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Sebo Turbobrush 6780ER

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Brand: Sebo / Type: Brushes

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    1 Review
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      12.04.2010 04:20
      Very helpful



      Surprisingly good but it needs to be better if the brush roll can be removed like Miele!

      When I first bought a Sebo cylinder vacuum cleaner, it was a vacuum that already came with a main large air driven turbo brush and two other main floor heads. After all these years, the Sebo K1 Komfort model still sells with these main floor heads for optimum cleaning versatility and if you have different kinds of cleaning needs in your home, having such a vacuum to hand with these tools the moment you buy is a bonus. For a while Sebo sold their larger turbo brush head as an extra tool component for buyers and although it was large, expensive to buy, angular and heavy it did a reasonable cleaning job well amidst their usual more expensive electronic floor heads that need electric hoses to work. Sebo brush assisted floor heads have always been easy to remove for cleaning if clogging occurs and the original Sebo turbo brush floor head was easy in this respect thanks to a hinged flap on the back by the brush.

      When Sebo brought out a newer version in the form of the "6780 ER," it was a breath of fresh air. Sebo were so pleased with the floor head design that they purposefully added the bio line in the product blurb as being "very easy to push," and this is very true! It is also clear to see where they picked their inspiration from, as the design is very similar to Miele's STB 205-2 turbo brush that comes with the Miele S5 Cat and Dog cylinder vacuums. Although not an exact copy, Sebo's current turbo brush measures the same 14" size across which means cleaning large expanses of carpet isn't a problem and the models in which this turbo brush can be fitted to are strictly Sebo's cylinder vacuum range from the C to the K series. Although the actual floor head has a locking pip lock for associated tubes and secure fixing, in theory Sebo's Turbobrush could be used in lieu of the electronic floor head you'd find with a Sebo Dart or Sebo Felix upright vacuum, but there's a little more to this tool than meets the eye; it can also be locked to the handle to clean stairs with and has a rear squeegee line built in for use on hard floors when the air outlet selector is moved over to ensure easier gliding and less sticking. Locked onto the Dart or Felix uprights and both models won't be able to stand up independently since this kind of floor head is only really intended for the cylinder style vacuums. However for those who may own the Sebo Dart 3 model that has no brush roll, the 6780 ER turbo brush head is a good idea to consider.

      Gliding around flooring easily is a Sebo forte and in this respect the 6780 ER is no exception. It is much better than the original heavier turbo brush I got with my K1 Komfort. The design here is helped along by two large wheels on the underside of the floor head and two smaller roller wheels near the main dust roller brush to aid extra gliding, particularly when moving from hard or thin flooring to thicker rugs or carpeting. The brush lacks beater bars as well so it is very easy to use on hard flooring without damage and it is a fairly robust tool by its own accord with thick PVC plastics. Swerving around corners is also no problem since it has a swivelling neck built in and is very lightweight when lifted up with the tubes of the Sebo vacuum cleaner. It is certainly a lot lighter than Miele's STB 200 series floor head, doesn't get stuck under low furniture and it cleans better at the edges.

      On carpets the 6780 ER does an excellent job leaving a groomed finish rather than trail marks from its wheels and pet hair gets whisked up in an instant - all you could wish for in a good quality air driven turbo brush. Dependent on the suction power available from the vacuum, Sebo's turbo brush flies up to high speeds, which is good for reliability and general performance although noise levels aren't as high as the Miele brush either. Generally for the K series power translates from 1500 watts to 2100 watts (250 to 450 air watts) on their current and older vacuums and the 6780 ER is an excellent floor head suitable for difficult thread pick up where suction only floor heads fail to exercise, particularly in one sweep.

      If there is a downside however it is unbelievable omission that Sebo have forgotten to incorporate. Unlike their electronic floor heads and the floor head on their larger uprights, the brush bar on the 6780 ER cannot be removed with a push of a button. With Miele's turbo brush you can remove the brush roll easily by unlocking two 5p sized slot screws, but not here - the 6780 ER needs to have four long crosshead screws to be undone before the floor head can be taken apart and once that is done, the whole floor head has to be delicately taken apart until the brush roll is taken out. In its defence though the actual roller brush is fairly easy to get at when taking out anything that gets clogged because the roller brush section is much larger than Miele's own turbo brush. In my ownership of the 6780 ER it doesn't clog that much on hair or dust and accessing the brush roll is fairly easy without damage to fingers!

      At cost is £39-95 for the TT-C 6780 ER turbo brush isn't too expensive although some EBAY sellers are notorious for over charging. This isn't just to make money, as finding this genuine part on Ebay is particularly rare. Some sellers are quite honest in their approach and for that reason only it is still worthwhile to check out what Ebay has (currently there's a seller who is charging roughly £40 all in) If however, the floor head is priced at £60 to £70 it is still far safer and cheaper to buy directly from SEBO. I've had mine for well over three years already and it has only suffered a few minor scrapes as well as surviving a stair fall. From new it comes in a simple 100% recycled cardboard box direct from Sebo and has a paper manual for general care and use.

      All in all this is a much better thought out turbo brush than the original bulky one that was supplied with Sebo's older range of cylinder vacuums. Quick, fast, lightweight and efficient - the only downside is that it doesn't have an easier to remove section if you need to clean the brush roll. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010



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