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Bissell Powerwash Deluxe

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Upright / Wet/Dry / 800 Watt / 25 ft.Cord

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    2 Reviews
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      09.12.2012 10:25
      Very helpful



      4 stars

      As we rent our old home out which we had fitted with pristine carpets only months before deciding to move on, we decided that we would need a really good carpet cleaner rather than paying for a professional to keep coming out. Yes paying someone to do it takes away the hassle and yes they do a good job, but we needed the peace of mind that when our tenants move out we can tackle whatever faces us quickly. Luckily, we have really good tenants at the moment so I haven't had the need to use it as yet at that particular house but in my own home I've certainly got the use out of the Bissell!

      The Bissell does the job and does the job well. I am always surprised just how dirty the water is when I empty the tank, and can't believe that my carpets were so dirty despite not really looking it! The 2 in 1 tank is an excellent feature and this means that the clean and dirty water are kept completely separate so the water that goes onto the carpet is clean. The 2 in 1 tank also means that there isn't the need for 2 completely separate tanks as one sits within the other, meaning the body of the Bissell isn't bulky. When I had the carpets cleaned professionally, I would only get this done annually (eek, can't believe I'm admitting that!), but now I clean high traffic areas in my home at least once a month, so my carpets are always pristine, and they look it too! The power brush works deep into the pile of the carpet meaning really ground in dirt will be lifted from the carpet, but at the same time it also grooms the carpet fibres so it makes the carpet look neat too! There are 4 rows of brushes in the power brush, which is more than some professional cleaners so it is really effective at the job it does. The bristles automatically adjust to the carpet height so it won't take half the carpet fibres with it. Also, when the machine is in the upright position, even when it is turned on, it won't affect the pile of the carpet as the bristles lift up and away from the carpet fibres.

      The cable is just less than 8 metres so perfect for use in a home. I find I do have to unplug it as I go around rooms but I don't mind this, it will happily allow you to complete a room without the need for over stretching or unplugging.

      For soiling and stains, I have always found that they are removed easily and as the carpets dry within a couple of hours it isn't a big issue doing them fairly regularly. I don't work on a Monday so I often tackle the carpet cleaning then, ship the kids out to school, vac and then clean the carpets and then go out for a few hours coming home to sparkly clean carpets. As I clean them so regularly now, I don't notice as much of a difference but the first few times I used it, my carpets actually dried a few shades lighter! I sometimes find that the carpet is a little fuzzy after it has been cleaned and so needs to be vacuumed again, but after this process they look brand new.

      It is worth bearing in mind for allergy sufferers, that regularly cleaning your carpets will improve the air quality in your home and make sufferers lives happier! We don't have sufferers in our house, but I do notice a difference in the air quality after I have cleaned the carpets.

      You can also use this model on hard floors, providing you use the correct attachment and solution. I don't do this very often as we have solid oak floors and it always makes me nervous wetting them, but it is a handy option for a deep clean every 4 or 5 months.

      Cleaning and maintaining:
      The machine is really easy to clean and maintain and I haven't had any problems with clogging. I always make sure that I thoroughly vac my carpets before I clean them, so this will extend its life and reduce any instances of blocking. I always make sure that I empty the water tanks as soon as I finish using it. I couldn't bear to think that the stagnant water had been left to smell in a corner of my house somewhere! There is also red screen that needs cleaning, it looks a little bit like a lint screen that you find in tumble dryers, and this protects the machine from anything that has been sucked into the machine. It is advisable to clean the rollers after each use too; just a quick 1 minute job suffices and pulls away any hair that has tangled around the rollers, etc. I think general care and maintenance will ensure that it continues to do a good job.

      The main let down of this particular model is that you won't be able to clean stairs with it. It is an upright carpet cleaner and therefore stairs are a no go. This is a shame, but to be able to clean stairs you would need a detachable hose with suction cleaner on the end attached to the water tank, so I can see why it is an upright only cleaner. Also, because of this, upholstery is also a no go. I didn't really know what I wanted from a cleaner before I bought this, so had I researched a bit better and thought about what I wanted a bit more, I possibly wouldn't have bought this model, but for carpets it does the job exactly as is needed. I don't know why it bothers me, but the power button is at the back of the machine, just above from the water tank. It really annoys me that I have to bend down to turn the machine on, and I don't know why they didn't put the power button on the top near the handle like most modern machines! Also, rather than the cord wrapping around the back of the unit, it wraps on the side and right up to the top of the handle, again I just find this strange, but it doesn't cause any problems of any kind, just a bit weird!

      Cleaning Fluid:
      I would recommend using the Bissell cleaning fluid, as if you use another brand it will void the 1 year manufacturer's warranty. In the guidance notes, it says that non-Bissell cleaning fluid may harm the machine. I haven't ever used any other brand so I cannot comment on the accuracy of this but it is worth bearing in mind. There are different types of cleaning fluid available dependent on your needs from it, for example there is a cleaning formula with scotch guard protection, pet stain and odour removal, multi allergen formula and various scented cleaners with scotch guard (such as orange and lavender). I buy mine from Argos as they are often on 3 for 2 (they are currently on promotion) and vary in price from £16.99 - £19.99, but do last quite a while. There is a measuring cup which sits just under the handle in the tank so you can ensure that you add the correct amount of fluid, which I find really convenient. You can also buy a tough stain pre cleaner. I bought one of these when I purchased the cleaner, and I am still on the same spray bottle. I don't use it all the time but it is handy for any specific stains that you wish to target, and only needs to be applied 5 minutes before deep clean.

      Weight and feel:
      At just over 7kg, it is quite light, much lighter than I expected and can be easily lifted to carry upstairs. It feels good quality and doesn't feel plasticky in any way; it feels solid and like it means business.

      The RRP is £169.99, but we managed to get a good deal at an independent store local to our home and paid £130 which I was really happy with. Online prices vary so do shop around.


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        14.09.2012 11:22
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great for carpet cleaning

        I came across the Bissell carpet cleaner due to rather unfortunate circumstances but I couldn't praise it enough, it was a life saver.

        A few months ago, in the middle of the night, the pipe carrying water to my sink burst. Water surged out at such an alarming rate the landing was sodden within minutes. Being a divorced lady who used to leave all technicalities to her husband, I didn't know where the stop tap was. 30 minutes of desperate searching to the background noise of the Niagara Falls, it ewas found and turned off - but the damage had been done. Water had noit only soaked through the upstairs carpets, but it had gone through the ceiling and soaked the downstairs carpets too. The carpets were absolutely saturated and squelched underfoot. There was far too much water to simply soak up and allow to dry.

        The following morning I was hoping that things wouldn't look quite so bad in the sombre light of day, but they did. It was at this point that a friend of mine offered to bring their Bissell cleaner round. I was sceptical as to how it could help at this point but I qwas willing to try anything.

        She put the cleaner on the carpet, adjusted the setting to 'collect' mode and swiched it on. As it was run over the carpet you could see water been sucked up into the transparent tank. The tank easily unclipped when full, could be emptied into the sink and then replaced. It literally sucked up all the excess water.

        The machine needs to be pushed at the correct speed for optimum results, not too fast, not too slow. There is, however, a very helpful series of lights on top of the base of the appliance which indicate if you are pushing it at the perfect speed ( luckily this is reasonably slow!)

        After the carpets had dried out a little I decided to try the other setting on the machine and gove them a good clean. After inserting some of Bissell's carpet cleaning product away I went. It didn't take long and simply involved the action of normal vacuuming, but the carpets looked cleaner and in better condition than they did in the beginning. It didn't leave them too wet so after a few hours the carpets were dry, clean, and as good as new.


        The machine is very large and heavy. It's not too bad whilst pushing around as this doesn't have to be done at speed, and there is a large firm handle to use. When moving from room to room it does have wheel, but if you need to lift it at any point do be careful, as it Is extremely heavy.

        The only thing that would have made this appliance more perfect is if it was possible to use it on stairs or upholstery. As I said, it's ideal for carpets and I wanted to do the rest of the house whilst I had it, but there is no extra function or accessory for doing the stairs. The base is far too large to fit on the stairs and it would be too heavy to carry up them anyway. An accessory to clean fabric furniture would also be a great extra, but for carpet cleaning this is highly recommended.

        My friend paid about £150 for this about 18 months ago, but I believe they can be bought for under £100 now. It's a good investment as to have your carpets cleaned professionly costs this amount for ojne cleaning. This machine means you can do it as often as you like. The only thing that puts me off purchasing my own is it's size - I would struggle to store it anywhere tidily. Plus, borrowing one now and again is far better value!

        This appliance is a brilliant find - it's just a shame my house had to be flooded in order for me to find it!


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      • Product Details

        The Bissell Power brush Deluxe can lift out deep down dirt from your carpets whilst gently grooming the carpet for a professional looking result. On board tools will help you to switch from carpet to above floor cleaning in a one step operation

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