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Sebo 5093ER Vacuum Cleaner Bags

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Brand: Sebo / Type: Bags

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    2 Reviews
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      19.02.2013 23:59
      Very helpful
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      Strong bags which hold lots of dirt.

      Having mentioned before that hoovers, printers and mowers don't like me I now have a good hoover apart from one slight break it is great. Now when I got it there were only 2 bags with it so I had to go in search of a shop to buy new ones. I always find the job of hoover bag hunting a pain and as usual I ended up continuing my search on Ebay.

      I found some easily on Ebay and paid approx £9 including postage costs. When they arrived it was as the seller had said, a box containing 10 paper hoover bags or filter box bags as they call them. Each bag is brown in colour with green written instructions on it. There are 3 layers of thickness to it. The inside is white and feels soft like a thin cotton material.
      At the top of each bag is a green plastic fitting where it slides into the correct position in the hoover. Also provided are green stoppers so when the bag is used and full up you can pop the stopper over the hole to stop any spills of dust.
      I find each hoover bag lasts approx 2-3 months, with two kids in the house and a male I tend to do plenty of hoovering and the hoover itself it pretty powerful so all sorts end up in the hoover bag lol.
      What I do like about these bags is that they seem really strong probably due to the 3 layers of bag. I've had hoover bags in previous hoovers that have broken when taken them out but these get totally bulging full and stay strong on removal.
      Regularly changing your hoover bag stops so much dust emissions and also keeps the suction better on the hoover. I know when the bag is getting near full as the hoover stops hoovering up as good as it should.

      These are made in Germany and are as good a standard as the actual hoover. What more can I say about a dirt bag.


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        10.01.2010 05:02
        Very helpful



        Long lasting high filtration dust bags from Sebo; avoid the copy ones!

        Before I started repairing vacuums as a student and collecting machines the first model that my parents valued was the Sebo X1 Automatic. Replacing an awful and expensive to buy Oreck XL that had a much larger dust bag, yet seldom filled up to the top and a Dyson DC01 in the garage that had too many faults to fix, we were growing tired of the fact that we couldn't find a vacuum that would do what it says and last the duration. Thirteen years later we still ran the X1 Automatic as our daily vacuum before the smaller Sebo Felix upright replaced it. Now that I have my own Sebo X1.1 it still uses the same bags, filters and tools that our old X1 used; an art of recycling at its best, here! The bags fit ALL of the X upright and C cylinder vacuums.

        The Sebo company make pretty expensive vacuum cleaners designed to last and for that reason alone they have cornered the commercial and industrial market internationally on top of their cleaning expertise, quality, ease of use and health benefits where dirt disposal is concerned. Whilst the domestic buyer may prefer to use a bagless vacuum cleaner to save on buying bags, German companies such as Sebo, Miele and Lindhaus see dust disposal in a different light. If hospitals, clinics and schools still use dust bags which cost money for effective dust sealage to cover health and safety requirements, isn't there something ironic against the common buyer who favours bagless vacuums thinking that they are safer when in actual fact a dust bag, when properly made keeps the dust in without it becoming air borne again? Or perhaps most buyers can't be bothered to shop for dust bags because past experience has led them to think dust bags are never available.

        As a company Sebo aren't out to get you to change your mind about dust bags because if you buy a Sebo you'll have to buy a bag regardless of what you might think you can get away with. The Sebo X upright has been on sale in the UK since the 1990s and for that reason alone, either purchased from Sebo themselves, John Lewis, Euronics, Comet, Currys and Debenhams or other online sellers, the bags are always available because they don't just fit the X range of upright vacuums. They also universally fit Sebo's "C" cylinder vacuums too, an idea I rather like for buyers who get confused with bag codes and numbers when it comes to shopping and seeking online for their home vacuum cleaner. Sebo's K cylinder and Felix upright vacuums use their own bag design so there is never any actual confusion when it comes to purchasing let alone availability.

        Up until now Sebo have always produced their own dust bags but there have been endless copy companies who are trying to sell their own versions at cheaper costs. I know because I've tried the copy bags with disastrous results. Ripping holes, poor seals and lacking the dust seal caps, they are cheap for a reason! Originally Sebo used to sell their triple layer filtration dust bags at a cost of £9-99 for 7 bags but due to copy bags appearing on the market, Sebo have upped their ante in supplying 10 bags for around £8-75 (John Lewis) whilst online sellers have a cheek to charge up to £15 for the same box. It pays to know where to go! Comet charge £9-99 in some stores (they never update their website to show this product) and for my peace of mind I prefer John Lewis because they sell quite a few Sebo accessories and filters when needed, not just the bags themselves.

        Contained in a recycled cardboard box, the box of 10 bags (code 5093 ER) come with individual seals (green in colour) that you simply close up the hole in the bag to ensure no dust escapes when the bag needs to be thrown away. What a neat, yet healthy advantage! Each seal is easy to install and take out if you think your bag isn't full enough yet and the bags themselves are well made with big enough directions on the sides showing you how to fit them into the vacuum if you really don't know how to do it. Each bag has a green slide in cartridge at the top and slides in easily to the neck of the X model's bin. A small tab on the side of the bags means they are easy to carry to a bin.

        Having researched the Sebo dust bags online, I'm surprised that some owners haven't really allowed their bags to get full, thus some buyers slate the bags for being expensive, particularly if their Sebo vacuum has had to pick up new carpet fluff or coping with two dogs. Depending on the kind of pets you have however, I find that the Sebo dust bag for the X model can last up to three to five months depending on what you are picking up. For normal traffic dust or daily dust whether its people or yourself trampling into your carpeted home, Sebo's design of suction means the dust settles at the bottom of the bag and progressively fills from top to bottom without cutting off the suction. This principle isn't new however as Sebo use electrostatic fibres in the bags to maintain suction even as the bags fill up with dust, hence it was a surprise to me the first time my Sebo X1 Automatic was used because the original bag took roughly five months to fill up!

        The downside is that it is true that if you have new carpets regardless of what vacuum cleaner you have, paper disposable dust bags do get rather full of fluff and the Sebo bags are no exception.

        The key to Sebo's dust bag aren't just the built in 3 layers of filtration, because coupled with the filter system on board, the bags and the filters together retain odour tremendously well. This is the news that allergy suffers should hear because bagless vacuums no matter what the brands promise you will need the filters checked and that means contact with dust. Sebo's filters however need changing rather than cleaned so that you never come into contact with dust in any form. Pet hair - picking up after two long haired cats and a Westie dog means for the most part I don't need a Zoo to pick up after to suggest that the bags are worth it, but as pet hair progressively fills the bag and it may well look like the bag may need changing, if the LED "bag full" light on my Sebo vacuums don't light up to suggest the bag is full, it isn't about to be taken out in haste!

        When I first purchased bags for the Sebo X1 Automatic it was around the same time I joined Ciao - 2003 that I could share my own experiences. My parents had older bags which could still be used but I knew with their experience that dates should be put on to satisfy my "tight" money spurned Father! In July 2009 I purchased my own first box of bags and the newer Sebo X1.1 is now on its second bag. How economical is that? For a company where the dust bags look expensive at cost yet last for so many years, it is one hell of a saving based on the durability and capacity of the paper bags. The secret is that Sebo bags have a 5.5 litre capacity on paper statistics but they always seem to have more when I pull the bag out of the housing from the vacuum cleaner. Weighing in at just one kilogram on average I've been largely surprised as to how heavy the dust bags get when the bag needs changing and due to its bonding quality, unless you swing the bag from side to side in a loop to loop fashion like a lasso, the bag seal will never rip from the dust bag.

        So to end possibly the most boring product to review, Sebo's 5093 ER bags are fabulous value even if their cost prices can be expensive. You just need to know where to look if you want cheap costs of the bags and at the end of the day if they can outlast copy bags based on their healthier design and robustness, it makes more sense to buy the Genuine article. Thanks for reading ©Nar2 2010



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      • Product Details

        Pack of 10 Sebo 5093 High Filtration, 3-layer paper vacuum bags / Suitable for the following Sebo vacuum cleaners: C1, C2, C3, X1, X1.1, X4, X4 EXTRA / Short name: Sebo 5093ER

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