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      13.02.2013 20:17
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      A good little vacuum for the money

      Me and my Husband have been living in our house for 4 years now and we are currently on our fourth vacuum cleaner, when we first purchase a vacuum cleaner we are always really pleased with it and they way it works, however after about a year something always goes wrong with it and we end up having to buy a new one. 

      Quite a while ago we had to purchase our fourth vacuum cleaner and we decided to go for the Bissell 83X3E Zing Bagless Cylinder Vacuum, we did a bit of research and it got excellent reviews online and also when we purchased it it had quite a bit of money off of it making it even more attractive.  We decided to purchase Bissell Zing Vacuum after all we could have any less luck with it compared to our others we had had.  
      The Bissell 83X3E Zing Bagless Cylinder Vacuum  came in a large rectangle black and red box, it contained pictures of the vacuum cleaner along with the name written on various sides of the box.  The box also contained different facts about the vacuum so you really know what you are getting. 

      Inside the box all of the parts of the vacuum are wrapped inside clear plastic bags for added protection to prevent them from becoming damaged during delivery.  The packaging is quite bright and eye catching but the main thing is it does tell you the basics of what you need to know about the product, however inside the box there is an instruction leaflet with further and more detailed information about the product.  
      The Bissell 83X3E Zing Bagless Cylinder Vacuum is quite compact, it is mainly made from black plastic with  the 'dirt cup' as it is described being clear allowing you to see when it is full and has the name Bissell Zing written on the front of it. 
      The whole of the vacuum is made from plastic including the pipes which I did think may be a bit flimsy, however this was not the case, despite all of the plastic that makes up this vacuum the whole thing is strong and sturdy. 

      The dirt cup takes up the majority of the main part of the vacuum, this has a small button on the top which allows you to remove the dirt cup when it requires emptying, this then has various parts inside which you can then simply remove and tap the dirt out, the dirt cup can them be clipped back in place once you have finished . 

      The pipe of the vacuum twists into this dirt cup and is very easy to remove and replace when you wish to empty the vacuum or even for storage, the vacuum head cannot really be removed from the pipe, however this is not really an issue for me as it is easy to keep clean without removing it. 

      The vacuum head is pretty standard and has the name Bissell written on it, there is a small switch on the top which can be pressed backwards and forwards in order to release the hide the brushes on the underside of the head depending on what type of floor your are vacuuming, when we first got our Bissell Zing I did find this switch quite stiff to push with my foot as I was vacuuming and would often have to stop what I was doing and press it with my hand, however after frequent use this has loosened up considerably and I can now press it with my foot whilst I am cleaning without having to stop. 

      This vacuum is described as having a high level of suction with a large dirt capacity of 2 litres making it ideal for large jobs, also the large dirt capacity means that you do not have to keep stopping to empty the dirt cup .

        Another feature of this vacuum is the 3 stage of filtration which allows the vacuum to expel cleaner air, also the washable filters which the Bissell Zing has allows you to keep the cleaner air at optimum levels, the filters are very easy to remove and wash and are situated behind small covers which can simply be unclipped. 

      The Bissell Zing has a decent cable length of 5 metres, we find that we do not have to keep moving the plug around the house and can vacuum the whole of the stairs without having to unplug it and move the plug closer, we are lucky in that our plug sockets are ideally situated to allow us to keep the vacuum plugged in one place when cleaning certain rooms, however this depends on the style of your house. 

      When we bought our Bissell Zing the information stated that it came with tools however it did not specify what these were, with this vacuum you receive a small brush which can fit onto the end of the pipe and is handy for cleaning in small areas, there is also a crevice nozzle too.

       Product Specifications
      * Motor Power - 1400 W* Levels of Filtration - 3
      * Type of Cleaning  - Dry* Product Height - 40.4cm
      * Product Width - 27.2cm
      * Product Depth - 29.6cm
      * Weight - 6.2Kg

      As you can see the Bissell Zing is not overly bulky, the only thing I find is that the pipe does not compact which does make storing a little more difficult, however for us this is not a problem as we keep ours in our garage but for those with limited storage space this could be an issue, if it wasn't for the pipe the whole thing would be quite compact and easy to store. 

      The weight of the vacuum makes carrying it easy, it is not overly heavy which I find is handy for cleaning the stairs, I do not have to struggle with it and can easily carry it up the steps with me as I go. 

       Price and Availability
      We purchased our Bissell 83X3E Zing Bagless Cylinder Vacuum online from Tesco, we paid £39.97 for ours which is still what it is currently being sold at, however it does state that there is £50.00 off of the product and it should be sold at £89.97.  I think the price we paid for ours was very reasonable and even more so as we used our Tesco clubcard vouchers to pay for it. 

      Personally I would be a it worried about paying full price for it, this is not a reflection of the quality of the product but more of our luck with vacuums, as we have had such bad luck with them I am a bit dubious about paying out too much money, however I was pleased with the price we paid for the Bissell Zing.  

      My Opinion
      We have had our Bissell 83X3E Zing Bagless Cylinder Vacuum for a while now and so far we have bee extremely pleased with it.  When I first used the vacuum I was surprised at how strong the suction was, it was so much stronger than previous vacuums I have had. 

      As I have mentioned I was a bit worried about how strong the pipes would be as they are only made from plastic, however I was pleased to find that the whole thing was strong and sturdy and is so far proving to be hardwearing.  

      Our carpet will often end up with cat fur on it in the mornings so we needed a vacuum which would quickly and easily remove it all and the Bissell Zing certainly does this, when we  have finished all of the fur and any other dirt on the carpet is removed, I am always surprised at the fluff that has collected in the dirt cup after I have finished vacuuming and am always pleased with how clean everywhere looks afterwards. 

      If I had to pick a fault with this vacuum it would be the noise, its quite loud, although this doesn't particularly bother me some may find it annoying.

      The Bissell Zing is reasonably priced and in my opinion well worth the money, it is of an excellent quality despite the low price.  All in all we are very happy with this vacuum and are hopeful that it is going to last us longer than the others we have had, I would definitely recommend this product.  


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      Short name: Bissel 83X3E

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