed for cleaning. It is all encased in thick PVC plastic and looks fit for purpose with no conceivable parts to break off. There are however, some downsides too:

      In use for example, the brush tool picks up dust and dirt very finely often taking it in from the sides than the front and back. It has a 22cm diameter from the front, which gives it a good size to cover over standard sized floors. However because the bristles are so finely compacted, dust often clings in "lines," on the top of the bristles rather than being sucked into the main suction head. The neck of the brush rotates completely in a 360° axis but unlike the more modern pip locked hard floor tools by SEBO and their clamped dusting brushes which can all rotate in a similar way, this floor tool doesn't have notches set into the neck where angles can be achieved and locked into position. If in use you decide to clean at an angle, the brush flops over to its natural position of being in the "middle," i.e. with the bristles flowing downwards towards the surface. Remembering only that this brush is only for hard floors and walls, its about time Sebo rethought this very simple (and lets not forget it here, rather expensive) floor tool with a proper pivotal locking neck so that the brush doesn't fall out of the angle you want to clean at! As such I don't tend to use this brush tool on walls; it's fine if cleaning in a straight angle but the tool tends to go in opposite directions if, say you want to get into the corners of ceilings.

      The whole purpose of this tool however is for its use on the X series of upright vacuums. Fixed to another optional cost plastic "straight" extension tube and onto the standard wand part of the X series allows the X upright to become a cylinder style cleaner if the vacuum is dragged backwards. The whole procedure of the X's upright vacuum design means for the most part that whilst it may be a clunky procedure with excess hose locked to the wand and then the extension pipe added with this tool on the end, it does provide suitable cleaning needs if you don't want to attack your hard floors with the standard forward motion of the X upright vacuum or need to clean in a smaller space such as a compact bathroom or single toilet that happens to have a lino floor but you may end up having to pick off the dust and direct it into the suction channel.

      All in all its about time Sebo updated this wall and floor brush. Granted it doesn't have wheels and its total weight and general size makes it ideal for cleaning hard floors without strain. However, the style of its un-removable bristles often clog with dust and for that reason alone, it isn't a particularly reliable piece of equipment that can be trusted despite its thick PVC plastic quality and general build. In this respect Sebo's more compact dusting brush with a clamp does a better job of picking up dust that doesn't need to be picked off. This floor tool is an old design and for more modern cleaning needs these days needs to be improved greatly. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010



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    • Product Details

      For hard floors which are either too rough or too delicate for an upright vacuum and for rapid dusting of textured walls/ceilings.

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