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Sebo 5036ER Micro Hygiene Filter

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Brand: Sebo / Type: Filters

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    1 Review
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      15.06.2011 04:03
      Very helpful



      An essential filter component that is long lasting, well designed and good value.

      If you are the owner of a SEBO upright vacuum cleaner in terms of the "X" model with variations of X1 Automatic, X1.1, X2, X3, XP2, XP3, X4, X4 Extra and X5 Extra upright vacuums, then you'll know that the filter system on board does need replacing once in a while. One of the design advantages of the SEBO floorcare ranges is that the filter systems on board are usually hospital grade or match S-Class standards, which are higher than HEPA/High Efficiency Particulate Air for allergy sufferers and the filters on board their vacuums only need replacing once in a while, with some going well beyond their "yearly" change factor.

      SEBO only produce two optional filters - this micro hygiene "basic" filter and a charcoal filled felt filter cone similar to the original but for pet owners and owners with allergies. Both are designed to filter up to 99.9% of allergen and as such both are rated as being "S-Class". At cost, the 5036ER filter ranges from £9-95 (John Lewis) to £15-99 dependent on seller and although it can't be washed, it is designed to last a long period. This kind of filter from SEBO isn't like German rival Bosch or Miele in the sense that it has to be replaced after four or five bags are used - this filter can last up to more than 15 dust bags at one time! In the 14 years of ownership with our own SEBO X1 Automatic upright vacuum, we found that the on board micro-hygiene filter (5036ER) could be replaced every couple of years depending on the amount of dust bags the SEBO had gone through ranging from 10 to 20 bags use before the filter looked grey or black. Now, on the basis that each bag lasts for about three months, one filter tends to last nearly two and a half years before needing to be replaced. Well worth it when you consider the price of the machines themselves! Infact one of the benefits I love about being a SEBO owner is that there is very little pay out needed AFTER you purchase the vacuums. If you are a pet owner though, the SEBO micro hygiene filter tends to shorten out every 6 months because it isn't designed to cope with pet hair - that job comes down to the 1 or 2 yearly change S-Class charcoal filter which has charcoal inside the filter to cope with the odour of pet hair and associated allergens and will cost £20 to £30. I have seen other's vacuums who haven't bothered changing the filter until three or four years down the line!

      In use the micro hygiene filter does a great job of filtering out the nasties before it reaches the air and additional air fresheners can be used with SEBO filters unlike Miele. The filter is very much an essential component that will need to be fitted though, as the bin door won't lock on until the filter is slid into its runners next to the dust bag. The process of cleaning the air comes down to the sealed suction design of the SEBO X where dust and air is sucked through the machine from the floor head or wand and flows into the bag where most of the dirt and allergen is retained whilst the filter next to the bag gets the last of the dirt and filters the air, pushing it out at the sides of the dust bin door whilst the motor exhaust filter also puts out cleaner air, evident by the black carbon that builds up on it. The SEBO constantly recycles dirty air and the main micro hygiene filter gets the last of it. But, if the filter is dirty, you can always tell that it is being compromised, either judged by the stale, dank smell that it is emitting from the vacuum in use or the line of grey/black dirt that is viewable, trapped within the screeds of the white felt filter. Although the filter can't be washed, it can be brushed clean but there are downsides to this when the vacuum is used next time. Whilst manually cleaning the filter can be a short term solution, it isn't before long that the filter starts to get dirty again and replacement is imminent.

      The filter is made entirely of electrostatic white thick felt and is kept in place by two plastic computer strip alligator tie wires top and bottom fitted to an inner plastic hollow grid tube which allows the construction of the filter to slide into the runners at the bottom of the bin next to the high filtration dust bag. There's a pick up spring lock to the side of the bin area on the SEBO X uprights which allows the filter to stay locked in, and helpfully like a lot of SEBO's other vacuums, this filter can only be placed in one way due to its fit/angled design, so there is never a danger of putting the filter in wrongly and even if it a disposable type filter, it is well made and well designed for the job it is engineered to do.

      Ebay and Amazon sellers do sell just the white felt pad alone at around £3 to £6 but it isn't as effective which can be tied to the existing inner SEBO tube even though you get tie strips with that product. This is because the inner tube also collects dirt at the time since its design is hollow to keep the felt pad in place. Whilst it is a cheaper solution, the existing tube can be washed but it isn't 100% clean and must be fully dried to prevent water leaking into the motor. This is why despite the extra costs the SEBO original filter is better than DIY filter jobs for SEBO vacuums. As much as I have tried the cheaper solution, I also found that the filter was difficult to tie on as well as shortening out compared to the proper design when in use.

      Based on its longevity aspect, the Sebo X Micro hygiene filter (5036ER) is worth the price based on its long-lasting effect and much needed component if your original one starts to weaken. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2011



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    • Product Details

      Sebo 5036ER micro hygiene filter / Protects the motor and removes microscopic particles from the airstream / Short name: Sebo 5036ER

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