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Bissell Cleanview Compact

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    4 Reviews
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      12.03.2014 11:56
      Very helpful



      An okay vacuum for £39.99 howeverI wouldn't be happy paying anymore

      I've not had this vacuum cleaner for very long but have already experienced problems with it so thought I'd review it. I bought the 'Cleanview Bissell Cylinder' vacuum from Argos for less than £50; at the moment their website (March 2014) is showing it at £39.99 so another good reason to review it.

      The vacuum comes in a good quality box in white and blue. This is a biggish box and a bit awkward to manage- it's not too heavy though. Inside the box you get the vacuum and an instruction leaflet; not that I needed instructions vacuums are pretty much straight forward to assemble and use. I don't think it came with crevice tools, there was just the vacuum, tubes and floorhead in the box.

      This vacuum body is a small size H27, W34, D24 cm, weight 4.54kg so reasonably light; the tubes seem narrow and a bit on the short side, the floorhead is small too (well the suction hole anyway). The actual vacuum quality is good but the hose and floorhead not so good; it does look stylish, modern and neat though. On the top of the hose is a hole with a plastic slider which can be moved to cover or uncover the said hole to adjust the suction power; fully closed gives the strongest. This is bagless and boasts a 2 litre dust collection capacity although the filter in there is large and takes up most of the room. The 'bag' is like a big clear plastic measuring jug if you like which clips in.

      The vacuum has the features you'd expect from the average vacuum; adjustable floorhead for carpets and hard floors, foot operated automatic cord rewind- I find the 5 metre cord on the short side though. This little vacuum has 250 air watts (whatever that means) for comparison purposes the Dyson Animal has 280 air watts. The vacuum hasn't got features like HEPA filtration it's just a basic sucker upper.

      In use; the good bits:

      The vacuum is relatively easy to assemble the dust collection jug clips on the body, then the hose twists into the top of dust collection jug. The 'jug' is easily emptied by unclipping the hinged bottom.

      It's got strong suction enough to lift the rug up, it can pick up most things with ease including mini dog biscuits and the like and hair (although my carpet sweeper lifts more hair!) it's light to carry around and it's neat enough to sit on the stairs. The floorhead is quick to adjust with your foot and seems to work on different flooring. I find the cord retraction works fast and well.

      The bad:

      I don't vacuum constantly or industrially- just average- but this vacuum cleaner constantly blocks up with dust (probably due to it's small size), larger debris goes straight into the collection jug; it appears to be dust and hair that blocks it.....thus the filter needs removing and cleaning often. To remove the filter you have twist it out of the dust collection jug which is a pain rather than difficult; rather a time consuming inconvenience. The filter has a cover which needs to be removed then I knock it about to clean the dust out. The vacuum always sounds blocked even when it's not, it screams at me. Once it was totally blocked and I couldn't figure it out, the hose, floorhead nor filter where blocked- turned out the blockage was where the dust collection jug meets the actual vacuum body.

      Second issue for me is that the floorhead won't stay on and I can't see why, can't see breaks anywhere. This has been resolved by taping it on which is okay but limits it's movement on the floor.

      This vacuum has large wheels but doesn't seem to wheel about, the thing is always falling over and getting dragged around.

      All in all it's got really good suction, is cheap to buy, easy to assemble and doesn't take up much room.
      However the vacuum gets easily blocked, the cord is short, it drags around after me and the hose seems narrow.

      3 stars from me


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        02.01.2014 13:20



        Fantastic hoover considering its size!

        I purchased myself one of these a few months ago from Argos at a reduced price. I didn't expect anything fantastic, but I had a small budget and my previous vacuum had broke so I needed something quick.

        I was very pleasantly surprised when I first took this for a "test drive" around my carpets. It's very light, so very easy to carry up and downstairs and manouvre around awkward spaces. The suction is fantastic for such a small unit! In fact it's so powerful that I had to retrieve a sock that had got sucked up into the tube...!

        It's economical on space, as the unit itself is so small it could fit into any standard size cupboard. The downside of its small size is the fact that you need to empty the cylinder quite regularly, but since it's so easy to flip open and empty, it's not so much of a problem.

        I do frequently end up tipping the hoover on its side just because it's so small and light (and I'm a bit heavy-handed when I'm tugging it around doing the hoovering!) so I have to keep an eye on it and occasionally flip it back upright. It still works when on its side but I don't want to do any lasting damage!

        The pet head that comes bundled with the hoover is great too. It's smaller than the regular head so takes a bit more work to get around with, but it picks up amazingly.

        If you can pick one of these up for sub-£80, definitely do it. It's worth every penny. There's no point in spending several hundred pounds on a vacuum when something so cheap can do the job just as well.


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        25.08.2012 14:45
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Brilliant buy

        When we first moved into our home just over a year ago now we did already have a vacuum cleaner but as it was my mother in laws old one it wasnt at its peak. We have a chocolate brown rug and I have blonde hair that seems to fall out twice as much as anyone else's! These two combined were not a good combination - it was taking me a long time to vacuum and even then it still didn't look perfect. Therefore I decided I was having a new one.

        My first port of call was the argos website simply because it meant I could see what was on offer and reserve online, picking it up that same afternoon. Initially I was looking for an upright however my sister convinced me to take a look at the cylinders as she thought that they were just as good and because we live in a flat space can be an issue.

        I was looking to spend around £50 and was aware that this wasn't a great deal but I was on a budget so I was prepared to go for a less well known brand.

        Why did I buy it?

        I was extremely pleased and surprised when I saw this Bissell Cleanview on offer for half price. Instead of £70 it was just £35 which I believed was excellent value for such a well known brand. In addition to this it was bagless which was an advantage over a lot of the similarly priced options. Having a quick browse to check there was nothing else worth looking at I reserved it in my local store and went to collect it.

        Setting it up

        The vacuum cleaner was packed in a strong cardboard box which was compact in size making it easy to carry it back to the car. The box was bright blue and white with bullet points telling me a little bit about the product.
        There is an instruction manual provided which appears to contain a wealth of information. I haven't actually needed to use it yet as I found it easy enough to get the vacuum cleaner going but I imagine it will be useful when it comes to needing a belt or filter change.

        Setting the vacuum cleaner up was quick and simple. You simply unwrap it from its plastic packaging and screw the tube/nozzle onto the main body of the cleaner. There are a few attachments provided such as a brush which you can connect to the end of the nozzle. The attachment I tend to use the most is the wide floorhead, this has two settings - hard floors and carpet.


        The vacuum cleaner is white with pink detailing inside the dustbox around the filter. There is also some dark blue detailing around the dustbox. The nozzle and floorhead are black as are the additional tools. I think that the vacuum cleaner looks quite nice for a vacuum cleaner! The white colour makes it look modern and I especially like the pink as in my opinion, most things look better with a bit of pink on.

        Using the vacuum

        The vacuum has a six metre lead which is pulled out from the back and when finished with you can simply press a button which automatically winds it back up inside the casing of the vacuum keeping it all very neat. I like this as when using my parents or nans vacuum I hate winding the cable up and half the time find it keeps falling off the holder - this is just so much easier, tidier and quicker.

        To turn the vacuum cleaner on after plugging it in you simply press a large black button on the right hand side of the cleaner. I tend to use it with the floorhead and switch between the two options for floor type depending on which room I am in. This is easy to do and there is a large black switch which is easy to press with your foot.
        The setting for use on carpet provides a strong bristle brush head that pops out on the bottom of the floorhead. This makes it easier to get in between the pile of the carpet and makes it easier for you to clean. I find the suction on this setting very good. As stated earlier I have long blonde hair which when strands are on the carpet really look messy. What's more, for the past ten weeks our home has also been the home of our beautiful grey fluffy Persian kitten so as you can imagine our carpets quite often look a bit furry! However, the vacuum cleaner picks everything up with ease and just one stroke over an area of carpet can immediately make it look ten times better. It usually takes two or three times to pick up everything but this is due to hair getting wrapped around the rug pile and therefore the bristles need to loosen it up a bit in order for the floorhead to be able to pick it up. Sometimes the bristles do end up with hair all tangled round them but this is easy to ease off and direct up the nozzle! The bristles are of a really good quality in my opinion and they help to gather everything up well. We have long pile carpets which are cream so these can begin to look grubby very quickly. The vacuum picks up any crumbs or little bits of mud or dirt with ease and keeps my carpets looking clean and bright. The two rugs we have are where the hair all ends up but the vacuum performs well on these and once a good going over with the vacuum they are spotless within thirty seconds.

        The hard floor option is for wooden flooring, tiles, laminate and lino. We have black stone glossy tiles in both the bathroom and kitchen so as you can imagine these show every little thing! When using this setting the bristles retract making the floorhead glide over the floor with ease, being able to get close to the floor and therefore picking up even the smallest specks of dirt. I find this setting useful and it picks up everything really easily. The kitchen ends up with crumbs, bits of cat food, little bits of packaging etc on it but the vacuum picks this all up with one quick and easy motion.

        I often use the nozzle to get under the kitchen cupboards and down the side of the washing machine, behind the bathroom sink etc. The nozzle is accessed by pulling off the floorhead which is very simple to do and then you can either add another attachment on such as the brush or extension or just use it as it is. I tend to just use it as it is because I only use it for thirty seconds at a time. It picks everything up well and leaves corners etc spotless.

        The vacuum also copes well with larger items. I often vacuum up bits of stray cat litter or beads I have dropped and both the nozzle and floorhead tackle these with ease. I have also used it to vacuum up dust from where we've drilled the wall and this was simple and quick.

        The vacuum is light and I find it extremely easy to pull around as I am cleaning. It's also very easy to pick up to put away.

        The six metre cable is the perfect length for me as if I plug it in in my hallway I can reach my whole flat. I think it would probably reach one floor of an average sized house as it's nozzle is stretchy too. The vacuum does get a little warm but not worryingly so. The noise level is acceptable, it is quite loud but it is quieter than both my mums Dyson and nans vacuum which I believe to be a vax.

        Emptying the vacuum

        The vacuums dustbox has a two litre capacity which I believe to be a good size for a cylinder vacuum. The maximum fill line is quite low down on the dustbox in order to allow the dust to move around when in use. However I have often left it for a while beyond the line without any problems. I empty the vacuum around once a month but for a house I imagine this would be more often.

        Emptying the dustbox is very simple. You simply click in a button on the front of the vacuum cleaner and pop out the clear plastic box. You can then empty the box into the bin. The dust leaves the box quickly and easily but some does coat the sides - a little shake of the box removes this. Hair often gets stuck around the filter but this is easy to pull off. I don't need to do this everytime I empty the vacuum, perhaps once every three or four months.


        I have had this vacuum cleaner a year now and have never experienced any problems. I have never needed to replace the filter or belt and I believe that it works very well making vacuuming a quick and simple job. It has a good capacity and I am entirely satisfied with it so far.

        The Bissell Cleanview currently retails on the argos website for just £37.99 which I believe to be outstanding value. It has over 490 reviews on the site and has an average rating of 4.5. If mine did decide to break I wouldn't hesitate in seeking out another Bissell and at that price to be honest I would be likely to get the same one.


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          25.05.2011 22:54
          1 Comment



          A great buy if you want something smaller but no less powerful

          I bought this a few weeks ago on offer from Argos and was a bit dubious as it had a huge discount. However, having got it home I find it to be brilliant. It's a well designed bagless cylinder, and nice looking for a vacuum cleaner. It is very small, although it doesn't have a retractable pipe which would make it ideal to store. That said, it does fit into my tiny hallway cupboard with no trouble.

          It has a four stage filtration system, and washable reusable filters. The wheels are specially moulded to prevent them scratching the floors, and it is quick and simple to empty. All plus points to me.

          Using it is lovely. It has very good suction (1400w), and can be used on all flooring. It comes with a separate crevice multi tool too, though there is no room to store this on board. It's easy to manoeuvre and has a 4.6 metre cord. I find the hose sometimes gets twizzled, but this has happened with all my cylinder cleaners.

          The only problem really is that it gets full quickly and starts to lose its suction, but given the size I suppose it's to be expected and this is outweighed by how great it is overall. My sister also has one of these and loves it as much as me. I don't know that I'd buy it at full price as I'd ideally have something a bit bigger, but for someone looking for something small and powerful I'd definitely recommend.


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