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    1 Review
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      30.07.2013 00:37
      Very helpful


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      Sparkling steam cleaning.

      ~*~ Abode Steam Mop ~*~

      I kept reading lots of good reviews of steam mops and really wanted one for use on my laminate floor. After a trawl through Amazon and not wanting to pay lots of money I found this little beauty for £25 delivered .

      ~*~ The Mop ~*~

      The Abode mop comes boxed and needs some assembling . This is very straightforward and you can tell where things go just by looking at them , but there is also written instructions if you are not sure.
      The Mop is in 4 parts, the head ,which clips into the body , and then the 2 part handle . There is also a measuring cup provided and 2 mops head cloths.
      The cloths are easily attached to the bottom with 3 velcro tabs and then a triangle cover is clipped over to secure.
      I have the 900 watt model , its is also available in 1300 and 1500 watt versions.

      ~*~ What It Claims To Do ~*~

      The Abode steam mop provides your home with chemical-free steam cleaning which leaves your floors clean and sparkling. The Abode steam mop is light-weight and the 3 corner mop head is perfectly shaped for effortlessly cleaning all those hard to reach corners.
      The high temperature steam helps kill most household germs, and removes stubborn grease and grime from floors and carpets. It provides a constant supply of steam to give a more thorough cleaning experience. This steam mop is environmentally friendly as it uses only steam cleaning and does not require detergent to leave your floors clean. The Abode steam mop is perfect for floor types such as; tiles, carpet, sealed laminate, sealed wooden and vinyl flooring. It also includes a carpet glider for refreshing your carpets and rugs.

      ~*~ How To Use ~*~

      Once assembled the mop is so simple to use . Put water in the water container on the front and turn the plug on , wait 60 seconds then turn the stream switch round to open and off you go . That is all there is to it .
      There is no need for any cleaning agents or chemicals all the cleaning is done by the power of the steam.

      The mop is very long and measures 128 cm , at first being only 5ft tall when i put it together I did think oh gosh it's a bit of a monster , but actually its not hard to use at all and the length doesn't cause any disadvantages for me being a shortie .

      ~*~ Does It Work ~*~

      The answer is a steaming fat yes , even after reading positive reviews I was still a little skeptical on how well it would work on my floor and fit in with day to day living . I didn't want something that was going to make cleaning the floor take any more time than it already does.
      Previous to owning this I had a normal flat headed mop with a large rectangular head made for laminate floors and whilst it was a perfectly good mop for cleaning when used with a cleaning agent it never really left the floor looking as good as I would of liked with streaks appearing when dry and the need to dry and buff the floor making it time consuming.

      The first time I used the mop was about 5 minutes after it was delivered as I was eager to see it in action ( I really need to get out more ! ) I had it assembled and working within 5 minutes and after a quick sweep I gave the kitchen floor a once over .
      First off I was very impressed with the cleaning power , any marks on the floor lifted and disappeared . Around the bin area I find this gets the most marks especially from tea stains and other drips from things being carried to the bin. This did take a couple of sweeps with the mop but all stains lifted with no scrubbing or elbow grease involved you just glide it over the top .
      So on standing back to admire my job well done I was disappointed to see patchy bits and foot marks where it hadn't been dry when I stood on it, but there were some areas that were sparkling. So not one to be deterred I had another go , this time with a bit more thought about it .

      ~*~ For Best Results ~*~

      First off think about where the plug socket is and start in the corner furthest away and work backward to the plug. The lead on the mop is a generous 5 meters long .
      With laminate if you go with the grain rather than just circling over the top you get a much better finish .
      When finished the floor is not dry , its not wet , but if you walk on it you will leave marks , but it doesn't take long to be dry enough to walk on .
      The finish is excellent the floor really looks clean and judging by how disgustingly black the cloth is , it's definitely removed some dirt.

      ~*~ Other uses ~*~

      I also use this on the bathroom lino , and the floor in the downstairs toilet which is similar to lino but isn't , I'm not sure what it is , but the mops works brilliantly . As these room are small I plug in to the socket in the hallway outside , start furthest from the door , work backwards to the door . Shut door , voila . Quick and easy with very little effort on my part .

      The carpet refresher element I have only used a couple of times , it's okay , nothing amazing , but then its not claiming to be a carpet cleaner just a refresher . I tried this on a small stain in the hallway and it made no difference to that .
      But I do use it on the rug in the front room to give it a clean , its a shaggy pile rug and it does look a bit fluffier and cleaner once mopped , it doesn't last long but I do feel better knowing its cleaner even if it doesn't particularly look any different.

      ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

      I love my steam mop , I rave about it , both my mother and mother-in-law have since bought one after seeing mine . They are so easy to use , and once you get the hang of how best to use the results are excellent , clean , sparkling floors in no time at all .
      Before cleaning the floor was a chore I would put off , My front room which leads to the kitchen / diner is all the same flooring . I would mop and later the day it would look like it hadn't even been cleaned. Which is so annoying when you know you have spent an hour mopping and drying it .
      Now I actually like cleaning the floor ( I told you I need to get out more ) I have a little routine where I make myself a cup of tea , do the floor from front room to end up at the patio doors, where my cup of tea awaits me , by the time I sit in the garden and drink it, the floor is dry and I can walk on it without causing foot prints.
      Job done in 10 - 15 minutes with a tea break.
      The best bit is the floor looks cleaner for longer, I can happily get 2-3 days between mops with the steam mop whereas before it was a daily chore .
      Which makes this mop worth every penny and more in my opinion .

      Disadvantages - The only one I can think of is the storage of the mop due to its length . I have a tall cupboard in the kitchen where the ironing board lives and luckily for me it fits in there without the need to dismantle it. However if you needed to dismantle to store it , it is easy to do and would only be a minor niggle.

      5 out of 5


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