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Bissell 9200E Proheat 2x

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    4 Reviews
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      23.09.2011 18:42
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Results are so amazing I carpet clean every week!

      We initially borrowed this machine from my mum who swears by it - and having borrowed it over 4 times now we have gone out and bought our own one. I actually incorporate carpet cleaning into my routine at least once a fortnight now - it really is amazing how much dirt is collected on carpets, especially in hallways or near front doors, and it always makes my house look lovely after I have deep cleaned all the carpets.

      The machine itself is pretty big and bulky (quite hard to store - keep mine in garage), but it does a very thorough job that a flimsy, lightweight machine probably wouldn't be able to handle. It is easy to push around though, even with the large amounts of cleaning bristles constantly turning onto/into your carpet. I am only 5ft4, small build and I can easily push this around my house for a good half hour.

      Quite complicated to set up initially - you need to work out how to fit and fill the water storage bag at the foot of the machine, top up and fit the soap dispenser at the back - however once you have learnt how to do this it becomes second nature. I can now set up the machine ready for use in under a minute.

      Once you turn it on, I tend to leave it running for a minute at least to ensure the 'proheat' part is hot and ready to go. I find I get better results from the offset, rather than if I start cleaning immediately on turning the power on. The machine is a bit noisy, probably the same as a loudish vacuum cleaner, which is similar to the noise it makes.

      The lead is really long, and I find I can do the length of my house, or all the stairs without having to move the plug. Their is a separate hand held attachment for awkward corners and stairs - very good again, not a silly extra that you find you never use - it works very well.

      One slight flaw I find is that after using it for 5 minutes +, the machine starts leaving little clumps of hair/dirt around the carpet you are cleaning - then again it takes five seconds to pick up the large, very visible clumps so not the end of the world. Also the soap dispenser can leak if you haven't double checked it is fitted in correctly. The weight can be a problem with lifting upstairs - I usually get my boyfriend to do this for me. Its not so heavy you can't, just easier if you get someone bigger than you (if you are little like me!) to do it!

      Range of different settings also - a normal traffic, heavy traffic etc... and a water rinse for after cleaning. I have used all of these for different areas, and all are very effective. Can't think of a single flaw to mention about the actual quality of clean it produces - my carpets have never smelt or looked so clean - and I have a dog, cat and messy toddler (worst of the three!).

      ******One more point I will make - slightly naughty to Bissell but hey - thats what reviews are for(!) Have found that Bissell solution which is super expensive is actually inferior to the Vax AAA range which I absolutely love and is cheaper. Saw a big improvement the first time I cleaned with Vax AAA, comes in a huge range of different types (pet, light use, etc...) and huge range of lovely scents, is a hell of a lot cheaper, and much much easier to pick up - I can get it in my local B&Q as opposed to having to pre-order Bissell solution. *****


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        10.05.2009 13:56
        Very helpful



        well worth considering if you're looking for a good carpet cleaner

        When we bought our house several years ago we inherited the carpets too - not my choice of colour but as they are of such good quality we haven't replaced them. Unfortunately the hall, stairs & landing is carpeted in beige & we get a lot of 'heavy traffic' from the front door through the hall etc. It was therefore a good reason to buy a good carpet shampooer which could be used on a fairly regular basis without too much hassle.

        I bought a more expensive Bissell about 4 years ago & was pleased with it but unfortunately it 'died' on me recently so I was really pleased when hubby came home with this Pro-Heat one last week which he bought from Costco for around £110 (plus VAT) which is much cheaper than the RRP of £240.

        It came in a big box & all that needed to be done was attach the top half to the bottom, add 3 screws & screw the attachment holder on the back - a 5 minute job.

        Luckily it came with 2 small bottles of carpet shampoo which normally sell at around £7 each so I was ready to go.

        The design of this Bissell is slightly different to the one I'd been used to but I've used it several times now & the results are even better. It's also easier to clean (the other one had inaccessible areas which made it impossible to completely de-fluff which made it clog up).

        All you need to do is add water to the container & add the liquid as directed. The Bissell has a built-in heater which gets the water to the exact temperature so there's no chance of ruining our Persian rugs. Then you just use it really as a hoover (but follow instructions given for releasing the shampoo) only more slowly. The dirty water doesn't come in contact with the clean thanks to a well-designed thick plastic 'bladder' & all you need to do is stand back in amazement to see all the dirt that's come out - ugh!

        Tis Bissell shampooer is called 2 x because it's claimed to clean twice as hard as other similar types & it has 2 sets of robust red brushes which you can actually watch doing their work. I may be sad but I actually enjoy cleaning my carpets now & find it's good therapy when I see the dirt going down the sink.

        There's an attachment for 'spot' cleaning which is useful & the clear markings show how to use it for 'tools' (attachments supplied for upholstery), rinse & post treatment. At first I found all this information a bit confusing but the enclosed booklet is very easy to understand & the diagrams are clear & straightforward.

        The results have been great so far but I did the easy bit first (the hall & lounge). Doing the stairs is a bit more hassle because although you get a long hose it didn't reach to the top of our stairs so lifting the machine was awkward as it's heavy & larer than a standard vacuum.

        I also found that the shampooer didn't go into the edges or corners which meant I was having to use the spot-cleaner attachment. I must admit though it was worth the effort as the carpets look & feel clean plus they've regained their pile which makes me want to walk barefoot once again.

        Bissell obviously recommend that you use only their shampoo in their cleaners - actually I always do because although they're a bit pricey (£14.99 for a big size unless on offer) - they smell gorgeous. My favourite one is lavender (smell lasts ages ) but they also do original, pet odour, citrus etc.

        From experience I think all deep-clean shampooers are bulky, heavy & noisy so I can't really fault Bissel on these so I'm giving this 5 stars because of it's ease of use & great results.

        - a great investment if you don't want to change your carpets.
        - straightforward to use.
        - easy to clean.
        - does a great job of cleaning carpets, 'spot cleaning' & cleaning upholstery (except leather/ velour).


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          28.07.2008 15:21


          • Reliability


          good all round performance

          i have recently purchased a bissell3920, i have always had dyson
          so this was a new experience for me, it as loads of different carpet settings on as the dyson adjusts carpet height automatically, it as a pet hair function on it , hepa filtration, wand reaches top of the stairs. when i first purchased it i was staright away looking for faults as i thought it would not beat the dyson.
          so i hoovered my house with the dyson then i re hoovered it with the bissell, the cannister was full now i will always stay faithfull to the bissell,this experience as taught me that i should always be willing to give new things ago as i am glad i did with the bissell.
          the hoover cost 179.99 which is near enough the same as the dyson but is good value for money most retailers stock them so it is worth popping in to an electrical store for a demonstration.


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            01.07.2008 18:59
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            A product that really works

            The Bissell 2x upright deep cleaning carpet machine is a must have appliance for the home, especially if you have children or pets. You will certainly appreciate this appliance after your very first use and will be amazed at just how much dirt it removes!!!

            It is slightly slimmer than its predacessor, very sturdily built and does unfortunately have some considerable weight to it. I often get my husband to lift the appliance upstairs for me to clean the carpets. I can lift it but then I probably wouldnt have the energy to clean the carpets afterwards!!!

            Product features:

            2x dirtlifter powerbrushes with ten cleaning rows. It cleans beautifully getting deep down into the fibres of the carpet removing the toughest dirt and grime, leaving your carpets feeling soft and the pile totally rejuvinated.

            The 2x 1400 watts built in patented heater, which heats water upto 25 degrees hotter than previous models and stays continually hot for the duration of the cleaning process.

            The 2x edge sweeper, located on both sides of the front of the appliance with five individual sets of brushes to collect dirt from the very edge of the carpet ensuring a proper professional finish.

            The 2x water tank system is a heavy duty see through plastic unit where all the water is contained inside the "bladder". Aptly named by Bissell it allows the clean water in the bladder to empty out and mix with the cleaning formula, whilst all the dirty water collected from the carpet is retained around the outside of the bladder.

            The overall design of the product is very good. Located on the front of the appliance is a carry handle - very useful indeed. Located on the top of the appliance is a large handle which inside conceals a trigger which you squeeze as you are pushing slowly forwards over your desired area of carpet to clean. When you have completed your desired strip of carpet you simply release the trigger and pull back slowly. This enables the appliance to suck up all the dirty water, muck and grime. A red lever inside the water tank flips up and a high pitched noise will sound to alert you to the fact that you need to empty the water tank and refill with clean water, ready for your next strip of carpet. The suction is very good on this appliance but the noise level of the appliance lets it down slightly as it is quite noisy.

            The power on/off button is located on the front unit of the appliance, next to that is the heater button, you do ofcourse have the option of turning the heater off if you wish.

            The see through wire reinforced hose for stair cleaning and on the spot stains is very durable. The hose itself is of reasonable length - I can clean eight stairs before having to get my husband to carry up the appliance to the top of the stairs and work my way down the last five steps. I fix the stain brush to the end of the hose which has three rows of brushes and is very affective. To use simply pull the trigger located on the underside of the tool to release clean water/formula and release the trigger to collect dirty water. Gentle pressure only is required for the task.

            The cable for the appliance can be found to the side and winds easily around two levers. Length wise its a very admirable nine metres plus, very generous.

            The formula itself is placed in a formula tank located to the bottom rear of the appliance, it is a see through plastic tank with a level indicator for ease of filling. It removes very easily and rinses clean whilst not in use.

            Bissell also give you a three inch stain brush and spraying crevice tool, both can be located on the rear of the appliance, the stain brush is a brilliant tool and when connected to the hose enables brilliant stair cleaning. You can leave the stain brush connected to the hose permanently if you wish.

            There is also a foot pedal located to the bottom rear of the appliance which once pressure has been applied enables the main body of the appliance to drop backwards for access to the water tank and control dial.

            The water tank holds three litres of water has a small handle for ease of lifting and removability and is made of very durable plastic. It also has a level guide for ease of filling. To empty, release the fastening clip found on the back of the tank and lift of the lid then pour dirty water down sink, rinse thoroughly before refilling with clean warm water through spout.
            Also located on the water tank is a dial, the dial has two red dots, one for tools the other for floor cleaning. There is one other dial on the appliance, you can only access this dial once the foot pedal has been pressed so the unit is flat. The dial has one red dot to be turned to four different settings as follows;

            Heavy traffic


            Light clean


            Bissell reccomend you clean your carpets every 12 months. You should always check your upholstery/carpets for colour fastness.

            There is a number of different cleaning formulas on offer from Bissell for your proheat 2x, currently they are;

            Bissell cleansing formula 950ml £5.99

            Bissell scotchguard wash/protect fibre cleansing formula 1.42l £14.99 This was best on test in February 2006 Which magazine.

            Bissell scotchguard wash/protect pet stain/odour remover 1.42l £14.99

            Bissell scotchguard natural orange extract formula 1.42l £14.99

            Bissell scotchguard lavender essence fibre cleansing formula 1.42l £14.99

            Bissell scotchguard multi allergen removal formula 1.42l £14.99
            (suitable for removal of dust mite allergens and pollen allergens)

            Bissell also offer spare parts and accessories on their website, Bissell.co.uk

            The Bissell 9200E comes with a two year guarantee as standard, however should a problem arise you can contact their customer services on; 0870 2250109 from monday - friday 9am - 4pm.
            Bissell also has numerous service centres accross England, Scotland and Wales all of which can be located on their website.

            Where to buy, you can by from Argos for £249.00 or you can by direct from Bissell for a brilliant price of just £184.00 still an expensive outlay initialy I am sure you will agree, however once you have used the appliance a couple of times you would have recooped the price of professional cleaners coming out direct to your home.

            Overall, this is a brillant machine, easy to use and the results speak for themselves. It is very reliable coming from the brand Bissell. It has great modern style and is in a likeable deep blue colour.
            There are only a few disadvantages to this product, the price and the weight of the machine. Also the cleaning formula itself is quite expensive but very necessary if you want the results that this machine can offer. It is quite noisy also but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. This appliance is for carpet cleaning only, not for hard wood floors or for hoovering in general.

            For performace and reliability I rate it 5/5

            For ease of use I rate it 4/5

            For overall maintenance I rate it 4/5

            For price I rate it 4/5


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